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Alicia Weber Takes 113th Career Victory on Clermont Clay Trail

By Weber Way to Wellness Reperter

Alicia's 113th victory came on a Clay Trail!
Alicia’s 113th victory came on a Clay Trail!
CLERMONT, FL—-On November 20, 2016, Alicia Weber, an advocate for soft surface running, dreamed of achieving her 113th victory in the Clermont Clay Trail 5k and her dream came true. On a sunny, 50 degree morning, Weber faced 241 great competitors who shared the same mindset of “soft surface running is the way to go” and she finished as the first woman on the hilly, sandy, bumpy course on Schofield Road on the Clermont Clay Trail (and 4th overall) in 21:50.

It was an out and back 1.55 mile course (10:46 out and 11:04 back for 21:50). She was shooting for low 10’s at the half-way mark, but with the many bumps and thick sand, she knew it would take longer. The challenging terrain and extra strength and balance required draws Alicia to events on sand, dirt, and off-terrain. The races do not focus so much on the time, but rather the fitness required to go as fast possible on the courses. The thicker the sand, the longer the ground contact time, and the double the effort for a workout = greater the challenge and more health benefits. Due to the soft surface, your legs feel really great when you are done. Soft surface running is the healthy choice for running, which brings you closer to nature.

The Clermont Clay Trail Race drew a total of 658 competitors (242 in the 5k and 416 in the 15k). This is tremendous participation, which is greater than in many road races. Many other runners agree that soft surface running is the way to go for longevity as a runner and athlete. The races bring awareness to clay trails and raise funds to restore and build more clay trails in the area.

Alicia’s 113th Victory on Clermont Clay Trail

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is Alicia’s 11th competition for 2016 and her final race of the season. She competed in 4 sports. She competed in one world championship (23rd in world), two world qualifiers (both first place), one national championship (2nd place), regional championships (1st and 2nd place), and four local Florida events. She competed in cross country running, beach running, paddle boarding, and indoor rowing this year. She also took up learning the new sport of footgolf, but she has not competed yet.


Weber Wins Beach Running 10k Championship for third time and Prepares for One-of-a-Kind Youth Running Camps in Lake County Florida

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Weber wins 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Championship
Weber wins 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Championship
Lake County Florida’s Alicia Weber crossed the line first for women and 7th overall in a field of 800 runners at the USA 10k Beach Running Championships on May 10, 2015, in Cocoa Beach, Florida. She is the first runner to win the championship three times. She relished the win as she prepares for her one-of-a-kind youth running camps to be held in Clermont this summer – she has the only top-notch youth running camps in Lake County Florida.

“All levels of youth runners will get top-notch training experiences with gait analysis, preventative injury techniques, stretching/flexibility, sports specific exercises, and nutrition. This camp is beyond just running and it develops an athlete for the long-haul in sports with a winning attitude,” said Alicia Weber, an elite athlete of 23 years with 102 career victories and a slew of world records.

“Alicia is not only a great runner, but also a great motivational trainer for youth to adults to seniors. I encourage parents to have their children attend one of Alicia’s upcoming running camps for the positive motivational physical and mental training Alicia gives. I can attest to this as I have been training under her for three years and compete in Senior Games and I will be 85 this year,” exclaimed Cherie Oney, Top Nationally-ranked sprinter for her age category.

Alicia Weber and Rickie Alcime - 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Champions
Alicia Weber and Rickie Alcime – 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Champions
Orlando’s Rickie Alcime won the 10k overall in a new course record time of 36:47.3. He comes to Clermont to train on the hills and he’s looking forward to participating in Sommer Sports Cool Summer Mornings 5k Series this summer.
“Anybody can run. I look out here and it’s Mother’s Day and many kids are out there running with their moms,” said Alcime.

According to race director, Mitch Varnes, participants were 77% female with 1,272 entrants total in the half-marathon and 10k combined from 23 states and four countries.

Alcime got into running 7 years ago with the dream to run a marathon. He completed five marathons and this was his first beach run. His enthusiasm for running has carried him to Fit2Run at the Florida Mall where he is a shoe salesman.

“Everybody has their own goals and that is what I like about running. There are different levels and types of running to choose from like beach running, track running, road running, and trail running. So you can do it for all reasons,” mentioned Alcime.

In beach running, runners run on a slant the whole time in wet or mushy sand, so it has an emphasis on hips and Achilles. The foot has longer ground contact time for each step.

“Two weeks ago was my birthday and my whole family came out to run on the track with me. That meant a lot and now I have them hooked on running,” added Alcime, also a running motivator.

Many studies have shown running elevates mood, improves sleep quality and concentration, builds bone density, defeats age-related mental decline, increases memory, boosts organizational skills and overall brain function, and enhances lung capacity and overall health. Taking up running just for the health benefits alone is a step in the right direction.

“’You Can Do It’ is the motto of the positive message for the physical and mental accomplishments you learn from Alicia Weber,” remarked Oney.

Learn More about Alicia Weber’s Youth Running Camps here.

Read more about race the USA Beach Running Championships here.

Contact Alicia for running camps at Awinningway@gmail.com


Alicia Weber – Muscle Woman and 2 x World Champion in Running

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber is a 2 X World Champion in 10k Beach Running and a prolific world record holder in strength, speed, and stamina with 225 world records (and counting).
COCOA BEACH, Fl, October 21, 2012 —-Alicia Weber has done it again – set the course record and won the 10K Beach Running World Championships for the second year in a row! Athletes participated in the World Championship event representing 9 countries and 22 states. Alicia Weber was the overall female winner and was 6th overall out of the men and women. Alicia re-set the course record in a time of 43:53.

Alicia breezed through the finish line feeling great and very happy that she broke the course record by 39 seconds. Alicia exclaimed, “This is my final competition of 2012 and my 6th victory for the year where I competed in 4 sports. I am ending my season on a high note with great excitement over this consecutive world championship victory! I am very happy and thankful!”

Alicia juggles her sports as many as 10 different sports in one year and her competitive season starts in Feb and normally ends in late October or November each year. Competing in sports is not all Alicia does as she also sets strength, speed, and stamina world records throughout the year. So far this year, Alicia set 166 official world records at Recordsetter. This is the most Alicia EVER set in one year and the year is NOT over yet for her record setting…

Alicia is the World’s Most Prolific Strength and Endurance Record Holder that is also a World Champion Athlete – her post-race interview here:

Alicia has excelled in all forms of running from track to road to off terrain and is a former University of Florida track/cross country letter winner. I asked Alicia how does beach running compare to the other forms of running.

Alicia answered, “Beach running is challenging. You don’t know what you will get – beach wind gusts, thick sand, hard packed sand, and even running on a slant the whole time. You need to prepare for it all. Beach running requires extra sessions of feet and leg strengthening to handle the unbalanced sandy surface that challenges each step or your run.”

Alicia Made Headline News at FloridaToday.com and is featured in article and video HERE.

Alicia is a fitness trainer, nutritionist, and multi-sport coach and can be reached at Awinningway@gmail.com


Champion Senior Athletes Excel Under Top Orlando Coach

Coach Johnny DeltoidI wish I could say I coached these 2 phenomenal senior athletes that I am about to reveal, but my hat goes off to Top Orlando Coach – Alicia Weber. Weber has guided one athlete into lowering her 5k run time by 3 minutes in just 70 days!! In all my years of track coaching, I never got an athlete that much faster it such a short amount of time…and to top it off, this athlete is just coming off of a Leg Rehab! The other senior athlete is smoking the field in Dog Shows with her saluki Angel and they enter the Winner’s Circle of Elite Dog Shows as a team of one of the oldest dog show Owner/Handlers in Nation.
Let’s Hear it from these Top Senior Athletes!
Roxanne, a long time triathlete wished to try to run before her 1 yr anniversary of her leg rehabilitation. She stopped competing after the rehab and the itch to compete is back. She attacked a Florida 5k on December 17, 2011, unsure of the results and if she really could run the entire event.
Roxanne said, “At starting line, I was nervous and not sure what my body could do. I was shocked as I finished and ran the whole time! I pulled through with Alicia’s training in a time of 1:01:54.”
Roxann in Groveland, FL 5k in 2012!
Roxann dropping 3 minutes off her time in 70 days at Groveland, Fl 5kon Feb 25, 2012!
The Determined Roxann set bigger goals. On Feb 25, 2012, Roxann improved her time by nearly 3 minutes in her 1st race now after her 1 yr anniversary from a leg rehabilitation as she ran a Groveland, Fl 5k in 58:55.
Roxann said after that race, “The race seemed shorter and easier. I was a lot more confident and more at ease at the starting line and I remembered all the pointers Alicia gave me.”
Roxann is now looking ahead to her first triathlon season, since having a leg rehab and is excited about the prospects. I ask Alicia, the Top Orlando Coach, what her thoughts are about Roxann’s improvements.
Alicia said, “I support Roxann’s goals and I am positive about her continued success. I see her confidence, strength, and endurance constantly improving and it is a joy to work with her and get her to her goals and beyond!”
Alicia has also guided a top senior owner/handler in Dog Shows to top running performance with her winning show dog! These Dog Shows are about Dashing with the Hounds and being critiqued on everything from gracefulness in your run with your dog and overall appearance. Cherie and her dog Angel, have been in the Winner’s Circle.
Alicia trained Cherie in running to prepare her to win AKC Championship with her Saluki Angel. On December 16, 2011, at the Saluki Specialty Central Florida Kennel Club, Cherie and Angel earned The AKC Championship,which allows them to compete in the Special with other Champion dogs.
Cherie with her Winning Soluki - Angel!
Cherie with her Winning Saluki - Angel!
After winning this title Cherie exclaimed, “It was a very big goal and roar from the crowd when the judge pointed to Angel and I – It was a joy to know I did this in my Golden Years and with Alicia’s help I can continue showing with the highest level of competition.”
In Feb, 2012, Cherie and Angel competed in their first Special with other Champions where Angel won “Best of Opposite Sex” at Lakeland-Winter Haven Kennel Club. This was Angel’s first time competing with other champions!
Cherie exclaimed after this victory, “For her first time and how young she is – Angel is the youngest champion in that ring and winning. It will be a real challenge now competing in Best of Breed and trying to get into the Hound Group because the groups are so dominated by professional handlers. Owner/handlers like me are in a minority in the groups.”
I ask Alicia how she feels training a champion show dog owner/handler as this is Alicia’s first experience training one. Alicia replied, “Cherie is so fun to work with and she has a great attitude and I knew I had the abilities to get her on her winning way. I am ready for new challenges and I am enjoying this challenge of training an owner/handler.”
And in fact, Alicia is UP for some more challenges as she now prepares these 2 senior athletes to set their first world records! These 2 senior athletes will be participating in Worldwide World Record Day on April 18th, 2012, under Alicia’s tutelage as they attempt tough and inspiring records.

Alicia Weber sets record and wins Overall (out of women and men) in NTC Cross Country!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Video Below seen through the eyes of Alicia Weber where she sets course record in NTC Cross Country Running Series Race 2


CLERMONT, FL (May 28, 2011)— After a stormy night the second race of 1st ever NTC Cross Country Series took place at 8am in Clermont, Florida at the National Training Center.  Alicia Weber is very excited that the NTC started a cross country series in 2011. 

Alicia says, “I have been wanting cross country in Clermont.  I love running challenging terrain with rolling hills and the NTC has got it!  If you want to run a fun and challenging course count this one in!”

Alicia Weber is a letter winning track and cross country runner who ran for the University of Florida.  Alicia would rate the NTC cross country course in her list of most challenging courses.

The course is an out and back course approx 2.8 miles with a lot of zigzagging and rolling hills run on grass and sand.  Alicia won overall out of the women and men in a course record time of 19:24. Alicia took off and stayed in front from start to finish.  Alicia Weber is also a Triathlon and Running Coach in Clermont, FL, where she helps prepare athletes to compete on all levels.


Alicia Weber All Around Athlete Reveals her 118 Victories and 201 Top-10 Finishes out of 253 Elite Competitions (’92 to present)

Alicia's List of her 17 sportsBy:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter  Photos Below are Copyrighted to AliciaWeber.com Click here to visit JD Productions.

17 Sports and Their Governing Bodies
Every Country has their own National Governing Bodies, so since I am in US, these are US Sport Governing Bodies listed with Sports
1.  Track and Field http://www.usatf.org/Home.aspx
2.  Triathlon http://www.triathlon.org/
3.  Road Running http://www.usatf.org/Sports/Road-Running.aspx
4.  Cross Country Running http://www.usatf.org/Sports/Cross-Country.aspx
5.  Duathlon http://www.triathlon.org/multisports/duathlon/
6.  Biathlon a.k.a Aquathlon http://www.triathlon.org/multisports/aquathlon/
7. Exercise Challenge Events http://www.recordholders.org/en/list/chinups.html
8.  Long Distance Trail Running http://www.usatf.org/Sports/MUT.aspx
9.  Xterra Trail/Mountain Running http://www.xterraplanet.com/xduro/championship.html
10.  Crit Bike Racing http://www.usacycling.org/ncc
11. Time Trial Bike Racing http://www.usacycling.org/nttc/
12. Kayaking http://www2.teamusa.org/USA-Canoe-Kayak.aspx
13.  Indoor Rowing http://www.crash-b.org/
14.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding http://worldpaddleassociation.com/
15.  Open Water Swimming http://www.usaswimming.org/DesktopDefault.aspx?Alias=rainbow&Lang=en&TabId=1422
16.  Beach Running http://www.runonthebeach.com/
17. Archery http://www.usaarchery.org

Alicia Weber competes in 17 sports on an elite level and the most she has done in 1 year has been 10-sports!  This video highlights her 10-sports she completed in 2009 and shows her world record achievements as Alicia also holds many world records.  Below the video is a complete history of Alicia’s Overall Female Results in her Elite Competitions.  Click here to view Alicia’s 300+ Official World Records in Strength, Speed, & Endurance.

Alicia competed in 10 sports in ONE year!

Alicia with all 68 of her medals

Alicia holds 2 Sport/All Around Athlete World Records:
1. Most Sports Competed In on Elite Level with One World Championship Victory (17 sports) Click to view record
2. Most Sports Competed In At Elite Level In One Year (10 sports) Click to view record

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.

***IN ADDITION, Alicia Weber is a Coach in all sports she has excelled in that are listed here. She can be reached for a free sports training consult at Awinningway@gmail.com

Alicia’s Race and Competition History ( 1st place finishes and Championship events in BOLD) with place based on Overall Female Results


11/18/17 First SUP Drag Race in Florida in Treasure Island, FL 3rd in Coed Drag Race in Prelims (winner only advances to finals) 4th in Women’s Only Drag Race Final Video

11/14/17 Archery Challenge the Teacher Tough Thanksgiving 10 yard Shoot 35 points and 2nd place Student wins with 40 points Video

11/4/17 Run Cancer Out of Town 5k Race First Place Overall out of Men and Women new course record for women 21:04 Video Results

10/15/17 5k Clay Trail Race in Clermont, Florida 2nd woman and 5th overall in 22:42 results

6/5/17 Global Running One Mile Cross Country in Clermont, Florida, 1st Place Overall 5:29

6/1/17 Global Running 800m Cross Country in Clermont, Florida, 1st Place Overall 2:26

5/20/17 Florida Cup Short Course Championship St. Pete, FL 1st Overall Woman in SUP Surfboard Class 47:54 (18th overall among both genders and all board classes) Results

4/30/17 USA Beach Running 10K Championships Cocoa Beach, Florida 2nd Woman (16th overall out of 1,280 men and women) 46:28 Results

4/1/17 Inaugural Windermere Run Among the Lakes 10k Sand Run 46:16 3rd Woman (6th out of men and women) Results

3/12/17 2017 World Indoor Sprints 1K World Championships (418 Lightweight Women) 3:49.5 26th in World Results


11/20/16 Clermont Clay Trail 5k 1st Place Woman in 21:50 (4th overall out of 242 racers)

10/30/16 Halloween Hill Climb “Florida’s Toughest One Mile Cross Country Race” 1st Place 6:19 REPORT

10/1/16 WPA Regional SUP Championship Clearwater, FL, 4 mile 55:18 1st place in open division for SUP Surfboard (on 9ft board) 9th out of 16 paddle boarders in all classes where they raced on 12′ 6 boards (faster boards)

6/1/16 Global Running Day One Mile Cross Country Race in Clermont, Florida, 1st Place 5:18.3

5/14/16 WPA Championship Florida SUP Cup in Madiera Beach, FL 3 mile 41:35 2nd Woman in SUP Surfboard division

5/1/16 U.S.A Beach Running 10k Championship Cocoa Beach, Fl 2nd Woman and 16th overall out of 1,000 racers Results

4/2/16 Windermere Run Among The Lakes 5K (dirt road race) 21:25 2nd woman Results

3/13/16 2016 World Indoor Rowing Sprint Championships (1,000m 3:50.3)23rd Lightweight Woman in World w/Verified Results

3/12/16 Cocoa Beach SUP Challenge Stock Board 3 mile 51:57 2nd Woman

2/13/16 33rd Annual Southern Sprints Championship/World Qualifier (2k 8:09.4) 1st open/college woman Results

2/13/16 33rd Annual Southern Sprints Championship/World Qualifier (500m 1:45.8) 1st open/college woman
2015 (Summary: Alicia won her first SUP race this year. It was a breakthrough year for her SUP racing development as she also took 4th in the intense 400m sprint One Design North American Championship. She was featured in a TV show with the WWE Tough Enough and she won her 3rd USA Beach Running Championship title and became the first athlete to win three times.)

12/19/15 Inaugural Corn Maze 5k Mt. Dora, FL,(1.5 miles in VERY thick sand then 1.5 miles in a narrow maze) 2nd Woman overall (6th overall) 24:11 Results

11/14/15 Paddlefest Englewood SUP Race 1st place female in SUP surfboard category for her division in the 3 mile race 35:56.23 Results

10/31/15 New Smyrna-Ween Zombie 5K Beach Run, 1st Place Female Overall Results

9/13/15 Bic One Design North American SUP Championship 4th place female Results

9/13/15 Melbourne Manatee 4 mile SUP Race 2nd place female on 12’6 board category Results

7/15/15 Tough Enough Obstacle Course Challenge Battle Dash held at Rock On Adventures, Winter Garden, FL, 1st woman (4th overall)

7/11/15 CFT Military Theme Triathlon Series Marine Pull-Up Challenge 33 Strict Form Reps 1st place overall out of men and women

5/10/15 USA 10K Beach Running Championship – National Champion (7th overall in 44:04.4) Results 1st Woman

4/11/15 14th Annual Windermere Run Among the Lake 5k Sand Run 1st Woman (11th overall) 21:16 Results

2014 (Summary: Competed in archery for first time and made her first podium finish in SUP racing. She ended the year achieving 100 career victories (1992-2014) and achieving 500 physical fitness world records (2008-2014).)

9/7/14 Sup N’ Go Final Series Race #4 for 4 Miles finishing 3rd place in division 12’6 17-49 women Results and Story

7/16/14 NTC Ultimate Series 4k Cross Country Championship #5, 2nd place woman in 16:43, 6th overall

6/21/14 Clermont Florida 5k Summer Death March 1st overall out of men and women in 20:36, set the course record! Made News See here!

17th Sport for Alicia
Alicia adds Archery to her list of sports on 6.7.14. She became the Silver Medalist at the 2014 Sunshine State Games in Barebow Archery 900 Round. This is her first archery competition.

6/7/14 Florida Sunshine State Games 900 Round Archery, Silver Medalist in Barebow with 182x pts Results Video

5/28/14 NTC Ultimate Series 4k Cross Country Championship # 3, 2nd place woman in 16:08, 6th overall

4/30/14 NTC Ultimate Series 4k Cross Country Championship # 2, 1st place woman in 15:57, 7th overall

4/2/14 NTC Ultimate Series 4K Cross Country Championship # 1, 1st place woman in 16:46, 7th overall

2/1/14 Indoor Rowing Southeast Championships/World Qualifier LGTW 500m 1:46.3 Bronze Medalist

2013 (Summary: Alicia competes in her first major stand up paddle board championship race. She becomes a USA Archery Level 2 instructor and begins coaching and training in archery with hopes to compete in 2014.)

10/27/13 USA Beach Running 10k Championship Cocoa Beach, FL 3rd Place 43:43

9/14/13 Clermont Parkrun 5k 1st Place (2nd Overall out of men and women)

9/11/13 NTC 4k Cross Country Ultimate Series Championship # 6 17:29 1st Place (3rd Overall out of men and women)

8/28/13 NTC 4k Cross Country Ultimate Series Championship #5 17:40 1st Place (6th Overall out of men and women)

7/24/13 NTC 4k Cross Country Ultimate Series Championship # 4 17:18 1st Place (4th Overall out of men & women)

6/12/13 NTC 4k Cross Country Ultimate Series Championship # 3 17:26 2nd Place (5th Overall out of men & women)

5/22/13 NTC 4k Cross Country Ultimate Series Championship # 2 17:26 2nd Place (5th Overall out of men & women)

5/18/13 Gulf Coast Stand Up Paddle Board Championship 13th Place 3 mile SUP then Running Sprint to Finish 56:28.8

4/24/13 NTC 4k Cross Country Ultimate Series Championship # 1 17:56 2nd Place (5th Place Overall out of men & women)

2012 (Summary: Alicia Weber wins her 2nd World Championship in the 10k Beach Running World Championship. She becomes the only person male or female to win 2 consecutive years and re-set the record twice. She is recognized as the World’s Most Prolific Record Setter now where she set 188 world records in one year!)

11/22/12 Las Vegas, Nevada Catch the Gobbler 5k 10th woman and 38th overall out of 498 racers results More Details in this Team Weber Race!

10/21/12 10k Beach Running World Championships, Cocoa Beach, Fl, 1st Place World Champion! FULL Report and Results

Alicia Weber is 2012 NTC Ultimate Series Cross Country Female Champion with 4 Wins out of 6 Races from April 2012 – Sept 2012 See Video Here

9/12/12 NTC Ultimate Cross Country Series 6 4,000m 17:22 (new personal best on course) 6th overall and 1st female Race Video

8/22/12 NTC Ultimate Cross Country Series 5 4,000m 17:46 6th overall and 1st female Race Video

7/18/12 NTC Ultimate Cross Country Series Race 4 4,000m 17:52 4th overall and 1st female Race Video

7/14/12 St. Pete SUP WPA SERIES Race 3 -mi 1:21.50 10th Female in Stock Board Category Results

5/23/12 NTC Ultimate Cross Country Series Race 2 4,000m 17:24 7th overall and 1st place female RACE DURING RECORD CHALLENGE MONTH SEE HERE

4/22/12 Paddle Addict 3 mile SUP Race part of WPA Series 4th female on stockboard and 9th female out of both racerboard and stockboard categories VIDEO RESULTS

4/18/12 NTC Ultimate Series Cross Country Race 1 4,000m 17:44 6th Overall and 2nd Female Finisher RACE REPORT & VIDEO

2/4/12 Indoor Rowing Southeast Championship and World Qualifier 500m Lightweight Women Silver Medalist  DETAILS & VIDEO 2nd place

2011 (Summary: Alicia Weber won her first World Championship this year in the 10K Beach Running World Championships held at Cocoa Beach, Florida. She set over 20 world records this year.)

11/19/11 10k Beach Running World Championships Cocoa Beach, Fl  World Champion!!  1st place DETAILS & VIDEO

9/10/11  NTC Cross Country Series Final Won Overall out of women AND men + Re-Set my Course Record!  DETAILS & RACE VIDEO

5/28/11  NTC Cross Country Running Series Race 2 Won Overall out of women AND men + Set Course Record! 1st place  DETAILS & RACE VIDEO

2/5/11  28thAnnual Southern Sprints Indoor Rowing Championships  and World Qualifier Open Ltwt 500m – 1:48.9 4th Place  RACE VIDEO

2010 (Summary:  Alicia Weber only competed in 1 event, but she set 24 World Records in 2010! Alicia publishes her 2nd book “Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness” )

1/31/10  27thAnnual Southern Sprints Indoor Rowing Championships and World Qualifier Open Ltwt 500m – 1.49.5  2ndplace  Open Ltwt 2k – 8.21.9  5th place

2009 (Summary:  For the 1st time, Alicia Weber competed in 10-sports all in 1 YEAR!  Alicia was selected by VideoTeasing.com to begin performing Strength Feat Shows! She set 8 Strength and Endurance World Records this year.)

12/6/09  XTERRA Mountain run half-marathon world championships Oahu, HI 40TH Woman in World  TRAINING VIDEO

11/22/09  Lithia Trail Half-Marathon and Southeast Trail Running Championship 1.40.25  3rd place

11/8/09  Stand Up Paddle Boarding SUP Poker Run 2nd Fastest

9/19/09  University Park 4-mile Cross Country 27:26 2nd place

7/12/09  Morton Plant Mease Triathlon and Southeast Sprint Championships 1:16.22 (new course PR)  11th place Elite

6/14/09  Master’s Open Water 1-mile Swimming Championship 14th overall (out of male and female)6/13/09  Florida State Games Sprint Kayak  1st place – 500m  3:32  2nd place- 200m  1:26 results

4/25/09  2-mi Paddle for the Cure  22:32 1st place

4/21/09  NTC Hilly 5k Series # 1 21.04  1st place

1/31/09  Tallahassee Ergomania 2k Rowing 8.27  1st place (1st time rowing)

2008 (Summary, decided not to renew her triathlon pro card and focus on setting world records.  At the age of 27, Alicia Weber began setting world records this year.   This was also a demanding year in her physical therapy program. She set 9 strength and endurance world records this year.)

10/19/08 UCF 5-Mile 34:45 17th place

9/25/08 Siesta Key Sprint Triathlon 8th place 1:25:54

? Cassleberry 5k 21:47  21st place

4/15/08 ITU Sprint USA Triathlon Developmental Invitational and National Championship for Under -30 years old Tuscaloosa, AL 9th place

2/16/08  USA Cross Country 5-mile National Championships (sick & injured, but ran anyway)  San Diego, CA 75th place 36:02

2007 (Summary:  Alicia Weber was accepted into a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program and began her studies.)

11/18/07 Alafia River State Park Trail half-marathon and Southeast Championship Tampa,FL, 1:38 2nd place

10/21/07 UCF 5 mile run 33:08 10th place

10/7/07 Health First Triathlon mile swim-28mi bike-10k run 3:04 6th college athlete

9/07 NTC Clemont, Fl evening 5k hilly run 21:22 1st place

8/19/07 Track Shack 3.0 mile run Central Florida 19:26 10th place

8/18/07  Family Fitness Series Championship Ft. Desoto 1-mile open water swim 20:27 (new course PR) 10th place

8/14/07 Orlando Time Trial 7.3mile cycle 20:25 (new course PR) 5th place

7/14/07 Morton Plant Mease Triathlon and Southeast Sprint Championship 1:18 (new course PR) 8th place pro

7/10/07 Siesta Key Biathlon 23:09 ( new course PR) 1.75 mile run  – 400m swim 1st place

6/16/07 Florida State Games Sprint Kayak Championships results

1st place 500m Open Recreational Division 3:40

1st Place 200m Sprint Open Recreational Division 1:36

6/5/07 Orlando Time Trial 7.3 mile cycle 20:27 2nd place

5/20/07 Columbia, MD, Olympic Triathlon 2:47 (new course PR) 6th place pro

5/5/07 Pass-a-Grille Challenge open water swim 19:01 6th place

4/14/07 Powerman Alabama National Championship Duathlon 5mi run-60k bike-5 mi run (ill & out of it) 11th place pro

3/17/07 Ft. Desto IDC Duathlon 10krun-40k bike-5k run 2:34 1st place pro

2006<(Made a podium finish with other pro triathletes this season – make a lot of improvement in pro triathlon.)

10/21/06 Tropical Splash 1k Open Water Swim Siesta Beach, FL 3rd place 21:25

9/9/06 Central Florida Triathlon Series Super Sprint with Pros 200yd swim/7.5mi bike/2-mi run 3rd overall 44:50

8/27/06 Elite Iron Girl Triathlon in MD 4th pro/61st place 1:46:56

8/12/06  Central Florida Triathlon Series Super Sprint with Pros 200yd swim/7.5 mi bike/2-mi run 3rd overall 26:46

8/1/06 Manasota Track Club Siesta Beach 3.77 mile run 28:11 1st place (this race was by age groups only)

7/16/06 Morton Plant Mease Triathlon and Southeast Sprint Championship 10th place Elite 1:20:45

4/2/06 Tri-America Triathlon Sprint .75k sim/20k bike/5k run 4th overall 1:24:12

2/19/06 Chilly Willy Duathlon Ft. Desoto Park, FL 17th overall 1:22:55

2005 (Sumary:  Alicia Weber worked on Biology degree, while competing in select races.)

10/05 Tropical Splash 1k Open Water Swim Siesta Beach, FL 1st place 19:01

9/25/05 Sand Key Triathlon Sand Key, FL  22nd place 1:11:18

8/14/05  Central Florida CFT Series #3 22nd place 1:14:26

7/19/05 Manasota Track Club Siesta Beach Biathlon 1.75 mile run-400m swim 23:15 1st place (this race is by age groups only)

6/14/05 Manasota Track Club Siesta Beach 3.77 Mile run 26:02 1st place (this race was by age groups only)

4/24/05 St. Anthony’s Triathlon (ankle stress-related injury, but did race anyway) Largest Triathlon in US last pro, 207th place overall 2:43:59

1/05 10-lap Orlando Crit 2nd place (no time avail)

1/05 10-lap Orlando Crit 1st place (no time avail)

2004 (Summary:  Alicia Weber turned professional in triathlon in May of 2004 after meeting qualifications. Alicia Weber sets 5 National Records and becomes the North American Fitness Champion!) Alicia Makes Headline News! Click for Article

9/19/04 Central Florida CFT Triathlon Series # 4 26th place place 1:12:36

4/17/04 Escape from Ft. Desoto Triathlon 23rd place 1:11:12

6/26/04 North American Fitness Championship-Became North American Fitness Champ after winning 5 events and setting 5 National Records AND Overall Title   St. Pete, FL  1st Place

5/2/04 Key Biscayne Sprint 1/3 mi S/16 mi B/ 5k R top 10 finish

4/4/04 Red Hills Triathlon in Tallahassee, FL 1/3 mi S/16 mi B/ 5k R 10th place 1:32:33

3/13/04 Gate River Run USA 15k Road Running Championship 62 minutes, chip didn’t work, so not in results

2/1/04 Chilly Willy Ft. Desoto Park, FL 10-mile 1st place 55:11

2003 (Summary:  Alicia Weber didn’t compete much as she was busy as a financial advisor and on the public speaking circuit.  Alicia also published her first book on marine biology!)  Alicia an Author Makes News!  Click for Article

11/8/03 2003 Suncoast Triathlon 9th place 1:01:09

10/5/03 Siesta Key Triathlon Sprint 7th place 1:23:03

8/31/03 Crystal River Triathlon # 3 4th place 1:15:24

8/23/03 CFT Triathlon Series # 3 31st place 1:08:59

8/6/03 Lake Lousia Sprint Triathlon Clermont, FL 400m Swim-15k Bike-3k run 43 minutes (21st overall out of men and women)

4/03 2003 Great Clermont Olympic Triathlon place? 2:53:28

3/26/03 Penn Relays 5k track

2002 (Summary, from mid Feb 2001 to late in ’02 Alicia was healing and racing conservatively from a severe bout of plantar fasciatis in both feet caused by a bad pair of shoes.)

9/02 2002 Tri-America Disney Triathlon 34th overall out of 538 women/ Olympic Distance PR 2:28:35

8/12/02 Beaches Fine Arts Series # 3 Triathlon Sprint 12th place 1:14:07

7/16/02 Beaches Fine Arts Series # 2 Triathlon Sprint 10th place 1:11:32

6/02 – 8/02 Selected for and participated in the First Ever Development team for Triathletes in Clermont Florida, competed in various Clermont races

3/31/02 Florida Relays Outdoor 5k 17th place 19:37

2001 (Summary:  Alicia Weber becomes the Ultimate Athlete of Florida in grueling competition testing all around athletic abilities.)

11/4/01 Ultimate Athlete of Florida Competition – Won Ultimate Athlete of Florida title winning 7 out of 10 events AND Overall Ultimate Athlete Title  1st Place  SEE EVENT VIDEO

9/9/01 Central Florida CFT Triathlon Series # 4 St. Petersburg, FL,.5 mi S/15 mi B/3mi R 1:24:42 2nd Elite Triathlete in CFT 4-race Series with most pts (3285)

9/7/01 UCF XC Invite 47th place 20:35

summer/01 Gainesville Biathlon 1st place (no time avail)

8/12/01 CFT Triathlon Series # 3 31st placel 1:08:56

6/23/01 CFT Triathlon Series # 2 13th place 1:09:24

3/29/01 Florida Event Classic Outdoor 3000m 2nd place 10:58

3/28/01 Florida Relays Outdoor 1500m 15th place 4:48.39

In mid-Feb ’01 Alicia got severe Plantar Fasciatis in both feet from a bad shoe – running/racing conservatively to heal

2/9/01 Tyson Invitational Indoor 3000m PR Fayetteville, AR 7th place 10:23.33

2/3/01 Gator Invite Indoor Mile PR 17th place 5:09.11, 400m 60 sec place?

1/19/01 SEC Quad Champion for indoor 5k Fayetteville, AR, PR 1st place 17:46 Alicia in 2001 Gator Track Victories List!  Click to view

1/13/00 Florida Intercollegiates indoor 3000m 12th place 10:33.48, 11th place mile 5:12.26

2000 (Summary:  Alicia Weber transferred to the University of Florida where she became a Letter Winner in Track and Cross Country and ran under the tutelage of U.S. Olympic Coach JJ Clark.)

11/11/00  Made Top 10 List of top 6k Times for UF, NCAA South Regional Championship 42nd 22:19 Alicia in Gator Running  Record Book!  Click to View

10/30/00 SEC XC Championships in Tuscaloosa,AL, 32nd place 22:53

10/14/00 Furman XC Invitational 70th place 19:41

10/7/00 Disney XC Invitational 19th place 18:42

9/30/00 Gator Invitational 6k 21st place 23:44

9/22/00  Named Athlete of the Week in XC JTC Invitational 5th place Alicia Makes Gator Cross Country News!  Read Articles

9/7/00 First race as a Florida Gator Nike Twi-Light Invitational and Qualifier for Traveling Squad 13th place 19:57

6/1/00  Ohiopyle Trail Half-marathon 1st place 1:30

4/30/00  World Triathon Championships, Perth, Australia 30th place; However Alicia ran an extra 5k, so she would really be in top 15.

3/31/00 Raleigh Relays 20th place 38:56 (new 10k track PR)

1999 (Summary:  Alicia Weber qualified for her first world championship at the age of nineteen and represented the US at age 20 in Australia for the Junior ITU Triathlon World Championships.)

10/16/99 Duquesne XC Invitational 22nd place 19:41

8/30/99  USATF National Triathlon Championships 12th place junior Qualified for USA World Triathlon Team! Click For National Championship Results

8/15/99  North Park Triathlon North Hills, PA 10th place 1:21:39

(one of the most competitive Sprint Tris in PA)

8/7/99 Run For Moon Park 5k, Moon Twp, PA 20:48 1st place

7/10/99 Rudy Marecic 5k West Mifflin, PA 19:37 1st place

7/3/99 Brentwood Firecracker 5k (largest & most competitive 5k in Western PA) 21:09 8th place

5/23/99  Columbia Triathlon National Qualifier 5th place Junior  and Alicia’s 1st Olympic Distance Triathlon & qualified for Nationals!  2:54:33

winter/99 Robert Morris Indoor Track Meet 1st place on record-setting 4 x 800m relay team

1998 (Summary:  Alicia Weber accepted a full scholarship for track and cross country at Duquense University.  By the time Alicia was a senior in high school she became a 2 x All American at 10,000 meters in Track and Field, a National Champion, and she earned 7 medals at National Championships!)

Alicia Weber won 7 National Championship medals by the time she was a high school senior. Here Alicia holds her bronze medal from Junior Nationals where she became an All American in 10,000 meter run (for the 2nd time) in 1998.

10/31/98 A-10 XC Championships 55th place 20:08

10/17/98 Duquense XC Invitational 7th place 20:19

10/10/98 St. Francis XC Invitational 14th place (no time avail)

10/3/98  CMU XC INVITATIONAL 7th place 20:19

8/98 North Park Triathlon, North Hills, PA 6th place 1:22.20 (one of the most competitive Sprint Tris in PA)

7/4/98 Brentwood Firecracker 5k (largest & most competitive 5k in Western PA) 20:22 11th place

6/27/98 Junior Nationals 10k All-American 3rd in the Nation @ Edwardsville, IL (110 degrees -46:17)

3/21/98 Yough River Trail Run Connellsville Trail Half-Marathon 1:28.53 1st place

1/30/98 World XC Trials World Qualifier Orlando, FL 6k 32nd place 23:32 (struggled with a foot injury-stress fracture)

1997 (Summary:  Alicia Weber begins getting calls from Colleges all over the US  recruiting her for running scholarships.  Alicia competed in high school swimming her Senior year, but those results are unavailable and not counted in this count.)

11/29/97 Foot Locker Northeast Regional Cross Country Championships in NY 42nd place 19:10

10/11/97 Slippery Rock Invitational Cross Country 2nd – 18:52

9/28/97 City of Pittsburgh 10K Great Race 19th place, 10th American to cross the line Set Record for Fastest 17 year old and 1st Under Age 17  36:41

8/97 North Park Triathlon set run course record 5th place 1:19.07 (one of the most competitive Sprint Tris in PA)

7/22-27/97 JO National Track and Field Championships Baton Rouge, LA 5th 3000m 10:37, 5th 1500m 4:46.14

7/13/97 U.S.A.T.F Regional Championship West Chester, PA, 1st 1500m – 4:45, 4th 800m – 2:227/12/97 U.S.A.T.F Regional Championship West Chester, PA, 1st 3000m – 10:58

7/4/97 Brentwood Firecracker 5k (largest & most competitive 5k in Western PA) 7th place 18:42

6/29/97 Slippery Rock U.S.A.T.F Qualifier 2nd 800m – 2:29, 2nd 3000m -10:46, 1st 1500m -5:02

6/22/97 Junior Nationals 10k All-American 5th place in the Nation for 10,000 meters and only high school runner Edwardsville, IL  39:22  Alicia Makes News – Becomes All American!  Click to read article

6/21/97 Junior Nationals 5,ooo meter at Edwardsville, IL 10th place in the Nation 18:42

6/97 JO Regional Track Championships West Chester, PA 1st 1500m PR 4:45.76, 1st 3000m, 4th 800m

5/30/97 Moon Township High School, Moon,PA, Track Meet 1st -3000m 11:10

5/17/97 Bethal Park, PA, Track Meet 1st – 800m 2:36, 1st 3000m -11:08, 1st 1500m – 5:19

3/22/97 Connelsville Trail Half-Marathon 1st place Half-marathon trail record setter 1:25:53

1996 (Summary:  Alicia Weber becomes a Track and Field National Champion and goes on a 13 race winning streak!) Alicia Makes News and Becomes National Champion!  Click to Read Articles

12/96 JO National Cross Country Championships 5k in Lexington, KY, 2nd place 19:07 Alicia Makes Cross Country News!  Click to Read Articles

11/24/96 Regional Cross Country Championship at Finger Lakes CC in NY 3rd – 20:10

11/17/96 Association Cross Country Championship at Slippery Rock University 1st 22:07

10/?/96 Man vs Woman 800 meter Dash on Cinder Track South Park, PA, male won in 2:17 and I was second (1st woman) in 2:18

9/29/1996 Pittsburgh 10k Great Race, 6th largest road race in the US 1st place in age group 40:17

8/96 – 11/96 set 2 course XC Course Records & won 6 XC 5ks in a row

7/28/96 Houston, TX JO National Track and Field Championships 3rd place 1500m 4:45.82

7/24/96 Houston, TX JO National Track and Field Championships 1st 3000m 10:30.51, 21st 800m 2:21.12  Became National Champion for U.S.A Track and Field!

7/14/96 Slippery Rock PA, Regionals JO Track and Field Championships 1st place 3000m 10:52, 3rd place 1500m 4:52 broke record, 3rd place 800m 2:23.8, 1st 400m 67sec

7/13/96 Slippery Rock PA, Regionals JO Track and Field Championships 1st place 3000m 10:52

7/4/96 Brentwood Firecracker 5k Brentwood, PA (largest & most competitive 5k in Western PA) 6th place 18:29

6/30/96 Association Championships for JO Track and Field Championships 1st place 3000m 10:42, 1st place 1500m 5:06, 2nd place 800m 2:28, also 400m

6/22/96 U.S.A.T.F Qualifier Oliver High School in Pittsburgh, PA 1st 1500m – 5:04, 1st 400m – 65, 1st 800m -2:31, 1st 3000m – 11:07

5/18/96 South Park High School Track Invite, South Park, PA 1st 1500m 5:09 2nd 400m 65 secs

5/11/96 South Park High School Track Invite, South Park, PA 1st 3000m 10:44

*Alicia Went on 13-race winning streak in 3k track and 5k XC events, where she became Nat’l Champ in 3k and streak ended when she became runner-up at XC Nationals.*

1995 (Summary:  Alicia Weber qualifies and competes in her first National Championship with U.S.A Track and Field.)

9/30/95 City of Pittsburgh 10k Great Race fastest time for 15 year old on course 37:34 – set Record, 27th overall out of 1,900 women.

7/23-28/95 1995 National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships San Jose, CA 12th – 3k 11:55

7/95 U.S.A.T.F Regional Championships, Rutgers University, New Jersey 3rd 3k – 12:02

7/4/95 Brentwood Firecracker 5k  (largest & most competitive 5k in Western PA) 9th place in 19:04

6/95 U.S.A.T.F Association Championship Moon High School in Pittsburgh, PA Top-10 finishes 3k – 11:10, 1500m – 5:08, 800m -2:33

6/24/95 U.S.A.T.F Qualifier, Upper St. Clair High School in Pittsburgh, PA Top-10 finishes in 3k -11:30, 1500m-5:15, 800m – 2:35

5/20/95 South Park High School Invite, South Park, PA 1st 3000m 11:03 1st 1500m 5:11

5/13/95 South Park High School Invite, South Park, PA 1st 3000m 11:09

1994 ( Summary:  Alicia’s second season competing in Junior Olympics as a Youth Girl (13-14yr olds) took many top-6 place finshes, but didn’t qualify past Regional Championships.)

9/24/94 City of Pittsburgh 10k Great Race Alicia’s first International Competition 1st in age group 40:41 6th largest road race in the US.

9/94 CMU Triathlon 500m swim, 10 mile bike, 5k run 1st Female Under 16

7/94 Regional U.S.A.T.F Championship, Rochester University 4th 1500m – 5:23

7/4/94 Brentwood Firecracker 5K  (largest & most competitive 5k in Western PA) 11th Overall Female 21:00

6/25/94 Uniontown PA Triathlon 1st Female Under Age 16

6/94 U.S.A.T.F Association Qualifier CMU 3rd 1500m – 5:14

6/94 U.S.A.T.F Qualifier Upper St. Clair High School 4th 1500m

1993 (Summary:  Alicia competes in her first triathlon at age 13!  Alicia also competes in her 1st yr of track and field as youth girl (13-14 yrs old) and took some top-6 place finishes, but didn’t make it past the Association Championships.)

10/93 Miles for Smiles 5k, South Park, PA, 1st place 22:40

9/15/93 Alicia’s first Triathlon 800m swim (dad did the swim), 14mi Bike, 5 mile run-  North Park Triathlon in North Hills, PA, and a 1st place for 19 years and under! (one of the most competitive Sprint Tris in PA)

7/4/93 Brentwood Firecracker 5k (largest & most competitive 5k in Western PA) Brentwood, PA 3rd place for women 12 to 15 24:07

6/93 U.S.A.T.F Association Championship at CMU Pittsburgh, PA, top-10 400m – 1:08

6/93 U.S.A.T.F Qualifier at Upper St.Clair High School in Pittsburgh, PA 4th 1500m 6:05, 4th 3000m 12:51, 4th in 400m

1992 (Summary:  Alicia Weber runs in her first race ever at age 12 and wins for her age group and SHE IS HOOKED!)

11/15/92 Rohrich Annual 5k Race, South Park, PA, Alicia’s first running race at the age of 12 with 1st place age group finish for 14 and Under!

Alicia set a dozen Physical fitness records and won individual titles enroute to winning the yearly Presidential Physical Fitness Tests during middle school (1991-1994). The physical fitness test consisted of 6 individual events and the most points achieved would win the overall title. Alicia achieved 61 points, the highest points ever achieved for a girl in 1994. Training for this test was what inspired Alicia to strive for overall physical fitness.