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Bring in the Holidays and New Year with a Cackle with Alicia Weber

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

LAS VEGAS, NV—-Alicia “World Record” Weber launches her new wellness comedy show series, which was produced and filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2014. She wishes everyone a happy, healthy, hip-hop holiday season. Enjoy a good cackle with friends and family! Kick back and laugh with Alicia and “The Clan” in a wellness comedy series known as “New Year New You” where Alicia is the producer/director and leading talent in the shows. Get entertained, educated, and inspired with Alicia Weber’s own genre of improv comedy known as “Fitness Character Comedy.”

Every January only 8% of the population will commit to a year-round wellness program. Many lose motivation and a reason to continue toward health by the end of every January. This wellness comedy show, “New Year New You” is meant to rev people up for the long haul of year-round wellness.

Get ready to kick back and start cackling! According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing can improve your immune system, relieve pain, stimulate organs, increase endorphins, and relieve stress.

A Cackle A Day Keeps the Doctor Away! Now, Introducing the Weber Way to Wellness Comedy Show 3 Part Series “New Year New You.”

PART 1 of the wellness comedy show is with renown running coach, Johnny Deltoid. World Record Weber will also perform extreme strength feats in this show.

Wellness Comedy Show with Coach Johnny Deltoid (Part 1)

PART 2 of the wellness comedy show is with sedentary Madalina Seg. Find out what her new job is going to be and if she is able to get motivated to exercise. This show is full of surprises and many interesting people appear in the show.

Wellness Comedy Show with Madalina Seg (Part 2)

PART 3 of the wellness comedy show is with the newest member of Alicia and “The Clan,” Audrey Athletica. A former dancer, she is now breaking into musical comedy theater in a one-of-a-kind Broadway Play. See how her new career is changing her and what she can do to stay healthy.

Wellness Comedy Show with Audrey Athletica (Part 3)

Thank you for watching! These shows were brought to you by Clermont Waterfront Bikes and Boards, Clermont CrossTrain, and Dr. K!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy new year!


Alicia Weber’s Tribute to Jack LaLanne on his 100th Birthday

By: Alicia Weber
Photos are copyrighted © Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber in September 2014 after setting 500 world records.
I have been setting physical fitness world records since 2008. Sports historians have referred to me as the Modern Day Jack LaLanne as a woman. This September 26, 2014, would be Jack LaLanne’s 100th birthday if he were alive.
He died in 2011 and will be remembered as “The Godfather of Fitness” after revolutionizing the health and fitness field. Just in time for his 100th birthday, I have now reached setting 500 world records, capturing 100 sport victories, and I completed what LaLanne considered to be his hardest strength feat of his career.

On August 13, I completed 1,000 pushups and 1,000 chin-ups in just over two hours as a tribute to LaLanne, one of my personal heroes. It was his hardest feat because his skin peeled off his hands.

I prepared for two years and I had no issues. In 107 days I set 100 exercise records up to one hour in duration, which is the world record.

LaLanne and I had different upbringings, but our careers run parallel. We were nonconformists who set our own standards. We were going to achieve our goals despite obstacles.

I grew up in Southwestern, PA, in a family of healthcare professionals where exercise and proper eating were instilled regularly, while LaLanne grew up weak and sickly from a junk food diet. His life changed at 15 when he heard a health lecture from pioneer Paul Bragg where he was “born again.”

I blossomed in middle school, while LaLanne blossomed in high school. I captured a dozen physical fitness records during middle school. I was off the charts in physical fitness and I competed with the boys for titles. These dozen middle school victories with my 88 overall career athletic wins covering 17 sports is where I get my 100 total victories to date.

“We have been friends since fifth grade,” said Karly Sammel, my classmate and long-time friend. “My first wow moment of Alicia was when I saw her do the flexed bar hang for a couple minutes in gym class. No one could do that. Then, people were making excuses so they would not need to compete against her.”

We had to go to stations and complete exercises in gym class. The boys would not let me on the pull-up bar so I pushed one off and did 35 consecutive pull-ups.
“I heard guys saying over and over ‘Oh my God’. The gym teachers’ eyes were popping out of their heads. The boy’s gym teacher grabbed her muscle and became more shocked,” continued Sammel.

It was like a dream. Nearly 100 students and faculty gathered to watch me compete against the boys in different events.

“Alicia surprised everybody. We watched her showdown the boys in a 600 yard dash. I just remember her blowing everybody away at everything,” recalled Sammel.

Everybody was talking about my athletics and my public speaking too. LaLanne developed into a motivational force and was a top public speaker and personality.

“Alicia demonstrated skills and competencies in writing and public speaking well beyond her chronological age. She presented an 8th grade career speech on marine biology that has been the most original, well-organized, and informative presentation I have encountered,” mentioned 8th grade English teacher, Karen Bucy.

By high school, LaLanne became a star football player and wrestler. He hid his bagged lunch of veggies and nuts, so no one would make fun of him.

I self-coached myself in track, triathlon, and cross country to a total of eight medals at National Championships.

“We were on swim team together our senior year. We had a losing streak and had a meeting to figure out what to do,” recalled Sammel. “Alicia just jumped up and started giving a motivational talk.”

The girl’s team began winning and kept winning. Five girls took top places at the State Championships.

“I think people needed her to inspire them to do their best,” expressed Sammel.
LaLanne went to college in San Francisco and earned a Chiropractic degree. He opened the nation’s first health and fitness club in Oakland, CA, in 1936, where he put fitness on the map.

I went to Duquesne University, then transferred to Florida. I earned a degree in Telecommunication, then pursued Biology, a doctorate in physical therapy, and became a licensed massage therapist. I held the first ever world record physical fitness day in Clermont on April 28, 2012.

I have guided seven athletes to world records in fitness and archery and all of us combined have set more than 400 records in Clermont giving the area international acclaim.

LaLanne set many “firsts.” Most notably, he had the first and longest running exercise show called “The Jack LaLanne Show.” He was the first person to perform strength and endurance feats. He was the first trainer to have both genders and all ages working with weights.

“Alicia breaks barriers,” mentioned Sammel.

I was the first woman to set and hold many strict form military exercises. Currently, I compete against men for titles at Recordsetter. I am the only woman inducted into the Official Pushup Hall of Fame. In May, all the branches of the US Military sought me out to provide guidance in preparing women to pass their pull-up test.

We inspire fitness in a fun way. LaLanne would sing, dance, and perform tricks with his dog. I perform fitness comedy. I have reached one million views on my 145 YouTube videos with this genre.

“The world needs more of Alicia to inspire them,” added Sammel.


Clermont Florida’s Comedians and Live Interactive Mystery Theater!

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Clermont, Florida, is a small town with tremendous talent and exciting events. One of the exciting events is with the Top comedians of Clermont hosting the Live Interactive Mystery Theaters where YOU can solve a mystery and win a prize! Win Park Tickets!! Come out for great laughs with comedy and even become part of the act!! The I HOP in Clermont, Florida, off HWY 27 (next to BJ’s) will host the Live Interactive Mystery Theater in their back room on February 17, 2013, from 6-8pm. Save your spot! Tickets to the event are $10. Call Leslie to register at 407-375-0917.

Character Comedy * Lots of Laughs * Prizes * Solve a Mystery!

Here is a preview of the Character Comedy

Meet the Talent and Select Accomplishments Among Their Vast Careers:
Kandi Seiberling is a premiere Sharon Osbourne Tribute Artist that has performed in Las Vegas. She has been a dancer in Whiskey A-Go-Go and Broadway Hair. Kandi was a performer in the Original Jaws and West Side Story Signature Play.

Leslie Peikin is an outstanding Character Comedian and has been featured on SNL and NBC. Leslie was an NBC tribute artist for “Ruth Bader Ginsburg” and has been on Saturday Night Live on One Fine Day with George Clooney. She performed in Unsolved Mysteries, Bye Bye Birdie stage play, and Saturday Night Live.

Alicia Weber performs her own unique genre of comedy called Improv Fitness Character Comedy and combines exercising, record setting, and comedy together among her 10 characters referred to as “The Clan”. In 2012, Alicia’s character, “World Wecord Wabbit” set a world record in speed mountain climbers that became the 6th Most Popular Record in the World out of 10, 313 Records Set. In addition to “The Clan”, Alicia is a Strength Feat Performer that adds drama to her acts with Aussie Amanda at Videoteasing.

Join us for LOTS of laughs at the Interactive Mystery Theater in Clermont, Florida!! For more info, Contact Alicia at


Amazing Female Feats of Strength Videos with Alicia Weber

By:  Nate Click here to visit JD Productions.




You have come to the RIGHT place for info on the exclusive world record shows with the Premiere Woman in Strength, Speed, and Endurance…

Alicia Weber 50 + Time World Record Holder

Exclusive Female Feats of Strength Videos at

Continue Below for….World Record Weber Show Previews

Ultimate Female Feats of Strength


Feats of Strength Compilation


Muscle Woman vs Man Strength Challenges


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Central Florida Martial Arts Conditioning and Fitness Training with Alicia Weber

By: Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

Are you looking for a martial arts conditioning instructor in Central Florida? If so, you are at the Right Place. Or are you looking for some martial arts conditioning tips? If so, you are in luck.

Alicia Weber Fitness Trainer and Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist shows cool conditioning moves.


No matter if you are a fencer, kickboxer, kata competitor, wrestler, boxer, or any other type of martial arts competitor – one thing is shared by all and that is SPARRING!! At some point in the training phase, sparring and sparring drills will come into play to keep one’s game on PAR.

Any fighter knows aerobics and strength are key, but other components need to be developed as well. Today we will briefly touch up on the 4 Key Components of Martial Arts Conditioning. It is really important to work all 4 components in each serious martial arts conditioning session. Those components should be followed in this order:
1.) Speed/Quickness/Reactive Ability – the most sensitive with fatigue accumulation and that’s why it should be first.
2.) Strength – after the former, the muscles are triggered for strength moves
3.) Endurance – at this time the workout becomes challenging and it trains the muscles to endure, which will be imperative for fights
4.) Flexibility – best improved when the body is warm (static stretching can tend to temporarily weaken muscles due to reduced overlap in muscle sarcomere – even more reason to end with flexibility)

So have you been covering the 4 components in your training sessions?

Do you need some martial arts conditioning in Central Florida? If so, you can contact Alicia at and put “fitness” in subject line.

Alicia Weber is a Fitness Trainer and Entertainer. One of her acts is that of an Elvis Impersonator where she does NEW MOVES! And guess what, they are sparring moves!! See the “New Elvis with the New Moves” below


Aerobic Capacity Wellness Awareness Weeks with Alicia Weber

By: Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

We are currently underway with the first weeks of 13 for the Fitness Makeover here in Central Florida where almost 30 participants are enrolled to improve their physical fitness. We begin with becoming aware of the importance of aerobic capacity wellness. There are two ways to assess aerobic capacity wellness: (1.) A direct assessment of the maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) and (2.) An indirect assessment with rigorous exercise measuring heart rate in response to a given workload. We are reviewing # 2 and over the next weeks, personal clients, fitness makeover participants, and I will be testing aerobic capacity wellness in very unconventional ways!

The conventional ways (and standard ways) to test aerobic capacity through indirect assessment are by any of the following: 1. Rockport Walk Test, 2. 1.5 mile run/walk test, 3. 12-minute run test, 4. Treadmill Tests, 5. Bicycle Tests, and 6. Queens College Step Test. Now, we WON’T be doing any of these tests in our review.

We will NOT be “testing”, but rather trying unconventional exercises that are highly aerobic and evaluating their effectiveness based on the results of improving strength, aerobic capacity, and speeding up metabolism, and stimulating fat loss. The exercises that give the best overall results will be announced at a later date…So Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, GET ENERGIZED as Alicia Weber puts her aerobic capacity wellness to the test in a high intensity aerobic dance with strength moves!

Do you have a favorite aerobic exercise? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below.

Thanks and Keep Huffing and Puffing,

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber Fitness Makeover Stand Up Comedy Show

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, Fla (January 27, 2011) —Alicia Weber, entertainer, fitness trainer, and world record setting elite athlete, performed on stage as her character “Madalina Seg” as she revealed weight loss and strength gain secrets!! On stage in front of a laughing crowd of fitness enthusiasts, Alicia prepares people for an up and coming 13 week Fitness Makeover!

Watch Alicia’s LIVE Stand Up Comedy act below:

The Weber Way to Wellness Reporter snuck back stage to catch Alicia after her act and asked a few questions….

Reporter:  What is your confidence level and ability to perform comedy roles extemporaneously, while guiding clients to fat loss and physical fitness gains?

Alicia:  My confidence is very high.  I am used to juggling what I call “double” or even “triple endeavors” and I thrive on versatility.  So I am even more energized and excited with the dual roles I play in the 13 week fitness makeover!  I have been a fitness trainer/nutritionist and enterainer for over 10 years, so I know the ropes.

Reporter:  This is your first “fitness makeover” of 2011.  How do you feel about it?

Alicia:  I am very excited!  Many people are excited and rearing to go!  I am very happy so many people care enough about their health to do this challenging event!

Reporter:  How often to do you do “fitness comedy”?

Alicia:  I perform monthly.  I have my own line of shows where I am not only the producer and director, but I am the talent also.  I combine my creativity plus suggestions from fans to come up with new material and shows on a regular basis.  I perform stand up comedy and create strength feat shows for digital download.  You can see more of my fitness comedy and characters at

Reporter:  If someone is interested in your fitness makeovers or stand up comedy acts, how can you be reached?

Alicia:  Email is best at and put “fitness” in the subject line.

Believe The Unbelievable World Record Book Available here

By:  Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

Human achievement world record holders are the big dreamers and doers of the world.  They have an extraordinary drive and determination to achieve big goals all for the satisfaction of personal achievement and personal growth. They set an unbelievably high standard for themselves backed with relentless dedication, determination, and commitment and they raise the bar on what is possible in the area of brain and body POWER!  Creativity is another attribute of human achievement world record holders – they are nonconformist that push the envelope in unchartered territory.

How do I know what makes a human achievement world record holder?  Well, I am one.  I am Alicia Weber – a world record holder in strength, speed, and endurance.


Do you want to get energized, inspired, or challenged? If so, THEN Believe the Unbelievable is the book to read! It has over 1,500 feats of incredible human achievement.  Get your copy TODAY by clicking the link below:

Believe the Unbelievable: the Ultimate Book of World Records and the People who Pursue Them

“Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness” ebook NOW AVAILABLE at

By:  Alicia “World Record” Weber

My nickname is “World Record Weber” and my goal after achieving 30 world records covering all 5 areas of physical fitness was to write my book and publish it – I did just that with Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness!! 

Copyright © Alicia Weber

I have been a fitness trainer, nutritionist, aquatic therapist, and elite athlete for 15+ years and I found I was being asked the same types of questions over and over and many clients had the same concerns. Through my personal experiences, research, and education, I can give you the answers to these questions in a fun, simple way.  I make nutrition, health, and phyiscal fitness simple and I provide key exercises, stretches, and advice. This book also provides a 52-week training log with advice and motivational quotes for every week! 

Would you be interested in learning how to lose 7-10 lbs easily in 14 days, just by eating normal foods?
This is a regular achievement for someone in my programs and you will meet one client that did just that and more!  This is found in Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness!

Do you want to learn the 5 areas of physical fitness?  Would you be interested in learning some easy physical fitness tests to test for your 5 areas and discover your strengths and weaknesses?  From child to senior learn the moves and see what you can expect from the 5 areas of physical fitness in these simple tests found in this book.

Do you have sciatic pains, back problems, piriformis syndrome, plantar fasciitis, Charley Horses, chronic pains, or injuries that you are looking for a healing solution?
Learn the “Weber Ways to Wellness” in this book!

Are you a recreational or elite athlete looking for an edge or a diabetic looking to become a better eater, or someone looking for ways to stay tight and trim? 
This physical fitness book is for anyone looking to stay fit!

Click here to Make a commitment to a NEW YOU today with the ebook “Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness” at

Now, hear it from the customers that purchased “Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness” :

“I honestly can’t imagine life without Alicia.  I look forward to seeing her weekly. I have so many things I still want to learn & accomplish, but I have many goals that I’ve already conquered thanks to World Record Weber pushing me every step of the way!  Alicia’s “Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness” book helps hold myself accountable and I can easily track progress. It is a terrific complement to her training program.”
-Jenni, Runner-up in Alicia’s 2009 Fitness Challenge and 3rd place in 2010 “Lungfish Challenge”

“WORLD RECORD WEBER’S book, Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness, is unlike anything I have ever seen!  Alicia describes the 5 areas of physical fitness, shows how to do the exercises properly, and explains the tests that measure your level of fitness.  She even provides a 52-week log section to record your results. FABULOUS!  Since I am prone to back aches, I learned which exercises I should do.” – Claudia, Senior Citizen trying to stay fit!

“While many forms of exercise are all good (biking, hiking, swimming, running) they are based on repetitive movement. Numerous muscles are used very little or not at all.  Alicia’s book has a program that will indentify under-used muscles and muscle tightness (decreased flexibility).  This program increases flexibility and muscle balance, which is a well-known injury preventer.”
– James, long distance hiker (had partial tear in quadricep, now healed)

“With Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness, Alicia instills the power of commitment when you make a pledge for a ‘new you’ .  Having this book by my side, I know what stretches to do when I get stiff and how to prevent injuries.  I know my progress as I fill out the 52-week  training log. I learn how much water I should be drinking during exercise and throughout the day.  I learn key healing foods and most of all, I learned things I never knew before.  This is a book I keep re-reading and I can certainly say it has helped take me to another new level in athletics!   Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness is a REAL WINNER!”
-Chris, Recreational Athlete turned Elite Athlete

Female Strength Feats and Comedy Shows with Strength and Endurance World Record Holder – Alicia Weber

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Alicia celebrates her 7 characters that she role played through the years with her 22-minute “7 Character Comedy Show” found exclusively at

Here is a preview of the 7 Character Comedy Show

Alicia’s personality and performances have been described in many words and viewers of her Live shows described her shows as something that would be talked about for days to come.

Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show is a collage of acts as she performs 7 different roles (male, female, and animal roles).  She takes the most hilarious moments of her “character comedy career” while at the University of Florida where she performed for athletic teams and Collegiate Triathlon National Championships and turns it into a 22-minute comedy strength feat show called “Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show” found here.

Here are testimonies from those that watched her perform as the 7 characters:

“It’s a one woman variety show all performed by Alicia Weber.  She plays all 7 roles and has different voices and strength feats for each character.  It’s hard to imagine coming up with the idea of doing these things, let alone doing them!  I like all the characters the same – they are all very exciting to watch!”  -Strength Fan and Avid Hiker of Las Vegas Hiking and Outdoors Meetup Group

“Seeing Alicia perform Live as her characters during Collegiate National Triathlon Championships and at Trigator functions was a highlight during my college years as a Trigator!  Alicia is wild and funny and creates a rumpus!  I love Catalina, the coaches wife best along with Coach Johnny Deltoid.” -University of Florida Alumni and Trigator

“Alicia is one in a million and her strength feat 7 character comedy show demonstrates how unique she can be.  I have watched Alicia perform many times and she keeps me in stitches and in awe with her creativity.  Her performances are heartfelt and hilarious and she can inspire, educate, motivate, and entertain –“Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show” is a MUST SEE!
-University of Florida Alumni and Trigator

Click here for “Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show”