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2009 Inaugural Fitness Challenge Top Competitors!
L -R (Clyde, Jenni, and Gloria) They were the top performers of 2009 as they took 6 initial fitness tests and 8 weeks later they took re-tests. Clyde won and improved his fitness by 57.5 pts and Jenni the contest runner-up was just 3 pts behind!

“If I wasn’t doing the fitness challenge with Alicia, I wouldn’t stretch myself. So it is nice to see how far I can stretch myself and survive.” – Clyde, 2009 Fitness Challenge Champion

“Just when I think I can’t do something, Alicia makes me think I can. I can trust her. I ended up doing things I never thought I could do.” – Jenni, 2009 Fitness Challenge Runner-Up

This client won the longest hold on the Stability Ball Kneel at a women’s gym.

Stability Ball Kneel and Balance Challenge

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