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Alicia Weber and 27 Champions Produced in 17 Days in 2017

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

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Alicia Concluded her 17 Day Track to producing Champions on November 11, 2017, where young men from the Champion Circle Program awaited to do a 45 minute “Mystery Activity.” They were surprised that they competed in a self-esteem booster known as an Archery Fitness Challenge where they officially became ARCHER ATHLETES!! They worked on many skills and excelled in their activity in a timely manner. They learned that in order to develop self-esteem they need to do something and accomplish something. They were all Champions to learn new skills and complete this challenge in only 45 minutes!!

Archery Fitness Challenge Self-Esteem Booster

Alicia Weber re-set her own world record in the 30 minutes of shoulder-width grip chin ups on November 7, 2017, when she did more than 500 (over 50 reps over her previous world record set back on August 10, 2012). She gains great self-esteem when she is able to set, re-set, and re-set her longer more arduous records.

Alicia Weber breaks another record with over 500 reps of proper form chin-ups in 30 minutes!

Alicia captured her 118th overall victory on November 4th, 2017, when she ran a 5k race on packed-sand to raise funds for pediatric cancer. She was over-joyed by the wonderful environment, friends, and new friendly people (and Sandhill Cranes) she met at the event. She had a runner’s high and self-esteem high that day!

Alicia’s 118th Victory!

October 26 – October 31

Nineteen of Alicia’s Archer Athletes would agree that success is achieved in self-esteem building activities. They all took the Qigong Halloween Archery Challenge. Three Teams qualified for the event and they finished in a Wicked Witch nail-biting close match as they took shots to ghost and pumpkin targets.

Top Shots from the Halloween Challenge

Finally, a Big Fan of many years challenged Alicia to an isometric shoulder exercise. Alicia took in the suggestion and created a new type of isometric strength and endurance challenge for Halloween 2017 involving holding two bows and doing lunges on a BOSU. The video reached 2,000+ views in just a few days and has become one of her most popular challenges for this year. Success comes from self-esteem and achievements, which makes people feel secure. Great Achievements make people popular!!!

Alicia’s Halloween Isometric Bow Arm Lunge BOSU Balance Challenge

Last but not least, in order to celebrate Halloween in style, World Record Weber Wonder Woman performed a new Feats of Strength Compilation. She had such a natural high from self-esteem that she had to do a little extra in her cape.

Alicia’s Halloween Feats of Strength Compilation

For archery lessons and/or archery exercise training in the Clermont and Winter Garden Area Contact Alicia at Awinningway@gmail.com

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.


Team Awinningway is Largest US Youth Team at World Championships for Indoor Rowing

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

In March 2017, the TEAM AWINNINGWAY youth indoor rowing championship team grew from 6 competitors in 2016 to 11 competitors in 2017 to once again become the largest US youth rowing team at the 2017 Indoor Rowing Sprints (1 km) World Championships!

TEAM AWINNINGWAY also became the 6th largest team in the world. A team from French Polynesia was first with 74 youth athletes (age 12 and under), then 4 teams from France placed second thru fifth largest teams ranging from 15 to 28 athletes.

2017 TEAM AWINNINGWAY – Top Youth Team in United States represented in two world championships in a row!

Sixty-four countries and 280 youth athletes (age 12 and under) were represented in the 2017 World Championship. The size of the youth race grew 82 percent from last year. This is the second year for the annual world-wide event where athletes compete on a Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine at locations all over the world during a brief period in March.

There was only one returning youth athlete to compete in this world championship on Team Awinningway. Aisha was the first to race and she set a positive note for the rest of the team competition. She improved her time from last year by 44 seconds! The rest of the youth athletes on TEAM AWINNINGWAY were all new first-time indoor rowers. All eleven athletes are archers first and then they focus on other athletic activities to become well-rounded.


The girls competed first and there were 119 total youth girls (age 12 and under) in the 1 km race.

Aisha became the 4th American and 77th in the world with her time of 5:32.7 for 1km.

Next up was Natalie who became the second fastest on the team as she placed 73rd in the world and 3rd American in a time of 5:27.9 for 1km.

We had an exciting surprise from first-time rower, Jadyn, who became the first American and 39th in the world (fastest on the team) with her time of 4:55.2. She was only 52 seconds off the world champion. She discovered her new talent for indoor rowing in this world championship!

Jadyn was the fastest girl and fastest out of boys and girls on TEAM AWINNINGWAY.

Her sister, Jordyn, became the 9th American and 110th in the world with her time of 6:44.4 and their youngest sister, Jayla, became 12th American and 116th in world in 8:27.7. Jayla (6) was also one of the six youngest competitors in the race.

“I like being the younger one. I feel I can eventually be better than the bigger kids because I am starting younger,” exclaimed Jayla after her race.

Gretchen was the 11th American and 114th in the world with her time of 7:17.4

Official youth results for youth girls here.

On the youth boys side, there were 161 boys (age 12 and under) in the 1 km race.

Kenny was the leading boy on TEAM AWINNINGWAY with his time of 5:30.8, which put him 8th American and 122nd in world.

“Alicia’s instructions on how to use the indoor rower, how to properly warm up, and what techniques to do to increase speed all made us do very well on our first time on the machine,” added Kenny.

Kenny was the fastest boy on TEAM AWINNINGWAY.

Zak was 9th American and 137th in world with his time of 5:58.5.

Matteo was 11th American and 143rd in world with his time of 6:10.6.

“I am up for the challenges that Alicia offers us,” stated Matteo and Zak agreed.

Bryton was 12th American and 153rd in world with his time of 6:49.3 and finally Cody (7 and youngest boy on the team) finished 15th American and 157th in world in a time of 6:59.7.

Official results for youth boys here.

There were a total of 21 athletes on TEAM AWINNINGWAY (including adults). Overall, TEAM AWINNINGWAY placed in the TOP 15 largest US Teams in the entire world championship (4,862 competitors). There were over 150 teams just from the US alone (not counting teams from the other 63 countries).

TEAM AWINNINGWAY adults on 2017 Team.

Official results for lightweight women here.

Official results for heavyweight women here.

Official results for lightweight men here.

Official results for heavyweight men here.


New Sport Takes Off with First-Ever Championship

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The American Eagles won the the first-ever Championship with 26 points.
The American Eagles won the the first-ever Championship with 26 points.
Memorial Day 2016 will be a weekend youth athletes will remember as their day to soar in the red, white, and blue and be the first to compete in a championship in a new sport! Six athletes came dressed in their red, white, and blue and gave it all they had in a highly aerobic game, which also required skill.

Two teams took to the fields in a chase game of 3 vs 3 in a large zoned rectangular field upto 100 yards in length. They had to go through the rounds as either the runners or taggers (defenders). Runners tried to successfully get from Point A to B without getting tagged. Each successful runner earned a point. Then, the runner could huff, puff, and triumph more by taking one lucky shot of an arrow at a 20 yard target. They could try to earn more team points with an accurate shot. It is non-stop action and each team is given the same amount of playing time to achieve maximum points.

The USA X-Shots took 2nd place team with 11 points.
The USA X-Shots took 2nd place team with 11 points.

Besides stamina, fast reaction time, fitness, and skill, the other keys to success in this game are courage, bravery, and teamwork.

The final score was American Eagles 26 – USA X-Shots 11.

The Official, Inaugural Stars & Stripes "Tag Team" Archery Championship under the tutelage of Coach Alicia Weber with athletes from American Eagles and USA X-Shots.
The Official, Inaugural Stars & Stripes “Tag Team” Archery Championship under the tutelage of Coach Alicia Weber with athletes from American Eagles and USA X-Shots.

See how the teams reacted to being in the first-ever Championship!

Contact Alicia at Awinningway@gmail.com to get on a team for an upcoming game.


Amazon Monster Muscle Woman Summer 2014 Feats of Strength

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Look out it is a bird, a plane. No, it is the Amazon Monster Muscle Woman soaring to new heights in strength and endurance. From galloping on thick sand to a mind-blowing 3 minute leading victory to performing 1,000 consecutive chest-touching-floor pushups in under 47 minutes – this muscle woman has had a busy summer with physical fitness challenges. Below are some featured fitness endeavors this monster muscle woman has been attacking this summer.

On July, 4, 2014, the Monster Muscle Woman celebrated Independence Day by completing 1,000 consecutive chest-touching-floor pushups for a fastest time. She talks about the proper form for the feat in the first 1:20. Then, she goes non-stop for just under 47 minutes for 1,000 reps.

Muscle Woman’s 1,000 Consecutive Chest-Touching-Floor Pushups

As if shooting for 1,000 consecutive pushups was not enough on the July 4 weekend….The Muscle Monster attacked a new mark in the 30 minute flexed hang knee to elbow raise on July 3. Going 101 reps over the current world record set more than one year ago. In this exercise, a 90 degree flexed hang (palm away grip) must be maintained as legs starting in dead hang come up to where the bent knees touch the bent elbows and then go back to dead hanging legs for a rep to count.

Muscle Woman’s 30 minutes of 90 degree Elbow to Knee Raises

On June 21, 2014, the Monster Muscle Woman went flying off the starting line and into a gallop up and down thick sand on hills measuring a couple hundred meters in length. This was a race on an old beaten clay trail in Florida out in the middle of nowhere in the hottest part of the day @ 1:30 pm. She finished first place overall out of the men and women in a time of 20:36. She was three minutes ahead of 2nd place in this challenging 5k. This was the Muscle Woman’s 88th Career Victory on the first day of summer 2014! The top 5 finishers overall got an award glass.

Top 5 Overall Finishers In Order For 5k Death March 2014

After the Muscle Woman completed her first ever 900 Round archery competition earning the silver medal, she cranked out 193 consecutive beach knuckle pushups on June 6, 2014. This feat became a new Recordsetter world record and she was featured on Recordsetter’s twitter and facebook. In addition, adding archery as a sport she competes in, makes it her 17th sport.

Muscle Woman’s Beach Consecutive Knuckle Pushups

CLICK HERE for Exclusive Strength Feat Shows!

Comprehensive Cutting-Edge Weber Way to Wellness Program

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The best way to get healthy and stay healthy is by taking charge of your health. Now, a new and improved wellness program is available in Central Florida. Weber takes her education, over 15 years of work experience, and her athletics and formulates an affordable program. In addition, she takes her 16 sports she has competed on the elite level and over 350 strength and endurance world records and she designed a specialty sports program for all ages and ability levels. Discounted personal training, massage therapy and over 20 specialty programs are available at 15 percent off the regular price.There is no membership fee and no contract!!

Take Charge of YOUR Health. Enroll today.

This comprehensive wellness program includes specialty programs in sports nutrition, multi-sport coaching, private swim lessons, paddle board, archery, and MORE!!

Alicia, an elite SUP Racer set her first paddle board speed world record on November 24, 2013. She offers paddle board fitness training (with board rentals available) at Clermont Waterfront Park in Lake Minneola.

Watch her set her first paddle board speed record on the 1k course on Lake Minneola, Florida.

Contact Alicia for questions and enrollment in the Weber Way to Wellness Program at Awinningway@gmail.com

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.

Motivational Message with the World’s Oldest Person in AKC Dog Shows Turned 100m Sprinter

Cherie Oney wins her first Track Race ever in the 100m for females 80-84 and she qualifies for the Florida Senior Games.
By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

ST. CLOUD, FL, October 13, 2012 —Today was no ordinary track meet at the State Games Qualifier at St. Cloud High School in St. Cloud, Florida. Flying down the track with a roaring crowd, the oldest female racer, Cherie Oney made her memorable mark winning the 100m dash for the 80-84 age group and advancing to the Florida Senior Games Championship in December 2012. This is so special because this is Cherie’s FIRST track race in her life and she decided to give track a shot one month ago after completing her season in AKC Dog Shows. Cherie says, “Age is just a number — follow your dreams!”

Cherie at 81 Competing in First Track Race, Winning, and Qualifying for Championship!

One year ago, Cherie could have thrown in the towel due to health problems and pain, which kept her from walking let alone running. The pain almost kept her from her life long passion – competing in Dog Shows until she met Alicia in October 2011 where she found relief, rejuvenation, recovery, and the ability to win through Alicia’s Wellness Program. Cherie says, “Motion is Lotion.” Cherie’s keys to success are weekly workouts followed by massage therapy with Alicia Weber.

In no time, Cherie was back on her feet and ready to go. Two weeks after first working in Alicia’s Wellness Program, Cherie and her Saluki Angel were back in the ring and won “Best Breed Award” at a 4 day Dog Show back in October 2011.

The successes kept escalating as her pain dwindled away.

On December 16, 2011, Cherie and her Saluki Angel earned the AKC Championship, which allows them to compete in the Special with other Championship dogs. In February 2012, Cherie and Angel competed in their first Special with other Champions where Angel won “Best of Opposite Sex” award. Cherie and Angel continued to compete in the highest level of competition and on May 13, 2012, Cherie Oney with her dog Angel set the official world record where Cherie became Oldest Person to Exhibit Their Dog at an American Kennel Club Dog Show (where you have to run with your dog) at the age of 81.

Cherie’s strength and endurance sprouted and she participated in the 2012 Recordsetter World Record Physical Fitness Day held on April 28, 2012, in Clermont, Florida, where she set a leg strength world record. A month later she broke her own world record.

Cherie exclaimed, “When you reach my age you want to celebrate! Picking up a new sport – running track is how I celebrate! Challenges rule and I am in my 2nd childhood and loving it!”

Watch Cherie Win her First Ever Track Race Followed by an Interview — Three Minutes of Motivation!!

Alicia commented, “Cherie has the positive mindset and spirit all seniors should embrace. She shows there are no excuses to not do things because of age. She inspires many people young and old alike!”

In a matter of one month of track training and another month of strength conditioning, Cherie dropped 8 seconds off her 100m time and clocked a personal best of 38.28 seconds in her first ever track race.

Alicia said, “She executed the race perfectly and exceeded the goal. Cherie demonstrates that following an effective wellness program can do wonders for your overall health and athletic performance.”

Cherie is hooked on track and continues her training under Alicia Weber.

Cherie said, “I have the goal of improving and getting faster and I’m willing to get my butt moving even though at times it is truly tough! I am a firm believer in setting and working toward goals. Age is just a number—follow YOUR dreams.”

Stay Tuned to “Keep Track” of Cherie…

Alicia Weber offers online fitness and nutrition programs as well as on-site programs in Central Florida. Alicia can be reached at Awinningway@gmail.com

Talking Abs and Muscle Recovery with Ab Exercise World Record Holder – Alicia Weber

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Sit Up World Record Holder, Alicia Weber had previously talked abs when she discussed the muscles used to perform a situp and explained the exercise. Today, Alicia will talk about her latest ab exercise world record and her muscle recovery.

Alicia was challenged by a fan to set the longest 6-12 inch straight leg hold and she did just that when she set the RecordSetter World Record for the longest 6-12 inch straight leg hold on August 1, 2012. Alicia even surpassed what she ever thought she would do, when she set the world record for a mind boggling 31 minutes and 36 seconds. I asked Alicia how she did it and Alicia answered, “Blocking out the pain and preparing before the event with massage therapy. It becomes more of a mind game after awhile.”

I then asked Alicia how she physically prepared for the event and what she expected she would do and Alicia answered, “I have been setting and re-setting knee tuck and 5 and 30 minute duration situp records since April 2012, so come August my abs are in pretty top form right now and I just became first human to break 1,000 reps of situps in 30 minutes using proper form (where hands aren’t allowed to help and are placed only on side of head above ears) when I did 1,023 reps in 30 minutes for a RecordSetter World Record on July 17, 2012. Due to my record setting for rep based ab records, I knew I could do well for the isometric ab record, but I thought I could only see myself doing 20 minutes maybe 25 at top. I definitely got a second wind of endurance to exceed 30 minutes and I believe it is because of my massage therapy!”

Alicia Weber said, “Massage therapy and muscle training go hand in hand. In order to be a long-term elite athlete, I have regular massage therapy to keep the muscles limber and nutrient rich and free of stiffness and immobility where metabolites and lactic acid feast!”

Alicia is also a licensed massage therapist and degreed and certified fitness trainer and Alicia can certainly see the benefits her own trainees gain when they combine regular fitness training with regular massage therapy including Cherie Oney – the oldest person to run with her dog and compete in AKC Dog Shows, as well as, Multiple Running World Record Holder for women over 70 – Roxann Steinke.

Alicia can be reached for health and fitness questions at Awinningway@gmail.com


Clermont, FL, Hosts First Ever Physical Fitness Day for Inaugural RecordSetter World Record Day!

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Foreword: Alicia Weber is a Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach of over 14 years that gets results as she guided the following 3 athletes to world records and has a physical fitness record setting organization here for her fitness trainees. Alicia’s RecordSetter physical fitness world records are here.

CLERMONT, FL— Alicia Weber already achieved 100 world records in physical fitness, but keeps going. I ask her what her motivation is and she replied, “I have over 600+ muscles in my body and I need to keep them ALL in top working order! I always have looked at the total picture in physical fitness. I keep improving and I have A LOT more goals.”

One goal Alicia had set was to hold the first ever Physical Fitness World Record Day in Clermont, FL, and her event was one of just 21 events held in the world to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day! Alicia was very pleased with her event, which garnered 7 world records and 6 Most Popular World Records that made frontpage on recordsetter.com ALL on same day May 1, 2012

All Clermont Athletes Made Frontpage of Recordsetter.com as they earned votes and views to become Most Popular World Records! Hammer Head’s Neck Strength World Records took 4th and 13th place, 81 yr old Cherie took 5th place, Roxann’s running records took 11th and 16th places, and Alicia took 1st place!

Alicia kicked off her event at the National Training Center Track where she completed the Alternative 400m Dash a.k.a 400m Medley where she shaved 11 seconds off her previous best time to garner the first world record of this eventful day on April 28, 2012.

Alicia’s Record Setting Alternative 400m Dash a.k.a 400m Medley Record video is BELOW

Alicia Weber’s Alternative 400m Medley Run Made #1 Most Popular World Record on frontpage of recordsetter.com on May 1, 2012!

Next, Roxann Steinke, 71, put her best foot forward on the track and took home 2 world records for over age 70 track running events within 15 months after a total hip replacement. Roxann said, “I’m happy that I ran my fastest 3,200m ever and I faired well in the 5k, which was run in the heat of the day. I don’t compete on the track, so this is a new experience.” Roxann keeps improving her running times. Within the first 70 days of 2012, she reduced her 5k time by 3 minutes. Since, then (63 days later) Roxann has reduced her time another 2 minutes and 18 seconds. Her best time (as of April 2012) has been 56:37 for a 5k road race. Roxann proves you can get faster as you get older even with a full hip replacement!!

Roxann’s Record Setting 3,200m enroute to 5,000m for over age 70 within 15 months after total hip replacement surgery

Cherie Oney, 81, has been her best ever at her oldest age yet! Cherie’s years of experience have been in competitive dog shows and her Golden Years are proving to be her best years. Cherie and her youngest saluki Angel have earned their AKC Championship and are half way to earning the Grand Championships as they compete on the National level and collect points for top performances that are evaluated based on gracefulness in the run, physical features, etc.

Cherie has been specifically wanting to build her leg endurance, but if you work with Alicia you need to work on everything!! Alicia picked the exercise of Most Consecutive Cone Pick Ups, While Holding an Isometric Lunge as it is performed on a grass surface and involves a wide-range of disciplines including leg endurance, core strength, flexibility, quadricep and hip flexor muscle groups, AND BALANCE!! Who said people as they get older lose balance?? Cherie’s balance keeps improving and she is more “balanced” in her Golden Years than ever!

Cherie’s Record Setting over age 80 Most Consecutive Cone Pick Ups, While Holding Isometric Lunge

Balancing careers as a competitive athlete in contact sports, marine, and a cop in some of the toughest crime areas has sent this over age 50 guy known as “Hammer Head” into secret hiding to develop his neck muscles to become the strongest to hold up in contact sports and confrontation! Alicia was surprised when “Hammer Head” revealed he had been hiding away for 35 years building his neck and wished to set a world record in neck strength. Alicia thought the purpose of his mission for the big, strong neck was so that it would be too big to strangle! Alicia learned otherwise!

The “Hammer Head” said, “Having a strong neck helps in contact sports and I have been training it for 35 years to prevent injuries and help with preventing concussions and other neck issues that arise from police work.” Hammer Head’s secret neck exercises are called “Front Head Presses” and “Back of Head Presses” and he shows they work as he also set 2 world records in both events (one after the other on RecordSetter World Record Day)!

Hammer Head’s Record Setting Most Consecutive Front Head Presses for over age 50 (120 lbs)

Hammer Head’s Record Setting Most Consecutive Back of Head Presses for over age 50 (150lbs)

Closing out the eventful first ever Physical Fitness Day, Alicia picked an one-of-a-kind exercise that stands out as the world’s toughest type of dip – Ring L Position Dips. Alicia said, “What makes this exercise so tough is the element of flexibility and strength as the legs have to be held straight out together and kept parallel to ground entire time. I first set this world record in 2010 with another record book, and I am ecstatic to improve and re-set this record and open the category now at RecordSetter!”

Alicia’s Record Setting Most Consecutive Ring L Dips in One Minute

I ask Alicia on her thoughts of the Inaugural RecordSetter World Record Day and she said, “I am thrilled to be part of a ground breaking event and instill physical fitness in the community! These were all very serious physical fitness records and everyone had been working toward these goals and achieving them is exhilarating!”

Alicia can be reached at Awinningway@gmail.com for a wellness consultation.

Special Note: Visit Alicia’s Fitness Trainees Official RecordSetter World Records HERE or at www.recordsetter.com/user/AliciaWeberFitnessTrainees
Visit Alicia’s Official RecordSetter World Records HERE or at www.recordsetter.com/user/AliciaWeber


Champion Senior Athletes Excel Under Top Orlando Coach

Coach Johnny DeltoidI wish I could say I coached these 2 phenomenal senior athletes that I am about to reveal, but my hat goes off to Top Orlando Coach – Alicia Weber. Weber has guided one athlete into lowering her 5k run time by 3 minutes in just 70 days!! In all my years of track coaching, I never got an athlete that much faster it such a short amount of time…and to top it off, this athlete is just coming off of a Leg Rehab! The other senior athlete is smoking the field in Dog Shows with her saluki Angel and they enter the Winner’s Circle of Elite Dog Shows as a team of one of the oldest dog show Owner/Handlers in Nation.
Let’s Hear it from these Top Senior Athletes!
Roxanne, a long time triathlete wished to try to run before her 1 yr anniversary of her leg rehabilitation. She stopped competing after the rehab and the itch to compete is back. She attacked a Florida 5k on December 17, 2011, unsure of the results and if she really could run the entire event.
Roxanne said, “At starting line, I was nervous and not sure what my body could do. I was shocked as I finished and ran the whole time! I pulled through with Alicia’s training in a time of 1:01:54.”
Roxann in Groveland, FL 5k in 2012!
Roxann dropping 3 minutes off her time in 70 days at Groveland, Fl 5kon Feb 25, 2012!
The Determined Roxann set bigger goals. On Feb 25, 2012, Roxann improved her time by nearly 3 minutes in her 1st race now after her 1 yr anniversary from a leg rehabilitation as she ran a Groveland, Fl 5k in 58:55.
Roxann said after that race, “The race seemed shorter and easier. I was a lot more confident and more at ease at the starting line and I remembered all the pointers Alicia gave me.”
Roxann is now looking ahead to her first triathlon season, since having a leg rehab and is excited about the prospects. I ask Alicia, the Top Orlando Coach, what her thoughts are about Roxann’s improvements.
Alicia said, “I support Roxann’s goals and I am positive about her continued success. I see her confidence, strength, and endurance constantly improving and it is a joy to work with her and get her to her goals and beyond!”
Alicia has also guided a top senior owner/handler in Dog Shows to top running performance with her winning show dog! These Dog Shows are about Dashing with the Hounds and being critiqued on everything from gracefulness in your run with your dog and overall appearance. Cherie and her dog Angel, have been in the Winner’s Circle.
Alicia trained Cherie in running to prepare her to win AKC Championship with her Saluki Angel. On December 16, 2011, at the Saluki Specialty Central Florida Kennel Club, Cherie and Angel earned The AKC Championship,which allows them to compete in the Special with other Champion dogs.
Cherie with her Winning Soluki - Angel!
Cherie with her Winning Saluki - Angel!
After winning this title Cherie exclaimed, “It was a very big goal and roar from the crowd when the judge pointed to Angel and I – It was a joy to know I did this in my Golden Years and with Alicia’s help I can continue showing with the highest level of competition.”
In Feb, 2012, Cherie and Angel competed in their first Special with other Champions where Angel won “Best of Opposite Sex” at Lakeland-Winter Haven Kennel Club. This was Angel’s first time competing with other champions!
Cherie exclaimed after this victory, “For her first time and how young she is – Angel is the youngest champion in that ring and winning. It will be a real challenge now competing in Best of Breed and trying to get into the Hound Group because the groups are so dominated by professional handlers. Owner/handlers like me are in a minority in the groups.”
I ask Alicia how she feels training a champion show dog owner/handler as this is Alicia’s first experience training one. Alicia replied, “Cherie is so fun to work with and she has a great attitude and I knew I had the abilities to get her on her winning way. I am ready for new challenges and I am enjoying this challenge of training an owner/handler.”
And in fact, Alicia is UP for some more challenges as she now prepares these 2 senior athletes to set their first world records! These 2 senior athletes will be participating in Worldwide World Record Day on April 18th, 2012, under Alicia’s tutelage as they attempt tough and inspiring records.

Alicia Weber’s Aerobic Capacity Wellness World Record for National Heart Health Month!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, FL (Feb 19, 2012)—February is National Heart Health Month and Fitness Expert Alicia Weber is celebrating by establishing and setting a new aerobic capacity wellness benchmark.

Aerobic Capacity Wellness is the direct measurement of one’s cardiovascular fitness.  It’s not just about getting to peak speed, but how long one can hold a peak speed.  Aerobic means “with oxygen” and an individual’s peak capability for delivering oxygen to muscles.  Most people think of aerobics as running, walking, biking, or taking the 1.5 mile run test.  Alicia thinks beyond this picture though.

Alicia studied 30 fitness clients and researched and tested them in hundreds of conditioning exercises over the course of 6-months in 2011 to find the most effective and results-driven exercises for overall physical fitness gains.  Not only did Alicia see results with these exercises, but so did clients as clients in a 6 week period increased arm strength by an average 40 %  and by an average 33% they increased leg strength. Alicia now takes the 4 top conditioning exercises that showed to be the best for overall physical fitness gains and attacks these exercises one after the other in an ALL OUT aerobic capacity wellness challenge, which she calls “400 Rep Aerobic Capacity Wellness Challenge.”  Alicia sets the world record for the fastest to complete this challenge!

Alicia Weber demonstrates Aerobic Capacity Wellness as she holds her heart rate at 95% of her max heart rate for over 20 minutes and performs these multi-dimensional exercises that incorporate the 5 areas of fitness and test aerobic capacity wellness.  Alicia has a very high Vo2max of 67.05 ml/kg/min achieved during her 1.5 mile run test and even in that test her heart rate did not peak as high and as long as it does in this challenge – Just to say how challenging this challenge really is with these 4 exercises!

Alicia Weber’s World Record in 400 Rep Aerobic Capacity Wellness Challenge time 23 mins and 57 seconds!