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2016 A Year in Review for World Record Weber


In 2016 The World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter, Alicia Weber, claimed her fifth consecutive year with the title after setting 210 Official RecordSetter World Records All in Physical Fitness. Additionally, she ended 2016 with 113 Career Victories as an elite athlete. She competed in 4 sports in 2016 (SUP, beach running, indoor rowing, and cross country running).

World Record Weber’s 2016 YEAR IN REVIEW

Alicia did not compete in footgolf yet, but she spent the summer learning the new sport.


The end of a year is a time to reflect on great success and look to improve and become the best you can be in the new year! In 2016, Alicia competed in 11 competitions (6 victories, 4 second places, and 23rd in world championship). Alicia also took her 5th year in a row as World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter and placing top 10 among all record setters. Also, in the past 5 years Alicia has been featured in top shows and publications including the following:
1. Believe the Unbelievable: The Ultimate Book of World Records and the People Who Pursue Them By Record Holders Republic, Bartleyby Press 2010,
2. Featured in Top Selling Book (7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups By Brett Stewart, Ulysses Press on May 20, 2011),
3. Military Times: 3 Drills to Better your Pull-Ups from Record Holder Alicia Weber on April 9, 2014,
4. Played a role in WWE Tough Enough-Season 6 Episode 5 (where she was first woman finisher in obstacle race although her win was not shown in show aired on July 21, 2015),
5. Selected for America’s Got Talent 10 as “World Wecord Wabbit” made it to Final Audition in Tampa, Florida, and was one of 6 selected for special taping on Nov 2-3, 2014), and
6. One of 115 Record Holders featured in DreamWorks Kids Recordsetter Kids Show (2015).


Alicia Weber sets records exclusively at Recordsetter where she is the most prolific female record holder and physical fitness record holder. On October 26, 2016, she achieved setting 800 world records all in physical fitness at Recordsetter.


Here you can see Weber’s World Record Wonder Woman Development over the past 7 years.


1.) Alicia’s favorite event was when she won double gold medals at the 2016 Southern Sprints Indoor Rowing World Qualifier Event (and she became only one of 3 lightweight women to win the double in the past 15 years).

2.) Alicia has continued to make her mark in beach running with her second place female finish out of 1,000 competitors at the 2016 Beach Running National Championships. She continues to be the most decorated beach runner!


Weber leaves 2016 with 1,334,736 youtube views and over 1,500 subscribers and an incredible, new VideoTeasing World Record Weber Video Package

New 2017 Strength Feat and Flexing Video Package Preview

Happy 2017!!


Alicia Weber Takes 113th Career Victory on Clermont Clay Trail

By Weber Way to Wellness Reperter

Alicia's 113th victory came on a Clay Trail!
Alicia’s 113th victory came on a Clay Trail!
CLERMONT, FL—-On November 20, 2016, Alicia Weber, an advocate for soft surface running, dreamed of achieving her 113th victory in the Clermont Clay Trail 5k and her dream came true. On a sunny, 50 degree morning, Weber faced 241 great competitors who shared the same mindset of “soft surface running is the way to go” and she finished as the first woman on the hilly, sandy, bumpy course on Schofield Road on the Clermont Clay Trail (and 4th overall) in 21:50.

It was an out and back 1.55 mile course (10:46 out and 11:04 back for 21:50). She was shooting for low 10’s at the half-way mark, but with the many bumps and thick sand, she knew it would take longer. The challenging terrain and extra strength and balance required draws Alicia to events on sand, dirt, and off-terrain. The races do not focus so much on the time, but rather the fitness required to go as fast possible on the courses. The thicker the sand, the longer the ground contact time, and the double the effort for a workout = greater the challenge and more health benefits. Due to the soft surface, your legs feel really great when you are done. Soft surface running is the healthy choice for running, which brings you closer to nature.

The Clermont Clay Trail Race drew a total of 658 competitors (242 in the 5k and 416 in the 15k). This is tremendous participation, which is greater than in many road races. Many other runners agree that soft surface running is the way to go for longevity as a runner and athlete. The races bring awareness to clay trails and raise funds to restore and build more clay trails in the area.

Alicia’s 113th Victory on Clermont Clay Trail

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is Alicia’s 11th competition for 2016 and her final race of the season. She competed in 4 sports. She competed in one world championship (23rd in world), two world qualifiers (both first place), one national championship (2nd place), regional championships (1st and 2nd place), and four local Florida events. She competed in cross country running, beach running, paddle boarding, and indoor rowing this year. She also took up learning the new sport of footgolf, but she has not competed yet.


Most Decorated Beach Runner, Alicia Weber, Holds Barrier Breaker Youth Running Camps

By Weber Way To Wellness Reporter Photos copyrighted to © Alicia Weber

Weber enjoys Cocoa Beach as she soaks up her second place in her fifth championship on May 1, 2016
Weber enjoys Cocoa Beach as she soaks up her second place in her fifth championship on May 1, 2016
Alicia Weber keeps adding more to the record books as she cemented herself as the most decorated beach runner after becoming the second place female (16th overall out of 1,000 competitors) in the May 1, 2016, USA 10K Beach Running Championships in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Over the the course of five years (competing 5 times), Weber set the 10k course record twice (and won the championship in 2011, 2012, 2015, took third in 2013, and now second in 2016). The Championship draws runners all over the state of Florida, other US states, and countries including Europe and Brazil.

2016 brought the most competitors and most challenging conditions. Beach Running was also a female dominated sport where 80 percent of the competitors were women. The race started in 15 knot ESE winds where runners battled their way to the turn-around-point. It was also high tide, so the sand was softer and humidity was 72 percent with sun blazing in the 80s. Weber dominated the race as she came thru the first mile in 6:42 and led the first 5,200 meters. Then, she was overtaken by former Division 1 Belmont Bruin Hall of Fame and Stand Out distance runner, Keely Corlew. Weber held her second position for the remaining miles and finished as the second place overall woman. First-Time beach runner, Corlew, won the 2016 championship.

“This was great competition and another awesome race,” exclaimed Weber.

Both Weber and Corlew are former stand out division 1 distance runners.
Both Weber and Corlew are former stand out division 1 distance runners.
Weber’s “Barrier Breaker” theme for her youth running camps is about inspiring youth through brain training and increasing speed and endurance thru running with fun and games. Weber is a highly regarded motivational speaker where she guided youth to dream big and set goals and go after them at previous USA Triathlon camps where she had record attendance (68 kids). She then elevated the collegiate scene at UF track and triathlon programs (where in 2002 she helped motivate the UF women’s Indoor Track Team to a third in the Nation at NCAA AND 1st in SEC thru pre-meet talks. She served as an entertainer at Triathlon National Championships in 2002, 2005, and 2006).

Weber shows 5 Fingers for her 5 yrs competing (3 wins, 1 third, & 1 second place finish).
After the race, Weber shows 5 Fingers for her 5 yrs competing (3 wins, 1 third, & 1 second place finish).
Weber is enthused to bring her “barrier breaker training techniques” in combination with fun and games to achieve faster times and then let runners test themselves in a free race she will also offer. Contact Alicia to enroll in her Barrier Breaker Running Camp today at


Clermont Youth Athletes Compete in Unordinary Opportunity for Extraordinary Results in the Indoor Rowing Sprint World Championships

HEADLINE NEWS: CLERMONT, FL—-First Ever Indoor Rowing World Sprint Championships has TEAM AWINNINGWAY from Clermont, FLorida, largest US Team represented in the these first-ever world championships!!!

By: Alicia Weber

The first ever World Indoor Rowing Sprint Championship was held March 11-13 where 3,226 adults and 726 kids competed worldwide. The goal of the championship was to attract new athletes into the sport and compete on a Concept 2 machine from anywhere. As a Clermont event director, I made the goal of recruiting the most youth (age 12 and under) into this competition where I provided free training and a free race. I’m happy to say that I had the largest US team of indoor rowers (age 12 and under) representing the USA in this world championship.

Team Awinningway

I also competed and placed 26th in the world among lightweight women with my new best time of 3:50.3 for the 1,000 meter. My youth team came into this event with zero experience and my mission was to follow their success and see how they felt to do so something out of the ordinary. They learned how to row on a Concept 2 Machine and then competed in the 1,000 meter event all in the same day.
Hannah Bibby, 8, never competed in a sport before and she was our 2nd fastest girl on our Awinningway Team, our youngest competitor, and she placed 59th in the world for girls (12 and under) with her time of 6:42.3.

“This is phenomenal for me. When Alicia asked me if I wanted to learn to row and compete, I said yes because I want to take advantage of every opportunity. It feels good to exercise on an indoor rower,” mentioned Bibby who can now call a world championship her first-ever sport competition.

All the kids learned proper breathing and proper form for indoor rowing and they all exceeded their expectations and mine in their performances.

“This is awesome. I have more confidence and I like testing myself physically and this is a good physical test,” said the excited Nico Kurihara-Taylor after completing his row. He placed 82nd in the world for boys (12 and under) in a time of 6:27.4.
The kids watched each other race and cheered for one another. They are looking forward to their next event now.

“I feel like I am on top of the world,” said the uber-competitive DJ Belanoff who expected to do 10 minutes, but finished in 7:30.7 for girls (12 and under).

Aisha Hak, 11, was the fastest youth girl on our team with her time of 6:16.7, which placed her 53rd in world for youth girls (12 and under).

“It takes a lot of energy and strength. I am surprised I did as well as I did. It’s my first day to do it and I know I will only be getting better,” commented Hak after her race.

Andrew Powell, 13, was the only athlete on our youth team who had experience in an aerobic sport. He is also a cross country runner. He was able to get faster and finish his first-ever 1,000 meter in 4:45.7. He competed against nearly 400 boys upto age 18.

“I felt fatigue in the last 300 meters, but I pushed myself to finish strong because I am really motivated to do this event and try something new,” said Powell who was thankful for the opportunity to compete in this world championship.

“This event has been a great opportunity to keep kids active and off electronics. We appreciate having this opportunity for our kids,” added two parents of the athletes.

Official 2016 Results here

Contact ALicia at to join her sport league and do unique events.


World Record Weber Captures Double Gold in Indoor Rowing Championship

By Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber winning her first gold medal in the 500m in the morning of February 13th.  Then, she won her second gold gold medal in the the evening in the 2,000 meter.
Alicia Weber winning her first her gold medal in the 500m in the morning of February 13th. Then, she won her second gold gold medal in the the evening in the 2,000 meter.
Nearly 1,600 indoor rowers competed on the Concept 2 rowing machines at the 2016 33rd Annual Southern Sprints Indoor Rowing Championships/World Qualifier in Melbourne, Florida, on February 13. A rare breed of athletes are drawn to the sport for the thrills of intense speed and power.

There are two different weight classes, lightweight and heavyweight. The maximum weight for a lightweight male is 165 pounds. The max weight for lightweight females is 135 pounds.

I am a lightweight indoor rower. Heavyweight indoor rower from Central Florida, Jennifer Gillette, and I both won the college/open women 500 meter and 2,000 meter events for our weight class. We both performed the rare feat of becoming double gold medalists at these championships.

In the past five years, we have been the only two women in the world that have both been world ranked top 10 three times for our 500 meter race times.

At this championship, Gillette set the American record for the 19-29 age category for heavyweight women with her 500 meter time of 1:30.7. Both of us continue to get faster as we get older. I have competed in this championship for five years, and it has been my goal to win gold. I won many silver and bronze medals, but I was working toward the elusive gold.

Alicia Weber is  a sponsored athlete and professional coach in many sports for all ages and ability levels.
Alicia Weber is a sponsored athlete and professional coach in many sports for all ages and ability levels.

It is a dream come true to become a double gold medalist with new personal best times of 1:45.8 for 500 meters and 8:09.4 for 2,000 meters. I became an indoor rower to continue to increase my VO2max, as rowing is considered to be one of the best exercises to increase aerobic capacity.

Gillette is in fighter pilot school at Sheppard AFB, Texas. Only two percent of Air Force fighter pilots are women. Rowing has been excellent conditioning for her to prepare for the G-Forces of flying F 16s.

Dedicated ninth grade rower Robert Delgado-Mendez competed in the 500m to get in shape for rowing on the water. He has competed in Clermont’s Regattas and loves them.

“Rowing is fun with a completely different crowd of people. In individual sports and team sports like soccer and football, you can mess up and still be successful. However, rowing on the water in an 8 boat has to have everyone perfectly in sync or it all goes bad. My coach says you are only as fast as your slowest rower,” explained Delgado-Mendez.

Watch Alicia “World Record Weber” Win Double Gold

In the water, rowers with height and strength have an advantage. A lightweight rowing team might beat a heavyweight rowing team. A heavyweight team creates more drag in the water, which can slow them down. Strength will be necessary to overpower the drag and beat lightweights.

Indoor rowing on Concept 2 machines provides other challenges. A heavyweight rower will create more power from their weight and go faster. A short lightweight will need to produce power through their legs and arms to be able to beat a strong, tall lightweight who will have greater power through their long legs. In any event, indoor rowing provides excellent fitness benefits and strategic competitions.

Alicia can be reached for fitness training or coaching at


2015 A Year of Career Bests for Alicia Weber: Welcome 2016!!

By Alicia Weber

As an elite athlete and fitness professional, I achieved my greatest successes to date in 2015 and I look forward to 2016 and helping others exceed their goals!

2015 A Year of Career Bests

Professionally, my career highlight came when I worked with Olympic and World Champion sprinters on their quest to make the 2015 World Championships, Pan Am Games, and World Relays Track and Field Teams. The athletes I worked with on P360 Pro Track Team earned many medals at these championships. I was the team licensed massage therapist and stretching coach.

As a world record holder, I set the most strength and endurance world records ever in one year – 220!! My previous best was 205 records in 2012. I am the world’s most prolific physical fitness world record holder. I realized in December that I had the chance to exceed 205 records and I aimed for 210.

I opened the new category – 30 Minute consecutive Spiderman Pushups at Recordsetter where I completed 511 reps on December 29.

On Christmas, I broke two challenging one arm pushup records (one of which took 5 attempts before re-setting it).

On the last day of the year, I attempted to reclaim my 3 minute arms held out deep squat record (which an ultra athlete Frenchman currently holds), but I fell short. However, I kept going to open some new categories. At the strike of midnight, I was overjoyed when I saw the realization that I exceeded my goal and set 220 records in one year!!

As an athlete, I finally won my first SUP race of my career in my 7th race! I took over 20 minutes off my 3 mile time and finished in 35 minutes in the intracoastal waterways of Englewood, Florida. I won my 3rd Beach Running Championship title in May and I became the only male or female to win the championship three times. I competed in three sports in 2015 (beach running (off terrain running), SUP racing, and fitness challenge events).

An exciting surprise opportunity came along in 2015, which also makes a career highlight for me. I went on my first show on National TV where I was a prop and I competed in a physical fitness obstacle course which involved a lot of rope climbing. I competed and used arms only climbing for the entire competition and it was discussed in the show.

Welcoming 2016, I look forward to the kids, adults, and seniors joining my archery fitness league, athletic camps, and clinics. I look forward to working with my new students in learning to stand up paddle board. I am looking forward to covering a lot of unique stories on this website in 2016 and offering innovative advertising and marketing services to those interested.

Happy New Year and Committed to Your Success,

Alicia Weber

Clermont Florida’s Inaugural Harvest Fest and Cross Country Runners in Heaven

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Harvest Fest Vendors and Participants as well as Runners Had an Extra Special Halloween in 2015

Clermont’s Harvest Festival was hugely successful for vendors and participants as Halloween was a big hit for local cross country runners.

The goal of the Harvest Fest was to bring business to the whole area and new people in from far away. Highly motivated visionaries and Downtown Clermont Board members, Erika Shanoff and Bill Carter, quickly came up with the Harvest Fest idea and made it happen.

Vendors came as far away as Marietta, Georgia. Others traveled from Micanopy and Merritt Island to be here and they plan to return.

“We want to make it an annual event,” said the smiling Shanoff who is the owner of Erika’s Tea Room and Gifts and a creator of monthly innovative events within her business.
Shanoff has monthly Bookin’ and Cookin’ Club meetings with over 70 varieties of tea from all over the world where they serve lunch every day except Monday.

During the Harvest Fest, people of all ages strolled down Montrose Street in their best costumes looking around to see what caught their eye like vendors like Kats Kreations Lucky Bamboo, Scentsy, and Homemade soaps. Halloweeners enjoyed learning of new vendors like Florida Totalcom.

“We had a lot of folks who are curious about our internet service. No one has heard of us before, so this was a great event for us,” said a rep with Florida Totalcom who traveled from Marion County.

The activities surrounding the Harvest Fest stirred a lot of spooks and interest well into late night. The Historical Village became a Haunted Village where the first teachers came back to life in Clermont’s very small, first-ever classroom.

Sommersports put on the 5k Nightmare on the Clermont Trails where runners ran at 7pm through spook stations on the trail with the race ending in the Harvest Fest. A giant spider and black cat hovered over runners as they crossed the finish line in front of a crowd of excited spectators.

Demetri Mancini, a sophomore on the South Lake Eagles cross country team, crossed the line first.

“I loved it. It was really fun and relatively easy, since it was a flat course,” exclaimed Mancini as he received his first place finisher’s medal.

Clermont’s Real Life Christian Academy cross country star, Cadi Rowe, was the second place female to cross the line.

With the cross country season coming to a close, runners took advantage of the unique races.

Alicia Weber was the only runner from South Lake to compete in the Zombie 5k Beach Run on New Smyrna Beach where she took first place female overall and survived the zombies.

Jennifer Alonso and Alicia Weber took spots in the 10K and 5k 2015 Zombie Race.
Jennifer Alonso and Alicia Weber took spots in the 10K and 5k 2015 Zombie Race.
The race was to be very different and difficult where runners could earn “I survived” shirts if they escaped from the 3-5 Zombies set every quarter mile along the beach. They would chase you and if tagged, then you don’t survive.

Deland high school boys cross country team dominated the top spots, but they agreed it was very tiring as some did not survive the Zombies. “The times were much slower as you are running conservatively and then sprinting fast and zig zagging off course to escape fast moving Zombies,” mentioned Dylan Beck, AJ Williams, and Tyler Rollins.

“The race was built in interval training and I loved it,” added Jennifer Alonso who ran the race for the first time and plans to do some hilly Clermont races.

“I was drafting behind Alicia and when she took on the Zombies and got off course, I got ahead of her and beat her by two seconds,” said Dan Finnane who finished 7th overall in the Beach 5k.

Between the Clermont and New Smyrna uniquely themed Halloween races in conjunction with the Harvest Fest, cross country runners were on Cloud 9 and they had extra special Halloween. At least, Alicia Weber did.

“This is definitely my most exciting Halloween ever and the first time I competed on Halloween. My race victory, new friends, and fun at Harvest Fest make it the best Halloween for me,” exclaimed Weber.


Clermont SUP Racers, Alyssa Veres and Alicia Weber, Take Top Spots

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Photos copyrighted ©

Alyssa Veres and Alicia Weber - Clermont, Florida's Top SUP Racers
Alyssa Veres and Alicia Weber – Clermont, Florida’s Top SUP Racers

Clermont’s waterways might be most known for triathlons, bass fishing, and wakeboarding competitions. However, serious training takes place on these waterways for SUP racers, Alicia Weber and Alyssa Veres, who both captured top spots in a SUP (Stand Up Paddling) event held in Melbourne, Florida on September 13, 2015
Alicia Weber began her day at 9am in the Manatee 4 mile SUP race where she took second place in her 12’6 board category, while Alyssa Veres competed in her 12’6 board category and won the Dragon 6 mile race.

Weber returned at noon for the much anticipated Bic Sup One Design North American Championship where racers were required to compete on the same board and use the same paddle to make a true test in speed, race tactics, and paddle skills in a 400 meter sprint.

“I watched this championship last year to prepare mentally to compete for the first time this year. It’s a very aggressive all out bout. I was just hoping to make the finals,” said Weber.

There were elimination rounds of six SUP racers. Only two in each round made it to the finals. Weber finished second in her heat to advance to the finals where she took 4th place. In the North American Championship final six girls were pumped and ready to pour everything they had on a short, circular course that consisted of going around two buoys.

Racers had to know how to produce powerful, fast strokes with their paddle, while staying balanced on a board measuring 12 ft 6 inches in length and 30 inches in width. The chances of getting knocked down are very likely in this intense race format.

The Top 5 Finishers in the 2015 Bic One Design North American Championship. On the left, Weber took
The Top 5 Finishers in the 2015 Bic One Design North American Championship. On the left, Weber took

Racers gauged angles going around buoys, so that they don’t come too close to a buoy, but yet not too far away as to let competitors speed ahead. One abrupt turn around the second buoy eliminated one competitor who got off balance and fell. The five remaining competitors were hauling it in the last hundred meters trying to make any last second gains. Weber settled for fourth just seconds from the top three and she was very happy.

One reason Veres and Weber enjoy these races is for the top competition, which some SUP racers are top in the nation. Sarah Callaham traveled from Hawaii and won the Bic Sup One Design North American Championship and the Manatee 4 mile race.

The atmosphere of the distance races is more relaxed and upbeat as competitors cheer for each other and may spot manatees along the way. Veres competed in her first 6 mile race where she was very nervous, but she finished shocked and very happy to see that she won. This began her mental and physical preparation for her 24 mile challenge she will have on October 17 in Clermont.

Sarah Callaham (right) won both the 4 mile SUP Race and Bic One Design North American Championship.  Weber (left) finished 2nd in the 4 mile SUP race.
Sarah Callaham (right) won both the 4 mile SUP Race and Bic One Design North American Championship. Weber (left) finished 2nd in the 4 mile SUP race.

All the races took place on the Indian River Lagoon and Eau Gallie River, which are hubs for international kayakers and paddlers. Weber and Veres take one race at a time and are determined to move up the ranks, which includes excelling at different distances and becoming versatile on various boards.

“Paddle boarding is a lot of fun and it’s easy if you have the right mindset. You can make it harder or easier based on the speed you choose to go and the length and width of the board,” said Veres.

Paddle boarding is not the first sport for Veres and Weber who have competed in many individual and team sports. They agree that their different sports have developed muscles and balance to be able to be competitive SUP racers. They each compete on the SUP circuit, which goes from fall to spring.

“It’s cool to be one of the few SUP competitors in Clermont, but I would like to see more locals try SUP,” said Veres, 16, a junior at South Lake High School and Ocean for Hope Team Paddler.

Veres encourages all levels of paddle boarders to come out and join her for all or part of her 24 miles in her “Chain of Lakes SUP Challenge” on October 17 beginning at 7:30am at Waterfront Park with an approx. finish at 3-4pm.

Alyssa Veres won the 6 mile race. Her time was so fast that if she competed in the elite 6 mile prize money race, she would have placed third.
Alyssa Veres won the 6 mile race. Her time was so fast that if she competed in the elite 6 mile prize money race, she would have placed third.

This is not a race, but a paddling journey to bring awareness to people affected by cancer.
“This is to be a big party in the water with a great BBQ at the finish at Clermont Bikes and Boards, 15 Second Street in Clermont,” added Veres.

As an Ocean of Hope Team member, Veres raises money for individuals fighting sarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. Find out more at


Weber Wins Beach Running 10k Championship for third time and Prepares for One-of-a-Kind Youth Running Camps in Lake County Florida

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Weber wins 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Championship
Weber wins 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Championship
Lake County Florida’s Alicia Weber crossed the line first for women and 7th overall in a field of 800 runners at the USA 10k Beach Running Championships on May 10, 2015, in Cocoa Beach, Florida. She is the first runner to win the championship three times. She relished the win as she prepares for her one-of-a-kind youth running camps to be held in Clermont this summer – she has the only top-notch youth running camps in Lake County Florida.

“All levels of youth runners will get top-notch training experiences with gait analysis, preventative injury techniques, stretching/flexibility, sports specific exercises, and nutrition. This camp is beyond just running and it develops an athlete for the long-haul in sports with a winning attitude,” said Alicia Weber, an elite athlete of 23 years with 102 career victories and a slew of world records.

“Alicia is not only a great runner, but also a great motivational trainer for youth to adults to seniors. I encourage parents to have their children attend one of Alicia’s upcoming running camps for the positive motivational physical and mental training Alicia gives. I can attest to this as I have been training under her for three years and compete in Senior Games and I will be 85 this year,” exclaimed Cherie Oney, Top Nationally-ranked sprinter for her age category.

Alicia Weber and Rickie Alcime - 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Champions
Alicia Weber and Rickie Alcime – 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Champions
Orlando’s Rickie Alcime won the 10k overall in a new course record time of 36:47.3. He comes to Clermont to train on the hills and he’s looking forward to participating in Sommer Sports Cool Summer Mornings 5k Series this summer.
“Anybody can run. I look out here and it’s Mother’s Day and many kids are out there running with their moms,” said Alcime.

According to race director, Mitch Varnes, participants were 77% female with 1,272 entrants total in the half-marathon and 10k combined from 23 states and four countries.

Alcime got into running 7 years ago with the dream to run a marathon. He completed five marathons and this was his first beach run. His enthusiasm for running has carried him to Fit2Run at the Florida Mall where he is a shoe salesman.

“Everybody has their own goals and that is what I like about running. There are different levels and types of running to choose from like beach running, track running, road running, and trail running. So you can do it for all reasons,” mentioned Alcime.

In beach running, runners run on a slant the whole time in wet or mushy sand, so it has an emphasis on hips and Achilles. The foot has longer ground contact time for each step.

“Two weeks ago was my birthday and my whole family came out to run on the track with me. That meant a lot and now I have them hooked on running,” added Alcime, also a running motivator.

Many studies have shown running elevates mood, improves sleep quality and concentration, builds bone density, defeats age-related mental decline, increases memory, boosts organizational skills and overall brain function, and enhances lung capacity and overall health. Taking up running just for the health benefits alone is a step in the right direction.

“’You Can Do It’ is the motto of the positive message for the physical and mental accomplishments you learn from Alicia Weber,” remarked Oney.

Learn More about Alicia Weber’s Youth Running Camps here.

Read more about race the USA Beach Running Championships here.

Contact Alicia for running camps at


Alicia Weber’s Tribute to Jack LaLanne on his 100th Birthday

By: Alicia Weber
Photos are copyrighted © Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber in September 2014 after setting 500 world records.
I have been setting physical fitness world records since 2008. Sports historians have referred to me as the Modern Day Jack LaLanne as a woman. This September 26, 2014, would be Jack LaLanne’s 100th birthday if he were alive.
He died in 2011 and will be remembered as “The Godfather of Fitness” after revolutionizing the health and fitness field. Just in time for his 100th birthday, I have now reached setting 500 world records, capturing 100 sport victories, and I completed what LaLanne considered to be his hardest strength feat of his career.

On August 13, I completed 1,000 pushups and 1,000 chin-ups in just over two hours as a tribute to LaLanne, one of my personal heroes. It was his hardest feat because his skin peeled off his hands.

I prepared for two years and I had no issues. In 107 days I set 100 exercise records up to one hour in duration, which is the world record.

LaLanne and I had different upbringings, but our careers run parallel. We were nonconformists who set our own standards. We were going to achieve our goals despite obstacles.

I grew up in Southwestern, PA, in a family of healthcare professionals where exercise and proper eating were instilled regularly, while LaLanne grew up weak and sickly from a junk food diet. His life changed at 15 when he heard a health lecture from pioneer Paul Bragg where he was “born again.”

I blossomed in middle school, while LaLanne blossomed in high school. I captured a dozen physical fitness records during middle school. I was off the charts in physical fitness and I competed with the boys for titles. These dozen middle school victories with my 88 overall career athletic wins covering 17 sports is where I get my 100 total victories to date.

“We have been friends since fifth grade,” said Karly Sammel, my classmate and long-time friend. “My first wow moment of Alicia was when I saw her do the flexed bar hang for a couple minutes in gym class. No one could do that. Then, people were making excuses so they would not need to compete against her.”

We had to go to stations and complete exercises in gym class. The boys would not let me on the pull-up bar so I pushed one off and did 35 consecutive pull-ups.
“I heard guys saying over and over ‘Oh my God’. The gym teachers’ eyes were popping out of their heads. The boy’s gym teacher grabbed her muscle and became more shocked,” continued Sammel.

It was like a dream. Nearly 100 students and faculty gathered to watch me compete against the boys in different events.

“Alicia surprised everybody. We watched her showdown the boys in a 600 yard dash. I just remember her blowing everybody away at everything,” recalled Sammel.

Everybody was talking about my athletics and my public speaking too. LaLanne developed into a motivational force and was a top public speaker and personality.

“Alicia demonstrated skills and competencies in writing and public speaking well beyond her chronological age. She presented an 8th grade career speech on marine biology that has been the most original, well-organized, and informative presentation I have encountered,” mentioned 8th grade English teacher, Karen Bucy.

By high school, LaLanne became a star football player and wrestler. He hid his bagged lunch of veggies and nuts, so no one would make fun of him.

I self-coached myself in track, triathlon, and cross country to a total of eight medals at National Championships.

“We were on swim team together our senior year. We had a losing streak and had a meeting to figure out what to do,” recalled Sammel. “Alicia just jumped up and started giving a motivational talk.”

The girl’s team began winning and kept winning. Five girls took top places at the State Championships.

“I think people needed her to inspire them to do their best,” expressed Sammel.
LaLanne went to college in San Francisco and earned a Chiropractic degree. He opened the nation’s first health and fitness club in Oakland, CA, in 1936, where he put fitness on the map.

I went to Duquesne University, then transferred to Florida. I earned a degree in Telecommunication, then pursued Biology, a doctorate in physical therapy, and became a licensed massage therapist. I held the first ever world record physical fitness day in Clermont on April 28, 2012.

I have guided seven athletes to world records in fitness and archery and all of us combined have set more than 400 records in Clermont giving the area international acclaim.

LaLanne set many “firsts.” Most notably, he had the first and longest running exercise show called “The Jack LaLanne Show.” He was the first person to perform strength and endurance feats. He was the first trainer to have both genders and all ages working with weights.

“Alicia breaks barriers,” mentioned Sammel.

I was the first woman to set and hold many strict form military exercises. Currently, I compete against men for titles at Recordsetter. I am the only woman inducted into the Official Pushup Hall of Fame. In May, all the branches of the US Military sought me out to provide guidance in preparing women to pass their pull-up test.

We inspire fitness in a fun way. LaLanne would sing, dance, and perform tricks with his dog. I perform fitness comedy. I have reached one million views on my 145 YouTube videos with this genre.

“The world needs more of Alicia to inspire them,” added Sammel.