Alicia Weber Becomes Beach Running World Champion

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COCOA BEACH, FL—Nov. 19, 2011 The inaugural Beach Running World Championships kicked off for the first time in 2011!  Cocoa Beach has been named  for the Beach Running World Championships and will host the annual event.  The world championships have two championship races that are run on the beautiful Cocoa Beach – the 10k and half-marathon.    Alicia Weber competed in the 10k beach run and won the World Championship!

Alicia Weber’s World Championship Win and Interview


Alicia Weber was a 10, 000 meter track runner who was an All American, while still in high school.  She was 3rd in the nation, while in high school and was hoping to go to the World Championships in the 10k, but that was not an event offered for juniors (runners under age 20) in the world championships with USA Track and Field.  Thirteen years later, Alicia’s dream to become the 10K World Champion has come true!  Alicia was a track and field runner for 12 years and then turned to other types of challenging running events.  Alicia now prefers off terrain to any other type of running.  Alicia loves the challenge and toughness with running on the beach and  is thrilled to be the 10k World Champion in this inaugural world championship event!


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