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Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness and Fatloss Package (includes ebook and workout video)
By:  Alicia “World Record” Weber

Copyright © Alicia Weber

Nicknamed “World Record Weber,” Alicia made it her goal to write and publish this physical fitness book after she met her personal challenge of achieving 30 world records covering all 5 areas of physical fitness within the span of 3 years.  Alicia takes her 15+ years of experience as a fitness trainer, nutritionist, aquatic therapist, and elite athlete and she answers the questions she is asked the most about health, fitness, and nutrition and makes it SIMPLE.

Customers describe this book as empowering, motivating, and an excellent guide as it provides a 52-week log book full of advice and pictures of correct exercises and stretches for anyone looking to be fit.  About 90% of the book is written from the research, experiences, and education Alicia acquired as a health professional and elite athlete.  Click here for more preview and testimonies.

*Alicia Weber is a degreed and certified fitness trainer and nutritionist.  She is a University of Florida graduate and she was in a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program where she advanced her aquatic therapy.

Book Length:  93 pages in .pdf format ebook 2.69MB

Follow Along Total Body Workout Sheet (goes with workout video)

Video Length:  30 minutes  Video includes 2 links (warmup video and workout video)

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