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A Visit to Oahu, HI, with the Clan and Pearl Harbor Day 2015

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The Clan visited Oahu, HI, at the end of November and early December 2015 as they were greeted by several beautiful rainbows that residents see on a regular basis. The weather was in the 80s with sun and light occasional mists throughout all the days. World Record Weber was in heaven with all the athletics she pursued on the island as she had a wonderful time cackling with clan members Moose Turbo, Audrey Athletica, Dr. K, and others.

Here are Hilarious Highlights of The Clan’s Action-Packed Visit to Oahu, HI

On the last day, the Clan ended their memorable trip with a visit to Pearl Harbor and met one of the few remaining Pearl Harbor Survivors, Delton E. Walling, CSM, USN, USS Pennsylvania.

Weber Remembers Pearl Harbor Day on December 7, 2015

Seventy-four years ago US President Franklin Roosevelt declared that December 7, 1941, is a date that “will live in infamy.”

One of the few remaining Pearl Harbor survivors, Delton E. Walling, certainly agreed as every time he comes to the site of Pearl Harbor the same emotions overtake him. The 94 and a half year old Walling is on the few survivors as all of them are well into their 90s or older now. He attended the 74th Anniversary in Pearl Harbor.

These days Walling is a celebrity in Oahu, HI, where he is paraded around, visited daily by tourists, and celebrated at local schools as he tells the Pearl Harbor story and teaches perseverance in his remaining days, which are numbered.

“I have a one way ticket to Pearl Harbor. I’m dying of bone cancer and I will be buried with my crew at the USS Arizona,” stated the emotional and patriotic Walling.

Walling and remaining survivors feel strongly that the heavy losses of the attack 74 years ago must be instilled in the American’s consciousness that the world is a dangerous place where we need to be ready 24/7/365.

George Washington always said, “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”


December 7, 1941, the US was attacked by the Japanese for 110 minutes. Twenty one vessels including 8 frontline battleships sunk or were damaged, 170 planes were destroyed, over 2,400 soldiers died, and 1,200 were wounded. There were 60,000 survivors. There is uncertainty as to the exact number of survivors still alive today.

Walling had a calling to be in the Navy. At 19 years of age he hitchhiked 190 miles to Detroit to join the Navy. He had a stiff middle finger from boxing and he was declared 4F (not fit for service). So he cut his finger off, so he could be qualified to join the Navy.

He was in the communication force on the day of the attack at 180 feet in the air on a signal tower. He was in an observation deck surrounded by a steel rail and a six foot cabin in the middle as he recalled seeing the entire raid.

“I thought we were ready for anything, but we were not ready,” recalled Walling as he remembered seeing 182 planes fly overhead with the “rising sun” at 7:56am as bombs began dropping left and right.

A Japanese torpedo bomber sank USS Arizona early in the attack taking 1,177 lives out the 1,400 members of crew. This day pushed the US into four years of war. Walling served the entire war aboard a troop transport called USS Fayette APA43 as one of the youngest chiefs in the Navy.

Now, Walling gives speeches every day to kids in schools on Pearl Harbor. Walling hopes he did his part in helping to preserve freedom for the people of the United States.

The Pearl Harbor story is the same story year after year and serves as a reminder of the dedication, sacrifice, service, determination, and most importantly the perseverance of the US Military. It is their “never give up” attitude and iron will that won the war and gave us our freedoms we enjoy today.

“Time waits for no one. Make the most of each day. Fight for what you believe in,” said the dedicated survivor, Walling, who inspires many who visit Pearl Harbor.