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Alicia Weber holds Bullseye Scavenger Hunt and Ultimate 3-D Archery Competition

By Alicia Weber

Kincaid and Indaya are the male and female winners in the Inaugural Bullseye Scavenger Hunt Competition held on July 26, 2015.
Kincaid and Indaya are the male and female winners in the Inaugural Bullseye Scavenger Hunt Competition held on July 26, 2015.
Dedicated archers and well-rounded athletes, Indaya Byer and Kincaid Kobel, were longing for the Inaugural Bullseye Scavenger Hunt competition. They both won with overall most points in Clermont’s first event of its kind on July 26, 2015. It began with a 10 yard archery contest at the Sundance Archery Range. Then, participants and their families drove to Historic Downtown Clermont to meet and conclude the competition with a scavenger hunt during Downtown Clermont Farmer’s Market.

The archers were not allowed to use bows with sighting devices and the highest possible score was 100 points. Byer, 12, was the winning female with her score of 86 points. Kobel, 6, was the winning male with his score of 63 points. They have been training for several months and this was their first archery competition.

“It’s exciting,” said the uber competitive Kobel who has competed in soccer, football, and karate.

“Archery helps Kincaid focus. It is a good sport for him,” said Beth, Kobel’s mom.

“It feels amazing to compete in archery for the first time,” said Byer who has competed in swimming.

“Alicia has been a great teacher. Indaya keeps improving. She has become more focused in school due to the archery and I enjoy that,” said Ingrid, Byer’s mom.

The photographic scavenger hunt was a great opportunity to bring new people to the farmer’s market since all participants have never been there before. The eager participants searched for 11 items along Montrose Street and took pictures of their finds. Byer and Kobel finished at the same time to win.

“The scavenger hunt was athletic because you are in a rush to take pictures and look for the items,” said Byer who averaged finding an item every minute and 47 seconds.

The winners received prizes from Sweets for You and Let’s Tie 1 On. The items in the scavenger hunt peaked interest in the participants to continue shopping at the farmer’s market after the competition ended.

Sweets For You is an outdoor vendor located on the intersection of Montrose and 8th Street. They have lemonade, iced tea, cinnamon roasted nuts, boiled peanuts, and other goodies. Let’s Tie 1 On has a variety of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, straps, and wraps.

“It’s a lot of different choices especially the fresh fruit and vegetables. All the vendors are so nice and some have free tastings. It’s a wonderful summer morning outing to get to know Clermont,” said Ingrid Byer who experienced the farmer’s market for the first time and looks forward to returning.

I was very happy to introduce new people to farmer’s market and see them enjoy the vendors. I want to thank Ron Smart the Executive Director of Downtown Clermont Partnerships, members of CDP, Let’s Tie 1 On, Sweets For You, and all the other vendors for their participation in this creative event.

My next Bullseye Scavenger Hunt will take place Sunday, August 23. Space is limited, but some space is still available. Children and adults are scheduled to compete. I will be offering a special prize to all participants. In addition, vendors will be giving prizes to the top male and female winners. Contact Alicia for info or to sign up for the August 23 Bullseye Scavenger Hunt at

Back on May 20, 2015, my team of archers trained five months to set the world’s first ever 7-archer Ultimate 3-D Relay for fastest time. The 7 athletes completed 6 stations of strict form exercises followed by barebow 3-D archery shooting at a 3-D deer target 10-30 yds away. Their combined archery score took time off their relay race to give a final score of completion in 4:38 for a new Recordsetter World Record.

Watch 7-Archer Ultimate 3-D Relay World Record

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Varsity Archers Set Obstacle Relay World Record

By: Weber Way To Wellness Reporter

Three young ladies took on the challenge of training in a varsity dual archery-fitness advanced program and landed a world’s first ever obstacle archery relay record on November 11.

Danielle Siracusano, 13, Alexis Taylor, 16, and Morgan Hassell, 16, opted for archery and archercise (archery and exercise) for their fall archery program.

Alicia Weber created “archercise” and holds 17 official Record Setter World Records in various archercise events. Alicia Weber is the World’s Most Prolific Record Setter in Physical Fitness with over 500 records set since 2008.

The girls trained in a progressive six week program, which focused on cooperative learning, mental and physical conditioning, and advanced archery skills. All the archers had the opportunity to see how far they could grow in the program. They could strive for a level five varsity archery status. Siracusano, Taylor, Hassell, and Nick Linkiewicz were the only four archers to achieve level 5 status.

Determined Hassell picked up a bow and arrow for the first time and jumped from level one to the highest scorer in level 5 in a competition on November 8. She anchored the first ever obstacle archery relay and finished in 10 minutes flat. Their official record is published at Record Setter World Records.

The dynamic Taylor took her gun-shooting background and fast footwork from track and became an instant success in archery and archercise. She had the fastest leg in the relay with her time of 3:16.

Focused Siracusano has shown great leadership qualities ever since she blossomed as the number one female archer in a five day advancement camp this past summer. She led the relay and established the top archery score with her 36 points. The girls garnered a total of 84 points in archery, which are converted to 84 seconds taken off the final time bringing the final time to 8:36.

All the girls began the relay with a 200 yard dash. Then, without wasting anytime they whipped out 15 consecutive pushups. Immediately after that they each performed a different 10 yard multi-dimensional aerobic exercise. Finally, they grabbed a bow without any sighting devices. They had to shoot a quick descending ladder of distances from 50 yards to 10 yards (2 arrows per target).

“I want to do this again and work on improving my time,” said the motivated Hassell.

Emily Woodhouse, a spectator watching in amazement, commented, “It was fun to watch. As a runner, this sounds like so much fun. I hope to join the program this spring.”

“It was very interesting. A lot of young people will want to do this event,” said Meredith Johnson.

For more information in joining the varsity archery program and Central Florida archery contact

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Alicia Weber’s Tribute to Jack LaLanne on his 100th Birthday

By: Alicia Weber
Photos are copyrighted © Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber in September 2014 after setting 500 world records.
I have been setting physical fitness world records since 2008. Sports historians have referred to me as the Modern Day Jack LaLanne as a woman. This September 26, 2014, would be Jack LaLanne’s 100th birthday if he were alive.
He died in 2011 and will be remembered as “The Godfather of Fitness” after revolutionizing the health and fitness field. Just in time for his 100th birthday, I have now reached setting 500 world records, capturing 100 sport victories, and I completed what LaLanne considered to be his hardest strength feat of his career.

On August 13, I completed 1,000 pushups and 1,000 chin-ups in just over two hours as a tribute to LaLanne, one of my personal heroes. It was his hardest feat because his skin peeled off his hands.

I prepared for two years and I had no issues. In 107 days I set 100 exercise records up to one hour in duration, which is the world record.

LaLanne and I had different upbringings, but our careers run parallel. We were nonconformists who set our own standards. We were going to achieve our goals despite obstacles.

I grew up in Southwestern, PA, in a family of healthcare professionals where exercise and proper eating were instilled regularly, while LaLanne grew up weak and sickly from a junk food diet. His life changed at 15 when he heard a health lecture from pioneer Paul Bragg where he was “born again.”

I blossomed in middle school, while LaLanne blossomed in high school. I captured a dozen physical fitness records during middle school. I was off the charts in physical fitness and I competed with the boys for titles. These dozen middle school victories with my 88 overall career athletic wins covering 17 sports is where I get my 100 total victories to date.

“We have been friends since fifth grade,” said Karly Sammel, my classmate and long-time friend. “My first wow moment of Alicia was when I saw her do the flexed bar hang for a couple minutes in gym class. No one could do that. Then, people were making excuses so they would not need to compete against her.”

We had to go to stations and complete exercises in gym class. The boys would not let me on the pull-up bar so I pushed one off and did 35 consecutive pull-ups.
“I heard guys saying over and over ‘Oh my God’. The gym teachers’ eyes were popping out of their heads. The boy’s gym teacher grabbed her muscle and became more shocked,” continued Sammel.

It was like a dream. Nearly 100 students and faculty gathered to watch me compete against the boys in different events.

“Alicia surprised everybody. We watched her showdown the boys in a 600 yard dash. I just remember her blowing everybody away at everything,” recalled Sammel.

Everybody was talking about my athletics and my public speaking too. LaLanne developed into a motivational force and was a top public speaker and personality.

“Alicia demonstrated skills and competencies in writing and public speaking well beyond her chronological age. She presented an 8th grade career speech on marine biology that has been the most original, well-organized, and informative presentation I have encountered,” mentioned 8th grade English teacher, Karen Bucy.

By high school, LaLanne became a star football player and wrestler. He hid his bagged lunch of veggies and nuts, so no one would make fun of him.

I self-coached myself in track, triathlon, and cross country to a total of eight medals at National Championships.

“We were on swim team together our senior year. We had a losing streak and had a meeting to figure out what to do,” recalled Sammel. “Alicia just jumped up and started giving a motivational talk.”

The girl’s team began winning and kept winning. Five girls took top places at the State Championships.

“I think people needed her to inspire them to do their best,” expressed Sammel.
LaLanne went to college in San Francisco and earned a Chiropractic degree. He opened the nation’s first health and fitness club in Oakland, CA, in 1936, where he put fitness on the map.

I went to Duquesne University, then transferred to Florida. I earned a degree in Telecommunication, then pursued Biology, a doctorate in physical therapy, and became a licensed massage therapist. I held the first ever world record physical fitness day in Clermont on April 28, 2012.

I have guided seven athletes to world records in fitness and archery and all of us combined have set more than 400 records in Clermont giving the area international acclaim.

LaLanne set many “firsts.” Most notably, he had the first and longest running exercise show called “The Jack LaLanne Show.” He was the first person to perform strength and endurance feats. He was the first trainer to have both genders and all ages working with weights.

“Alicia breaks barriers,” mentioned Sammel.

I was the first woman to set and hold many strict form military exercises. Currently, I compete against men for titles at Recordsetter. I am the only woman inducted into the Official Pushup Hall of Fame. In May, all the branches of the US Military sought me out to provide guidance in preparing women to pass their pull-up test.

We inspire fitness in a fun way. LaLanne would sing, dance, and perform tricks with his dog. I perform fitness comedy. I have reached one million views on my 145 YouTube videos with this genre.

“The world needs more of Alicia to inspire them,” added Sammel.


Archery and Exercise Go Hand In Hand in Clermont Florida

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber, World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter, expanded her sporting interests in 2013. She added archery to her list of 16 sports and she developed a new record category.

She trained her first trainee for four months to set the first ever Obstacle Archery World Record in July of 2013.

Then, Weber trained for her own Archery Obstacle records where most records are set at 40 yards distance for archery with standard targets. The record begins with a strict form exercise for fastest time or an exercise to be performed for most reps in a time frame. Immediately after the exercise, the archery takes place with the 3 best arrows out of five possible shots counting for score. The exercise and archery score are combined together for a final score.

Weber is the third athlete to set an archery record at Recordsetter and only the second athlete to set an Obstacle Archery record at Recordsetter. Doug Mcmanaman was the first to bring archery to Recordsetter with his backward archery with a crossbow, which landed him in Top 10 list of Popular Records for 2012.

Alicia Weber set her first ever Obstacle Archery World Record on October 17, 2013 in Clermont, Florida, in 100ft Rope Climb 40 Yd Archery Obstacle for Lowest Score.

Alicia set her second and third world records on October 22, 2013 in 50ft Rope Climb 40 Yd Archery Obstacle for Lowest Score and highest score for most strict pull-ups with 40yd Archery. Alicia then broke this record along with three others on May 1, 2014.

For archery lessons and/or archery exercise training in the Clermont and Winter Garden Area Contact Alicia at

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.

Muscle Woman’s 2012 Year End Review for Strength Records and Wins!

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber, World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter in World History, had her best year to date in 2012 for record setting and wins. Alicia set 205 world records all in strict form exercise events with RecordSetter (and 4 with Book of Alternative Records in Separate categories) in JUST ONE YEAR (2012). Alicia began 2012 with an induction into the Official Pushup Hall of Fame (and only woman inducted in Hall of Fame). Then, she was selected as One of the Top 25 Extreme and Elite Athletes to represent in articles for the mindset of toughness and nutrition for performance. As a premiere fitness trainer, she guided 6 athletes to a total 13 exercise world records. Ending the year, Alicia earned the 6th Most Popular Recordsetter World Record set in the year 2012 (out of 10,313 record set this year!!). Following these accolades, Alicia took 6 victories in elite competition and competed in 4 sports. Alicia’s 2012 athletic highlight was becoming the 10k Beach Running World Champion for the 2nd year in a row enroute to re-setting the course record. In total, Alicia garnered 81 career victories out of 199 competitions and holds 162 world records to date (and set a total of 270 world records that includes records set and re-set). We now look back at the 205 Recordsetter records she set in 2012 and pick out Alicia’s Top 10 Toughest Exercise Records that she set based on level of difficulty, exercise dynamics, and level of conditioning to achieve the record.

Alicia reviews and rates these records from 10 to 1 (toughest record set) and takes into account fans input as well, but Alicia ultimately will know which one is the toughest to set.

Here are Alicia’s Top 10 Toughest Records that she set and holds in the year 2012:

# 10 Fastest Time to Complete 100 Tricep Pushup Freestyle Medley

# 9 Fastest Time to Complete 1 Mile Run and 400 Chest Touching Ground Pushups

# 8 Highest Score in 20 Minute Triple Exercise with “Triple Eggsercise” Challenge

# 7 Highest Non-Stop Climb for an Arms Only Rope Climb in One Minute

# 6 Most Chin Ups for 3, 30, and 60 Minutes Completed in One Bout (setting 3 new records all at once!!)

# 5 Most Consecutive Strict Bar Dips in 5 Minutes

# 4 Fastest Time to Complete 500 Chin Ups and 500 Push Ups

# 3 Fastest Time to Complete 500 Consecutive Reptile-Pushups

# 2 Most Consecutive Reps of Reptile-Pushups in 1 Hour

# 1 Fastest Time to Complete 100m Consecutive Plyometric Alligator Pushups

Congrats to Alicia and we wish her more exciting record setting in 2013!!!


12 Days of Fitness Challenges to Count Down to Christmas 2012!

By: Alicia Weber

This year I took up a challenge suggested by a fan and it is the 12 Days of Christmas Record Challenge. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do 12 days of records in a row because of my busy schedule, but I put my mind to it and somehow pulled it off! However, I didn’t it start 12 days before Christmas and end on Christmas. I started the Count Down on December 9th and ended on December 20th. Here I have my 12 days in a row of endurance strength exercises for Christmas!!

Take a look! Do you have a favorite challenge?

DAY 1 (December 9, 2012) Most Consecutive Triple Egg on Spoon in Mouth Bosu Knee Tucks With Egg on Spoon In Mouth Perfect Pull-Ups

I created this new challenge after breaking the consecutive knee tuck record for the 6th time this year at Recordsetter. I needed to try something more challenging after doing 513 consecutive knee tucks on December 6th. In this challenge, I add the Bosu and 3 eggs to balance and I only do 16 knee tucks. A far cry from my 513, but this is MUCH MORE challenging. Then, I keep going…See full scoop here:

Day 2 (December 10, 2012) Most Consecutive Bar Runner Exercise

I did this challenge for the first time this month. This challenge was created by a NY fitness trainer. I found this to be very aerobic and definitely gives the muscles a good burn!!

Day 3 (December 11, 2012) Most Reps in 10-Minute Extreme Pushup and Deep Squat Variety Act

This is yet another first time challenge where I combined many advanced level types of squats and then pushups together and went continuous for 10 minutes for most reps. Each exercise was 1 minute in length. My results 297 total reps. Too many wild exercises in this bout to describe, watching is best!

Day 4 (December 12, 2012) Most Reps in 1hr of Consecutive Reptile-Pushups

This is one challenge I have building my endurance for all year. I set several short duration speed records at Recordsetter earlier in the year and this was the final year end review of my fitness in a challenge that is 3-5 times tougher than standard pushups. 1 Reptile + 1 Pushup = 1 Rep See why this challenge is so much tougher than a normal pushup here:

Day 5 (December 13, 2012) Longest Swiss Ball Leg Lift Cadence Test

Just a day after completing the grueling reptile-pushups that shred the abs, I jump into one of the toughest types of cadence tests isolating the abdominals and improve my time by 9 minutes!

DAY 6 (December 14, 2012) Most Reps in Weighted Double L Challenge

This challenge was created to take the entire core to a maximum burn in a very short period of time with the first exercise and then continue with the second exercise, while still on fire!! The goal is to push thru the pain for maximum reps! I bet you will be surprised at the 2 exercises that really put the abs on fire! One clue – the first one is an exercise in gymnastics…Find out more here:

DAY 7 (December 15, 2012) Most Alternating Squat Thrusts in One Minute

World Wecord Wabbit returns today to take back her record. I set this record as the wabbit for Halloween and it became one of the Top 15 Most Popular Recordsetter World Records for 2012. Now, I return with a new record 372 alternating thurst in a minute and I am joined with a BIG friend…Find Out:

DAY 8 (December 16, 2012) Most Consecutive Shoulder Level Perfect Pull-Ups

This is a new “twist” to pull-up challlenge. Take a look!

DAY 9 (December 17, 2012) Fastest 84ft Combo Crab Walk

During, my trainees “Holiday Record Week” we turned a ballroom into a speed course for crab walking!! I went after the overall record for the 84ft crab walk with a time of 12.43 seconds, while my trainees “Hammer Head” took the master’s world record in a time of 20.59 seconds!

DAY 10 (December 18, 2012) Highest Score in Triple Exercise with Triple Eggsercise Challenge

This is a very challenging muscular endurance test where one can’t do it unless they are able to do 20 consecutive strict pull-ups, 20 consecutive bar dips where arms break parallel, and then 20 consecutive decline pushups and repeat for 17 minutes. Then, go into the Sumo Squat Eggsercise. Hopefully, I peaked your interest, so go ahead and have a peak:

DAY 11 (December 19, 2012) Longest Distance with Egg-On-Spoon-In-Mouth Hanging Arm Walk

This is a new type of extreme arm walk where you need to keep an egg balanced on spoon. Once it falls, the walk is over! Hang in there and check it out:

DAY 12 (December 20, 2012) Most Consecutive Egg-ON-Spoon-In-Mouth Pullups in One Minute

I wanted to end my challenge in an eggstatic style with an eggcellent effort during this Christmas Count Down and re-set the Recordsetter record with 16!

There you have my 12 Days of Records!!

Now, take a glimpse at my “2012 Holiday Record Week”. I held this event on December 17th and 2 of my trainees set Recordsetter World Records.



I can be reached for online or in person fitness training @

Motivational Message with the World’s Oldest Person in AKC Dog Shows Turned 100m Sprinter

Cherie Oney wins her first Track Race ever in the 100m for females 80-84 and she qualifies for the Florida Senior Games.
By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

ST. CLOUD, FL, October 13, 2012 —Today was no ordinary track meet at the State Games Qualifier at St. Cloud High School in St. Cloud, Florida. Flying down the track with a roaring crowd, the oldest female racer, Cherie Oney made her memorable mark winning the 100m dash for the 80-84 age group and advancing to the Florida Senior Games Championship in December 2012. This is so special because this is Cherie’s FIRST track race in her life and she decided to give track a shot one month ago after completing her season in AKC Dog Shows. Cherie says, “Age is just a number — follow your dreams!”

Cherie at 81 Competing in First Track Race, Winning, and Qualifying for Championship!

One year ago, Cherie could have thrown in the towel due to health problems and pain, which kept her from walking let alone running. The pain almost kept her from her life long passion – competing in Dog Shows until she met Alicia in October 2011 where she found relief, rejuvenation, recovery, and the ability to win through Alicia’s Wellness Program. Cherie says, “Motion is Lotion.” Cherie’s keys to success are weekly workouts followed by massage therapy with Alicia Weber.

In no time, Cherie was back on her feet and ready to go. Two weeks after first working in Alicia’s Wellness Program, Cherie and her Saluki Angel were back in the ring and won “Best Breed Award” at a 4 day Dog Show back in October 2011.

The successes kept escalating as her pain dwindled away.

On December 16, 2011, Cherie and her Saluki Angel earned the AKC Championship, which allows them to compete in the Special with other Championship dogs. In February 2012, Cherie and Angel competed in their first Special with other Champions where Angel won “Best of Opposite Sex” award. Cherie and Angel continued to compete in the highest level of competition and on May 13, 2012, Cherie Oney with her dog Angel set the official world record where Cherie became Oldest Person to Exhibit Their Dog at an American Kennel Club Dog Show (where you have to run with your dog) at the age of 81.

Cherie’s strength and endurance sprouted and she participated in the 2012 Recordsetter World Record Physical Fitness Day held on April 28, 2012, in Clermont, Florida, where she set a leg strength world record. A month later she broke her own world record.

Cherie exclaimed, “When you reach my age you want to celebrate! Picking up a new sport – running track is how I celebrate! Challenges rule and I am in my 2nd childhood and loving it!”

Watch Cherie Win her First Ever Track Race Followed by an Interview — Three Minutes of Motivation!!

Alicia commented, “Cherie has the positive mindset and spirit all seniors should embrace. She shows there are no excuses to not do things because of age. She inspires many people young and old alike!”

In a matter of one month of track training and another month of strength conditioning, Cherie dropped 8 seconds off her 100m time and clocked a personal best of 38.28 seconds in her first ever track race.

Alicia said, “She executed the race perfectly and exceeded the goal. Cherie demonstrates that following an effective wellness program can do wonders for your overall health and athletic performance.”

Cherie is hooked on track and continues her training under Alicia Weber.

Cherie said, “I have the goal of improving and getting faster and I’m willing to get my butt moving even though at times it is truly tough! I am a firm believer in setting and working toward goals. Age is just a number—follow YOUR dreams.”

Stay Tuned to “Keep Track” of Cherie…

Alicia Weber offers online fitness and nutrition programs as well as on-site programs in Central Florida. Alicia can be reached at

Talking Abs and Muscle Recovery with Ab Exercise World Record Holder – Alicia Weber

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Sit Up World Record Holder, Alicia Weber had previously talked abs when she discussed the muscles used to perform a situp and explained the exercise. Today, Alicia will talk about her latest ab exercise world record and her muscle recovery.

Alicia was challenged by a fan to set the longest 6-12 inch straight leg hold and she did just that when she set the RecordSetter World Record for the longest 6-12 inch straight leg hold on August 1, 2012. Alicia even surpassed what she ever thought she would do, when she set the world record for a mind boggling 31 minutes and 36 seconds. I asked Alicia how she did it and Alicia answered, “Blocking out the pain and preparing before the event with massage therapy. It becomes more of a mind game after awhile.”

I then asked Alicia how she physically prepared for the event and what she expected she would do and Alicia answered, “I have been setting and re-setting knee tuck and 5 and 30 minute duration situp records since April 2012, so come August my abs are in pretty top form right now and I just became first human to break 1,000 reps of situps in 30 minutes using proper form (where hands aren’t allowed to help and are placed only on side of head above ears) when I did 1,023 reps in 30 minutes for a RecordSetter World Record on July 17, 2012. Due to my record setting for rep based ab records, I knew I could do well for the isometric ab record, but I thought I could only see myself doing 20 minutes maybe 25 at top. I definitely got a second wind of endurance to exceed 30 minutes and I believe it is because of my massage therapy!”

Alicia Weber said, “Massage therapy and muscle training go hand in hand. In order to be a long-term elite athlete, I have regular massage therapy to keep the muscles limber and nutrient rich and free of stiffness and immobility where metabolites and lactic acid feast!”

Alicia is also a licensed massage therapist and degreed and certified fitness trainer and Alicia can certainly see the benefits her own trainees gain when they combine regular fitness training with regular massage therapy including Cherie Oney – the oldest person to run with her dog and compete in AKC Dog Shows, as well as, Multiple Running World Record Holder for women over 70 – Roxann Steinke.

Alicia can be reached for health and fitness questions at


Clermont Florida Athletes put Physical Fitness on the Map in 33 Day Challenge!

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber hosted the first ever Physical Fitness Day on the first ever RecordSetter World Record Day on April 28, 2012, where out of 130 world records set from people in 7 countries, Alicia Weber and her 3 fitness trainees put Clermont, Florida, on the map for physical fitness by taking top honors in the April 28th World Event along with the month long May Record Challenge Contest!

On April 28th, 2012, Alicia’s Fitness Trainees took first place for setting the most impressive records, and Alicia Weber took 2nd place.

Alicia Weber's Fitness Trainees won and Alicia Weber took 2nd place on RecordSetter World Record Day for setting the most popular records.

Alicia said, “The April 28th event was momentum for us as we went into May as the competition became stiffer and we were competing among 360 records for top honors.”

The Record of the Month contest operates similar to ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as Judges vote and so do viewers for the most impressive records.

Alicia added, “You need to think about creativity, level of difficulty, and viewer interest when setting records to stay on top, which also includes re-setting your own popular records.”

Cherie, Alicia’s Fitness Trainee, set a popular leg endurance record for over 80 year olds on World Record Day and then came back to re-set it 2 and half weeks later! Cherie said, ” I want to inspire people and let them know that they don’t need to let age or a health condition get in the way! Just try!”

Alicia said, “Cherie does more than try and she has the winning mindset. The record she set may look easy, but it is quite difficult and a lot of young fit people can’t even go for a minute in this exercise let alone nearly 2 minutes, like what Cherie did!”

The Hammer Head set a unique neck strength record that created a lot of rumpus that landed him in the top 10 for most impressive records set for May and he had the 3rd most talked about record out of all records set in this time period!!

Hammer Head's neck strength record was 3rd most discussed record out of 360 set in May. Alicia also had three records make top 10 list of Most Discussed.

Alicia said, “Exercise is about innovation. If someone thinks exercise is confined to certain weights in a gym or movements, then they will have a lot to learn (especially if they train under my tutelage). Hammer Head demonstrated exercise innovation in his neck strength world records, which are exercises he created that have helped him avoid neck injuries through the years of his contact sports.”

Alicia’s Fitness Trainee’s took 1st place out of 130 world records set on April 28th and 3rd place out of 360 world records set in the May Record Challenge which ended on May 31st. Roxann was the third trainee that helped keep the group performing on top! Roxann set 2 world records in track running for women over age 70 within 15 months after a total hip replacement.

Alicia said, “Roxann’s determination keeps her going. She has the right attitude to execute and keep lowering her marks.”

Alicia was selected as the Most Impressive Record Setter during this May Record Challenge!

Alicia Weber was voted # 1 Most Impressive Record Setter during the May Record of the Month Challenge. In addition, Alicia earned 4 records in the Top 10 Most Impressive Records for May. Alicia set a total of 26 strength and endurance world records in May, which that alone is a record! However, two of her 26 records made the top 10 list of most talked about records and most impressive records and those are shown here:

Alicia won 4th place overall out of 360 world records for most impressive set by an individual record setter – Most Egg on Spoon in Mouth Conescutive Pull-Ups in One Minute

This record was first set on World Record Day and was Most Popular Record for that event and featured record on May 1-3 and then Alicia re-set it 2 and half weeks later and it once again topped the charts! – Fastest 400m Medley

Alicia Weber is an innovative results-driven physical fitness trainer in Central Florida and can be reached at

Clermont, FL, Hosts First Ever Physical Fitness Day for Inaugural RecordSetter World Record Day!

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Foreword: Alicia Weber is a Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach of over 14 years that gets results as she guided the following 3 athletes to world records and has a physical fitness record setting organization here for her fitness trainees. Alicia’s RecordSetter physical fitness world records are here.

CLERMONT, FL— Alicia Weber already achieved 100 world records in physical fitness, but keeps going. I ask her what her motivation is and she replied, “I have over 600+ muscles in my body and I need to keep them ALL in top working order! I always have looked at the total picture in physical fitness. I keep improving and I have A LOT more goals.”

One goal Alicia had set was to hold the first ever Physical Fitness World Record Day in Clermont, FL, and her event was one of just 21 events held in the world to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day! Alicia was very pleased with her event, which garnered 7 world records and 6 Most Popular World Records that made frontpage on ALL on same day May 1, 2012

All Clermont Athletes Made Frontpage of as they earned votes and views to become Most Popular World Records! Hammer Head’s Neck Strength World Records took 4th and 13th place, 81 yr old Cherie took 5th place, Roxann’s running records took 11th and 16th places, and Alicia took 1st place!

Alicia kicked off her event at the National Training Center Track where she completed the Alternative 400m Dash a.k.a 400m Medley where she shaved 11 seconds off her previous best time to garner the first world record of this eventful day on April 28, 2012.

Alicia’s Record Setting Alternative 400m Dash a.k.a 400m Medley Record video is BELOW

Alicia Weber’s Alternative 400m Medley Run Made #1 Most Popular World Record on frontpage of on May 1, 2012!

Next, Roxann Steinke, 71, put her best foot forward on the track and took home 2 world records for over age 70 track running events within 15 months after a total hip replacement. Roxann said, “I’m happy that I ran my fastest 3,200m ever and I faired well in the 5k, which was run in the heat of the day. I don’t compete on the track, so this is a new experience.” Roxann keeps improving her running times. Within the first 70 days of 2012, she reduced her 5k time by 3 minutes. Since, then (63 days later) Roxann has reduced her time another 2 minutes and 18 seconds. Her best time (as of April 2012) has been 56:37 for a 5k road race. Roxann proves you can get faster as you get older even with a full hip replacement!!

Roxann’s Record Setting 3,200m enroute to 5,000m for over age 70 within 15 months after total hip replacement surgery

Cherie Oney, 81, has been her best ever at her oldest age yet! Cherie’s years of experience have been in competitive dog shows and her Golden Years are proving to be her best years. Cherie and her youngest saluki Angel have earned their AKC Championship and are half way to earning the Grand Championships as they compete on the National level and collect points for top performances that are evaluated based on gracefulness in the run, physical features, etc.

Cherie has been specifically wanting to build her leg endurance, but if you work with Alicia you need to work on everything!! Alicia picked the exercise of Most Consecutive Cone Pick Ups, While Holding an Isometric Lunge as it is performed on a grass surface and involves a wide-range of disciplines including leg endurance, core strength, flexibility, quadricep and hip flexor muscle groups, AND BALANCE!! Who said people as they get older lose balance?? Cherie’s balance keeps improving and she is more “balanced” in her Golden Years than ever!

Cherie’s Record Setting over age 80 Most Consecutive Cone Pick Ups, While Holding Isometric Lunge

Balancing careers as a competitive athlete in contact sports, marine, and a cop in some of the toughest crime areas has sent this over age 50 guy known as “Hammer Head” into secret hiding to develop his neck muscles to become the strongest to hold up in contact sports and confrontation! Alicia was surprised when “Hammer Head” revealed he had been hiding away for 35 years building his neck and wished to set a world record in neck strength. Alicia thought the purpose of his mission for the big, strong neck was so that it would be too big to strangle! Alicia learned otherwise!

The “Hammer Head” said, “Having a strong neck helps in contact sports and I have been training it for 35 years to prevent injuries and help with preventing concussions and other neck issues that arise from police work.” Hammer Head’s secret neck exercises are called “Front Head Presses” and “Back of Head Presses” and he shows they work as he also set 2 world records in both events (one after the other on RecordSetter World Record Day)!

Hammer Head’s Record Setting Most Consecutive Front Head Presses for over age 50 (120 lbs)

Hammer Head’s Record Setting Most Consecutive Back of Head Presses for over age 50 (150lbs)

Closing out the eventful first ever Physical Fitness Day, Alicia picked an one-of-a-kind exercise that stands out as the world’s toughest type of dip – Ring L Position Dips. Alicia said, “What makes this exercise so tough is the element of flexibility and strength as the legs have to be held straight out together and kept parallel to ground entire time. I first set this world record in 2010 with another record book, and I am ecstatic to improve and re-set this record and open the category now at RecordSetter!”

Alicia’s Record Setting Most Consecutive Ring L Dips in One Minute

I ask Alicia on her thoughts of the Inaugural RecordSetter World Record Day and she said, “I am thrilled to be part of a ground breaking event and instill physical fitness in the community! These were all very serious physical fitness records and everyone had been working toward these goals and achieving them is exhilarating!”

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Visit Alicia’s Official RecordSetter World Records HERE or at