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By: Alicia Weber

Setting new year resolutions in fitness is very important and motivating. By the fifth day of the new year, I already set my third Recordsetter world record for 2014. Everybody big or small should have goals whether it be beginning an exercise program or taking on elite challenges. After all, only you can take charge of your health.

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Amazing Female Feats of Strength Videos with Alicia Weber

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You have come to the RIGHT place for info on the exclusive world record shows with the Premiere Woman in Strength, Speed, and Endurance…

Alicia Weber 50 + Time World Record Holder

Exclusive Female Feats of Strength Videos at

Continue Below for….World Record Weber Show Previews

Ultimate Female Feats of Strength


Feats of Strength Compilation


Muscle Woman vs Man Strength Challenges


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Book Recommendations By Men for Men’s Health and Physical Fitness

One competitive male athlete says, “The proof is is in the pudding for Alicia Weber’s 52 Week Log Book and Inspiring Exercise and Nutrition Guide Book called Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness.  Alicia Weber is a 50 x world record holder in over 30 categories of strenuous exercise events and she competes on an elite level in 15 sports.  Who wouldn’t want advice from someone so experienced that has achieved so much?  She definitely helps me win in my sports!  I definitely recommend her book
Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness.”

Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness
Available in the Kindle Store as an ebook on
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Continue Reading Below For Book Reviews by Men!

“Alicia Weber’s new fitness book, Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness is as comprehensive as her personal list of world records in strength and fitness. Starting with the simple idea that you have to know where you have come from, know where you are, and know where you want to go, she draws on her years of experience and training to show the reader how to test your initial levels of fitness, log and measure your progress, properly nourish the body, and set reasonable goals to achieve those levels, whether modest or competitive.

While most won’t seek the levels Alicia has achieved, she shows by example, what the body is capable of if properly and consistently trained and nourished by a proper diet.

I don’t believe anyone will be disappointed in the book, its advice, or the results that advice can accomplish if one is motivated and willing to work at improving themselves.

She won’t do the work for you, but she will save you a lot of time, effort, and possible injury, from doing wrong or ineffective things.

What is certain is that anyone who reads and follows the book’s advice will be fitter, healthier, and stronger in the future.” – John, Fitness Enthusiast

There’s an old saying that “The Proof is in the Pudding” in this case ‘the pudding’ is 50 world records and “The Chef” is Alicia Weber.

You simply can’t argue with The Know How That Leads to THAT KIND OF SUCCESS!

Of course Alicia’s book , Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness
will get you winning and to the next level!

P.S. She has a delightful sense of humor that helps dull muscle pain.” -Ron, Retired Police and SWAT Team member and current competitive athlete

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Winning Physical Fitness & Fat Loss Ebook and Workout Video

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Don’t wait around – GRAB  “Your Winning Physical Fitness and Fat Loss Solution” and keep off another pound!

Learn the proven methods that World Record Setting Elite Athlete and Fitness Expert, Alicia Weber uses on herself and her clients of over 12 years to WIN in Health & Fitness!!  Alicia Weber has a fat loss and physical fitness solution and it can be yours for ONLY $9.95!

Alicia Weber’s Nutrition & Workout Plan + Log Book + Workout Videos = NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR

ONLY $9.95 What have you got to lose?  If you are looking for serious results, you have come to the right place.

You will receive 4 digital downloads that include a 93 page fitness/nutrition book, 2 workout videos, and a follow along workout sheet. Links will be emailed within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Alicia Weber’s Health and Fitness Workout Plans, Log Book, and Nutrition Advice = Winning Physical Fitness!

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CLERMONT, FLORIDA-October, 6, 2010, marks the 5th day of the Inaugural 14 Day Fat Flush Fitness Rush where Jenni shows success can happen!  Jenni lost 6 lbs by her fifth day and she is on a record-setting weight loss roll!!

Here she takes a break from her effective and exciting beach workouts to star in a commercial for Alicia Weber’s new physical fitness book, “Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness.”

Jenni has this book and keeps re-reading it.  This is a book she keeps reviewing as she logs her eating habits and workout results. Jenni finds solutions to her health questions in this book.  For instance, when she was sore she learned the right stretch to rid her pain.    The book is full of advice and motivation from Alicia Weber where she shares personal experiences from her athletic wins and she reveals health information to make you the best you can be! 

Jenni exclaims,”Alicia Weber is the epitome of creative fitness and ‘Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness’ proves why.”

Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness is for anybody looking to stay fit!

Watch the Preview of Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness Below:


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Female Strength Feats and Comedy Shows with Strength and Endurance World Record Holder – Alicia Weber

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Alicia celebrates her 7 characters that she role played through the years with her 22-minute “7 Character Comedy Show” found exclusively at

Here is a preview of the 7 Character Comedy Show

Alicia’s personality and performances have been described in many words and viewers of her Live shows described her shows as something that would be talked about for days to come.

Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show is a collage of acts as she performs 7 different roles (male, female, and animal roles).  She takes the most hilarious moments of her “character comedy career” while at the University of Florida where she performed for athletic teams and Collegiate Triathlon National Championships and turns it into a 22-minute comedy strength feat show called “Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show” found here.

Here are testimonies from those that watched her perform as the 7 characters:

“It’s a one woman variety show all performed by Alicia Weber.  She plays all 7 roles and has different voices and strength feats for each character.  It’s hard to imagine coming up with the idea of doing these things, let alone doing them!  I like all the characters the same – they are all very exciting to watch!”  -Strength Fan and Avid Hiker of Las Vegas Hiking and Outdoors Meetup Group

“Seeing Alicia perform Live as her characters during Collegiate National Triathlon Championships and at Trigator functions was a highlight during my college years as a Trigator!  Alicia is wild and funny and creates a rumpus!  I love Catalina, the coaches wife best along with Coach Johnny Deltoid.” -University of Florida Alumni and Trigator

“Alicia is one in a million and her strength feat 7 character comedy show demonstrates how unique she can be.  I have watched Alicia perform many times and she keeps me in stitches and in awe with her creativity.  Her performances are heartfelt and hilarious and she can inspire, educate, motivate, and entertain –“Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show” is a MUST SEE!
-University of Florida Alumni and Trigator

Click here for “Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show”

Alicia Weber’s Extreme Strength Feats and Comedy Shows NOW Playing at

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Alicia Weber combines her athletic and strength talents with her entertainment /comedy abilities to create “fitness comedy” at  .  Not only has she been an elite athlete for 15 years with 30 world records, but she has been an entertainer.  It was very common for Alicia to compete as an athlete in the AM and then perform into the wee hours of the night as one (or sometimes up to 3) of her characters at National Championships like the Collegiate Triathlon National Championship.

She has created and performed as 9 different characters (male, female, and animal roles).  One of her popular characters with athletes has been Coach Johnny Deltoid – the obsessed, eccentric, and old track coach.  He stars in her newly released show “World Record Weber Challenges Coach Deltoid in AM Strength Workout.”

Alicia “World Record” Weber will be performing maximum strength feats, extremely difficult and rare strength exercises all while challenging her coach to consider strength training over running for once.  After all, Coach Deltoid has been around the track far too many times and he needs to change things up.  The coach shows resistance in this 10-minute show and he tries to hold World Record Weber back from the Ultimate – 1 Arm 1 Finger (and thumb) Pushup.

Will she meet her Ultimate Goal??  Well, of course, but she goes through some obstacles to break away from the obsessed track coach.  The real question is…Will she get Coach Deltoid to love strength training?

Words can’t describe Coach Johnny Deltoid as well as video.  So you can view the following videos below to get a taste of Coach Deltoid’s dramatic personality and you will get a preview of the new show “World Record Weber Challenges Coach Deltoid to AM Strength Workout”.

Funny Track Coach Juggles and Talks Track on Medicine Balls!

World Record Weber vs Coach Deltoid in Speed Punching Contest with 230 lbs bag!

World Record Weber does 2 Finger Calisthenics (pullups, dips, & pushups)  Will her coach??

Click here for “World Record Weber Challenges Coach Deltoid in AM Strength Workout” – start cackling and get inspired and energized in this 10-minute show!


Amazing Female Strength Feats, Mixed Arm Wrestling, & Bicep Flexing found @

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Are you a fan of female strength feats and bicep flexing?  If so, then you definitely need to visit There are over 45 natural female strength athletes that demonstrate amazing feats of strength and they talk to fans in Live Chats!  These female strength athletes have a variety of videos available covering everything from flexing to mixed arm wrestling to weightlifting, gymnastics, and calisthenics strength feats and everything in between!  If you would like to see phenomenal feats of strength by beautiful, feminine, natural female strength athletes, then is the place to visit regularly as new Shows and Live Chats are constantly taking place!

Let me introduce you to 3 of the natural female strength athletes on

Aussie Amanda would workout in the Outback and wrestle the Tasmanian Devil before she was promoted to Videoteasing.  She is from Perth, Australia, and like many Australians she had a pet kangaroo.  It was more than a pet though!  It was her sparring partner and yes, they would get in the ring for boxing matches!!  Nowadays, Aussie Amanda does circus acts with balance, strength feats on rings, lift and carry feats, and extreme exercises with dips, pull-ups, ab endurance, and the hardest types of pushups!  Below is a preview.  Visit Aussie Amanda directly at

Catalina Calisthenics was a runner turned thrower on the track team and she has strength feats that will throw you!  Catalina is a lithe, limber, Southern Belle that is very sweet, but in competitive mode – LOOK OUT!  She performed a strength show in Las Vegas, NV, and didn’t want to leave Las Vegas or her hotel room!  She loved it so much!  She decided to arm wrestle the next guest for the hotel room (you can see part of that arm wrestling match below).  She is most known for her exciting arm wrestling and bicep flexing!  Visit Catalina directly at

World Record Weber holds over 25 Official World Records in Strength and Endurance.  She is ABSolutely W-I-L-D about exercise!  She covers all corners in the strength and endurance department with world records in all 5 areas of physical fitness (i.e. ab strength/endurance, cardiovascular strength/endurance, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility, and balance).  She performs live strength and endurance shows upon invitation.  She performs strength feats at destination places and one of her most popular is at Lake Tahoe, NV, where she takes on a former Lumberjack Champ in an arm wrestling match!  It is definitely not your normal arm wrestling match as shown in the preview below.  Visit World Record Weber directly at