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Alicia Weber – Muscle Woman and 2 x World Champion in Running

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber is a 2 X World Champion in 10k Beach Running and a prolific world record holder in strength, speed, and stamina with 225 world records (and counting).
COCOA BEACH, Fl, October 21, 2012 —-Alicia Weber has done it again – set the course record and won the 10K Beach Running World Championships for the second year in a row! Athletes participated in the World Championship event representing 9 countries and 22 states. Alicia Weber was the overall female winner and was 6th overall out of the men and women. Alicia re-set the course record in a time of 43:53.

Alicia breezed through the finish line feeling great and very happy that she broke the course record by 39 seconds. Alicia exclaimed, “This is my final competition of 2012 and my 6th victory for the year where I competed in 4 sports. I am ending my season on a high note with great excitement over this consecutive world championship victory! I am very happy and thankful!”

Alicia juggles her sports as many as 10 different sports in one year and her competitive season starts in Feb and normally ends in late October or November each year. Competing in sports is not all Alicia does as she also sets strength, speed, and stamina world records throughout the year. So far this year, Alicia set 166 official world records at Recordsetter. This is the most Alicia EVER set in one year and the year is NOT over yet for her record setting…

Alicia is the World’s Most Prolific Strength and Endurance Record Holder that is also a World Champion Athlete – her post-race interview here:

Alicia has excelled in all forms of running from track to road to off terrain and is a former University of Florida track/cross country letter winner. I asked Alicia how does beach running compare to the other forms of running.

Alicia answered, “Beach running is challenging. You don’t know what you will get – beach wind gusts, thick sand, hard packed sand, and even running on a slant the whole time. You need to prepare for it all. Beach running requires extra sessions of feet and leg strengthening to handle the unbalanced sandy surface that challenges each step or your run.”

Alicia Made Headline News at FloridaToday.com and is featured in article and video HERE.

Alicia is a fitness trainer, nutritionist, and multi-sport coach and can be reached at Awinningway@gmail.com


“The Clan Lands in Hollywood” an Improv Fitness Comedy Show with Alicia Weber!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Dec 25-30,2011)— Alicia Weber is the talent and producer/director behind the Comedy Mini Series “The Clan Lands in Hollywood.” Alicia Weber is a world record holder in strength and endurance with a creative side that brings out multiple personalities as she performs in her own genre of comedy, which she calls “Improv Fitness Comedy.”  In this mini series “The Clan Lands in Hollywood” the scenes are set, but the lines are not set and the acting is on the spot.  The mini series is divided into 5 days as the Clan is on a 5 day journey in Hollywood and each day the drama builds as Day 5 will be the most dramatic day!  Follow the Clan below for each day of their journey in Hollywood!  Happy Cackling!

DAY 1  Muscle Woman- Catalina Calisthenics is the first member of the Clan to arrive in Hollywood!  Watch her “boobling” arrival below!


DAY 2 Madalina Seg is busy with her 5 day Fat Loss Retreat in Hollywood and she shows her progress after the first day!


DAY 3 Meet Coach Johnny Deltoid and see his W-I-L-D and CrAzY Hollywood Arrival!


DAY 4  The Clan Walks the Hollywood Hall of Fame and we see Johnny Deltoid’s new residence and catch up with World Record Weber!


DAY 5  The long awaited drama hits BIG as 4 members of the clan become Out of Control!  Plus, see the results of Madalina’s 5 day Fat loss retreat!



*Keep up with “The Clan” –  You can follow them on youtube CLICK HERE

**CLICK HERE for exclusive strength feat and armwrestling shows!

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