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Team Weber and Alicia Weber’s 2012 Gator-Style Thanksgiving

By: Weber Way To Wellness Reporter

LAS VEGAS, NV, November 21-22, 2012 — On the Eve of Thanksgivng, the former Florida Gator Athlete, Alicia Weber, kicked off her Thanksgiving in Gator-Style! Alicia attacked a physical challenge that she was building up for over the past few weeks, but never attempted before. It was the all out consecutive 100m Plyometric Alligator Pushup for fastest time! She must keep her feet together with her legs straight for the entire duration and begin the exercise with a hop then one arm stretching out with other arm in close (like an alligator) and perform a pushup. She must repeat this as necessary until getting over the finish line! She completed 185 of these extreme consecutive pushups covering the 100m in 12:10. Alicia exclaimed, “Out of my 200 Recordsetter Exercise World Records set this year, this ranks as one of the toughest!”

Alicia’s 100m Alligator Plyometric Pushups for Fastest Time on 11/21/12

Team Weber 2012
Here is Team Weber - Alicia Weber, Jim Weber, and Kimberly Weber

The following morning – Thanksgivng morning, Team Weber jumped into the Catch the Gobbler 5k for a fun run to earn their Turkey! Alicia Weber, Kimberly Weber, and Jim Weber chased those turkeys and as a family and they would have tied for 2nd place based on most family members earning awards in their age divisions. Alicia took 2nd place in her division, while Jim took 3rd place in his division. The Gronauer family had 2 earn division awards as well, but no one could catch the Holiday family, which took the Turkey with 8 family members earning awards in their age divisions. It was a fun race for families and friends to kick off Thanksgiving in an exciting 5k race!
Team Weber Winners 2012
Team Weber took home 2 division awards. Alicia Weber and Jim Weber holding their Awards.

Alicia exclaimed, “My sister and dad were just going to do this race and I jumped in to make it a family run. I was still healing from a bad blister from running on a slant for half the run in my Beach Running World Championship, which I won several weeks ago. Although I am still healing my blister, I decided to do this race anyways, but just for fun at a casual pace. This is our first race as a family and it was nice!”


Dental Tips from Dr. Weber

By:  Dr. Weber

1.  Brush teeth daily after meals and before bed (spend at least 2 minutes each brushing).

2.  If you cannot brush after a meal chew xylitol gum.  It will also clean your teeth. You can get Trident sugarless gum value pack with xylitol, minty sweet twist – 18 sticks/pack, 12 ea

3.  Use dental floss daily.

4.  Use tartar control and gingivitus control toothpaste.  I recommend Colgate Total. You can get Colgate Total Multi-Protection Toothpaste, Whitening Gel – 7.8 oz (Pack of 6)

5.  Use mouth rinse like Listerine Total Care. You can get Listerine Total Care 1L Bottle

Do you want to go the extra mile?

6.  Drinking and swishing around 15 drops of  Herba Sway – Herbagreen Tea W/Conc.Polyphen, 2 fl oz liquid
in  glass of water BEFORE brushing your teeth can help prevent cavities also and can help to clean out your system during sleep if taken before bed.  *If you are taking medications, you can consult your doctor before taking Herba Sway Green Tea to make sure it won’t interact negatively with meds.

7.  Remember to meet with your dentist for an annual exam.