Alicia Weber – Female Pushup World Record Legend and the Official Pushup Hall of Fame

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January 2012 marks the inception of the Official Pushup Hall of Fame where 10 Pushup World Champions have been inducted and they have their exclusive interviews (below).  The Pushup Hall of Fame was created to inspire the human race to keep “pushing” to new levels.  The Pushup Hall of Famers show a passion for sport and pushups, a commitment to excellence, and they strive to make a positive impact and inspire people to think BIG and “push” themselves in a positive way onward and upward!  The Official Pushup Hall of Fame Fanpage is a place where these Pushup World Champions inspire you and answer your questions in pushups and exercise at

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Below is the list of Pushup World Champions Inducted into the Official Pushup Hall of Fame (click name to see their interview)

1.  Charles Servizio – 24 hr Pushup World Record Holder (co-founder)

2.  Darryl Learie – Innovater of the one arm pushup on the raw egg and finger planks (founder)

3.  Charles Linster – Original Guinness Legend 6,006 non-stop pushups

4.  Robert Knecht- 13 yr old 7, 026 non-stop pushups in Guinness

5.  Guiseppe Cusano-Guiness World Record 441 pushups in 5 minutes

6.  Flavio Codarin-Record Setter age 60 1,200 non-stop pushups

7.  Shaun McDaniel-Record Setter World Record Legend

8.  Roy Berger-Guinness Mr. Pushup 3 x World Record Holder

9.  Michael Gooch-1 finger on the nail pushup world record holder and pioneer of the 1-finger pushup

10.  Alicia Weber-multiple pushup and exericse world record holder ( interview also shown below)

Alicia Weber – Female Pushup World Record Legend Interview with Darryl Learie

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