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World Record Holder’s 13 Extreme Exercises to Bring In Summer and Fourth of July 2017

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter pictures are copyrighted to © AlicaWeber.com

World Record Weber wishes all her worldwide fans a Wonderful 2017 Summer!
The World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter is busy again competing and going for new records in this sizzling, hot-to-trot summer. This is paddle board racing season and she recently took a victory in the SUP surfboard class at the Florida CUP. Then, she began training in new extreme paddle boarding styles (see below) and much more!

Fresh Off Weber’s Florida Cup Victory she began to train in 6 extreme paddling styles to challenge herself even more and work more muscles. Weber enjoys paddle boarding for the benefits in balance and stability training and overall physical fitness (and injury prevention).

Weber’s 6 Extreme Styles of Paddling

Weber really enjoys developing her strength and increasing her bone density in endurance plyometric exercises. She has been working on some new extreme plyometric exercises and she will sport them below.

Weber’s 100 Consecutive Reps of The Jumping Jack Pushup

Weber’s 100 Consecutive Reps of Jump Tuck Clap Pushups with Feet Flying off the Floor

Then, on Flag Day Weber performed the “Wonder Woman Flying Pushup” and threw in Flag at the end… Can you guess what flag she would have at the end of the video?

Find Out and Watch Wonder Woman Weber…

In between working on her “pushing” she kept “pulling” off some new extreme events as well!

Her most recent “pulling” event came on June 25 where she built up three months to perform this new extreme challenge known as “Most Unique Sets of 20 Consecutive Pull-Ups in 30-Minutes”

Watch Weber perform 200+ Unique Pull-Ups in 28 Minutes

Back on Memorial Day, she performed the Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Pull-up Challenge.

Watch her incredible strength and 6-pack abs in Red, White, and Blue!

Weber has been building her abs for combo events with strength. Her first combo event was the Consecutive 5-Minutes of Crunch-Deep Dips where she completed 65 reps.

Watch Weber teach and excel in the Crunch-Deep Dip Combo exercise.

World Record Weber began her build up to summer extreme challenges with her first challenge and it is considered the “world’s toughest Dip.” Do you know what the world’s toughest dip looks like? Find Out….

Watch Weber perform World’s Toughest Dip!


Alicia Weber – Female Pushup World Record Legend and the Official Pushup Hall of Fame

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

January 2012 marks the inception of the Official Pushup Hall of Fame where 10 Pushup World Champions have been inducted and they have their exclusive interviews (below).  The Pushup Hall of Fame was created to inspire the human race to keep “pushing” to new levels.  The Pushup Hall of Famers show a passion for sport and pushups, a commitment to excellence, and they strive to make a positive impact and inspire people to think BIG and “push” themselves in a positive way onward and upward!  The Official Pushup Hall of Fame Fanpage is a place where these Pushup World Champions inspire you and answer your questions in pushups and exercise at


(Like us on facebook and get inspired with a group of world champions!  **  This fanpage also holds the world record for the Most Pushup World Record Holders to Join a Fanpage!)

Below is the list of Pushup World Champions Inducted into the Official Pushup Hall of Fame (click name to see their interview)

1.  Charles Servizio – 24 hr Pushup World Record Holder (co-founder)

2.  Darryl Learie – Innovater of the one arm pushup on the raw egg and finger planks (founder)

3.  Charles Linster – Original Guinness Legend 6,006 non-stop pushups

4.  Robert Knecht- 13 yr old 7, 026 non-stop pushups in Guinness

5.  Guiseppe Cusano-Guiness World Record 441 pushups in 5 minutes

6.  Flavio Codarin-Record Setter age 60 1,200 non-stop pushups

7.  Shaun McDaniel-Record Setter World Record Legend

8.  Roy Berger-Guinness Mr. Pushup 3 x World Record Holder

9.  Michael Gooch-1 finger on the nail pushup world record holder and pioneer of the 1-finger pushup

10.  Alicia Weber-multiple pushup and exericse world record holder ( interview also shown below)

Alicia Weber – Female Pushup World Record Legend Interview with Darryl Learie