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Alicia Weber Takes 113th Career Victory on Clermont Clay Trail

By Weber Way to Wellness Reperter

Alicia's 113th victory came on a Clay Trail!
Alicia’s 113th victory came on a Clay Trail!
CLERMONT, FL—-On November 20, 2016, Alicia Weber, an advocate for soft surface running, dreamed of achieving her 113th victory in the Clermont Clay Trail 5k and her dream came true. On a sunny, 50 degree morning, Weber faced 241 great competitors who shared the same mindset of “soft surface running is the way to go” and she finished as the first woman on the hilly, sandy, bumpy course on Schofield Road on the Clermont Clay Trail (and 4th overall) in 21:50.

It was an out and back 1.55 mile course (10:46 out and 11:04 back for 21:50). She was shooting for low 10’s at the half-way mark, but with the many bumps and thick sand, she knew it would take longer. The challenging terrain and extra strength and balance required draws Alicia to events on sand, dirt, and off-terrain. The races do not focus so much on the time, but rather the fitness required to go as fast possible on the courses. The thicker the sand, the longer the ground contact time, and the double the effort for a workout = greater the challenge and more health benefits. Due to the soft surface, your legs feel really great when you are done. Soft surface running is the healthy choice for running, which brings you closer to nature.

The Clermont Clay Trail Race drew a total of 658 competitors (242 in the 5k and 416 in the 15k). This is tremendous participation, which is greater than in many road races. Many other runners agree that soft surface running is the way to go for longevity as a runner and athlete. The races bring awareness to clay trails and raise funds to restore and build more clay trails in the area.

Alicia’s 113th Victory on Clermont Clay Trail

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is Alicia’s 11th competition for 2016 and her final race of the season. She competed in 4 sports. She competed in one world championship (23rd in world), two world qualifiers (both first place), one national championship (2nd place), regional championships (1st and 2nd place), and four local Florida events. She competed in cross country running, beach running, paddle boarding, and indoor rowing this year. She also took up learning the new sport of footgolf, but she has not competed yet.


Making Fitness Progress

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Progress is progress no matter how big or small. Alicia Weber is all about setting goals and progressing. We will get to take a look at some of Alicia’s select Recordsetter World Records and review the progress she has made so far. The records may cover any of the following 5 areas of physical fitness: 1. Flexibility, 2. Balance/coordination/stability, 3. Cardio strength/endurance, 4. Muscular strength/endurance, and 5. core strength/endurance.

1. The 400 Rep Aerobic Capacity Wellness Challenge was developed by Alicia after studying and testing athletes to determine which aerobic-strength exercises were the most challenging, but also showed to improve one’s fitness the fastest. Out of the 580 world records, Alicia has set so far (as of 3/19/15) this record has held her highest heart rate the longest. This record covers all the five areas of physical fitness.

Progressions for the 400 Rep Aerobic Capacity Wellness Challenge

2. One Arm Hindu Basketball Pushups for consecutive reps is a very challenging record category, which requires one arm strength, balance, stability, and coordination. It took Alicia nearly 22 minutes to do the 111 consecutive slow reps, which was also a test in muscular endurance. Alicia re-set this record for the third time, but made a gigantic leap of progress from holding the record at 30 reps and jumping to 111 reps!!

Progressions for the One Arm Hindu Basketball Pushups

3. 100M Plyometric Alligator Pushup record for fastest time was ranked Alicia’s #1 Most intense record she set in the year 2012 (where she set 188 fitness records that year). One year later, Alicia re-set the record dropping more than 3 minutes off her time and she did not consider this record nearly as challenging the second time around as she did when she first set it – that is progress! This record tests cardio and muscular strength/endurance.

100m Plyometric Alligator Pushups Progressions

4. The 500m Dash Indoor row is an all out test in muscular and cardio strength. Alicia has competed in the Indoor Rowing World Qualifying Event for 4 years earning two silver medals and one bronze thus far. You can watch as she keeps getting faster and faster although progress is in smaller increments as in seconds and points of a second. Her fastest thus far was in 2014 where she did 1:46.3 (which was the 18th fastest time in the world in 2014 for lightweight women).

500m Indoor Row Progressions

5. The One Leg 500m Dash Indoor Row is similar to the standard 500m dash event except more challenging. This event tests cardio and muscular strength as well as balance/stability/coordination, and flexibility. There is much more conditioning required in the area of balance/stability and flexibility to execute a fast time in such a rare event. Alicia made incredible progress when she dropped 3 seconds in just 2 days to set and re-set the record! You can see the difference in the level of difficulty when comparing it to the above standard 500m indoor row. Her best so far is 2:06.8

One Leg 500m Indoor Row Progressions


Abdominal Strength Challenges

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

World Record Weber has been busy setting and re-setting abdominal exercises at Recordsetter. Below is a look at some tough ab exercises for overall strength and endurance training.

Back on October 7, 2014, Weber re-set the “concrete one arm planked world record” with a new time just under 10 minutes. This exercise not only tests core strength, but one arm muscle stabilizers. It is good to train one side and then repeat on the other side.

Next, on October 12, 2014, Weber re-set the “strict form spiderman cadence test” record with her new mark of 11 minutes. The goal of this test is to complete ten repetitions of a 6 count exercise each minute until failure. It is a new and improved type of alternative pushup cadence test, which tests flexibility and small and large muscle groups.

Finally, on October 20, 2014, Weber tested her latest ab exercise “sprinter’s situp” as she went for the first ever world record at Recordsetter. It is a consecutive ab exercise similar to a knee tuck as it tests balance and ab strength. Each rep of the exercise must be performed in 3 seconds or less. Legs and arms are not allowed to touch ground. Low back must touch ground and come up perpendicular at apex as opposite bent arm goes toward opposite bent knee.


Comprehensive Cutting-Edge Weber Way to Wellness Program

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The best way to get healthy and stay healthy is by taking charge of your health. Now, a new and improved wellness program is available in Central Florida. Weber takes her education, over 15 years of work experience, and her athletics and formulates an affordable program. In addition, she takes her 16 sports she has competed on the elite level and over 350 strength and endurance world records and she designed a specialty sports program for all ages and ability levels. Discounted personal training, massage therapy and over 20 specialty programs are available at 15 percent off the regular price.There is no membership fee and no contract!!

Take Charge of YOUR Health. Enroll today.

This comprehensive wellness program includes specialty programs in sports nutrition, multi-sport coaching, private swim lessons, paddle board, archery, and MORE!!

Alicia, an elite SUP Racer set her first paddle board speed world record on November 24, 2013. She offers paddle board fitness training (with board rentals available) at Clermont Waterfront Park in Lake Minneola.

Watch her set her first paddle board speed record on the 1k course on Lake Minneola, Florida.

Contact Alicia for questions and enrollment in the Weber Way to Wellness Program at

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.

Endurance “Eggsercise” Fitness Challenges with Alicia Weber

By: Alicia Weber

I was first inspired by Darryl Learie in 2011 to take up “Eggsercise”. The year 2012 was my time to really get into eggsercise for the benefits of adding more balance, coordination, and muscular control in with standard exercises. I particularly enjoy mixing eggsercise challenges in with my arm exercises to make them a lot harder and more challenging for me. In 2012 I debuted at Recordsetter with a variety of Eggsercise World Records and I share some of those world record videos with you here!

1. Most Consecutive Egg on Spoon In Mouth Pull Ups in One Minute

This record was probably one of my most popular records set in 2012 as it earned Record of the Day AND I took 4th place in the Record of the Month Challenge in May 2012 for the quest of the most popular record set with Recordsetter. I first set the record in May 2012 and then re-set it in December 2012 as you can see below:

2. Most Consecutive 4 Finger Egg on Spoon In Mouth Pull Ups in One Minute

This record was first set in May 2012 and it received Record of the Day at Recordsetter, but didn’t receive quite the height of acclaim as the standard pull up with the egg on the spoon in the mouth.

3. Most Consecutive Egg On Spoon in Mouth L Pull Ups in One Minute

This record was set shortly after the egg on spoon in mouth pull up records became popular at Recordsetter in May 2012. I opened this category at Recordsetter and set this record in June 2012.

4. Longest Time to Hold Egg on Spoon In Mouth While Maintaining L Isometric 90 degree Hold

5. Longest Time to Perform One Arm Half-Way Chin with Egg on Spoon In Mouth

6. Most Consecutive Ring Dips holding 40% of One’s Bodyweight Between Feet, while Balancing Egg On Spoon In Mouth

7. Most Consecutive One Arm Pushups Balancing 10lbs Medicing Ball on Back with Egg on Spoon In Mouth

This record was my first stand alone eggsercise record set with Recordsetter in February 2012 and this record earned a lot of acclaim, Record of the Day, and Editors Pick with Recordsetter. This one record caused me to train and set many more eggsercises throughout 2012!

I have to put out an Eggcellent effort for all these records where I set a total of 10 Eggsercise Recordsetter World Records in the year 2012. I hope you enjoyed a taste of this “eggsercise”. Have an eggstatic time eggsercising!!


Alicia Weber demolishes Bullet Proof Ab Exercise Records!

By: Alicia Weber

My clients call the knee tuck the toughest ab exercise and there is good reason to call it that – it works balance and it is a total core training exercise PLUS go for endurance and one will find it tests leg strength (psoas major m., hip flexors, and quadriceps). Keep working at it and churn your way to more than 6 pack abs, but bullet proof abs!!

My clients keep improving their knee tucks as my one 60 year old female client set an all time best of 60 consecutive knee tucks the day after I demolished two knee tuck world records.

The knee tuck exercise is a competitive exercise category at RecordSetter World Records and I attempted to break 2 knee tuck world records in the same day. I began with the 5lbs Ankle Weighted Knee Tuck Record (with 5lbs Ankle Weights on both ankles). I had to go over 103 consecutive reps to break the current world record. I went thru several rounds to get into the rhythm as no pauses are allowed, so balance and control are very important. After 4 attempts, I finally broke the world record with 120 consecutive…One down and another to go!!

One and a half hours later, I returned to attempt to break the bodyweight only consecutive knee tuck record, which is 310 reps. I kept going, and going, and finally my foot touched the ground and the attempt had to end at 311 reps. Unsatisfied with only being 1 rep over the record, I regrouped and returned 2 hours later with a more focused frame of mind for an exercise that requires great concentration and control…the RESULT: 402 consecutive reps – demolishing the former record!!

Below are the back-to-back Knee Tuck RecordSetter Record Videos. The weighted Record first followed by the Bodyweight only. Keep watching – at the end there’s 2 minutes of Flexing!! Enjoy!!

*Looking for a trainer to get you 6 pack abs in Central Florida? If so, Alicia can get your abs in top shape and she can be reached at


One Arm Endurance Exercises

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

When most people hear “one arm exercise” the first things that come to mind are usually one arm pushups or one arm chinups/pullups. Well, did you know there is an one-arm plank and one-armed leaping mountain climber? These are extreme endurance exercises that test and strengthen abdominals and hip flexor muscle groups, but also work the neuromuscular system and with the one-armed leaping mountain climber one also tests plyometrics, leg strengthening, and bone building! Quite a lot packed into two unique one arm exercises!!

Alicia Weber holds world records in both of these exercises: The Ultimate Isometric One Arm Plank on Concrete with Feet Held Less Than 2 Feet Apart AND Most One-Armed Leaping Mountain Climbers in 5 Minutes.

Watch Alicia set World Record for One-Armed Plank on Concrete (6 minutes and 36 seconds)

Watch Alicia set World Record for 5 Minutes of One-Armed Leaping Mountain Climbers (130 reps)

Weber Celebrates Thanksgving in “Turkey Trot and Hop”

By:  Coach Johnny Deltoid a copyrighted character of Alicia Weber

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Thanksgiving 2010, LAS VEGAS, NV—I eat, sleep, and talk Track and Field!  So my ideal Thanksgiving would be having the opportunity to run with a pack of Turkeys.  Running is always in the picture with me-Track Coach, Johnny Deltoid.  However, I am out in the desert in Las Vegas and there are no turkeys in sight!

I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by hosting an event called “Turkey Trot and Hop” to satisfy my running desires.  Participants first run 200m all out on a grass course that ends on a hill.  Then, they take a 200m recovery jog.  Immediately after that they hop 200m on the same course.  They do the first 100m hop on their Left Leg and then the 2nd 100m on their Right Leg.  They then can compare times from their one-leg hopping abilities to two-leg sprint abilities.  It is an exciting evaluation in fast-twitch muscle fibers, biomechanics, and muscle stabilizers (since they will be used on the uneven grass surface, unlike on a track).  PLUS it is an “attracktive” way to spend Thanksgiving.

Alicia Weber, an Orlando, FL, personal trainer, world record holder, and champion runner gobbled up this event!

Watch Weber’s winning 200m run and 200m hop in the “Turkey Trot and Hop”

This is a good way to test the strength of your legs.  Happy Trails to you!

–          Full Results     –
Name                                      200m run         200m 1-leg hop
World Record Weber          29 secs                  1:01
Aussie Amanda Hug            30 secs                  1:03
Catalina Calisthenics            32 secs                 1:10
Catalina Cathouse                 32 secs                  1:12
Debbie Defense                    35 secs                  1:15
Johnny Deltoid                       40 secs                  1:22
Madalina Seg                          60 secs                  2:10

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By:  Alicia “World Record” Weber

My nickname is “World Record Weber” and my goal after achieving 30 world records covering all 5 areas of physical fitness was to write my book and publish it – I did just that with Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness!! 

Copyright © Alicia Weber

I have been a fitness trainer, nutritionist, aquatic therapist, and elite athlete for 15+ years and I found I was being asked the same types of questions over and over and many clients had the same concerns. Through my personal experiences, research, and education, I can give you the answers to these questions in a fun, simple way.  I make nutrition, health, and phyiscal fitness simple and I provide key exercises, stretches, and advice. This book also provides a 52-week training log with advice and motivational quotes for every week! 

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Do you want to learn the 5 areas of physical fitness?  Would you be interested in learning some easy physical fitness tests to test for your 5 areas and discover your strengths and weaknesses?  From child to senior learn the moves and see what you can expect from the 5 areas of physical fitness in these simple tests found in this book.

Do you have sciatic pains, back problems, piriformis syndrome, plantar fasciitis, Charley Horses, chronic pains, or injuries that you are looking for a healing solution?
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“I honestly can’t imagine life without Alicia.  I look forward to seeing her weekly. I have so many things I still want to learn & accomplish, but I have many goals that I’ve already conquered thanks to World Record Weber pushing me every step of the way!  Alicia’s “Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness” book helps hold myself accountable and I can easily track progress. It is a terrific complement to her training program.”
-Jenni, Runner-up in Alicia’s 2009 Fitness Challenge and 3rd place in 2010 “Lungfish Challenge”

“WORLD RECORD WEBER’S book, Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness, is unlike anything I have ever seen!  Alicia describes the 5 areas of physical fitness, shows how to do the exercises properly, and explains the tests that measure your level of fitness.  She even provides a 52-week log section to record your results. FABULOUS!  Since I am prone to back aches, I learned which exercises I should do.” – Claudia, Senior Citizen trying to stay fit!

“While many forms of exercise are all good (biking, hiking, swimming, running) they are based on repetitive movement. Numerous muscles are used very little or not at all.  Alicia’s book has a program that will indentify under-used muscles and muscle tightness (decreased flexibility).  This program increases flexibility and muscle balance, which is a well-known injury preventer.”
– James, long distance hiker (had partial tear in quadricep, now healed)

“With Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness, Alicia instills the power of commitment when you make a pledge for a ‘new you’ .  Having this book by my side, I know what stretches to do when I get stiff and how to prevent injuries.  I know my progress as I fill out the 52-week  training log. I learn how much water I should be drinking during exercise and throughout the day.  I learn key healing foods and most of all, I learned things I never knew before.  This is a book I keep re-reading and I can certainly say it has helped take me to another new level in athletics!   Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness is a REAL WINNER!”
-Chris, Recreational Athlete turned Elite Athlete

Lake County Florida Fitness Trainer, All-Around Athlete, & World Record Holder – Alicia Weber has Unique Programs FOR ALL!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Alicia Weber’s claim to fame might be her 30+ World Records in Strength and Endurance and her 60 victories among 10-sports, but her business is helping people in all areas of health, nutrition, and physical fitness and taking them to a whole new level!

She takes her 15+ years of serious athletic experiences and education and creates unique programs.  She has a popular personal training program that is geared for a busy person that does not want to spend hours working out and watching everything they eat.  Alicia says,”Thrity minutes a week commitment is the minimum needed to see results.”

For those in a rush, Alicia has a 2-week “Fat Flush Fitness Rush” program that has been successful and fun, but intense.  Jenni Satterfield participates in both programs with her husband Clyde.  Jenni says this about personal training with Alicia, “Alicia is an incredible trainer that believes in you, even when YOU don’t believe in yourself. She’s by your side doing the exercises with you during your session. She’s creative and thorough with her training. You’ll rarely do the same exercise twice, so there’s no chance you’ll get bored with your personal sessions. She has YOUR best interest in mind, carefully choosing exercises to focus on your needs & working on the goals that you’ve set for yourself.”

Jenni adds, “I took a session of “Fat Flush Fitness Rush” and Alicia pushed us to the next level. She won’t let you give up because she’s constantly encouraging you & she does the same exercises with you! I can now understand how just 14 days in the “Fat Flush Fitness Rush” program will give you positive results!”

Click here for “Fat Flush Fitness Rush” Schedule

Alicia has a sport nutrition program for all types of athletes.  One athlete is featured and he found Alicia’s guidance to be crucial in getting him to the next level in elite triathlon and running.  Alicia also has nutrition programs for non-athletes and she hosts regular fitness challenges to keep people focused on goals.

Clyde  Satterfield won a recent 4-week “Lungfish Challenge” that consisted primarily of tough water workouts.  Clyde says,  “I was very skeptical of Alicia’s water workouts. I didn’t expect to get much out of them at all. I’m a guy & I like to be in the gym! Well, she proved me wrong. I was impressed with Alicia’s workouts & the results they produced. It’s a nice change of pace from the gym. I highly recommend her aquatic training and Lungfish Challenge.  She makes them fun, but even more challenging.”

Also in the “Lungfish Challenge” the 4th place finisher was also on Alicia’s nutrition program and she took off a record 3 inches off her waist in 4-weeks!

Alicia’s programs cover all areas from aquatic therapy rehab to high intensity sport performance training.  She has worked with people ages 4-97 yrs old.  Here is a short list of some programs available in Lake County Florida (outside of the ones listed above):  water aerobics, dance classes, aquatic therapy, martial arts conditioning, programs to get military and cops in shape to pass the fitness tests, balance and coordination training, programs for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and diabetes, “Weight Loss by Water” program for obesity, running and triathlon coaching, and programs for better golf.
Alicia has ongoing programs in Lake County Florida and she can be reached   at  or on Facebook.


Photo By Adam Gardner

*Alicia is a degreed and certified fitness trainer and nutritionist.  She has degrees in Communication and Biology and she was in a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program.  She is a University of Florida grad where she ran for U.F.  and  was  a letter winner in track and field and cross country.

Alicia works with athletes in ALL SPORTS in sport specific-injury prevention programs. 

Below is a list of her career highlights ( just from 2007-2010) in Alicia’s 10-sports.  Key =  * by listing means Championship Event

Physical Fitness Challenges:
May 27, 2010 – Alicia sets 5 Maximum Strength World Records within 45 Minutes!
Feb 6 – March 9, 2010 – Alicia Sets 11 World Records and 2 Rare Strength Feats in 33 Days!

* Jan 31, 2010  Southern Sprints Indoor Rowing Championship and World Qualifier
Open Ltwt Women 500 m 1:49.5  2nd Place   Open Ltwt women 2k 8:21.9 5th place
*  Dec 6, 2009 Xterra Half-Marathon Mountain Run World Championship
(considered world’s toughest half-marathon) 40th Woman in the World
*Nov 22, 2009 Lithia Trail Half-Marathon Championship (largest trail run in Southeast)  1:40.25  3rd place
Nov 8, 2009 Stand Up Paddle Boarding Poker Run  2nd Fastest Female
Sept 19, 2009 University Park 4-mile Cross Country 27:26  2nd place
July 14, 2009 Morton Plant Mease Triathlon (largest sprint tri in Southeast)  1:16.22  11th place Elite Female
* June 14, 2009 Master’s Open Water Swimming 1-mile National Championship 14th overall
* June 13, 2009 Florida State Games Sprint Kayak Championship 500m 3:32 1st place, 200m 1:26 2nd place
*April 2008 ITU Triathlon National Championship for Under 30 Elites
                           (2012 Talent ID Invitational) 9th place
*Nov  18, 2007  Lithia Trail Half-Marathon Championship (largest trail run in Southeast)  1:38.56  2nd place
Oct 21, 2007 UCF U Can Finish 5-mile  road race 33:08 10th place
August 19, 2007 Celebration of Running 3 mile road race  19:22 10th place
* August 18, 2007 1 mile Open Water Swim Publix Family Fitness Championship Series  20:27  10th place
* June 10, 2007 Florida State Games Sprint Kayak Championship 500m 3:40 1st place, 200m 1:36 2nd place
March 17, 2007 Ft. Desoto Park International Distance Classic Duathlon 10k run, Bike 23 mi, Run 5k  1st place