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A Visit to Oahu, HI, with the Clan and Pearl Harbor Day 2015

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The Clan visited Oahu, HI, at the end of November and early December 2015 as they were greeted by several beautiful rainbows that residents see on a regular basis. The weather was in the 80s with sun and light occasional mists throughout all the days. World Record Weber was in heaven with all the athletics she pursued on the island as she had a wonderful time cackling with clan members Moose Turbo, Audrey Athletica, Dr. K, and others.

Here are Hilarious Highlights of The Clan’s Action-Packed Visit to Oahu, HI

On the last day, the Clan ended their memorable trip with a visit to Pearl Harbor and met one of the few remaining Pearl Harbor Survivors, Delton E. Walling, CSM, USN, USS Pennsylvania.

Weber Remembers Pearl Harbor Day on December 7, 2015

Seventy-four years ago US President Franklin Roosevelt declared that December 7, 1941, is a date that “will live in infamy.”

One of the few remaining Pearl Harbor survivors, Delton E. Walling, certainly agreed as every time he comes to the site of Pearl Harbor the same emotions overtake him. The 94 and a half year old Walling is on the few survivors as all of them are well into their 90s or older now. He attended the 74th Anniversary in Pearl Harbor.

These days Walling is a celebrity in Oahu, HI, where he is paraded around, visited daily by tourists, and celebrated at local schools as he tells the Pearl Harbor story and teaches perseverance in his remaining days, which are numbered.

“I have a one way ticket to Pearl Harbor. I’m dying of bone cancer and I will be buried with my crew at the USS Arizona,” stated the emotional and patriotic Walling.

Walling and remaining survivors feel strongly that the heavy losses of the attack 74 years ago must be instilled in the American’s consciousness that the world is a dangerous place where we need to be ready 24/7/365.

George Washington always said, “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”


December 7, 1941, the US was attacked by the Japanese for 110 minutes. Twenty one vessels including 8 frontline battleships sunk or were damaged, 170 planes were destroyed, over 2,400 soldiers died, and 1,200 were wounded. There were 60,000 survivors. There is uncertainty as to the exact number of survivors still alive today.

Walling had a calling to be in the Navy. At 19 years of age he hitchhiked 190 miles to Detroit to join the Navy. He had a stiff middle finger from boxing and he was declared 4F (not fit for service). So he cut his finger off, so he could be qualified to join the Navy.

He was in the communication force on the day of the attack at 180 feet in the air on a signal tower. He was in an observation deck surrounded by a steel rail and a six foot cabin in the middle as he recalled seeing the entire raid.

“I thought we were ready for anything, but we were not ready,” recalled Walling as he remembered seeing 182 planes fly overhead with the “rising sun” at 7:56am as bombs began dropping left and right.

A Japanese torpedo bomber sank USS Arizona early in the attack taking 1,177 lives out the 1,400 members of crew. This day pushed the US into four years of war. Walling served the entire war aboard a troop transport called USS Fayette APA43 as one of the youngest chiefs in the Navy.

Now, Walling gives speeches every day to kids in schools on Pearl Harbor. Walling hopes he did his part in helping to preserve freedom for the people of the United States.

The Pearl Harbor story is the same story year after year and serves as a reminder of the dedication, sacrifice, service, determination, and most importantly the perseverance of the US Military. It is their “never give up” attitude and iron will that won the war and gave us our freedoms we enjoy today.

“Time waits for no one. Make the most of each day. Fight for what you believe in,” said the dedicated survivor, Walling, who inspires many who visit Pearl Harbor.


Bring in the Holidays and New Year with a Cackle with Alicia Weber

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

LAS VEGAS, NV—-Alicia “World Record” Weber launches her new wellness comedy show series, which was produced and filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2014. She wishes everyone a happy, healthy, hip-hop holiday season. Enjoy a good cackle with friends and family! Kick back and laugh with Alicia and “The Clan” in a wellness comedy series known as “New Year New You” where Alicia is the producer/director and leading talent in the shows. Get entertained, educated, and inspired with Alicia Weber’s own genre of improv comedy known as “Fitness Character Comedy.”

Every January only 8% of the population will commit to a year-round wellness program. Many lose motivation and a reason to continue toward health by the end of every January. This wellness comedy show, “New Year New You” is meant to rev people up for the long haul of year-round wellness.

Get ready to kick back and start cackling! According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing can improve your immune system, relieve pain, stimulate organs, increase endorphins, and relieve stress.

A Cackle A Day Keeps the Doctor Away! Now, Introducing the Weber Way to Wellness Comedy Show 3 Part Series “New Year New You.”

PART 1 of the wellness comedy show is with renown running coach, Johnny Deltoid. World Record Weber will also perform extreme strength feats in this show.

Wellness Comedy Show with Coach Johnny Deltoid (Part 1)

PART 2 of the wellness comedy show is with sedentary Madalina Seg. Find out what her new job is going to be and if she is able to get motivated to exercise. This show is full of surprises and many interesting people appear in the show.

Wellness Comedy Show with Madalina Seg (Part 2)

PART 3 of the wellness comedy show is with the newest member of Alicia and “The Clan,” Audrey Athletica. A former dancer, she is now breaking into musical comedy theater in a one-of-a-kind Broadway Play. See how her new career is changing her and what she can do to stay healthy.

Wellness Comedy Show with Audrey Athletica (Part 3)

Thank you for watching! These shows were brought to you by Clermont Waterfront Bikes and Boards, Clermont CrossTrain, and Dr. K!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy new year!


Massage Therapy No Longer A Luxury, But A Therapeutic Tool

By: Alicia Weber

Renown Preventative Health Doctor, Dr. Julian Whitaker has the research and results and says, “Massage is no longer considered a luxury – it is now recognized as a therapeutic tool.”

Dr. Julian Whitaker founded the Whitaker Wellness Institute, which is the largest alternative medicine clinic in the U.S. and has served over 40,000 patients. He studies natural therapies and nutritional supplements.

Natural Therapies, like massage therapy, have more potential to restore health and prevent disease than conventional medicine.

Studies have shown the following results with those that get therapeutic massage therapy from a licensed massage therapist:
1.) Relieves Aches and Pains
2.) Improves Range of Motion
3.) Increases Blood Circulation and Lymph Flow
4.) Decreases Anxiety and Tension
5.) Facilitates Recovery from Injuries
6.) Increases feel good hormones Serotonin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin
7.) Reduces Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
8.) Promotes Tissue Regeneration and reduces scar tissue and stretch marks
9.) Reduces Migraines and improves sleep
10.) Exercises weak, tight, and atrophied muscles and enhances immune system

Words CAN NOT fully describe the benefits of massage, but even better a demonstration by Massage Therapist, Catalina Calisthenics will SHOW you what massage therapy can do for YOU!

Catalina Calisthenics Teaches Massage Benefits in Fitness Improv Comedy Skit

Contact Licensed Massage Therapist, Alicia Weber, for massage therapy in Clermont Florida at

Clermont Florida’s Comedians and Live Interactive Mystery Theater!

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Clermont, Florida, is a small town with tremendous talent and exciting events. One of the exciting events is with the Top comedians of Clermont hosting the Live Interactive Mystery Theaters where YOU can solve a mystery and win a prize! Win Park Tickets!! Come out for great laughs with comedy and even become part of the act!! The I HOP in Clermont, Florida, off HWY 27 (next to BJ’s) will host the Live Interactive Mystery Theater in their back room on February 17, 2013, from 6-8pm. Save your spot! Tickets to the event are $10. Call Leslie to register at 407-375-0917.

Character Comedy * Lots of Laughs * Prizes * Solve a Mystery!

Here is a preview of the Character Comedy

Meet the Talent and Select Accomplishments Among Their Vast Careers:
Kandi Seiberling is a premiere Sharon Osbourne Tribute Artist that has performed in Las Vegas. She has been a dancer in Whiskey A-Go-Go and Broadway Hair. Kandi was a performer in the Original Jaws and West Side Story Signature Play.

Leslie Peikin is an outstanding Character Comedian and has been featured on SNL and NBC. Leslie was an NBC tribute artist for “Ruth Bader Ginsburg” and has been on Saturday Night Live on One Fine Day with George Clooney. She performed in Unsolved Mysteries, Bye Bye Birdie stage play, and Saturday Night Live.

Alicia Weber performs her own unique genre of comedy called Improv Fitness Character Comedy and combines exercising, record setting, and comedy together among her 10 characters referred to as “The Clan”. In 2012, Alicia’s character, “World Wecord Wabbit” set a world record in speed mountain climbers that became the 6th Most Popular Record in the World out of 10, 313 Records Set. In addition to “The Clan”, Alicia is a Strength Feat Performer that adds drama to her acts with Aussie Amanda at Videoteasing.

Join us for LOTS of laughs at the Interactive Mystery Theater in Clermont, Florida!! For more info, Contact Alicia at


“The Clan Lands in Hollywood” an Improv Fitness Comedy Show with Alicia Weber!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Dec 25-30,2011)— Alicia Weber is the talent and producer/director behind the Comedy Mini Series “The Clan Lands in Hollywood.” Alicia Weber is a world record holder in strength and endurance with a creative side that brings out multiple personalities as she performs in her own genre of comedy, which she calls “Improv Fitness Comedy.”  In this mini series “The Clan Lands in Hollywood” the scenes are set, but the lines are not set and the acting is on the spot.  The mini series is divided into 5 days as the Clan is on a 5 day journey in Hollywood and each day the drama builds as Day 5 will be the most dramatic day!  Follow the Clan below for each day of their journey in Hollywood!  Happy Cackling!

DAY 1  Muscle Woman- Catalina Calisthenics is the first member of the Clan to arrive in Hollywood!  Watch her “boobling” arrival below!


DAY 2 Madalina Seg is busy with her 5 day Fat Loss Retreat in Hollywood and she shows her progress after the first day!


DAY 3 Meet Coach Johnny Deltoid and see his W-I-L-D and CrAzY Hollywood Arrival!


DAY 4  The Clan Walks the Hollywood Hall of Fame and we see Johnny Deltoid’s new residence and catch up with World Record Weber!


DAY 5  The long awaited drama hits BIG as 4 members of the clan become Out of Control!  Plus, see the results of Madalina’s 5 day Fat loss retreat!



*Keep up with “The Clan” –  You can follow them on youtube CLICK HERE

**CLICK HERE for exclusive strength feat and armwrestling shows!

Alicia Weber Fitness Makeover Stand Up Comedy Show

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, Fla (January 27, 2011) —Alicia Weber, entertainer, fitness trainer, and world record setting elite athlete, performed on stage as her character “Madalina Seg” as she revealed weight loss and strength gain secrets!! On stage in front of a laughing crowd of fitness enthusiasts, Alicia prepares people for an up and coming 13 week Fitness Makeover!

Watch Alicia’s LIVE Stand Up Comedy act below:

The Weber Way to Wellness Reporter snuck back stage to catch Alicia after her act and asked a few questions….

Reporter:  What is your confidence level and ability to perform comedy roles extemporaneously, while guiding clients to fat loss and physical fitness gains?

Alicia:  My confidence is very high.  I am used to juggling what I call “double” or even “triple endeavors” and I thrive on versatility.  So I am even more energized and excited with the dual roles I play in the 13 week fitness makeover!  I have been a fitness trainer/nutritionist and enterainer for over 10 years, so I know the ropes.

Reporter:  This is your first “fitness makeover” of 2011.  How do you feel about it?

Alicia:  I am very excited!  Many people are excited and rearing to go!  I am very happy so many people care enough about their health to do this challenging event!

Reporter:  How often to do you do “fitness comedy”?

Alicia:  I perform monthly.  I have my own line of shows where I am not only the producer and director, but I am the talent also.  I combine my creativity plus suggestions from fans to come up with new material and shows on a regular basis.  I perform stand up comedy and create strength feat shows for digital download.  You can see more of my fitness comedy and characters at

Reporter:  If someone is interested in your fitness makeovers or stand up comedy acts, how can you be reached?

Alicia:  Email is best at and put “fitness” in the subject line.

Holiday Greetings from Alicia and Clan!

By:  Alicia Weber and Clan Click here to visit JD Productions.

I hope this holiday season brings my “Weber Way to Wellness” readers hip n’ hop and healthy!  I appreciate all your comments and interest in my blog and wanted to say “thank you” for swinging by regularly!!  I wish you all a wonderful holiday and fabulous new year!! Below I have my 3-minute holiday comedy show with my clan called “Christmas with Alicia and Clan & an Unordinary Santa”

I hope you get a BIG laugh & Enjoy!

Best Wishes,

Alicia Weber

Muscle Girl Flexes it & Works it in Bootcamp with Posing Session!

By:  Aussie Amanda – a copyrighted character of Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

I am a Strength Feat Specialist that loves extreme exercises.  Although I love moving and grooving and huffing and puffing in muscular strength and aerobics best, I PAUSE today… By requests of many fans, I slowed down my pace under the spotlghts to do some slow and close up flexing and posing!  It is my first serious flexing and posing session. The flexing and posing session lasts over 5 minutes.  BUT, before I go into flexing and posing, I completed a strenuous bootcamp workout with the marines.  I was put to the test in many physical fitness challenges all with a 30lbs back pack on my back.  One of my challenges was a 1/2 mile mountain sprint race with the 30lbs back pack on my back!  You’ll have to find out the winner here.

For now, I will show highlights from my first ever serious posing and flexing session below.  *However, if you are interested in watching my FULL bootcamp workout with my posing session (appox. 11 minutes) go to


Believe The Unbelievable World Record Book Available here

By:  Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

Human achievement world record holders are the big dreamers and doers of the world.  They have an extraordinary drive and determination to achieve big goals all for the satisfaction of personal achievement and personal growth. They set an unbelievably high standard for themselves backed with relentless dedication, determination, and commitment and they raise the bar on what is possible in the area of brain and body POWER!  Creativity is another attribute of human achievement world record holders – they are nonconformist that push the envelope in unchartered territory.

How do I know what makes a human achievement world record holder?  Well, I am one.  I am Alicia Weber – a world record holder in strength, speed, and endurance.


Do you want to get energized, inspired, or challenged? If so, THEN Believe the Unbelievable is the book to read! It has over 1,500 feats of incredible human achievement.  Get your copy TODAY by clicking the link below:

Believe the Unbelievable: the Ultimate Book of World Records and the People who Pursue Them

Weber Celebrates Thanksgving in “Turkey Trot and Hop”

By:  Coach Johnny Deltoid a copyrighted character of Alicia Weber

Click here to visit JD Productions.

Thanksgiving 2010, LAS VEGAS, NV—I eat, sleep, and talk Track and Field!  So my ideal Thanksgiving would be having the opportunity to run with a pack of Turkeys.  Running is always in the picture with me-Track Coach, Johnny Deltoid.  However, I am out in the desert in Las Vegas and there are no turkeys in sight!

I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by hosting an event called “Turkey Trot and Hop” to satisfy my running desires.  Participants first run 200m all out on a grass course that ends on a hill.  Then, they take a 200m recovery jog.  Immediately after that they hop 200m on the same course.  They do the first 100m hop on their Left Leg and then the 2nd 100m on their Right Leg.  They then can compare times from their one-leg hopping abilities to two-leg sprint abilities.  It is an exciting evaluation in fast-twitch muscle fibers, biomechanics, and muscle stabilizers (since they will be used on the uneven grass surface, unlike on a track).  PLUS it is an “attracktive” way to spend Thanksgiving.

Alicia Weber, an Orlando, FL, personal trainer, world record holder, and champion runner gobbled up this event!

Watch Weber’s winning 200m run and 200m hop in the “Turkey Trot and Hop”

This is a good way to test the strength of your legs.  Happy Trails to you!

–          Full Results     –
Name                                      200m run         200m 1-leg hop
World Record Weber          29 secs                  1:01
Aussie Amanda Hug            30 secs                  1:03
Catalina Calisthenics            32 secs                 1:10
Catalina Cathouse                 32 secs                  1:12
Debbie Defense                    35 secs                  1:15
Johnny Deltoid                       40 secs                  1:22
Madalina Seg                          60 secs                  2:10