“Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness” ebook NOW AVAILABLE at AliciaWeber.com/fit

By:  Alicia “World Record” Weber

My nickname is “World Record Weber” and my goal after achieving 30 world records covering all 5 areas of physical fitness was to write my book and publish it – I did just that with Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness!! 

Copyright © Alicia Weber

I have been a fitness trainer, nutritionist, aquatic therapist, and elite athlete for 15+ years and I found I was being asked the same types of questions over and over and many clients had the same concerns. Through my personal experiences, research, and education, I can give you the answers to these questions in a fun, simple way.  I make nutrition, health, and phyiscal fitness simple and I provide key exercises, stretches, and advice. This book also provides a 52-week training log with advice and motivational quotes for every week! 

Would you be interested in learning how to lose 7-10 lbs easily in 14 days, just by eating normal foods?
This is a regular achievement for someone in my programs and you will meet one client that did just that and more!  This is found in Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness!

Do you want to learn the 5 areas of physical fitness?  Would you be interested in learning some easy physical fitness tests to test for your 5 areas and discover your strengths and weaknesses?  From child to senior learn the moves and see what you can expect from the 5 areas of physical fitness in these simple tests found in this book.

Do you have sciatic pains, back problems, piriformis syndrome, plantar fasciitis, Charley Horses, chronic pains, or injuries that you are looking for a healing solution?
Learn the “Weber Ways to Wellness” in this book!

Are you a recreational or elite athlete looking for an edge or a diabetic looking to become a better eater, or someone looking for ways to stay tight and trim? 
This physical fitness book is for anyone looking to stay fit!

Click here to Make a commitment to a NEW YOU today with the ebook “Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness” at AliciaWeber.com/fit

Now, hear it from the customers that purchased “Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness” :

“I honestly can’t imagine life without Alicia.  I look forward to seeing her weekly. I have so many things I still want to learn & accomplish, but I have many goals that I’ve already conquered thanks to World Record Weber pushing me every step of the way!  Alicia’s “Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness” book helps hold myself accountable and I can easily track progress. It is a terrific complement to her training program.”
-Jenni, Runner-up in Alicia’s 2009 Fitness Challenge and 3rd place in 2010 “Lungfish Challenge”

“WORLD RECORD WEBER’S book, Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness, is unlike anything I have ever seen!  Alicia describes the 5 areas of physical fitness, shows how to do the exercises properly, and explains the tests that measure your level of fitness.  She even provides a 52-week log section to record your results. FABULOUS!  Since I am prone to back aches, I learned which exercises I should do.” – Claudia, Senior Citizen trying to stay fit!

“While many forms of exercise are all good (biking, hiking, swimming, running) they are based on repetitive movement. Numerous muscles are used very little or not at all.  Alicia’s book has a program that will indentify under-used muscles and muscle tightness (decreased flexibility).  This program increases flexibility and muscle balance, which is a well-known injury preventer.”
– James, long distance hiker (had partial tear in quadricep, now healed)

“With Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness, Alicia instills the power of commitment when you make a pledge for a ‘new you’ .  Having this book by my side, I know what stretches to do when I get stiff and how to prevent injuries.  I know my progress as I fill out the 52-week  training log. I learn how much water I should be drinking during exercise and throughout the day.  I learn key healing foods and most of all, I learned things I never knew before.  This is a book I keep re-reading and I can certainly say it has helped take me to another new level in athletics!   Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness is a REAL WINNER!”
-Chris, Recreational Athlete turned Elite Athlete

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