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Alicia Weber, Representing USA, with 8 World Class Appearances, 3 Titles, and Guiding Youth to Top of World Too!

By: Weber Way to Wellness Images are copyrighted © Alicia Weber

Below is Alicia Weber’s list of high profile competitions containing World Championships and North American Championships. She has competed in 6 sports in the highest level of elite competition and she has won three titles. A complete listing of All her 17 sports and competitions including national and regional championships, is here: Alicia Weber All Around Athlete here.


Beach Running

Weber is the most decorated 10K Beach Championship Runner winning two World Championships and then placing in the top three at multiple National Championships.
10/21/12 2012 Beach Running 10K World Championships Cocoa Beach, FL 43:53 Re-set course record World Champion
11/19/11 2011 Beach Running 10K World Championships Cocoa Beach, FL 44:35 Set course record World Champion

Indoor Rowing

Weber is a sponsored athlete and professional coach in many sports for all ages and ability levels. She got sponsored in indoor rowing after winning gold in two events at 2016 World Qualifier in Melbourne, Florida. She now competes in World Championships

3/12/17 2017 World Indoor Rowing Sprint 1k Championships held worldwide (418 Lightweight Women) 3:49.5 26th in World
3/13/16 2016 World Indoor Rowing Sprint 1k Championships held worldwide (345 Lightweight Women) 3:50.3 26th in World

Xterra Mountain Running

Weber dreamed of doing the world’s toughest half-marathon in Hawaii and she made it a reality in 2009.

12/6/09 Xterra Half-Marathon Running World Championship (considered world’s toughest half-marathon with 1700 ft of climbing over several climate zones ranging 65-90 degrees) Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, Hawaii 2:14:15 40th in World

Olympic Distance Triathlon

Alicia qualified for her first world championship when she was nineteen. She competed in Perth, Australia when she was twenty. She then turned pro in triathlon at age 24 and was pro for 3 years focusing on non-draft events. However, her best place was 9th in nation in an ITU Draft-Legal National Sprint Championship in 2008 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

4/30/00 2000 ITU World Triathlon Championships for Junior Women Perth, Australia 1500m swim, 25 mile bike, 10k Run (accidently ran an extra 5k, so she did a 15k run) 30th in World


Top Youth Team in United States represented in two world championships in a row!

Indoor Rowing with Alicia’s Team Awinningway of Youth Rowers

3/12/17 2017 World Indoor Rowing Sprint 1k Championships held worldwide Team Awinningway of Youth Rowers (Largest Youth Team in US AND 6th Largest in World) 11 Kids

3/12/17 Alicia Weber’s 11yr year old athlete, Jadyn Graybill, become first American and 39th in World out of 119 youth girls in world championship

3/13/16 2016 World Indoor Rowing Sprint 1k Championships held worldwide Team Awinningway of Youth Rowers (Largest Youth Team in US!!) 6 kids


Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

The Top 5 Finishers in the 2015 Bic One Design North American Championship. On the left, Weber took 4th.place. Competitors traveled as far as Hawaii to compete.

9/13/15 Bic One Design North American SUP 400m Dash Championship Melbourne, FL 4th place

Physical Fitness

Weber is posing in St. Petersburg Beach aftter becoming the 2004 North American Fitness Champion.

6/26/04 North American Fitness Championship (7 one minute events in 13 minutes for most reps) St. Petersburg, FL set 5 North American Records (1st place out of men and women totaling 30) North American Fitness Champion

Huff, Puff, and Triumph and Rise to the Top Under the Tutelage of Alicia Weber, contact for training info at Awinningway@gmail.com


Double Holiday Championship Weekend

Pictures are Copyright © AliciaWeber.com

CENTRAL FLORIDA, Dec 10-11, 2016— Only the Top 22 – 26 percent of all archer-athletes qualified for the 2016 Championship Series. The athletes had to get down an array of athletic routines and skills involving sprinting, archery, volleyball, hand-eye coordination, jumping, and strength. One set of athletes competed in an Obstacle Championship, while another set of athletes competed in the Domino Archery Championship.

The Team Champions in the Weekend Championship!

Highlights of the Double Championship Weekend

The Diamond Cheetahs performed an outstanding (perfect scored) 13 yard volleyball routine.

Finally, here is an exclusive interview with coach and athletes.

Interested competitors can contact Awinningway@gmail.com


Alicia Weber’s Select Super Endurance Feats of 2016

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber sets records exclusively at Recordsetter where she is the most prolific female record holder and physical fitness record holder.  On October 26, 2016, she achieved setting 800 world records all in physical fitness at Recordsetter.
Alicia Weber sets records exclusively at Recordsetter where she is the most prolific female record holder and physical fitness record holder. On October 26, 2016, she achieved setting 800 world records all in physical fitness at Recordsetter.
Alicia Weber has been raising the bar in physical fitness for over 20 years as she sets record after record, wins at sports, and develops a champion’s mindset in youths, young adults, and senior citizens alike in a variety of athletic endeavors. Each Year Weber takes her game to a new level.

Here you can see Weber's World Record Wonder Woman Development overt the past 7 years.
Here you can see Weber’s World Record Wonder Woman Development overt the past 7 years.

One of her biggest fans has dubbed her feats of strength “Super Endurance Feats.” Alicia Weber smashed records in an unbelievable fashion this year with both mental and physical toughness. Below are some of her her select Official Recordsetter World Records that fans call “Super Endurance Feats” of 2016.


SHOWN ABOVE #1 This is probably the most talked about Super Endurance Feat of 2016: The Most Non-Stop Combinations of Leg Lifts and Straight Leg Holds (2,030 leg lifts and 34 minutes of straight leg holds)

SHOWN BELOW #2 After setting and re-setting the 1 hour of pull-up world record over the past 8 years, Weber performed the most pull-ups ever in one hour (out of men and women) with 1,070 strict pull-ups in one hour.

SHOWN BELOW #3 Longest Swiss Ball Cadence Test (31 minutes)

SHOWN BELOW #4 Fastest Time to Complete 300 Thick Bar Pull-ups and run a one mile cross country run (30:46.7) The heat made this record tough…it was 100 degrees out and tough to hold onto the pull-up bar after awhile as skin came off the fingers from the heat.

SHOWN BELOW #5 She smashed the former record by 145 reps!!! The Most 90 Degree Flexed Hang Knee to Elbow Raises in 30 mionutes (620 reps)

SHOWN BELOW #6 This might be more challenging than the above ab exercise even though it is just 15 minutes. This video has the most views out of all six videos. It gives a major burn!!! The Most Consecutive Decline Locked Finger Pushups in 15 Minutes (205 pushups)

See All Alicia Weber’s Official Recordsetter World Records Here.

Contact Alicia for Fitness Training at Awinningway@gmail.com


Central Florida Top Real Estate Agent, Maria Rodriguez

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Maria Rodriguez is recognized by many as a top real estate agent in Central Florida for her track record of long-term success, community building, and for her strengths in communication, organization and knowledge of the area.  Learn more:  http://mrodriguez.clermontcoldwellbanker.com/
Maria Rodriguez is recognized by many as a top real estate agent in Central Florida for her track record of long-term success, community building, and for her strengths in communication, organization and knowledge of the area. Learn more: http://mrodriguez.clermontcoldwellbanker.com/
Maria Rodriguez has been a licensed real estate agent since 1994, but she is recognized as a real estate marketing expert, custom broker, and an individual who goes above and beyond to help people meet their goals. She has a following of many happy clients of many years and they refer to as their “real estate agent for life.”

She is bilingual in English and Spanish and she works with buyers and sellers. Maria Rodriguez has been with Coldwell Banker Tony Hubbard Realty headquartered in Clermont, Florida, since 1999. She has high end or fixer-uppers and everything in between as well as houses in gated communities and 55+ communities. She has clients wanting to list houses or buy houses all over Central Florida in the following areas:
1. South Lake County including Groveland and Clermont
2. Winter Garden
3. Ocoee
4. Davenport
5. Windermere

Maria Rodriguez has a passion for the areas where she lists and sales as she has grown up in the area with her family. She has watched the area grow and she has become very attached and knowledgeable. Maria Rodriguez is known as a person who is mindful of each person’s needs, reliable about meeting with people, and credible in giving the answers they are seeking to know.

Watch Maria in Action as She Meets with an Interested Buyer, Audrey

After spending the afternoon with Maria, Audrey has decided to have Maria be her real estate agent. Although, Audrey did not make a decision on a house yet, she knows like many know that Maria Rodriguez is the real deal and she only wants Maria.

One of Maria’s clients is still in touch after more than 10 years. She calls Maria, “The best broker I have ever had.” She went on to buy a business and two houses from Maria as her family followed suit.

Maria’s strengths are in communication and bringing people together. She has a track record of being very effective when it comes to selling property, getting closings, organizing and helping people in the process, working with bank negotiation, and working with insurance and title companies.

Another client of Maria’s who has been a client for more than 13 years said, “Maria shows much patience and kindness. She gives you the info you need. She is very knowledgeable about real estate and she goes above and beyond to help you with your needs.”

Audrey heard from some of Maria’s past clients and she experienced how warm, reliable, honest, and helpful Maria was in another visit with Maria. She toured a gated community fitness center to help her decide on the house and neighborhood she wanted to move into. On this second visit with Maria, Audrey decided on a house and chose Maria as her realtor for life.

Watch Maria Rodriguez’s Testimonies and Audrey’s Decision on a House

Maria Rodriguez can be your Real Estate Agent for life too! You can contact her about listings or buying a house at 407-921-7936. You can learn more here: http://www.clermont-realtor.com


Endurance “Eggsercise” Fitness Challenges with Alicia Weber

By: Alicia Weber

I was first inspired by Darryl Learie in 2011 to take up “Eggsercise”. The year 2012 was my time to really get into eggsercise for the benefits of adding more balance, coordination, and muscular control in with standard exercises. I particularly enjoy mixing eggsercise challenges in with my arm exercises to make them a lot harder and more challenging for me. In 2012 I debuted at Recordsetter with a variety of Eggsercise World Records and I share some of those world record videos with you here!

1. Most Consecutive Egg on Spoon In Mouth Pull Ups in One Minute

This record was probably one of my most popular records set in 2012 as it earned Record of the Day AND I took 4th place in the Record of the Month Challenge in May 2012 for the quest of the most popular record set with Recordsetter. I first set the record in May 2012 and then re-set it in December 2012 as you can see below:

2. Most Consecutive 4 Finger Egg on Spoon In Mouth Pull Ups in One Minute

This record was first set in May 2012 and it received Record of the Day at Recordsetter, but didn’t receive quite the height of acclaim as the standard pull up with the egg on the spoon in the mouth.

3. Most Consecutive Egg On Spoon in Mouth L Pull Ups in One Minute

This record was set shortly after the egg on spoon in mouth pull up records became popular at Recordsetter in May 2012. I opened this category at Recordsetter and set this record in June 2012.

4. Longest Time to Hold Egg on Spoon In Mouth While Maintaining L Isometric 90 degree Hold

5. Longest Time to Perform One Arm Half-Way Chin with Egg on Spoon In Mouth

6. Most Consecutive Ring Dips holding 40% of One’s Bodyweight Between Feet, while Balancing Egg On Spoon In Mouth

7. Most Consecutive One Arm Pushups Balancing 10lbs Medicing Ball on Back with Egg on Spoon In Mouth

This record was my first stand alone eggsercise record set with Recordsetter in February 2012 and this record earned a lot of acclaim, Record of the Day, and Editors Pick with Recordsetter. This one record caused me to train and set many more eggsercises throughout 2012!

I have to put out an Eggcellent effort for all these records where I set a total of 10 Eggsercise Recordsetter World Records in the year 2012. I hope you enjoyed a taste of this “eggsercise”. Have an eggstatic time eggsercising!!


A NEW Spin to Cadence Tests for Physical Fitness Testing

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

A popular way to test muscular stamina is with a cadence test. One of the most common that comes to mind is the 20 rep a minute pushup test till failure. Cadence tests don’t need to be bland to be effective. In fact, there are quite a few creative and highly challenging cadence tests for arm and ab muscular strength. The more dynamic an exercise, then the more effective it will be for one. If you are looking to put a new spin on cadence testing, then you are at the RIGHT place. Below are 6 challenging and unique cadence tests for arms (4) and core (2) and you are watching the official world records for these tests as well. Alicia Weber holds the Recordsetter World Records for the following 6 cadence tests and you can watch her go over the instructions for the tests and then set the records!

1. Longest TRX Two Medicine Ball Knee Tuck Push-Up Cadence Test

2. Longest Side-To-Side Rope Pull Up Cadence Test

3. Longest TRX Knee Tuck Pushup Cadence Test

4. Longest Strict Form Spiderman Pushups Cadence Test

5. Longest Cadence Back Up Exercise

6. Longest Swiss Ball Leg Lift Cadence Test

Happy Physical Fitness Testing!


Team Weber and Alicia Weber’s 2012 Gator-Style Thanksgiving

By: Weber Way To Wellness Reporter

LAS VEGAS, NV, November 21-22, 2012 — On the Eve of Thanksgivng, the former Florida Gator Athlete, Alicia Weber, kicked off her Thanksgiving in Gator-Style! Alicia attacked a physical challenge that she was building up for over the past few weeks, but never attempted before. It was the all out consecutive 100m Plyometric Alligator Pushup for fastest time! She must keep her feet together with her legs straight for the entire duration and begin the exercise with a hop then one arm stretching out with other arm in close (like an alligator) and perform a pushup. She must repeat this as necessary until getting over the finish line! She completed 185 of these extreme consecutive pushups covering the 100m in 12:10. Alicia exclaimed, “Out of my 200 Recordsetter Exercise World Records set this year, this ranks as one of the toughest!”

Alicia’s 100m Alligator Plyometric Pushups for Fastest Time on 11/21/12

Team Weber 2012
Here is Team Weber - Alicia Weber, Jim Weber, and Kimberly Weber

The following morning – Thanksgivng morning, Team Weber jumped into the Catch the Gobbler 5k for a fun run to earn their Turkey! Alicia Weber, Kimberly Weber, and Jim Weber chased those turkeys and as a family and they would have tied for 2nd place based on most family members earning awards in their age divisions. Alicia took 2nd place in her division, while Jim took 3rd place in his division. The Gronauer family had 2 earn division awards as well, but no one could catch the Holiday family, which took the Turkey with 8 family members earning awards in their age divisions. It was a fun race for families and friends to kick off Thanksgiving in an exciting 5k race!
Team Weber Winners 2012
Team Weber took home 2 division awards. Alicia Weber and Jim Weber holding their Awards.

Alicia exclaimed, “My sister and dad were just going to do this race and I jumped in to make it a family run. I was still healing from a bad blister from running on a slant for half the run in my Beach Running World Championship, which I won several weeks ago. Although I am still healing my blister, I decided to do this race anyways, but just for fun at a casual pace. This is our first race as a family and it was nice!”


Coach Johnny Deltoid Interviews Senior Runner (from Rehab to Winning Races)

By:  Track Coach - Johnny Deltoid
By: Track Coach – Johnny Deltoid

Coach Johnny Deltoid is a die hard track fan, track coach, and runner of many years.  His wife of 7 years is also in love with running.  Together they eat, sleep, talk, drink, and run!  Coach Deltoid is fascinated by a senior that couldn’t run from an injury, but through the right rehab and determination he is now running and winning!!  Coach Deltoid interviews this successful senior runner!

1.) Coach Deltoid:  So you ran your first race in 10 years.  What rekindled your flame to race again?
1.) Senior Runner:  I got some new friends that do races and I thought I would jump in my new age group and see what happens.
2.) Coach Deltoid:  A year ago a big decision needed to be made to get a surgery or not get a surgery.  Tell us about that..
2.) Senior Runner:  I had a Grade 2 Rectus Femoris M. partial tear.  I chose NOT to get surgery.  I decided to work under the tutelage of Alica Weber, where I was given a series of exercises to expand my range of motion in my knee joint and undergo light low impact strengthening.  It was the best decision to make and I am back up and running!
3.) Coach Deltoid:  Could you imagine yourself in ’09 (when the injury took place) ever running again?
3.) Senior Runner:  No, it was questionable that I would even be able to run.
4.) Coach Deltoid:  Which exercises that Alicia gave you helped you most?
4.) Senior Runner:  Gliding Disc flexibility training definitely helped, but it was a combination of many exercises and using Skecher Shoes and using Ultra-Sound before exercise. The real test was being able to run, which I passed in Feb 2010 when I ran a 200m on grass in 50 seconds.
5.) Coach Deltoid:  Once you knew you could run again, what was your next challenge?
5.) Senior Runner:  I wanted to run a 400m on the track and I completed it in 1:40.  I just decided to jump into a 5k race for the first time “cold turkey”.  I ran the whole time and finished in 32:30 for 3rd place in my 60-65 age group.  So, I am running with the Big Turkeys now!  So the success spurred me on for the next race where I lowered my time to 29 minutes!  I hope to do one 5k race every month now!
Senior Runner:  From Rehab not being able to run to Running and Winning
5.) Senior Runner: From Rehab not being able to run to Running and Winning

6.) Coach Deltoid:  What kinds of recommendations do you give for a person with Grade 2 Rectus Femoris M. partial tear or to one with a  similar knee problem?

6.) Senior Runner:  I would highly recommend getting a pair of Skecher Shoes.  If you are older with muscle imbalances and in need of ankle strengthening, they will help with all of it.  They will help with strengthening the ankles and ligaments in the knees in a way that you can’t get elsewhere.  You are sure-footed with them!  I run and train in my Skechers Men’s Shape Ups Lace-Up,Black,8.5 M
ReliaMed 1Mhz Portable Home Ultrasound Physical Therapist Massage Machine & FREE China Gel Sample is another MUST.  I used ultra-sound 2 x day for 15 mins each time for 6-months.  I always use it before exercise and then again after exercise.  You don’t know if it is working or not, but very suddenly it rebuilds the bone and tissues.