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Alicia Weber Takes 113th Career Victory on Clermont Clay Trail

By Weber Way to Wellness Reperter

Alicia's 113th victory came on a Clay Trail!
Alicia’s 113th victory came on a Clay Trail!
CLERMONT, FL—-On November 20, 2016, Alicia Weber, an advocate for soft surface running, dreamed of achieving her 113th victory in the Clermont Clay Trail 5k and her dream came true. On a sunny, 50 degree morning, Weber faced 241 great competitors who shared the same mindset of “soft surface running is the way to go” and she finished as the first woman on the hilly, sandy, bumpy course on Schofield Road on the Clermont Clay Trail (and 4th overall) in 21:50.

It was an out and back 1.55 mile course (10:46 out and 11:04 back for 21:50). She was shooting for low 10’s at the half-way mark, but with the many bumps and thick sand, she knew it would take longer. The challenging terrain and extra strength and balance required draws Alicia to events on sand, dirt, and off-terrain. The races do not focus so much on the time, but rather the fitness required to go as fast possible on the courses. The thicker the sand, the longer the ground contact time, and the double the effort for a workout = greater the challenge and more health benefits. Due to the soft surface, your legs feel really great when you are done. Soft surface running is the healthy choice for running, which brings you closer to nature.

The Clermont Clay Trail Race drew a total of 658 competitors (242 in the 5k and 416 in the 15k). This is tremendous participation, which is greater than in many road races. Many other runners agree that soft surface running is the way to go for longevity as a runner and athlete. The races bring awareness to clay trails and raise funds to restore and build more clay trails in the area.

Alicia’s 113th Victory on Clermont Clay Trail

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is Alicia’s 11th competition for 2016 and her final race of the season. She competed in 4 sports. She competed in one world championship (23rd in world), two world qualifiers (both first place), one national championship (2nd place), regional championships (1st and 2nd place), and four local Florida events. She competed in cross country running, beach running, paddle boarding, and indoor rowing this year. She also took up learning the new sport of footgolf, but she has not competed yet.


Clermont Youth Athletes Compete in Unordinary Opportunity for Extraordinary Results in the Indoor Rowing Sprint World Championships

HEADLINE NEWS: CLERMONT, FL—-First Ever Indoor Rowing World Sprint Championships has TEAM AWINNINGWAY from Clermont, FLorida, largest US Team represented in the these first-ever world championships!!!

By: Alicia Weber

The first ever World Indoor Rowing Sprint Championship was held March 11-13 where 3,226 adults and 726 kids competed worldwide. The goal of the championship was to attract new athletes into the sport and compete on a Concept 2 machine from anywhere. As a Clermont event director, I made the goal of recruiting the most youth (age 12 and under) into this competition where I provided free training and a free race. I’m happy to say that I had the largest US team of indoor rowers (age 12 and under) representing the USA in this world championship.

Team Awinningway

I also competed and placed 26th in the world among lightweight women with my new best time of 3:50.3 for the 1,000 meter. My youth team came into this event with zero experience and my mission was to follow their success and see how they felt to do so something out of the ordinary. They learned how to row on a Concept 2 Machine and then competed in the 1,000 meter event all in the same day.
Hannah Bibby, 8, never competed in a sport before and she was our 2nd fastest girl on our Awinningway Team, our youngest competitor, and she placed 59th in the world for girls (12 and under) with her time of 6:42.3.

“This is phenomenal for me. When Alicia asked me if I wanted to learn to row and compete, I said yes because I want to take advantage of every opportunity. It feels good to exercise on an indoor rower,” mentioned Bibby who can now call a world championship her first-ever sport competition.

All the kids learned proper breathing and proper form for indoor rowing and they all exceeded their expectations and mine in their performances.

“This is awesome. I have more confidence and I like testing myself physically and this is a good physical test,” said the excited Nico Kurihara-Taylor after completing his row. He placed 82nd in the world for boys (12 and under) in a time of 6:27.4.
The kids watched each other race and cheered for one another. They are looking forward to their next event now.

“I feel like I am on top of the world,” said the uber-competitive DJ Belanoff who expected to do 10 minutes, but finished in 7:30.7 for girls (12 and under).

Aisha Hak, 11, was the fastest youth girl on our team with her time of 6:16.7, which placed her 53rd in world for youth girls (12 and under).

“It takes a lot of energy and strength. I am surprised I did as well as I did. It’s my first day to do it and I know I will only be getting better,” commented Hak after her race.

Andrew Powell, 13, was the only athlete on our youth team who had experience in an aerobic sport. He is also a cross country runner. He was able to get faster and finish his first-ever 1,000 meter in 4:45.7. He competed against nearly 400 boys upto age 18.

“I felt fatigue in the last 300 meters, but I pushed myself to finish strong because I am really motivated to do this event and try something new,” said Powell who was thankful for the opportunity to compete in this world championship.

“This event has been a great opportunity to keep kids active and off electronics. We appreciate having this opportunity for our kids,” added two parents of the athletes.

Official 2016 Results here

Contact ALicia at Awinningway@gmail.com to join her sport league and do unique events.


Clermont Florida Athletes put Physical Fitness on the Map in 33 Day Challenge!

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber hosted the first ever Physical Fitness Day on the first ever RecordSetter World Record Day on April 28, 2012, where out of 130 world records set from people in 7 countries, Alicia Weber and her 3 fitness trainees put Clermont, Florida, on the map for physical fitness by taking top honors in the April 28th World Event along with the month long May Record Challenge Contest!

On April 28th, 2012, Alicia’s Fitness Trainees took first place for setting the most impressive records, and Alicia Weber took 2nd place.

Alicia Weber's Fitness Trainees won and Alicia Weber took 2nd place on RecordSetter World Record Day for setting the most popular records.

Alicia said, “The April 28th event was momentum for us as we went into May as the competition became stiffer and we were competing among 360 records for top honors.”

The Record of the Month contest operates similar to ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as Judges vote and so do viewers for the most impressive records.

Alicia added, “You need to think about creativity, level of difficulty, and viewer interest when setting records to stay on top, which also includes re-setting your own popular records.”

Cherie, Alicia’s Fitness Trainee, set a popular leg endurance record for over 80 year olds on World Record Day and then came back to re-set it 2 and half weeks later! Cherie said, ” I want to inspire people and let them know that they don’t need to let age or a health condition get in the way! Just try!”

Alicia said, “Cherie does more than try and she has the winning mindset. The record she set may look easy, but it is quite difficult and a lot of young fit people can’t even go for a minute in this exercise let alone nearly 2 minutes, like what Cherie did!”

The Hammer Head set a unique neck strength record that created a lot of rumpus that landed him in the top 10 for most impressive records set for May and he had the 3rd most talked about record out of all records set in this time period!!

Hammer Head's neck strength record was 3rd most discussed record out of 360 set in May. Alicia also had three records make top 10 list of Most Discussed.

Alicia said, “Exercise is about innovation. If someone thinks exercise is confined to certain weights in a gym or movements, then they will have a lot to learn (especially if they train under my tutelage). Hammer Head demonstrated exercise innovation in his neck strength world records, which are exercises he created that have helped him avoid neck injuries through the years of his contact sports.”

Alicia’s Fitness Trainee’s took 1st place out of 130 world records set on April 28th and 3rd place out of 360 world records set in the May Record Challenge which ended on May 31st. Roxann was the third trainee that helped keep the group performing on top! Roxann set 2 world records in track running for women over age 70 within 15 months after a total hip replacement.

Alicia said, “Roxann’s determination keeps her going. She has the right attitude to execute and keep lowering her marks.”

Alicia was selected as the Most Impressive Record Setter during this May Record Challenge!

Alicia Weber was voted # 1 Most Impressive Record Setter during the May Record of the Month Challenge. In addition, Alicia earned 4 records in the Top 10 Most Impressive Records for May. Alicia set a total of 26 strength and endurance world records in May, which that alone is a record! However, two of her 26 records made the top 10 list of most talked about records and most impressive records and those are shown here:

Alicia won 4th place overall out of 360 world records for most impressive set by an individual record setter – Most Egg on Spoon in Mouth Conescutive Pull-Ups in One Minute

This record was first set on World Record Day and was Most Popular Record for that event and featured record on May 1-3 and then Alicia re-set it 2 and half weeks later and it once again topped the charts! – Fastest 400m Medley

Alicia Weber is an innovative results-driven physical fitness trainer in Central Florida and can be reached at Awinningway@gmail.com

Alicia Weber’s Aerobic Capacity Wellness World Record for National Heart Health Month!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, FL (Feb 19, 2012)—February is National Heart Health Month and Fitness Expert Alicia Weber is celebrating by establishing and setting a new aerobic capacity wellness benchmark.

Aerobic Capacity Wellness is the direct measurement of one’s cardiovascular fitness.  It’s not just about getting to peak speed, but how long one can hold a peak speed.  Aerobic means “with oxygen” and an individual’s peak capability for delivering oxygen to muscles.  Most people think of aerobics as running, walking, biking, or taking the 1.5 mile run test.  Alicia thinks beyond this picture though.

Alicia studied 30 fitness clients and researched and tested them in hundreds of conditioning exercises over the course of 6-months in 2011 to find the most effective and results-driven exercises for overall physical fitness gains.  Not only did Alicia see results with these exercises, but so did clients as clients in a 6 week period increased arm strength by an average 40 %  and by an average 33% they increased leg strength. Alicia now takes the 4 top conditioning exercises that showed to be the best for overall physical fitness gains and attacks these exercises one after the other in an ALL OUT aerobic capacity wellness challenge, which she calls “400 Rep Aerobic Capacity Wellness Challenge.”  Alicia sets the world record for the fastest to complete this challenge!

Alicia Weber demonstrates Aerobic Capacity Wellness as she holds her heart rate at 95% of her max heart rate for over 20 minutes and performs these multi-dimensional exercises that incorporate the 5 areas of fitness and test aerobic capacity wellness.  Alicia has a very high Vo2max of 67.05 ml/kg/min achieved during her 1.5 mile run test and even in that test her heart rate did not peak as high and as long as it does in this challenge – Just to say how challenging this challenge really is with these 4 exercises!

Alicia Weber’s World Record in 400 Rep Aerobic Capacity Wellness Challenge time 23 mins and 57 seconds!


Alicia Weber – 24 World Records in 2010 & 10 Sports in 2009

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, Florida—On the 8th day of the new year 2011, we ask fitness expert, Alicia Weber, how she feels as she looks back at her record 24 world records in strength, speed, & endurance she set in 2010. 

Alicia replies, “I feel that I accomplished my goals for that year.  My adrenaline pumps and I prepare the best I can and I exceeded every goal.  I am a possibility thinker with an insatiable desire to strive for difficult tasks.  They were all very challenging and required a great amount of possibility thinking and focus in addition to physical fitness.”

What do you look forward to in 2011?  Alicia says, “I never totally know what to expect and goals change, but I always think BIG enough for God to fit into all my goals!  This will be a year that my success has significance for those in Lake County, Fl – I have some very exciting “fitness makeovers” and “fun fitness challenges” I will be hosting with awesome prizes.

Here is a Review of Alicia’s 24 World Records set in 2010.
(Scroll to bottom for her 10 Sports  Video where you can watch her set a World Record!! )

Feb 6-March 9, 2010-Alicia Weber started her 33 day “5 Areas of Physical Fitness Challenge” with a 30 minute pull up world record enroute to a new mind-blowing 1 hour pull up record where she blew away her old record by 161 reps for 721 reps.  The one hour event is very grueling because you need to find a pace and keep it the whole hour.  She kept a pace of 12 reps a minute.  Then, 21 days later she did another mind blowing endurance feat with 680 chin ups in an hour (145 reps over her former record)!  These 1 hour events are taxing on the muscles, but she is so well trained that in between these two endurance feats, she wasn’t recovering, but setting more records (one every 2 and ½ days)!  In between these feats, she set 6 world records ( 2 shorter duration chin up WRs, 2 single-leg speed jump rope WRs, a jump rope running WR, and a Ring Dip (L-feat) 1 minute WR)!!  Then, March 1-9, Alicia set 4 more world records in pushups as she increased the level of difficulty by adding medicine balls to pushups.

Alicia states, “This was the most grueling of my 2010 records because of the focus required for these records for the 33 day duration.  Near the end, I made the challenge harder when I started getting mentally fatigued by pushing myself in 3 types of medicine ball pushup world records, which is equally a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge.  It was a thrill of victory when I captured 11 world records and 2 rare strength feats in 33 days and set world records in all 5 areas of physical fitness!

May 27, 2010-Alicia Weber focused solely on maximum strength world records within a 45-minute time frame and took the challenge of setting 6 world records in 45-minutes to try & tie the # Legendary Jesse Owens did in Track and Field with Maximum Speed and Long Jump World Records set May 25, 1935.  However, Alicia missed on one, which she later captured during “Weber World Record Week.”  All in All, Alicia set an incredible 5 world records within 45 minutes in 5 strength events on May 27, 2010 in this order (1.  37 pull ups in 1 minute, 2.  35 pull ups in a row, 3.  30 chin ups in a row, 4.  11 handstand pushups in 1 minute, & 5.  18 ring dips in 1 minute).  Click here to purchase this 45 Minute World Record on digital download.

Alicia shows strength feats with pullups and her back muscles.


June 11, 2010-Alicia Weber was feeling ABSolutely FABulous and felt it was time to blow away her current 30-minute sit-up world record.  She did just that in flying colors as she blew away her previous mark by nearly 200 reps!!  Her current world record is now 795 reps in 30-minutes (a sit-up every 2.26 seconds)!  Click here to learn correct sit-up form.

Sept 11-17, 2010-Alicia Weber set 5 world records during “Weber World Record Week”.  First, she combined running, coordination, and strength together as she went jump rope running around the track using a 1.5 lbs jump rope.  Alicia, a former National Champ Track runner states, “Jump Rope running is night and day to regular running.  It is WAY more difficult and strenuous and if there is any wind – forget it!  I picked to set these jump rope running records in September, since there is little to no wind.”  Next she finally captured the world record for the world’s most difficult type of dip – Ring L position dips.  Finally, she tested herself in endurance and captured the 3-minute Deep Squat World Record following then with re-setting her 10-minute one arm pushup world record.

Alicia Weber is featured on the World Record Holder’s Registry.  Alicia Weber is also in the world record book, “Believe the Unbelievable.”  Quite contrary to 2009, Alicia spent all 2010 setting world records and only competed in 1 sport.  In 2009, Alicia set only 8 world records, but she competed in 10 sports!

Alicia Weber’s 10 Sport Athlete Tour and More!!


Weber Sisters Reveal Fitness and Exercise Tips (Part 2)

“Very compatible, yet very different”

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter
**The images contained in this article exclusively found at AliciaWeber.com are copyrighted © Alicia Weber & Kim Weber.
Click here to visit JD Productions.

The Weber Way to Wellness Reporter interviews the Weber Sisters – two sisters 2 years apart that are both fitness gurus.  Kim Weber is a fitness executive for high-end fitness studios with an Exercise Science B.S. and a Global MBA   Alicia Weber is a Fitness Expert and Fitness/Nutrition/Solutions Consultant with Biology and Communication degrees.  In Part 1, we learn about humble beginnings in Fitness and their winning workouts!  Click here for Part 1 or continue reading Part 2 as they reveal Exercise Tips and How to Stick to Exercise!

Kim Weber is a California Girl - a Land Animal that can show you how to put a groove in every move as she specializes in pilates & yoga!!
Alicia Weber is a Florida Girl - a Land/Water Animal like a Lungfish! She can get you to "Huff, Puff, & Triumph" with your lung or aqualung as she specializes in aquatic therapy & physical fitness testing/training!!
  1. 1. Q.  What do you admire most about your sister?

Alicia answers, “I am baffled by how my sister handles high levels of stress and dramas in fitness management and turns businesses around in a way no one else can do!  When the average manager only lasts 6-months at a time, she lasts years and loves it, while making a big difference.  She amazes me!”

Kim answers, “I admire her un-wavering confidence.  She’s always believed in herself no matter what.  She’s never been one to give in to peer pressure or pressures of society.  No matter what’s trendy or not, she’s always happy being her.  Because of that confidence she’s always made wise decisions.”





2. Q.  What advice would you give someone just starting out in exercise to stick to it?

Alicia Weber is excited over physical fitness!

Alicia answers,

“Don’t think of exercise, but “excitementcise” –  You want to think about activities that excite you and throw in a little movin’ & groovin’!  It’s easy for me, since I get my kicks from strenuous activities, but some people don’t like to move.  Nothing beats the benefits of movement though! If you like to sing, try to Dance off the Inches: Hip Hop Party
style with your song.  If you like to watch tv, try simple Healing Yoga Moves at every commercial.  If you like boating – try a Hobie Mirage Sport Kayak and enjoy fun and speed as you paddle and pedal effortlessly!  Remember, if you don’t MOVE, you will loose your groove!  *If you want to learn more, I have fun and unique personal training programs available in Central Florida. ”



Kim Weber is excited over physical fitness!

Kim answers,

“I agree that people need to find something they enjoy.  With exercise there are really no rules. You don’t have to join a gym to exercise.  If you enjoy walking your dogs, then make that your exercise.  If you prefer exercise to be your ‘alone time’ then that’s ok too.  Or, get a group of friends together to exercise together. Take the stairs, park at the back of the mall parking lot, etc.  It all adds up and doesn’t have to be regimented.”








Weber Celebrates Thanksgving in “Turkey Trot and Hop”

By:  Coach Johnny Deltoid a copyrighted character of Alicia Weber

Click here to visit JD Productions.

Thanksgiving 2010, LAS VEGAS, NV—I eat, sleep, and talk Track and Field!  So my ideal Thanksgiving would be having the opportunity to run with a pack of Turkeys.  Running is always in the picture with me-Track Coach, Johnny Deltoid.  However, I am out in the desert in Las Vegas and there are no turkeys in sight!

I decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by hosting an event called “Turkey Trot and Hop” to satisfy my running desires.  Participants first run 200m all out on a grass course that ends on a hill.  Then, they take a 200m recovery jog.  Immediately after that they hop 200m on the same course.  They do the first 100m hop on their Left Leg and then the 2nd 100m on their Right Leg.  They then can compare times from their one-leg hopping abilities to two-leg sprint abilities.  It is an exciting evaluation in fast-twitch muscle fibers, biomechanics, and muscle stabilizers (since they will be used on the uneven grass surface, unlike on a track).  PLUS it is an “attracktive” way to spend Thanksgiving.

Alicia Weber, an Orlando, FL, personal trainer, world record holder, and champion runner gobbled up this event!

Watch Weber’s winning 200m run and 200m hop in the “Turkey Trot and Hop”

This is a good way to test the strength of your legs.  Happy Trails to you!

–          Full Results     –
Name                                      200m run         200m 1-leg hop
World Record Weber          29 secs                  1:01
Aussie Amanda Hug            30 secs                  1:03
Catalina Calisthenics            32 secs                 1:10
Catalina Cathouse                 32 secs                  1:12
Debbie Defense                    35 secs                  1:15
Johnny Deltoid                       40 secs                  1:22
Madalina Seg                          60 secs                  2:10

Alicia Weber “The Machine” – World Records

By:  Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.
The images below are Copyrighted to Alicia Weber at AliciaWeber.com

I was first nicknamed “The Machine” in high school when I would run and win cross country races and track and field races from sprint to long distances. I became a 2 x All-American in the 10,000 meters, while in high school at Junior Nationals and I medaled at National Championships in events from 1,500m -10,000 meter runs and 5k cross country.  The nickname of “The Machine” continues as I have over 400 world records in strength, speed, and endurance, and I am a professional fitness trainer.

I graduated from University of Florida where I was a letter winner in Track and Cross Country. I have B.S. degrees in Biology and Communication.  I was then in a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program to expand my specialty of aquatic therapy.  My clients also refer to me as “The Machine” as I train with each and every one of them to motivate them.  When I am not training people, I am training myself in world record setting or training for the 17 sports I compete in on an elite level.  I am really W-I-L-D  about exercise and physical fitness!!!

I must warn you though – I do have an alter ego and I get the urges at times to get off the athletic field and get ON STAGE!  I have been an entertainer for a variety of acts for years!   I am most known for my “One Woman Shows” where I combine “character comedy” with strength feats! I perform Live and I have a line of shows hereHere’s a preview of my 7 character comedy show.

My creative energies carry over into other areas as well.  I am an author, illustrator, and poet.  I published my first book on marine biology and my second book on physical fitness is found here. You can learn more about me as the athlete here and as the fitness professional here.

Now, let’s crank the engine and see what a human performance machine can do…Below are my world records in over 27 categories of exercises (the exercise world records are listed alphabetically). I keep re-setting my own records and I garner new ones.

* NOTE:  Starting in 2012, I am setting world records exclusively with RecordSetter.com, the world’s fastest growing world record book where I also compete with men for overall world records.  I set over 50 world records for women with The Book of Alternative Records from 2008 -2011 – those records are listed below.  CLICK HERE for Alicia’s RecordSetter World Records.

VERY IMPORTANT: Below are my 60+ entries in the Book of Alternative Records from 2008-2011.  I will continue these categories now at RecordSetter, so to stay up with the latest records visit me at www.recordsetter.com/user/aliciaweber

– Chin Ups –
(Rules:  only use steel straight bar with palm toward you grip, 3 cameras (front, side, chin view), start in dead hang with arms in full extension then chin clearly seen over bar with no leg movements for a rep to count)
Chin Ups , 60-minutes Current Record 760 Aug 10, 2012, Clermont, Fl, Former Record 680 reps Feb 27, 2010 Clermont, FL
Former Record 535 reps Dec 19, 2008
Chin Ups, 30-minutes Current Record 445 Aug 10, 2012, Clermont, Fl, Former Record 432 reps Dec 11, 2011, Former Record 399 reps Sept 23, 2009 Clermont, FL
Former Record 297 reps Dec 19, 2008
Chin Ups, 3-minutes Current Record 76 Aug 10, 2012, Former Record 75 reps Dec 11, 2011, Former Record 69 Aug 7, 2011 Clermont, FL Former Records 66 reps Feb 13, 2010, 61 reps on Sept 8, 2009, and 57 reps on Dec 7, 2008
Chin Ups, 1-minute Current Record 38 reps, Dec 11, 2011 36 reps Aug 7, 2011 Clermont, FL Former Records 35 reps Feb 23, 2010, and 33 reps July 21, 2008
*Consecutive Chin Ups 30 reps May 27, 2010 (this record was set  less than 20 minutes after setting a 1-minute Pull Up World Record and a Consecutive Pull Up world record see 45 Minute World Record for details)

– Deep Squats –
Deep Squats, 3-minutes Current Record 167 March 29, 2012 In Clermont, Fl Former Record 161 November 12, 2011 Former Record 152 reps (rules:  arms are held out, knees bend and break parallel on each rep) Sept 14, 2010  VIDEO

– Dips –
(Rules:  use steel bar and arms start & end in full extension.  Lower and stay vertical as elbows break parallel for a rep to count.)
*Dips, parallel bar Using a steel  bar I performed the most dips in 5 minutes for 75 reps.  I also performed the 75 dips consecutively. I was awarded two world record certificates – one for the most performed in 5-minutes and another certificate for the most consecutive dips by the Book of Alternative Records  Feb 21, 2008 in Clermont, FL

*Dips, 1-minute weighted with 45lbs extra (2o kilos) held by feet 18 reps Sept 27,  2009 in Clermont, Fl (This record has been verified by The Book Of Alternative Records, but not published because they were not interested in opening this category)  VIDEO

Exercise Challenge Events   Click HERE for World Record Exercise Challenge Details

“Extreme Exercise Challenge Week” where 5 world records were set August 7-13, 2011 (4 were set in 18 minutes!! on Aug 7)
“1hr Rope Climbing (Arms Only) Extravaganza” where 3 world records were set in 1 hr on April 9, 2011
“Aerobic Capacity Wellness Week and a Half” where 2 world records were set Jan 30-Feb 8, 2011
“1 Year Strength, Speed, and Endurance World Record Challenge” setting a record 24 WR’s from short to long duration in 2010
“World Record Weber Week” where 5 World Records were set Sept 11-Sept 17, 2010
“The 45 Minute Maximum Strength World Record” where 5 world records were set Many 27, 2010
“11 Physical Fitness World Records and 2 Rare Strength Feats in 33 DAYS (covering 5 areas of physical fitness) Feb 6-March 9, 2010

-Hopping on 1 Leg-
(Rules:  this is an alternative track event where you use the same leg to hop a certain distance on a track)
1 leg hopping, 100m 23.7 seconds on April 10, 2011 in Clermont, Florida

– Jump Rope (single-foot speed) –
Jump Rope Skipping, single foot I achieved the record for the fastest rope-skipping on a single foot. I skipped 77 times in 30 seconds and 449 times in 3 minutes.  *Although not required by the rules, I used a skipping rope weighing 0.68kg (1.5 lbs) which made the attempt even more difficult. Set inClermont, FL on Feb 28, 2010  SPEED JUMP ROPE DEMO VIDEO WITH A WORKOUT

– Jump Rope Running  a.k.a. Rope Skipping –
Jump Rope Skipping, 400m Current Record I ran the 400m while rope-skipping in 1:18 on Sept 11, 2010 around the National Training Center Track in Clermont, Florida   Former Record 1:19 on Feb 21, 2010  VIDEO
Jump Rope Skipping, 800m I ran the 800m while rope skipping in 2:57 on Sept 11, 2010 around the National Training Center Track in Clermont, FL.  *Although not required by the rules, I used a skipping rope weighing 0.68kg (1.5lbs) which made the attempt even more difficult for these jump rope running events.
Jump Rope Skipping, 1609 meter ( 1 mile on track) Current Record 6:33 for 1 mile on track in Clermont, Florida

– One Arm Pushups –
(Rules:  on hard surface same arm used whole time and it must come parallel to the ground or break 90 degrees, legs stay straight and only shoulder level or less apart)
One-arm pushups, 10- minutes Current Record with Recordsetter.com 180 See Record Video Clermont, Fl, Former Record 131 reps Sept 17, 2010, Former Record 105 reps March 6, 2010  VIDEO DEMO

– Pull Ups –
(Rules:  only use steel straight bar with palm away grip, 3 cameras (front, side, chin view), start in dead hang with arms in full extension then chin clearly seen over bar with no leg movements for a rep to count)
Pull Ups, 60-minutes Current Record 721 reps Feb 6, 2010 Clermont, FL
Former Record 560 reps on Dec 13, 2010
Pull Ups, 30-minutes Current Record 419 reps Jan 30, 2011 Clermont, FL  DETAILS & VIDEO
Former Records 398 reps on Feb 6, 2010, 389 reps on July 28, 2009, and 345 reps on Dec 13, 2008
Pull Ups, 3-minutes Current Record 74 reps Aug 7, 2011 Clermont, FL Former Records 67 reps July 28, 2009,
57 reps on July 20, 2008
Pull Ups, 1-minute Current Record 39 reps on Aug 7, 2011 Clermont, FL Former Records 37 reps on May 27, 2010, 34 reps on July 28, 2009, and 31 reps on July 31, 2008
*Consecutive Pull Ups 35 reps on May 27, 2010 in Clermont, FL (performed 8 minutes after setting 1-min Pull Up World Record Details here)

– Pushups –
(Rules:  only done on hard surface with legs and back staying straight.  Arms at shoulder level, bend elbows to at least 90 degrees and return in full extension for rep to count)
Pushups, 1 hr 1,020 reps (and I did 826 mtn. climbers in the same hr!) August 13, 2011 Clermont, FL
Pushups, 30-minutes 829 reps on Feb 8, 2011 Clermont, Fl
Pushups, 10-minutes 450 reps on May 24, 2009 Clermont, FL
*Pushup Presses in Handstand, 1-minute 11 reps on May 27, 2010 in Clermont, FL (head must touch floor for rep to count details here)
Pushups, Back-of-Hand, 15 minutes 112 reps September 23, 2011

– Pushups on Medicine Balls –
Pushups, 1-minute while balancing on 3 medicine balls (with 22 cm diameter) Current Record with RecordSetter.com:  52 See Video Former Record:  50 on Sept 23, 2011, Former Record: 38 reps on May 7, 2011 Clermont, FL, Former record:  35 reps March 6, 2010  VIDEO 1  VIDEO 2
*Pushups, 1-minute while balancing on 3 medicine balls (with 22cm diameter) with an elevated leg 25 reps March 9, 2010  (Details on this are in rare strength feat section here)
*Pushups, 1-minute while balancing on 2 medicine balls (with 22cm diameter)with an elevated leg 25 reps (The chest must touch medicine ball for rep to count details here) VIDEO DEMO Former Record: 10 Nov 19, 2010 at Live Show, Former Record: 6 March 9, 2010  Read More about Alicia’s Medicine Ball Records here

– Ring Dips –
Ring Dips, 1-minute Current Record 18 reps on gymnastic rings May 27, 2010 in Clermont, FL DETAILS
Former Record 17 reps on Feb 17, 2010  VIDEO WITH DETAILS (rules:  palms face in toward body, arms start/end in full extension and break parallel with no leg movements for rep to count)

– Ring L -Position Dips –
Ring L-Position Dips, 1-minute  Current Record 4 reps on gymnastics rings, while holding an L-position with my legs on Sept 13, 2010 DETAILS & VIDEO (rules:  legs must be held and remain in L-position as arms break parallel and return to full extension as palms are held toward body)

-Rope Climbing-
(Rules:  before all rope climbs the rope must be measured.  All rope climbs start in a sitting position and hands are only used to climb the rope.  Legs just dangle.  The legs are not allowed to help or the rope climb is disqualified.)
Fastest time for 15ft climb, 7.7 seconds on April 1, 2011 in Clermont, Florida
Fastest time for 5 meter climb, 8.3 seconds on April 9, 2011 in Clermont, Florida
Fastest time for 20ft climb, 10.6 seconds on April 9, 2011 in Clermont, Florida
Greatest height climbed in 1 minute using a 5 meter rope, 15 meters on April 9, 2011 in Clermont, Florida

– Situps –
Sit-Ups, 30-minutes Current Record at RecordSetter 1,033, Former Record 927 Former Record 879 RECORD VIDEO on Oct 1, 2011, Clermont Florida, Former Record 795 reps on June 11, 2010 Former Record 613 on Sept 26, 2009 (rules:  hands held behind ears and stay there, feet held down, start & end reps with shoulder blades on ground, elbows cross lateral knee for rep to count)
VIDEO DEMO of 2 Types of Situps THE 1st VIDEO IS CORRECT FORM FOR SITUPS THAT I DO IN WORLD RECORDS, the 2nd video is modified situps that are easier and not allowed for world records
Sit-ups, 5-Minutes Current Record 231 situps in Clermont Florida on June 6, 2012

These World Records have been verified by the Book of Alternative Records and I am published there and at Record Holder’s Republic where some of my records have made it into the book “Believe the Unbelievable”.

Snatch your copy of “Believe the Unbelievable” TODAY at the link below!

Believe the Unbelievable: the Ultimate Book of World Records and the People who Pursue Them

Are you wanting Quick Fat Loss and Fitness Gains in Central Florida? Solution is Here!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

No time, money, or commitment, but a willingness to achieve fat loss and health results in a hurry can leave one confused in the direction to turn.  One thing is certain a magic fat loss pill won’t do the trick!

Alicia Weber – 30+  x World Record Holder, Fitness Trainer, and Nutritionist has a solution for you if you live in Central Florida and even if you don’t keep reading for quick success tips! 

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Here are some quick tips to get your engine fired up and get your fat burning furnace cranking!!

1.)     Research has shown that if you eat an apple 15 minutes before a meal you can reduce your caloric intake by 200 calories!  Eating an apple a day can do more than keep the doctor away – it will also help in fat loss!

2.)    Rich in monounsaturated fats, unsalted assorted nuts can provide heart health and they can promote fat loss.  Next time you want a snack – reach for a big bowl filled with only a handful of nuts!  Why?  The big bowl helps with portion control – it makes you feel you are eating more and you eat less and satiate.  A handful of nuts are all you need to keep your engine running and metabolism kicking!

3.)    Although nutrition is 75% of the full healthy picture, little pictures have big ears!  Exercise is a little picture that performed with the right turbulence can turn one into a well-oiled machine!  Here’s a quick workout to keep the engine rolling!

Start with 2-3 sets and build to 5 sets
10 pushups (wall, elevated, or standard pushups depending on ability level)  Immediately after do 10 squats  = 1 set

GO ALL OUT and the goal is to do 3 sets under 3 minutes and 5 sets under 5 minutes!  This is a good “pick me up” routine to do once a day to fire it up!!

All-Around Athlete, Alicia Weber Sets 11 Physical Fitness World Records and 2 Rare Strength Feats in 33 days!

 By:  Alicia Weber

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Whenever I wasn’t exercising as a kid, I would kick back with a book on world record setting athletes and I would get enraptured.  I knew very early on I would be a world record setting athlete.  My doctor grandfather met many of the great athletes I read about and he shared stories with me.  He was a gastroenterologist  that wrote for the American Medical Association and he also knew that I would be a world record holder one day.  He had me be strict with my eating and exercise as he prepared me for a life of discipline and dedication to my passion —sports.

I was inspired most to read about the athletes of the 1920’s – 1960’s that overcame so much to set records and achieve extraordinary athletic achievements. The athletes of those days had to overcome war times, family and personal strife, and the Great Depression.  Today, I am now a world record setting athlete in many record books including…

Believe the Unbelievable: the Ultimate Book of World Records and the People who Pursue Them

I hold over 25 world records in strength, speed, and endurance.  From February 6, 2010 – March 9, 2010, I set 11 world records and 2 rare strength feats covering all 5 areas of physical fitness.

Muscular Strength and Endurance:  I started my world record rampage by re-setting my former 1 hour pullup world record by more than 150 reps for 721 reps an hour(enroute to re-setting my 30-minute WR) on February 6, 2010.  I then re-set my 1 minute, 3 minute, and 1 hr chin up world records.  In early March I became the 1st Woman to set an endurance 1-Arm Pushup World Record by completing 105 reps in 10-minutes. See here for Official Pullup/Chinup  and Pushup World Record Results.
One Arm Pushups

Alicia’s One Arm Pushups

Traveling Trainer & Edutainer | MySpace Video

Cardiovascular Strength and Endurance:  During high school an easy day would be jump rope  running around the track 25 times for 10,000 meters. I would use a light weight speed jump rope.  The jump rope endurance training prepared me to set records and compete on the National level during high school in events from 800m -10,000m runs with U.S.A Track and Field.  I started in 7th grade and my best event was the 400m( I qualified for the 1996  Junior Olympic National Championship in that event) but didn’t compete as I focused on my distance running and became a National Champion in distance running.  Today, I started with the 400m jump rope track run and set a world record using a weighted 1.5lbs jump rope on February 21, 2010.  I then set 2 more jump rope world records with the weighted 1.5lbs jump rope in single-foot rope skipping for 30-seconds and 3-minutes.  Visit Alicia’s myspace to watch jump rope videos.

Flexibility and Abdominal Strength and Endurance:
On February 17, 2010, I completed 17 consecutive reps of Ring Dips in 1-minute to set a world record.  The ring dips were done in a difficult way to add the elements of both flexibility and abdominal strength and endurance in with the exercise. I kept my legs in L-Feat position with my legs perpendicular to my torso. *The hardest type of ring dips are where the legs are held straight out and parallel to the ground – those are officially called “Ring L Dips”.
Double Screen Showing of 17 Ring Dips

Traveling Trainer & Edutainer | MySpace Video

Note:  I also set an abdominal endurance world record on September 26, 2009 where I did 613 situps (legs held down, hands behind ears, elbows must touch lateral knee each time for rep to count) in 30-minutes.

 Balance and Stability:
From March 6 – 9, 2010, I did a variety of strength/balance pushups for records on 2 and 3 med balls measuring 22 cm diameter.  I did 35 reps of pushups while balancing on 3 med balls for an official world record.  I then did 2 other types of balance/strength pushups that  observers described as “rare and difficult”. These 2 other pushups were completed on 2 and 3 med balls with an elevated leg.  Due to the specialization and rare nature of these 2 types of pushups, they were not officially published in the current record books.  However, they may be entered in a future record book.  Med ball balance exercises are very common to Olympic Kayakers.  As a K-1 sprint kayaker, I need to constantly challenge my balance in order to become a better and stronger kayaker, since the sport at the highest level is about being able to balance on such a skinny, tippy boat.  Here are highlights of the 2 types of rare and difficult medicine ball pushups. 

2 Rare and Difficult Strength/Balance Feats

Traveling Trainer & Edutainer | MySpace Video

My current records are 6 reps for a minute of 1 elevated leg 2 med ball pushups (22 cm diameter) and 25 reps for 1 minute of 1 elevated leg 3 med ball pushups.  My World Records are also listed online with World Record Holder’s Republic and the Book of Alternative Records.  I continue to chase new world records and re-set my own.

Outside of world record setting, I compete in 10-sports as an elite athlete and I am a fitness trainer. Some of my sports include sprint kayak, triathlon, trail and mountain distance running, track and field, rowing, road racing, time trial bike racing, open water swimming, and stand up paddle boarding.  I have published a book on physical fitness and it is available online here.

*Learn more,  find Alicia on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/Awinningway
*I am also an entertainer and I do “character comedy”.  You can get a glimpse of my strength feats & comedy on youtube at ‘AliciaAndClan’