Extreme Strength Feats and Comedy Shows!

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Alicia Flexing at LIVE Show!

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“World Record Weber – 45 Minute Maximum Strength World Record Show”

Alicia does one perfect rep of World's Toughest Dip - Ring L Position Dips
Alicia Weber’s incredible strength and endurance is pushed to its limits
in a 45 minute 100% REAL and UNedited video in which multiple
world records are shattered!!  Watch what she does between
exercises to prepare to set another exercise world record as rest
time keeps decreasing!  For Official world record results, click here.
Category:  Extreme Strength Feats – NO comedy
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“Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show”





Categories:  Extreme Strength Feats and Comedy  Length:  approx 22 mins
Take a tour and meet all of Alicia’s w-i-l-d, crazy, and unique characters in which she performed as them as the entertainer on the University of Florida Track Team and Trigator Triathlon Team.  She was considered the mascot of the Collegiate National Triathlon Championship where she performed these male, female, and animal roles.  Get immersed in laughs and energized beginning with her Elvis impersonation followed by her 6 copyrighted characters – ending with Aussie Amanda telling a story, while hanging in 1-Arm Flexed Bar Hang.
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“World Record Weber Challenges Coach Deltoid in AM Strength Workout”

She Knocks Out 230 lbs bag!

Categories:  Extreme Strength Feats & Comedy & A LOT OF BICEP FLEXING Length:  Approx 10 mins
World Record Weber has a coach that is obsessed with track and field and he doesn’t care about any other form of exercise!  World Record Weber challenges her coach to 1 and 2 finger calisthenics!  Can she get him to NOT eat, sleep, drink, and talk track and field??  The coach shows resistance as he tries to hold her back from the ultimate – 1 arm 1 finger pushup. Will she break away from her track obsessed coach and meet her ultimate goal?  Find out in this very engaging show full of extreme strength feats, comedy, and bicep flexing!  More Previews here.
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“Alicia’s Live Alphabet Pushup Show”
 In this live show where the audience is going wild, Alicia demonstrates a pushup for every letter from A-Z!  Considered by many as the most unquie type of pushup show where she continuously does Alphabet Pushups for 5 minutes! 

Alicia's Live Alphabet Pushup Show

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 “World Record Weber’s Lake Tahoe Armwrestling Match”
(with Bicep Flexing and Pushups)

former Lumberjack Champ vs World Record Weber

Length:  9 mins and 12 secs  Categories:  Extreme Strength, Armwrestling, Comedy, & Bicep flexing!

Action-packed mixed armwrestling as only found in Lake Tahoe, NV!  Watch the great lengths taken by a former Lumberjack Champ in order to win the armwrestling match against World Record Weber!  Will the Lumberjack win?  Find out as 2 matches unfold with a BONUS 2-minutes of bicep flexing and some amazing in between match pushups!  The armwrestling can keep you mesmerized in your seat with your heart racing!  Look out – a surprise will come at the end!!
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“Catalina Calisthenic’s Las Vegas Arm Wrestling Match”
(Catalina Arm Wrestles Man for Hotel Room)
Length:  7 mins and 20 secs  Categories:  Armwrestling and Comedy
Catalina is a a bit agitated when awoken from her nap to learn she has to check out of her hotel room to make way for the next guest.  Watch as she settles the dispute in only she can do! Preview below:


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