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Central Florida Running, Archery, & Sports Camps with Champion Athlete Alicia Weber

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Are you looking to get an edge in your athletics, compete in Central Florida, and train under the tutelage of a record setting elite athlete?

If you answered YES, then you have come to the RIGHT place to get a winning way in your sport.

Alicia Weber has been coaching and training people in all skill levels for over sixteen years. She is a Level 2 USA Archery Certified Coach and a degreed fitness trainer. In addition to her credentials and work, she is the world’s most prolific record holder in strength and stamina with over 600 world records set since 2008 and over 100 career victories in her 17 sports.

Alicia Weber offers sports specific training, swimming lessons, triathlon/running coaching, archery coaching, archery fitness competitions, aquatic therapy rehab, paddle board fitness classes, and one-on-one fitness training.

Alicia is a running and archery coach in Clermont, Central Florida and in Winter Garden, FL, where she holds summer sports camps and year-round archery. Contact Alicia for more info on the upcoming training camps at Awinningway@gmail.com

Weber is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.

Alicia Weber Two Time Beach Running World Champion

Gator Runner, Alicia Weber, Winning 2001 SEC Indoor Quad 5K at Championship

Alicia Weber Winning 3,000 meter National Title at Age 16

Former Pro Triathlete, Alicia Weber, Teaches Swimming Lessons

Alicia Weber Sets Record for Most Sports Competed in One Year (10)

LEARN MORE, Contact Awinningway@gmail.com


Thirteen Minute Mishmash Exercise Series for Heart Health Month

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

February is National Heart Health Month and Alicia Weber will be going after a variety of Aerobic Capacity Wellness Records…Stay Tuned.

Alicia Weber has fitness games that develop strength and aerobic capacity wellness. CLICK for Booty Busters Fitness Info!

Recently, Alicia took on a challenge that was a fan’s request to go after highly aerobic non-stop 13 minute records for the New Year 2013. Alicia performed 13 minute records covering total body fitness (arms, legs, and abs) and she has an event series where she established world records at Recordsetter. Here are the Series Records and Record Videos.

1. Most Reps Performing A 13-Minute Mishmash Abathlon

(314 reps total) 1.11.13
* 13 different Ab Exercises in a row for one minute duration each.

Rules followed by Record Video for 13 Minute Mishmash Abathlon

2. Most Reps Performing A 13-Minute Mishmash Armathlon
(216 reps total) 1.31.13
* 13 different Arm Exercises in a row for one minute duration each.

Rules Followed By Record Video for 13 Minute Mishmash Armathlon

3. Most Reps Performing A 13-Minute Mishmash Legathlon
(403 reps total) 2.1.13

* 13 different Leg Exercises in a row for one minute duration each.

Rules Followed By Record Video for 13 Minute Mishmash Legathlon

When Alicia thinks of Heart Health month, the first thing that comes to her mind will be aerobics and Dr. Kenneth Cooper – The Father Of Aerobics. In 1986, Dr. Kenneth Cooper submitted the official definition to the Oxford English Dictionary. It reads, “Method of physical exercise for producing beneficial changes in the respiratory and circulatory systems by activities which require meeting a modest increase in oxygen intake and so can be maintained.”

“I don’t criticize weight training – as long as it is not a substitute for aerobic training.” – Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, The Father of Aerobics

Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s initial mission was to combat the # 1 Killer in America, which was and still is heart disease and increase longevity. Aerobics is a big part of the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

What is your goal for Heart Health month? How is your aerobic capacity wellness? Get on the FAST track to health and join Alicia’s Fitness Program. After all, Beginning is HALF Done. Contact Alicia at Awinningway@gmail.com

Alicia’s Record Roundup Report for March 1 – 9, 2012

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Click for Alicia's Strength Feat Shows at VideoTeasing
Click for Alicia's Exclusive Strength Feat Shows at VideoTeasing.com

Alicia being a Pisces is known to swirl around in different directions. Alicia particularly swirls around in different directions in extreme strength and stamina disciplines.  This early March 2012, Alicia shows her varying strength abilities with some very unique and arduous world records.  We will take a look at Alicia’s new Record Setter World Records from March 1 -9 below:

On March 1, 2012, Alicia competes with the men for strength world records on RecordSetter.com and re-set the Most Consecutive One Armed Knuckle Pushup on Concrete.  Alicia sets new record with 44.  Former record was 34 by Derrick Clark.

Alicia Breaking One Armed Knuckle Pushup on Concrete


On March 5-6, 2012, Alicia set two new challenging pull-up world records that test grip strength specifically in addition to the upper body as these records were set using a 10-inch thick bar.

Alicia doing 11 Around the World Pull-Ups on 10-inch thick bar with 10lbs Medicine Ball Held Between Legs for Record


Alicia doing 205 Pull-ups in 30 minutes 3 in 1 Challenge on 10-inch Thick Bar


Finally, on March 9, 2012, Alicia achieved the highest height climbed in 1 minute with arms only nonstop climbing!  Alicia climbed 32.46 meters (106.5 ft) in 1 minute with arms only with no rest.  Alicia’s rope climbing day continued as she then set speed records in the fastest L-Position arms only climb for 12ft in 4.80 seconds followed by the fastest time in L-Position with 10lbs ankle weights for the 12ft arms only climb in 8.95 seconds.

Alicia climbing highest height in 1 minute nonstop with arms only – 32.46 meters


Alicia’s Arms Only L-Position Climb in 4.80 seconds


Alicia’s Arms Only L-Position Climb with 10lbs Ankle Weights 8.95 seconds


Now, I ask Alicia which of these records stand out for her as being the most difficult. Alicia replies, “Each one has its own unique element of difficulty.  They have their own kind of mental and physical toughness.  It is hard to say which is the most difficult.  They were all very difficult as they were the first times I set all these records in these categories.”


Female Strength Feat Shows with Alicia Weber on VideoTeasing.com

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Are you a fan of all kinds of female strength feats? Are you a fan of Alicia Weber’s strength feats? With over 45 natural female strength athletes, VideoTeasing.com is the place for Feats of Strength Shows!  Alicia Weber began Live Strength Shows on March 18, 2011, and will continue…  The shows will simulcast on VideoTeasing.com, Ustream.tv, and AliciaWeber.com.  In addition Alicia Weber performs exclusive Strength Feat Shows as World Record Weber and her Australian character, Aussie Amanda.  Below are some samples from Alicia’s FULL Length Shows.  Click the the Link ABOVE the Shows to reach the FULL Length Show.

Rope Climbing Arrives at VideoTeasing!!  NOW Playing “World Record Weber Abs Mania (with Rope Climbing)”


6 Pack Ab and Strength Feats at VideoTeasing!!  NOW Playing, “World Record Weber Abs Mania (with Rope Climbing)”


Bicep Flexing with a Variety of Strength Feats at VideoTeasing!!  NOW Playing, “World Record Weber Med Ball Muscle Mania”


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Central Florida Martial Arts Conditioning and Fitness Training with Alicia Weber

By: Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

Are you looking for a martial arts conditioning instructor in Central Florida? If so, you are at the Right Place. Or are you looking for some martial arts conditioning tips? If so, you are in luck.

Alicia Weber Fitness Trainer and Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist shows cool conditioning moves.


No matter if you are a fencer, kickboxer, kata competitor, wrestler, boxer, or any other type of martial arts competitor – one thing is shared by all and that is SPARRING!! At some point in the training phase, sparring and sparring drills will come into play to keep one’s game on PAR.

Any fighter knows aerobics and strength are key, but other components need to be developed as well. Today we will briefly touch up on the 4 Key Components of Martial Arts Conditioning. It is really important to work all 4 components in each serious martial arts conditioning session. Those components should be followed in this order:
1.) Speed/Quickness/Reactive Ability – the most sensitive with fatigue accumulation and that’s why it should be first.
2.) Strength – after the former, the muscles are triggered for strength moves
3.) Endurance – at this time the workout becomes challenging and it trains the muscles to endure, which will be imperative for fights
4.) Flexibility – best improved when the body is warm (static stretching can tend to temporarily weaken muscles due to reduced overlap in muscle sarcomere – even more reason to end with flexibility)

So have you been covering the 4 components in your training sessions?

Do you need some martial arts conditioning in Central Florida? If so, you can contact Alicia at Awinningway@gmail.com and put “fitness” in subject line.

Alicia Weber is a Fitness Trainer and Entertainer. One of her acts is that of an Elvis Impersonator where she does NEW MOVES! And guess what, they are sparring moves!! See the “New Elvis with the New Moves” below


Alicia Weber Fitness Makeover Stand Up Comedy Show

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, Fla (January 27, 2011) —Alicia Weber, entertainer, fitness trainer, and world record setting elite athlete, performed on stage as her character “Madalina Seg” as she revealed weight loss and strength gain secrets!! On stage in front of a laughing crowd of fitness enthusiasts, Alicia prepares people for an up and coming 13 week Fitness Makeover!

Watch Alicia’s LIVE Stand Up Comedy act below:

The Weber Way to Wellness Reporter snuck back stage to catch Alicia after her act and asked a few questions….

Reporter:  What is your confidence level and ability to perform comedy roles extemporaneously, while guiding clients to fat loss and physical fitness gains?

Alicia:  My confidence is very high.  I am used to juggling what I call “double” or even “triple endeavors” and I thrive on versatility.  So I am even more energized and excited with the dual roles I play in the 13 week fitness makeover!  I have been a fitness trainer/nutritionist and enterainer for over 10 years, so I know the ropes.

Reporter:  This is your first “fitness makeover” of 2011.  How do you feel about it?

Alicia:  I am very excited!  Many people are excited and rearing to go!  I am very happy so many people care enough about their health to do this challenging event!

Reporter:  How often to do you do “fitness comedy”?

Alicia:  I perform monthly.  I have my own line of shows where I am not only the producer and director, but I am the talent also.  I combine my creativity plus suggestions from fans to come up with new material and shows on a regular basis.  I perform stand up comedy and create strength feat shows for digital download.  You can see more of my fitness comedy and characters at www.youtube./com/user/aliciaandclan

Reporter:  If someone is interested in your fitness makeovers or stand up comedy acts, how can you be reached?

Alicia:  Email is best at Awinningway@gmail.com and put “fitness” in the subject line.

Fitness Advice & Exercise Tips with Alicia Weber

By: Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

Due to my successes and suggestions from fans, I decided to start another blog called “Alicia Weber’s Recommendations”. It reviews fitness and health products and the blog is dedicated to answering questions and giving advice in the area of fitness, health, and wellness. I have created the category on this site called Alicia’s Recommendations, so that AliciaWeber.com readers can stay in the loop as well from this site. I have attached links from the other site on this page.  Enjoy!!

Postings from “Alicia Weber’s Recommendations”…

New Year Fitness Advice

Female Strength Feats and Comedy Shows with Strength and Endurance World Record Holder – Alicia Weber

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Alicia celebrates her 7 characters that she role played through the years with her 22-minute “7 Character Comedy Show” found exclusively at aliciaweber.com/shows.

Here is a preview of the 7 Character Comedy Show

Alicia’s personality and performances have been described in many words and viewers of her Live shows described her shows as something that would be talked about for days to come.

Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show is a collage of acts as she performs 7 different roles (male, female, and animal roles).  She takes the most hilarious moments of her “character comedy career” while at the University of Florida where she performed for athletic teams and Collegiate Triathlon National Championships and turns it into a 22-minute comedy strength feat show called “Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show” found here.

Here are testimonies from those that watched her perform as the 7 characters:

“It’s a one woman variety show all performed by Alicia Weber.  She plays all 7 roles and has different voices and strength feats for each character.  It’s hard to imagine coming up with the idea of doing these things, let alone doing them!  I like all the characters the same – they are all very exciting to watch!”  -Strength Fan and Avid Hiker of Las Vegas Hiking and Outdoors Meetup Group

“Seeing Alicia perform Live as her characters during Collegiate National Triathlon Championships and at Trigator functions was a highlight during my college years as a Trigator!  Alicia is wild and funny and creates a rumpus!  I love Catalina, the coaches wife best along with Coach Johnny Deltoid.” -University of Florida Alumni and Trigator

“Alicia is one in a million and her strength feat 7 character comedy show demonstrates how unique she can be.  I have watched Alicia perform many times and she keeps me in stitches and in awe with her creativity.  Her performances are heartfelt and hilarious and she can inspire, educate, motivate, and entertain –“Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show” is a MUST SEE!
-University of Florida Alumni and Trigator

Click here for “Alicia’s 7 Character Comedy Show”

Alicia Weber’s 45 Minutes of Maximum Strength World Records!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, FL—On May 27, 2010, Alicia Weber pushed her limits to maximum strength within 45-minutes and the results – MORE WORLD RECORDS!

Inspired by the Legendary Jesse Owens greatest achievement in track and field where he set 3 world records and tied a 4th within 45 minutes on May 25, 1935 at the Big 10 Championship, Alicia Weber (former champion track and field runner and current Strength Athlete) wanted to see how many maximum strength world records she could garner within 45-minutes.

Go to AliciaWeber.com/shows
Now Playing "World Record Weber - 45 Minutes of Maximum Strength World Records" found exclusively at videoteasing.com and aliciaweber.com/shows

Alicia picked 6 maximum strength exercises that increase in the level of difficulty through adding components of coordination/balance and both large and small muscle groups as the rest time decreased.  She had 9 minutes of rest after her first exercise and less than 2 minutes of rest before her last exercise.

She began and ended with exercises based on speed and strength. Her 1st exercise with 37 pull-ups in 1 minute is the official new world record and her last exercise of 18 ring dips in one minute is the official new world record Both published world records and she is now in a new World Record Book: Believe the Unbelievable: the Ultimate Book of World Records and the People who Pursue Them

Alicia’s 2nd -5th exercises were meant to wear her out a little and make the last minute of ring dips challenging.  Alicia says, “I did a set of 35 consective pull-ups then 30 consecutive chin-ups followed by 11 handstand pushups in a minute (where head comes to floor each rep) and finally the hardest type of dip – ring L position dips.  Consecutive exercises are very taxing on the muscles and then the handstand pushups and ring L dips are the most challenging of all these exercises with their elements of balance and use of large and small muscle groups.”

The final results:  5 world records in 45-minutes.  However, the consecutive pullups/chinups and handstand pushups will not be published because those categories are not open. The international governing body needs to restrict categories and the rules are very strict.  Alicia’s Ring L position Dips were declined a world record, since not all the reps were perfect.

Required for this record, Alicia had a surveillance camera following her and 4 other cameras getting different views of the exercises performed.  The 45 minute surveillance video is now turned into a show for purchase called “World Record Weber – 45 Minutes of Maximum Strength World Records” found exclusively at Videoteasing.com and AliciaWeber.com

Alicia Weber is a 30+ x Official World Record Holder in Strength and Endurance.

Alicia Weber’s Extreme Strength Feats and Comedy Shows NOW Playing at www.AliciaWeber.com/shows

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Alicia Weber combines her athletic and strength talents with her entertainment /comedy abilities to create “fitness comedy” at AliciaWeber.com/shows  .  Not only has she been an elite athlete for 15 years with 30 world records, but she has been an entertainer.  It was very common for Alicia to compete as an athlete in the AM and then perform into the wee hours of the night as one (or sometimes up to 3) of her characters at National Championships like the Collegiate Triathlon National Championship.

She has created and performed as 9 different characters (male, female, and animal roles).  One of her popular characters with athletes has been Coach Johnny Deltoid – the obsessed, eccentric, and old track coach.  He stars in her newly released show “World Record Weber Challenges Coach Deltoid in AM Strength Workout.”

Alicia “World Record” Weber will be performing maximum strength feats, extremely difficult and rare strength exercises all while challenging her coach to consider strength training over running for once.  After all, Coach Deltoid has been around the track far too many times and he needs to change things up.  The coach shows resistance in this 10-minute show and he tries to hold World Record Weber back from the Ultimate – 1 Arm 1 Finger (and thumb) Pushup.

Will she meet her Ultimate Goal??  Well, of course, but she goes through some obstacles to break away from the obsessed track coach.  The real question is…Will she get Coach Deltoid to love strength training?

Words can’t describe Coach Johnny Deltoid as well as video.  So you can view the following videos below to get a taste of Coach Deltoid’s dramatic personality and you will get a preview of the new show “World Record Weber Challenges Coach Deltoid to AM Strength Workout”.

Funny Track Coach Juggles and Talks Track on Medicine Balls!

World Record Weber vs Coach Deltoid in Speed Punching Contest with 230 lbs bag!

World Record Weber does 2 Finger Calisthenics (pullups, dips, & pushups)  Will her coach??

Click here for “World Record Weber Challenges Coach Deltoid in AM Strength Workout” – start cackling and get inspired and energized in this 10-minute show!