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Alicia Weber and 27 Champions Produced in 17 Days in 2017

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

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Alicia Concluded her 17 Day Track to producing Champions on November 11, 2017, where young men from the Champion Circle Program awaited to do a 45 minute “Mystery Activity.” They were surprised that they competed in a self-esteem booster known as an Archery Fitness Challenge where they officially became ARCHER ATHLETES!! They worked on many skills and excelled in their activity in a timely manner. They learned that in order to develop self-esteem they need to do something and accomplish something. They were all Champions to learn new skills and complete this challenge in only 45 minutes!!

Archery Fitness Challenge Self-Esteem Booster

Alicia Weber re-set her own world record in the 30 minutes of shoulder-width grip chin ups on November 7, 2017, when she did more than 500 (over 50 reps over her previous world record set back on August 10, 2012). She gains great self-esteem when she is able to set, re-set, and re-set her longer more arduous records.

Alicia Weber breaks another record with over 500 reps of proper form chin-ups in 30 minutes!

Alicia captured her 118th overall victory on November 4th, 2017, when she ran a 5k race on packed-sand to raise funds for pediatric cancer. She was over-joyed by the wonderful environment, friends, and new friendly people (and Sandhill Cranes) she met at the event. She had a runner’s high and self-esteem high that day!

Alicia’s 118th Victory!

October 26 – October 31

Nineteen of Alicia’s Archer Athletes would agree that success is achieved in self-esteem building activities. They all took the Qigong Halloween Archery Challenge. Three Teams qualified for the event and they finished in a Wicked Witch nail-biting close match as they took shots to ghost and pumpkin targets.

Top Shots from the Halloween Challenge

Finally, a Big Fan of many years challenged Alicia to an isometric shoulder exercise. Alicia took in the suggestion and created a new type of isometric strength and endurance challenge for Halloween 2017 involving holding two bows and doing lunges on a BOSU. The video reached 2,000+ views in just a few days and has become one of her most popular challenges for this year. Success comes from self-esteem and achievements, which makes people feel secure. Great Achievements make people popular!!!

Alicia’s Halloween Isometric Bow Arm Lunge BOSU Balance Challenge

Last but not least, in order to celebrate Halloween in style, World Record Weber Wonder Woman performed a new Feats of Strength Compilation. She had such a natural high from self-esteem that she had to do a little extra in her cape.

Alicia’s Halloween Feats of Strength Compilation

For archery lessons and/or archery exercise training in the Clermont and Winter Garden Area Contact Alicia at Awinningway@gmail.com

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.


Alicia Weber’s New Show – Weber Power!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

October 14, 2011 – Alicia Weber the fitness expert and 50 + time World Record Holder in Strength, Speed, and Endurance has launched her new show!!  Her show is scheduled to air twice a month and will be posted on the front page of AliciaWeber.com.

Alicia is happy to present “WEBER POWER” Empowering you in Life and Wellness with World Record Weber!  Stay tuned for new episodes.

WEBER POWER – Muscle Woman in Rare Form (Episode One)



Amazing Female Feats of Strength Videos with Alicia Weber

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You have come to the RIGHT place for info on the exclusive world record shows with the Premiere Woman in Strength, Speed, and Endurance…

Alicia Weber 50 + Time World Record Holder

Exclusive Female Feats of Strength Videos at VideoTeasing.com/alicia.htm

Continue Below for….World Record Weber Show Previews

Ultimate Female Feats of Strength


Feats of Strength Compilation


Muscle Woman vs Man Strength Challenges


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Superwoman Soars to New Heights in Feats of Strength!

NOW Playing at www.videoTeasing.com/alicia.htm

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Do you want to Watch World Record Weber Keep Going?

7 World Records…3 in 1 hour…strength, speed, and endurance…Plus, Close Up Bicep Flexing between World Records!!

World Record Weber is the REAL DEAL and you can see with your own eyes her entire spring 2011 collection of world records she set in the full Length show lasting 45 minutes.  Her world records have been verified by the Book of Alternative Records

Superwoman Soars to New Heights is about World Record Weber becoming the “Goddess of Gravity” and shattering a Pull Up endurance world record, 3 rope climbing records, 1 Rare Strength Feat, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Click Here for FULL SHOW  “Superwoman Soars to New Heights”

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Female Strength Feat Shows with Alicia Weber on VideoTeasing.com

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Are you a fan of all kinds of female strength feats? Are you a fan of Alicia Weber’s strength feats? With over 45 natural female strength athletes, VideoTeasing.com is the place for Feats of Strength Shows!  Alicia Weber began Live Strength Shows on March 18, 2011, and will continue…  The shows will simulcast on VideoTeasing.com, Ustream.tv, and AliciaWeber.com.  In addition Alicia Weber performs exclusive Strength Feat Shows as World Record Weber and her Australian character, Aussie Amanda.  Below are some samples from Alicia’s FULL Length Shows.  Click the the Link ABOVE the Shows to reach the FULL Length Show.

Rope Climbing Arrives at VideoTeasing!!  NOW Playing “World Record Weber Abs Mania (with Rope Climbing)”


6 Pack Ab and Strength Feats at VideoTeasing!!  NOW Playing, “World Record Weber Abs Mania (with Rope Climbing)”


Bicep Flexing with a Variety of Strength Feats at VideoTeasing!!  NOW Playing, “World Record Weber Med Ball Muscle Mania”


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Central Florida Martial Arts Conditioning and Fitness Training with Alicia Weber

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Are you looking for a martial arts conditioning instructor in Central Florida? If so, you are at the Right Place. Or are you looking for some martial arts conditioning tips? If so, you are in luck.

Alicia Weber Fitness Trainer and Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist shows cool conditioning moves.


No matter if you are a fencer, kickboxer, kata competitor, wrestler, boxer, or any other type of martial arts competitor – one thing is shared by all and that is SPARRING!! At some point in the training phase, sparring and sparring drills will come into play to keep one’s game on PAR.

Any fighter knows aerobics and strength are key, but other components need to be developed as well. Today we will briefly touch up on the 4 Key Components of Martial Arts Conditioning. It is really important to work all 4 components in each serious martial arts conditioning session. Those components should be followed in this order:
1.) Speed/Quickness/Reactive Ability – the most sensitive with fatigue accumulation and that’s why it should be first.
2.) Strength – after the former, the muscles are triggered for strength moves
3.) Endurance – at this time the workout becomes challenging and it trains the muscles to endure, which will be imperative for fights
4.) Flexibility – best improved when the body is warm (static stretching can tend to temporarily weaken muscles due to reduced overlap in muscle sarcomere – even more reason to end with flexibility)

So have you been covering the 4 components in your training sessions?

Do you need some martial arts conditioning in Central Florida? If so, you can contact Alicia at Awinningway@gmail.com and put “fitness” in subject line.

Alicia Weber is a Fitness Trainer and Entertainer. One of her acts is that of an Elvis Impersonator where she does NEW MOVES! And guess what, they are sparring moves!! See the “New Elvis with the New Moves” below


Alicia Weber’s 2011 Florida Rowing Report (with some bicep flexing)

By: Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

I kicked off my competitive season on Feb 6, 2011, at the 2011 Southern Sprints Indoor Rowing Championship in Melbourne, Florida. I shaved a second off my time in the 500m dash and took 4th place in a close race. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place were all within points of a second from each other, while the winner was 3 seconds ahead.

Watch Alicia Weber in Pre-Race Bicep Flexing followed by her 500m Dash!


Next up, I visited what is to be for years to come the World Class Rowing Center in Sarasota, Florida, at Nathan Benderson Park.  This is a fabulous flat water 2,000m outdoor rowing course surrounded by a 5 mile trail.  I cycled along the trail as I videoed the lake and flexed my bicep (as I held the camera in the other hand). 

Watch Alicia Weber bicep flexing and showing the rowing center, while cycling (and holding the camera in the other hand).


Are you a Rowing fanatic?  If so, Sarasota, Florida is a place to visit!  For more information on the World Class Rowing Center in Sarasota, Florida visit http://www.sarasotafl.org/sports/rowing/

Fitness Advice & Exercise Tips with Alicia Weber

By: Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

Due to my successes and suggestions from fans, I decided to start another blog called “Alicia Weber’s Recommendations”. It reviews fitness and health products and the blog is dedicated to answering questions and giving advice in the area of fitness, health, and wellness. I have created the category on this site called Alicia’s Recommendations, so that AliciaWeber.com readers can stay in the loop as well from this site. I have attached links from the other site on this page.  Enjoy!!

Postings from “Alicia Weber’s Recommendations”…

New Year Fitness Advice

Believe The Unbelievable World Record Book Available here

By:  Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

Human achievement world record holders are the big dreamers and doers of the world.  They have an extraordinary drive and determination to achieve big goals all for the satisfaction of personal achievement and personal growth. They set an unbelievably high standard for themselves backed with relentless dedication, determination, and commitment and they raise the bar on what is possible in the area of brain and body POWER!  Creativity is another attribute of human achievement world record holders – they are nonconformist that push the envelope in unchartered territory.

How do I know what makes a human achievement world record holder?  Well, I am one.  I am Alicia Weber – a world record holder in strength, speed, and endurance.


Do you want to get energized, inspired, or challenged? If so, THEN Believe the Unbelievable is the book to read! It has over 1,500 feats of incredible human achievement.  Get your copy TODAY by clicking the link below:

Believe the Unbelievable: the Ultimate Book of World Records and the People who Pursue Them

Alicia Weber’s Extreme Strength Feats and Comedy Shows NOW Playing at www.AliciaWeber.com/shows

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Alicia Weber combines her athletic and strength talents with her entertainment /comedy abilities to create “fitness comedy” at AliciaWeber.com/shows  .  Not only has she been an elite athlete for 15 years with 30 world records, but she has been an entertainer.  It was very common for Alicia to compete as an athlete in the AM and then perform into the wee hours of the night as one (or sometimes up to 3) of her characters at National Championships like the Collegiate Triathlon National Championship.

She has created and performed as 9 different characters (male, female, and animal roles).  One of her popular characters with athletes has been Coach Johnny Deltoid – the obsessed, eccentric, and old track coach.  He stars in her newly released show “World Record Weber Challenges Coach Deltoid in AM Strength Workout.”

Alicia “World Record” Weber will be performing maximum strength feats, extremely difficult and rare strength exercises all while challenging her coach to consider strength training over running for once.  After all, Coach Deltoid has been around the track far too many times and he needs to change things up.  The coach shows resistance in this 10-minute show and he tries to hold World Record Weber back from the Ultimate – 1 Arm 1 Finger (and thumb) Pushup.

Will she meet her Ultimate Goal??  Well, of course, but she goes through some obstacles to break away from the obsessed track coach.  The real question is…Will she get Coach Deltoid to love strength training?

Words can’t describe Coach Johnny Deltoid as well as video.  So you can view the following videos below to get a taste of Coach Deltoid’s dramatic personality and you will get a preview of the new show “World Record Weber Challenges Coach Deltoid to AM Strength Workout”.

Funny Track Coach Juggles and Talks Track on Medicine Balls!

World Record Weber vs Coach Deltoid in Speed Punching Contest with 230 lbs bag!

World Record Weber does 2 Finger Calisthenics (pullups, dips, & pushups)  Will her coach??

Click here for “World Record Weber Challenges Coach Deltoid in AM Strength Workout” – start cackling and get inspired and energized in this 10-minute show!