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Last Year’s Conditioning Produced January 2018 New Benchmark in Aerobic Capacity Wellness Test

Alicia Weber bringing in New Year 2018 now with 1,100 world records all in physical fitness.
By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Anyone who knows Alicia Weber really well knows her famous line – “It’s just training.” It is her relentless training or constant conditioning, which allows her to keep setting new standards in physical fitness. Training is not everything though, the right fuel is imperative. Alicia knew the best way to be successful at setting one of her hardest world records to set and re-set would be getting a Greek Salad and Wild Salmon at VIDA 365(before attempting this challenge).

The energy from healthy foods kicked in and KA BOOM!! Alicia pushed out an intense bout of the Incredibly challenging Aerobic Capacity Wellness Test (she invented after 9 years of study) and set a new benchmark. She was able to shave 3 seconds off the previous record and re-set this record for the 4th time on January 14, 2018. She can also call this her first record of 2018!!

Alicia’s 2018 Aerobic Capacity Wellness Test

Success is not an accident..the smart planning and conditioning get results. Get in shape with Alicia Weber and attend a Wellness Workshop or Online Fitness Makeover Program. Contact Alicia at Awinningway@gmail.com for info.

Leading up to this record, Alicia has been very busy living it up in Las Vegas and training muscle groups to prepare her for this record. We will get fans up to speed on the latest with the World Record Wonder Woman, since we have not heard from her since November!! Alicia and “The Clan” did 8 firsts in Las Vegas for Christmas and New Years as you will see in this video:

Alicia is very adventurous. She went to her first Vegas Golden Knights Hockey game and watched them WIN BIG against Tampa and she has turned into a HUGE FAN!! She definitely recommends going to their games in LAS VEAGS – THE ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.

Watch Vegas Golden Knights Win a Game Against Tampa

A fabulous new adventure-themed park opened in Las Vegas in Summerlin on December 16th and Alicia was one of the lucky individuals to be one of the first to test the new state of the art equipment!

Alicia on NEW Las Vegas Adventure-themed park

Back to records, Alicia brought in the New Year with a record category she created back in 2016 and she tried a new ab exercise. Alicia also had an “Ab Lab” for Christmas. Finally, Alicia listened to suggestions by long-time fans and she made a series of 11 very tough cadence test exercise events to count down to Christmas 2017. All the videos are below for fans to learn tough moves and enjoy.

Last Records of 2017:

2017 YEAR IN REVIEW: Alicia competed in 11 races in 2017(4 sports). She won 4 events and placed 26th in World in her 6th World Championship (Indoor Rowing Sprints World Championship). Alicia set the most world records ever in 2017 and they have not all been tabulated yet…but she set at least 250 world records all in physical fitness. She has been recognized as the World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter, since 2012. Alicia also turned PRO in record breaking at RecordSetter in May 2017.

Alicia Wishes her Fans ALL THE BEST IN 2018!!!


Alicia Weber captures 6 Extreme Balance Strength World Records in 7 days!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, FL ( Feb 7-14, 2012)—Alicia Weber broke 2 men’s world records and “pushed” to new levels in extreme strength and balance world record challenges as her week of record breaking got tougher each day.  All the following world records are published with Record Setter World Record Book – the world’s fastest growing world record book!  All her records this week involved pushups and balance and a few other additives as you will SEE!

On Feb 7, 2012, Alicia broke for the 4th time her 3 medicine ball pushup world record!  In 2010 she first set the world record with 35 reps in 1 minute, but now she has set the new world record with 52 reps in one minute!

World Record # 1 for Alicia in Strength Balance World Record Challenge Week


On Feb 9, 2012, Alicia broke the men’s world record by 5 reps to set new world record in Most One-armed Hindu Pushups on a Basketball.  Here she sets the record with 13 consecutive reps (although not required by the rules, Alicia holds her rest arm behind her back to hold the strictest standards to make exercise most difficult when performing the exercise).

World Record # 2 for Alicia in Strength Balance World Record Challenge Week

On Feb 10, 2012, Alicia created a new type of balance record, while holding an egg on a spoon in the mouth for the ENTIRE record.  Alicia began with 11 consecutive strict pullups, then with a maximum of 1 min rest allowed (Alicia only rested 38 seconds), she then completed 15 consecutive strict decline one arm pushups with legs only 2 feet apart or less resting on a surface of 18.5 inches high. This record and the ones that follow are inspired by Darryl Learrie – the record holder that made the raw egg famous with his one armed pushups on the raw egg!  This particular record has a tribute to Darryl Learrie in the beginning.

World Record # 3 for Alicia in Strength Balance Challenge Week


On Feb 11, 2012, Alicia did a double record endeavor!  In AM she re-set her Most Consecutive 2 Medicine Ball Tricep Pushup with an Elevated Leg record..completing 25 consecutive reps in 1 minute.  Then, in the PM Alicia broke the men’s world record by going 28 reps over the record for the Most One-armed Pushups, while balancing an Egg on Spoon in Mouth

World Record # 4 for Alicia in Strength Balance Challenge Week

For this record, lower chest (below breast) must touch ball and then end with arms in full extension for a rep to count.  Alicia does 25 consecutive in 1 minute.  Her previous record was 10.


World Record # 5 for Alicia in Strength Balance Challenge Week

Alicia breaks men’s world record and does 50 reps.  The previous record was 22 reps.  Then, the same day Alicia broke the men’s record, a man was in fury to get this record back and did 51 reps to re-claim record.


On Feb 14, 2012, on Valentine’s Day, Alicia showed “she had a lot of heart!”  Alicia “pushed” to a new level and completed her most demanding strength balance challenge of the week!  Alicia invents new record – a spin off from the one she just set, but this time she requires the strictest form and makes it even tougher! Alicia completes the Most Consecutive One-armed Pushups Holding a 10lbs Medicine Ball on Back While Balancing Egg on Spoon in Mouth.  In this record, a rope is also tied around her legs to keep them only 2 feet apart or less.  And guess what she makes it tougher, but SHE DOES EVEN BETTER! She does 59 reps NOW!

World Record # 6 for Alicia in Strength Balance Challenge Week

Alicia enters uncharted territory and completes 59 consecutive one arm pushups in very rare and tough form for world record!


Alicia Weber was inducted in the Official Pushup Hall of Fame in 2012 and here’s what she says on her record week, “Our goal in the Pushup Hall of Fame is to “push” ourselves and others to new levels and get out of our comfort zones.  I did that this week, especially with the egg on spoon in mouth records.  I don’t practice balancing an egg on a spoon in my mouth, I just gave it a go for the first time this week.  The same is true for the hindu pushups.  My conditioning from other pushup/balance training carried over for these particular events.”

For more of Alicia’s Amazing Strength Feats visit www.videoteasing.com/alicia.htm