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2016 A Year in Review for World Record Weber


In 2016 The World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter, Alicia Weber, claimed her fifth consecutive year with the title after setting 210 Official RecordSetter World Records All in Physical Fitness. Additionally, she ended 2016 with 113 Career Victories as an elite athlete. She competed in 4 sports in 2016 (SUP, beach running, indoor rowing, and cross country running).

World Record Weber’s 2016 YEAR IN REVIEW

Alicia did not compete in footgolf yet, but she spent the summer learning the new sport.


The end of a year is a time to reflect on great success and look to improve and become the best you can be in the new year! In 2016, Alicia competed in 11 competitions (6 victories, 4 second places, and 23rd in world championship). Alicia also took her 5th year in a row as World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter and placing top 10 among all record setters. Also, in the past 5 years Alicia has been featured in top shows and publications including the following:
1. Believe the Unbelievable: The Ultimate Book of World Records and the People Who Pursue Them By Record Holders Republic, Bartleyby Press 2010,
2. Featured in Top Selling Book (7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups By Brett Stewart, Ulysses Press on May 20, 2011),
3. Military Times: 3 Drills to Better your Pull-Ups from Record Holder Alicia Weber on April 9, 2014,
4. Played a role in WWE Tough Enough-Season 6 Episode 5 (where she was first woman finisher in obstacle race although her win was not shown in show aired on July 21, 2015),
5. Selected for America’s Got Talent 10 as “World Wecord Wabbit” made it to Final Audition in Tampa, Florida, and was one of 6 selected for special taping on Nov 2-3, 2014), and
6. One of 115 Record Holders featured in DreamWorks Kids Recordsetter Kids Show (2015).


Alicia Weber sets records exclusively at Recordsetter where she is the most prolific female record holder and physical fitness record holder. On October 26, 2016, she achieved setting 800 world records all in physical fitness at Recordsetter.


Here you can see Weber’s World Record Wonder Woman Development over the past 7 years.


1.) Alicia’s favorite event was when she won double gold medals at the 2016 Southern Sprints Indoor Rowing World Qualifier Event (and she became only one of 3 lightweight women to win the double in the past 15 years).

2.) Alicia has continued to make her mark in beach running with her second place female finish out of 1,000 competitors at the 2016 Beach Running National Championships. She continues to be the most decorated beach runner!


Weber leaves 2016 with 1,334,736 youtube views and over 1,500 subscribers and an incredible, new VideoTeasing World Record Weber Video Package

New 2017 Strength Feat and Flexing Video Package Preview

Happy 2017!!


Comprehensive Cutting-Edge Weber Way to Wellness Program

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The best way to get healthy and stay healthy is by taking charge of your health. Now, a new and improved wellness program is available in Central Florida. Weber takes her education, over 15 years of work experience, and her athletics and formulates an affordable program. In addition, she takes her 16 sports she has competed on the elite level and over 350 strength and endurance world records and she designed a specialty sports program for all ages and ability levels. Discounted personal training, massage therapy and over 20 specialty programs are available at 15 percent off the regular price.There is no membership fee and no contract!!

Take Charge of YOUR Health. Enroll today.

This comprehensive wellness program includes specialty programs in sports nutrition, multi-sport coaching, private swim lessons, paddle board, archery, and MORE!!

Alicia, an elite SUP Racer set her first paddle board speed world record on November 24, 2013. She offers paddle board fitness training (with board rentals available) at Clermont Waterfront Park in Lake Minneola.

Watch her set her first paddle board speed record on the 1k course on Lake Minneola, Florida.

Contact Alicia for questions and enrollment in the Weber Way to Wellness Program at Awinningway@gmail.com

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.

Athletes Compete in Obstacle Archery in Clermont, Florida

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

April 28, 2013 – May 19, 2013 CLERMONT, FL — Noah Christopher became the Celebrity of the Inaugural Obstacle Archery Competition and the brave athlete that entered NEW territory in Clermont, Florida, on April 28, 2013. He considered himself not really into athletics, but really into archery!! He learned very quickly that he was a star at both fitness AND archery in the Obstacle Archery competition!

Noah Becomes the Obstacle Archery Celebrity on April 28, 2013!!!!

We can describe Obstacle Archery like playing a video game where World Record Weber chases the competitors to motivate them to a new fitness level. Weber chases competitors, while videoing them as they take on 5 -7 fitness challenges within a timed Fitness Obstacle. The fastest time wins the first portion of this adrenaline pumping, thrilling competition! The competitors then get a recovery period. The next challenging part of the competition is taking on target archery in a creative fashion. The target archery is full of surprises and tests an archer’s proficiency, speed, and performance. Overall, Obstacle Archery is full of surprises every week. Noah says his favorite part of the competition is getting his banana after the competition! Fruit and refreshments are served in this fun competition that is meant to build physical fitness, coordination, accuracy, and mental fitness.

To date, there have been 4 Obstacle Archery Competitions this 2013 and Noah Christopher is a 2 X Champion and Tyler Horn is also a 2 X Champion! Tyler comes from an athletic background and his soccer team recently won the Lake County Championships. Tyler comes to Obstacle Archery to improve his physical fitness and archery skills. Obstacle Archery is great way to take part in sport conditioning. Sports teams can improve overall athletic skills when participating in Obstacle Archery!!

Watch Tyler Horn, 2 X Champion, Compete in Obstacle Archery and Hear His Interview!!

Contact Alicia Weber at Awinningway@gmail.com or 352-874-4363 to register or learn more about the Obstacle Archery Competitions in Clermont, Florida.

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.

Team Weber and Alicia Weber’s 2012 Gator-Style Thanksgiving

By: Weber Way To Wellness Reporter

LAS VEGAS, NV, November 21-22, 2012 — On the Eve of Thanksgivng, the former Florida Gator Athlete, Alicia Weber, kicked off her Thanksgiving in Gator-Style! Alicia attacked a physical challenge that she was building up for over the past few weeks, but never attempted before. It was the all out consecutive 100m Plyometric Alligator Pushup for fastest time! She must keep her feet together with her legs straight for the entire duration and begin the exercise with a hop then one arm stretching out with other arm in close (like an alligator) and perform a pushup. She must repeat this as necessary until getting over the finish line! She completed 185 of these extreme consecutive pushups covering the 100m in 12:10. Alicia exclaimed, “Out of my 200 Recordsetter Exercise World Records set this year, this ranks as one of the toughest!”

Alicia’s 100m Alligator Plyometric Pushups for Fastest Time on 11/21/12

Team Weber 2012
Here is Team Weber - Alicia Weber, Jim Weber, and Kimberly Weber

The following morning – Thanksgivng morning, Team Weber jumped into the Catch the Gobbler 5k for a fun run to earn their Turkey! Alicia Weber, Kimberly Weber, and Jim Weber chased those turkeys and as a family and they would have tied for 2nd place based on most family members earning awards in their age divisions. Alicia took 2nd place in her division, while Jim took 3rd place in his division. The Gronauer family had 2 earn division awards as well, but no one could catch the Holiday family, which took the Turkey with 8 family members earning awards in their age divisions. It was a fun race for families and friends to kick off Thanksgiving in an exciting 5k race!
Team Weber Winners 2012
Team Weber took home 2 division awards. Alicia Weber and Jim Weber holding their Awards.

Alicia exclaimed, “My sister and dad were just going to do this race and I jumped in to make it a family run. I was still healing from a bad blister from running on a slant for half the run in my Beach Running World Championship, which I won several weeks ago. Although I am still healing my blister, I decided to do this race anyways, but just for fun at a casual pace. This is our first race as a family and it was nice!”


Clermont Florida Athletes put Physical Fitness on the Map in 33 Day Challenge!

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber hosted the first ever Physical Fitness Day on the first ever RecordSetter World Record Day on April 28, 2012, where out of 130 world records set from people in 7 countries, Alicia Weber and her 3 fitness trainees put Clermont, Florida, on the map for physical fitness by taking top honors in the April 28th World Event along with the month long May Record Challenge Contest!

On April 28th, 2012, Alicia’s Fitness Trainees took first place for setting the most impressive records, and Alicia Weber took 2nd place.

Alicia Weber's Fitness Trainees won and Alicia Weber took 2nd place on RecordSetter World Record Day for setting the most popular records.

Alicia said, “The April 28th event was momentum for us as we went into May as the competition became stiffer and we were competing among 360 records for top honors.”

The Record of the Month contest operates similar to ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as Judges vote and so do viewers for the most impressive records.

Alicia added, “You need to think about creativity, level of difficulty, and viewer interest when setting records to stay on top, which also includes re-setting your own popular records.”

Cherie, Alicia’s Fitness Trainee, set a popular leg endurance record for over 80 year olds on World Record Day and then came back to re-set it 2 and half weeks later! Cherie said, ” I want to inspire people and let them know that they don’t need to let age or a health condition get in the way! Just try!”

Alicia said, “Cherie does more than try and she has the winning mindset. The record she set may look easy, but it is quite difficult and a lot of young fit people can’t even go for a minute in this exercise let alone nearly 2 minutes, like what Cherie did!”

The Hammer Head set a unique neck strength record that created a lot of rumpus that landed him in the top 10 for most impressive records set for May and he had the 3rd most talked about record out of all records set in this time period!!

Hammer Head's neck strength record was 3rd most discussed record out of 360 set in May. Alicia also had three records make top 10 list of Most Discussed.

Alicia said, “Exercise is about innovation. If someone thinks exercise is confined to certain weights in a gym or movements, then they will have a lot to learn (especially if they train under my tutelage). Hammer Head demonstrated exercise innovation in his neck strength world records, which are exercises he created that have helped him avoid neck injuries through the years of his contact sports.”

Alicia’s Fitness Trainee’s took 1st place out of 130 world records set on April 28th and 3rd place out of 360 world records set in the May Record Challenge which ended on May 31st. Roxann was the third trainee that helped keep the group performing on top! Roxann set 2 world records in track running for women over age 70 within 15 months after a total hip replacement.

Alicia said, “Roxann’s determination keeps her going. She has the right attitude to execute and keep lowering her marks.”

Alicia was selected as the Most Impressive Record Setter during this May Record Challenge!

Alicia Weber was voted # 1 Most Impressive Record Setter during the May Record of the Month Challenge. In addition, Alicia earned 4 records in the Top 10 Most Impressive Records for May. Alicia set a total of 26 strength and endurance world records in May, which that alone is a record! However, two of her 26 records made the top 10 list of most talked about records and most impressive records and those are shown here:

Alicia won 4th place overall out of 360 world records for most impressive set by an individual record setter – Most Egg on Spoon in Mouth Conescutive Pull-Ups in One Minute

This record was first set on World Record Day and was Most Popular Record for that event and featured record on May 1-3 and then Alicia re-set it 2 and half weeks later and it once again topped the charts! – Fastest 400m Medley

Alicia Weber is an innovative results-driven physical fitness trainer in Central Florida and can be reached at Awinningway@gmail.com

Clermont, FL, Hosts First Ever Physical Fitness Day for Inaugural RecordSetter World Record Day!

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Foreword: Alicia Weber is a Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach of over 14 years that gets results as she guided the following 3 athletes to world records and has a physical fitness record setting organization here for her fitness trainees. Alicia’s RecordSetter physical fitness world records are here.

CLERMONT, FL— Alicia Weber already achieved 100 world records in physical fitness, but keeps going. I ask her what her motivation is and she replied, “I have over 600+ muscles in my body and I need to keep them ALL in top working order! I always have looked at the total picture in physical fitness. I keep improving and I have A LOT more goals.”

One goal Alicia had set was to hold the first ever Physical Fitness World Record Day in Clermont, FL, and her event was one of just 21 events held in the world to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day! Alicia was very pleased with her event, which garnered 7 world records and 6 Most Popular World Records that made frontpage on recordsetter.com ALL on same day May 1, 2012

All Clermont Athletes Made Frontpage of Recordsetter.com as they earned votes and views to become Most Popular World Records! Hammer Head’s Neck Strength World Records took 4th and 13th place, 81 yr old Cherie took 5th place, Roxann’s running records took 11th and 16th places, and Alicia took 1st place!

Alicia kicked off her event at the National Training Center Track where she completed the Alternative 400m Dash a.k.a 400m Medley where she shaved 11 seconds off her previous best time to garner the first world record of this eventful day on April 28, 2012.

Alicia’s Record Setting Alternative 400m Dash a.k.a 400m Medley Record video is BELOW

Alicia Weber’s Alternative 400m Medley Run Made #1 Most Popular World Record on frontpage of recordsetter.com on May 1, 2012!

Next, Roxann Steinke, 71, put her best foot forward on the track and took home 2 world records for over age 70 track running events within 15 months after a total hip replacement. Roxann said, “I’m happy that I ran my fastest 3,200m ever and I faired well in the 5k, which was run in the heat of the day. I don’t compete on the track, so this is a new experience.” Roxann keeps improving her running times. Within the first 70 days of 2012, she reduced her 5k time by 3 minutes. Since, then (63 days later) Roxann has reduced her time another 2 minutes and 18 seconds. Her best time (as of April 2012) has been 56:37 for a 5k road race. Roxann proves you can get faster as you get older even with a full hip replacement!!

Roxann’s Record Setting 3,200m enroute to 5,000m for over age 70 within 15 months after total hip replacement surgery

Cherie Oney, 81, has been her best ever at her oldest age yet! Cherie’s years of experience have been in competitive dog shows and her Golden Years are proving to be her best years. Cherie and her youngest saluki Angel have earned their AKC Championship and are half way to earning the Grand Championships as they compete on the National level and collect points for top performances that are evaluated based on gracefulness in the run, physical features, etc.

Cherie has been specifically wanting to build her leg endurance, but if you work with Alicia you need to work on everything!! Alicia picked the exercise of Most Consecutive Cone Pick Ups, While Holding an Isometric Lunge as it is performed on a grass surface and involves a wide-range of disciplines including leg endurance, core strength, flexibility, quadricep and hip flexor muscle groups, AND BALANCE!! Who said people as they get older lose balance?? Cherie’s balance keeps improving and she is more “balanced” in her Golden Years than ever!

Cherie’s Record Setting over age 80 Most Consecutive Cone Pick Ups, While Holding Isometric Lunge

Balancing careers as a competitive athlete in contact sports, marine, and a cop in some of the toughest crime areas has sent this over age 50 guy known as “Hammer Head” into secret hiding to develop his neck muscles to become the strongest to hold up in contact sports and confrontation! Alicia was surprised when “Hammer Head” revealed he had been hiding away for 35 years building his neck and wished to set a world record in neck strength. Alicia thought the purpose of his mission for the big, strong neck was so that it would be too big to strangle! Alicia learned otherwise!

The “Hammer Head” said, “Having a strong neck helps in contact sports and I have been training it for 35 years to prevent injuries and help with preventing concussions and other neck issues that arise from police work.” Hammer Head’s secret neck exercises are called “Front Head Presses” and “Back of Head Presses” and he shows they work as he also set 2 world records in both events (one after the other on RecordSetter World Record Day)!

Hammer Head’s Record Setting Most Consecutive Front Head Presses for over age 50 (120 lbs)

Hammer Head’s Record Setting Most Consecutive Back of Head Presses for over age 50 (150lbs)

Closing out the eventful first ever Physical Fitness Day, Alicia picked an one-of-a-kind exercise that stands out as the world’s toughest type of dip – Ring L Position Dips. Alicia said, “What makes this exercise so tough is the element of flexibility and strength as the legs have to be held straight out together and kept parallel to ground entire time. I first set this world record in 2010 with another record book, and I am ecstatic to improve and re-set this record and open the category now at RecordSetter!”

Alicia’s Record Setting Most Consecutive Ring L Dips in One Minute

I ask Alicia on her thoughts of the Inaugural RecordSetter World Record Day and she said, “I am thrilled to be part of a ground breaking event and instill physical fitness in the community! These were all very serious physical fitness records and everyone had been working toward these goals and achieving them is exhilarating!”

Alicia can be reached at Awinningway@gmail.com for a wellness consultation.

Special Note: Visit Alicia’s Fitness Trainees Official RecordSetter World Records HERE or at www.recordsetter.com/user/AliciaWeberFitnessTrainees
Visit Alicia’s Official RecordSetter World Records HERE or at www.recordsetter.com/user/AliciaWeber


Alicia Weber Sets 100 World Records in Physical Fitness from Feb 2008 – April 2012

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Images below are copyrighted to Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

On April 5, 2012, Alicia reached the monumental mark of setting 100 World Records ALL in exercise events except for two of the world records, which are in most different sports by Elite Athlete including…

Alicia Has 2 World Records for Competing in Most Variety of Sports on an Elite Level! Click Above Picture for Sport Listing & Results

Most Sports Competed In at Elite Level with One World Championship Victory (16 Sports)

Most Sports Competed In on Elite Level in One Year (10 Sports)

Starting on February 21, 2008, Alicia set her first world record in most consecutive bar dips in 5 minutes, which she considers her toughest record, which also took the longest for her to break (she finally broke her 1st world record on the Eve of her 100th WR on April 4th, 2012).

Alicia is known for setting and re-setting her own world records. She was a lone Record Breaker in uncharted territory with Book of Alternative Records where she set 60 world records for women’s exercise events from 2008 -2011. In 2008, Alicia became the World’s First Woman to set endurance pull-up and chin-up world records (and then she kept re-setting ALL these records). She didn’t stop there, and in 2009 she set pushup world records, which eventually landed her in the Official Pushup Hall of Fame and the only woman to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012 where she gave special interview. Alicia keeps improving and expanding her physical fitness record base and in 2012 she got noticed and was selected to be one of 25 extreme athletes to reveal secrets on how to stay tough in tough exercises. Alicia stepped up her game in 2012 when she joined Recordsetter.com, where she is able to compete co-ed in unrestricted exercise categories. RecordSetter is world’s fastest growing world record book and competition is co-ed. Alicia has already broken a handful of men’s world records in strength and endurance at Record Setter.

Alicia says, “At RecordSetter I get out of my comfort zone and I have enjoyed the male opposition. I have entered their territories to test myself in exercise categories I wouldn’t normally do and I am becoming an even better overall athlete for having the opportunity for this kind of challenge. I am happy about the good sportsmanship, creativity, but toughness in exercise categories, and ability to grow as a serious record breaker. This is only possible at Recordsetter.com.”

Alicia's Exclusive Strength Feat Shows

One fan that has been following Alicia’s record setting, since the start exclaims, “Now, that Alicia is at RecordSetter.com it has been very exciting to watch her dueling the men in the disciplines they are more into like plyometrics and short raw strength records. Alicia has jumped in their arena to challenge them and has taken the records. Before RecordSetter.com we only saw Alicia setting records far above anyone’s endurance and then keep testing her limits by re-setting her own records, which was exciting. But now that she is at RecordSetter, we see all angles of Alicia’s competitiveness and it is most exciting!”

In total, Alicia holds world records in 65 different categories of exercises. Alicia set 100 physical fitness world records from February 21, 2008 – April 5, 2012 (and she has re-set some of her records as many as 5 times!).

Alicia is now exclusively setting world records with RecordSetter World Record Book. She has so far set an additional 40 world records there to bring her record count to 100 as of April 5, 2012.

RecordSetter World Record Book has contests and awards and recognizes Top Record Breakers. It is very fair as all records require full documentation (i.e. record videos, etc) that are made public for viewing and public can judge on records also. Some records that are very different or need additional verification may go into a review panel discussion where the record setter might be questioned and then the questions and answers go into “Weigh In” where the public and judges weigh in on the statements and the verification process is extended as Alicia experienced in her final 2 records rounding her 100 count, but this is just a plus in why RecordSetter plays fair.

Alicia says, “It means a lot more when people can go in and read the rules for a record and then watch the entire record video, rather than see a name and statistic in a book. In addition, anyone can go in and see the entire record progressions for a Current World Record. RecordSetter has the legitimate and true way to present, set, and keep records. Anyone who is a serious record setter would want to be at RecordSetter.com. Another plus is you will know if your record is approved in 1-3 business days on average.”

Since Alicia made the switch to RecordSetter on Jan 12, 2012, her world records have earned top accolades (her records selected out of over 13,000 for honorable mentions) include the following:

Alicia earned # 1 Most Popular World Record for Feb 2012. In addition her world record for Most Consecutive Knuckle Pushups on Concrete was voted one of the Most Legendary!

Alicia earned # 3 Most popular World Record for April 2012 with World Record for Most Swiss Ball Squats in 1 Minute. This record was also selected for Editor’s Pick.

Alicia earned # 14 Most Popular World Record for April 2012 for her World Record for Fastest Time to Complete 500 Chin-Ups and 500 Push-Ups

Alicia earned # 16 Most Popular World Record for April 2012 for her World Record for Most 3 Med Ball Elevated Leg Pushups in One Minute

Alicia’s Most One Arm Pushups With Egg in Spoon in Mouth Balancing a 10lbs Medicine Ball on Back also earned Editor’s Pick.

In addition, 27 of Alicia’s World Records have made the List for Most Viewed World Records

Finally, 7 of Alicia’s World Records have been picked for the List of Most Popular World Records.

    Here are her 7 Most Popular World Records Based on Viewer Votes in Order of Most Popular First:

1. Most Consecutive Knuckle Pushups on Concrete (click to view)
2. Most Consecutive One-Armed Pushups Holding 10lbs Medicine Ball on Back, while Balancing Egg on Spoon in Mouth (click to view)
3. Most Swiss Ball Squats In One Minute (click to view)
4. Fastest Time to Complete 500 Chin-Ups and 500 Pushups (click to view)
5. Most Pushups on 3 Medicine Balls in One Minute (click to view)
6. Most Consecutive Flying Superman Pushups (click to view)
7. Most Deep Squats in Three Minutes (click to view)

This rounds out the review of Alicia’s 100 world records and what do you think Alicia will be doing next? Well, I suggest you stay tuned to Alicia’s record setting by following her here as I am sure more world records are on the way…

A Jack LaLanne Mini Challenge

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Click here to visit JD Productions.

The Godfather of Fitness, Jack Lalanne at the age of 45 completed 1,000 pushups and 1,000 chinups for the fastest time in 82 minutes. This feat was accomplished in 1959 where his show The Jack Lalanne Show went nationwide.

Alicia Weber, a multiple pull-up, chin-up, and pushup world record holder considers this feat as her favorite feat that Jack Lalanne performed. According to Wiki, Jack considered this to be his most difficult stunt only because the skin on his hands started ripping off during the chin ups.

Alicia Weber has been building up to the 1000/1000 and found the same difficulty that Jack had with the skin ripping off during the chin ups.

Alicia has been working on the 500 chin up and 500 pushup (Jack Lalanne Mini Challenge). She first performed it on Jan 31, 2012, in 54:14, and sixty days later she knocked ~ 5 minutes off her time to set an official world record in 49:40 on Record Setter for Fastest Time to Complete 500 Chin ups and 500 Pushups.

Watch Alicia set the World Record for Fastest Time to complete 500 chin ups and 500 pushups in 49:40


One Arm Endurance Exercises

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

When most people hear “one arm exercise” the first things that come to mind are usually one arm pushups or one arm chinups/pullups. Well, did you know there is an one-arm plank and one-armed leaping mountain climber? These are extreme endurance exercises that test and strengthen abdominals and hip flexor muscle groups, but also work the neuromuscular system and with the one-armed leaping mountain climber one also tests plyometrics, leg strengthening, and bone building! Quite a lot packed into two unique one arm exercises!!

Alicia Weber holds world records in both of these exercises: The Ultimate Isometric One Arm Plank on Concrete with Feet Held Less Than 2 Feet Apart AND Most One-Armed Leaping Mountain Climbers in 5 Minutes.

Watch Alicia set World Record for One-Armed Plank on Concrete (6 minutes and 36 seconds)

Watch Alicia set World Record for 5 Minutes of One-Armed Leaping Mountain Climbers (130 reps)

Alicia Weber captures 6 Extreme Balance Strength World Records in 7 days!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, FL ( Feb 7-14, 2012)—Alicia Weber broke 2 men’s world records and “pushed” to new levels in extreme strength and balance world record challenges as her week of record breaking got tougher each day.  All the following world records are published with Record Setter World Record Book – the world’s fastest growing world record book!  All her records this week involved pushups and balance and a few other additives as you will SEE!

On Feb 7, 2012, Alicia broke for the 4th time her 3 medicine ball pushup world record!  In 2010 she first set the world record with 35 reps in 1 minute, but now she has set the new world record with 52 reps in one minute!

World Record # 1 for Alicia in Strength Balance World Record Challenge Week


On Feb 9, 2012, Alicia broke the men’s world record by 5 reps to set new world record in Most One-armed Hindu Pushups on a Basketball.  Here she sets the record with 13 consecutive reps (although not required by the rules, Alicia holds her rest arm behind her back to hold the strictest standards to make exercise most difficult when performing the exercise).

World Record # 2 for Alicia in Strength Balance World Record Challenge Week

On Feb 10, 2012, Alicia created a new type of balance record, while holding an egg on a spoon in the mouth for the ENTIRE record.  Alicia began with 11 consecutive strict pullups, then with a maximum of 1 min rest allowed (Alicia only rested 38 seconds), she then completed 15 consecutive strict decline one arm pushups with legs only 2 feet apart or less resting on a surface of 18.5 inches high. This record and the ones that follow are inspired by Darryl Learrie – the record holder that made the raw egg famous with his one armed pushups on the raw egg!  This particular record has a tribute to Darryl Learrie in the beginning.

World Record # 3 for Alicia in Strength Balance Challenge Week


On Feb 11, 2012, Alicia did a double record endeavor!  In AM she re-set her Most Consecutive 2 Medicine Ball Tricep Pushup with an Elevated Leg record..completing 25 consecutive reps in 1 minute.  Then, in the PM Alicia broke the men’s world record by going 28 reps over the record for the Most One-armed Pushups, while balancing an Egg on Spoon in Mouth

World Record # 4 for Alicia in Strength Balance Challenge Week

For this record, lower chest (below breast) must touch ball and then end with arms in full extension for a rep to count.  Alicia does 25 consecutive in 1 minute.  Her previous record was 10.


World Record # 5 for Alicia in Strength Balance Challenge Week

Alicia breaks men’s world record and does 50 reps.  The previous record was 22 reps.  Then, the same day Alicia broke the men’s record, a man was in fury to get this record back and did 51 reps to re-claim record.


On Feb 14, 2012, on Valentine’s Day, Alicia showed “she had a lot of heart!”  Alicia “pushed” to a new level and completed her most demanding strength balance challenge of the week!  Alicia invents new record – a spin off from the one she just set, but this time she requires the strictest form and makes it even tougher! Alicia completes the Most Consecutive One-armed Pushups Holding a 10lbs Medicine Ball on Back While Balancing Egg on Spoon in Mouth.  In this record, a rope is also tied around her legs to keep them only 2 feet apart or less.  And guess what she makes it tougher, but SHE DOES EVEN BETTER! She does 59 reps NOW!

World Record # 6 for Alicia in Strength Balance Challenge Week

Alicia enters uncharted territory and completes 59 consecutive one arm pushups in very rare and tough form for world record!


Alicia Weber was inducted in the Official Pushup Hall of Fame in 2012 and here’s what she says on her record week, “Our goal in the Pushup Hall of Fame is to “push” ourselves and others to new levels and get out of our comfort zones.  I did that this week, especially with the egg on spoon in mouth records.  I don’t practice balancing an egg on a spoon in my mouth, I just gave it a go for the first time this week.  The same is true for the hindu pushups.  My conditioning from other pushup/balance training carried over for these particular events.”

For more of Alicia’s Amazing Strength Feats visit www.videoteasing.com/alicia.htm