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World Record Holder’s Hurricane Irma Comic Relief Series

By Alicia Weber

CENTRAL FLORIDA—September 6th, 2017, began the 185mph Cat 5 Hurricane Irma track to Florida and the start of the “Hurricane Irma Comic Relief Series” produced by Alicia Weber along with members of her Clan. Engulf in Laughter, adrenaline, and excitement as the most destructive hurricane ever recorded in the US makes landfall!!! Cling to your seats for dear life and start cackling….

Welcome to the Three Part Comic Relief Series!!

Part 1: “Operation Hurricane Irma Escape” World Record Weber decides it is best to evacuate, but the pressure is on her to break a long standing world record in order to be allowed to evacuate under the watchful eye of Coach Johnny Deltoid. Will she be able to evacuate? If so, where will she go? FIND OUT…


Part 2: Catch all the drama with several Clan members and some surprising new members in an episode that will have you flying in circles counter-clockwise in laughs!!


Part 3: Audrey Athletic and World Record Weber brace for Hurricane Irma’s landfall in Central Florida. They will be doing a very unlikely activity as Hurricane Irma attacks Central FLorida with 100+ mph winds and expels a foot of rain.


Thanks for watching!


Darryl Learie Lands in Ripley’s Believe It or Not with his “Eggsercise”

By: Alicia Weber

Darryl Learie reached the pinnacle of success when his world record for most one armed pushups on a raw egg was selected to be in The 2013 Hard Cover Annual “Ripley’s Believe It or Not – Download The Weird” 9th annual book on page 160. There’s stiff competition to get into this exclusive and sought after record book – there were 25,000 entries and only a small percent of them were selected to be in this book.

Darryl Learie is into eggsercise and he is originator and record holder for the one arm pushup on the raw egg!

This by no means is Darryl’s only world record – he currently holds over 100 world records between RecordSetter World Records and The Book of Alternative Records where he holds records in exercise, human body achievement, and weird science (and he has set over 330 world records!!). However, the one armed pushup on the raw egg inspires awe, creativity, interest, and a level of difficulty that sparks the imagination.

Robert H. Schuller says it is “the round pegs in the square holes” – the nonconformists that are the innovators, the movers and shakers that push the human race. Darryl Learie is one of them and his one armed pushup on the raw egg record signifies this meaning where he “pushes” to new levels what was thought possible.

Darryl Learie is also a member of the Official Pushup Hall of Fame and he feels tragedy makes triumph. If Darryl had been popular in high school and the star athlete in a sport like football or basketball, he would have become content and not have “pushed” himself to be who he is today.

Like Darryl, all members of Pushup Hall of Fame (i.e. Charles Servizio, Paddy Doyle, the late Charles Linster, Roy Berger, Robert Lewis Knecht, Mich Gooch, Giuseppe Cusano, Flavio Codarin, Shaun McDaniel, and myself Alicia Weber) are nonconformists that push the human race to further achievement and only nonconformists know it is not easy.

Darryl’s “tragedy to triumph” days were during high school where he developed the motivation to be tough and shoot for unconventional feats rather than conventional sports. These were the days that appeared to be a tragedy to him as he stuck out like sore thumb with no friends, no support, only bullying and other issues he had to overcome alone (click here or refer to video below to hear his story). During these high school days, Darryl was mature enough to know that tough times never last, but tough people do and trying times are just times preparing one for a triumph. He kept an upbeat personality and he didn’t get bitter only better…

The result of Darryl toughening out all the trying times is that he has become the World’s 3rd most prolific world record setter!

You better believe that Darryl wouldn’t change anything and he is thankful for the “tragedy” and he is eggstatic over the “eggsercise” triumph!

If you are a nonconformist, you go places no one else goes and you are mentally and physically stronger for it. Once you get through the times that test your nonconformity, you become a leader and you won’t want to turn back.

Darryl Learie’s entry into the world’s most sought after record book – Ripley’s Special Edition 2013 (Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Special Edition) is a testimony on believing in himself and following his road of nonconformity with eggsercise!

A BIG Congrats to Darryl!!

Here Darryl sets the World Record in the One Armed Pushup on the Raw Egg with 8 reps!

Here is Darryl’s Story of Tragedy to Triumph and his Pinnacle of Success in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”


The Alternative Decathlon and Pentathlon with World Records

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Jim Thorpe named Athlete of the Century and Greatest Athlete when he became Olympic Decathlon Champion in 1912. 2012 marks 100yr anniversary of the Decathlon.
This year 2012, marks the 100 year anniversary of the sport of Decathlon, which first became popular worldwide in the 1912 Olympics when American Jim Thorpe won the gold medal and was told he was “the world’s greatest athlete.” That title of “world’s greatest athlete” has been bestowed on every Olympic Decathlon Champion since! What an exciting time it is to see on the 100th anniversary of Decathlon another American taking that claim to fame and in world record style too! Ashton Eaton won the Olympic gold medal in the decathlon in the 2012 Olympics and at US Olympic Trials Eaton set the world record with a new benchmark of 9,039 points in this two day event! The Olympic decathlon is a 2 day event, but there is a non-Olympic decathlon with the same order of events as the Olympic one except it has to be completed in JUST 1 HOUR! The world record for the 1 hour decathlon is 7,897 points set in 1992 by Czech decathlete Robert Zmelik. The sport of decathlon evolved from the sport of pentathlon that was in the ancient Olympics, which included long jump, discus throw, javelin throw, track sprint, and finally a wrestling match. Pentathlons were introduced in Olympia during 708 BC and ignited the fire for centuries of athletes to seek the thrill for “all around athletic events.” Now, in 2012, Alicia Weber – 100+ x world record holder in strength and endurance would like to introduce you to the modern day alternative decathlon and pentathlon!

Alicia Weber is known as a very innovative, fun, and results-driven fitness trainer as well as a determined all around athlete. In celebration of the 100yr anniversary of the decathlon, Alicia set a world record in a 10 event rep-based Abdominal Decathlon on August 13, 2012. Alicia creatively combined 10 of the most challenging ab exercises (based on feedback from her clients and her own training experiences) and set these exercises up to go continuously for the most reps with less than 6 minutes of rest between exercises and Alicia broke 2 world records in individual rep-based ab exercises enroute to setting the new benchmark of 1,310 reps for the Abdominal Decathlon!

Alicia Sets RecordSetter World Record for Abdominal Decathlon

Alicia Weber earned the Record of the Day Recognition for her Abdominal Decathlon on August 14, 2012.

Next up on Alicia’s schedule was to celebrate the evolution of the sport of decathlon by going back to its roots in Olympia with the pentathlon. Alicia created a pentathlon called the “Towel Pull Up Pentathlon” where the highest score wins! Four of the events are all various types of towel pull ups testing maximum strength and are rep-based and one event is time based as one goes for the longest one arm towel grip dead hang. Each rep =1 point and each second = 1 point and the total points from the 5 events are tallied and the highest score wins! On August 16, 2012, Alicia broke one individual event world record in the consecutive full rep towel L pull ups enroute to setting the world record with 122 points for the Towel Pull Up Pentathlon.

Alicia sets Recordsetter World Record in Towel Pull Up Pentathlon

Alicia's record in the Towel Pull Up Pentathlon made RecordSettter Record of the Day Recognition on August 19, 2012.

A record holder can earn “Record of the Day” with Recordsetter World Records, if their record becomes popular and demonstrates a high level of creativity and difficulty. Alicia Weber is a creative fitness trainer who makes exercising fun and she works with all ages and ability levels and can be reached at Awinningway@gmail.com


2 Races and 2 World Records in 10 Days for Strongwoman Alicia Weber

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Images below are copyrighted to Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

April 12 -22, 2012 — Strongwoman Alicia Weber is back again to raise her benchmarks in 2 short duration events AND MORE! On April 12, 2012, Alicia Weber took back her world record in 1 minute of situps. She now raised the benchmark to 59 situps in one minute for her 101st world record! Alicia exclaimed, “I am into longer duration situps, but if I know I can beat a record that I see, I will go for it!” Alicia did just that when she beat the previous record of 58 a minute set by England’s Guy King.

Alicia Re-Claiming World Record for 1 minute of Situps

Next, Alicia has been dueling French Plyometic Exercise Star Guillaume Bourgeois (since, Feb 2012) in several plyometric exercises, but one stands out in the exciting duel between these two determined record breakers – Most Consecutive Clapping Pushups with Feet off the Ground. They each had gone back and forth with this highly aerobic strength testing exercise. Guillaume held the world record for 49 days at the mark of 61. Then, on April 17, 2012, Alicia re-claimed the record with a new mark of 65. Alicia exclaimed, “I got sick on Monday and had to rest. My muscles were anxious for an all out effort on Tuesday and the result – another record! I am very happy!”

Alicia Re-Claiming World Record in Most Consecutive Clapping Pushups with Feet Off the Ground (WR 102 for Alicia)!!

On Wedsnesday, Alicia had planned to kick off her cross country season despite still being sick. Alicia exclaimed, “It was set in my mind and I had been looking forward to this day. I recalled when I ran with bronchitis and set a youth record in a 10k in 37:34 in 1995, which was 6th largest road race in US and I knew I could pull this off. I had trouble breathing from congestion and a sore/dry throat, but this was nothing compared to when I ran with bronchitis. I was planning on a casual effort in any case and just get a feel for the new course.” Alicia set the overall record in 2011 for the NTC 2.8 mile course. In 2012, the race is on a new course measuring 2.5 miles and is known as the NTC Ultimate Series for Cross Country. Alicia was happy with her showing in the elite field of current and former pro triathletes. She finished 6th overall out of men and women and was the 2nd woman finisher.

Watch Alicia Compete in her 2012 Cross Country Kick Off Event on April 18, 2012

Photo Credits: www.NRGsalt.com Alicia Weber plowing into finish in the 3 mile WPA Series Race at Spa Beach on April 22, 2012.

Photo Credits: www.NRGsalt.com WPA Series 3 mile starts in rain!

Finally ending her sickness on April 22, Alicia competed in her first ever WPA Series Stand Up Paddle Board event. Alicia exclaimed, “I was so excited to get out there with top competition and just get this experience under my belt. I asked for a challenge and I got it – the 3 mile race started in torrential downpour. Then it passed, but we had to fight wicked cross winds and currents. The winds were gusting upto 19 mph! My adrenaline was pumping and I had to dig deep on my hefty 10 ‘6″ stockboard.” Alicia completed the 3 mile course at Spa Beach in St. Petersburg, FL, in 56:48 for a 30th overall finish out of men and women, which includes both stockboard and racerboard categories combined.
Two Bicep Flexing Paddle Board Addicts!


Alicia Weber Captures 6 World Records on Last 4 Days of February 2012

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, FL (Feb 26 -29)– The Record Breaking Machine finalized the last 4 days of February with some unique strength records and a “Leap Day” record.  We will take a look at Alicia’s 6 records in 4 days!!

Pummeling Alicia to the # 1 Most Popular record of the Day and for Feb on RecordSetter.com, Alicia’s 105 Consecutive Knuckle Pushups on Concrete has won her Most Popular Record on Record Setter!  Here is a picture of the website with Alicia’s # 1 position!!

Alicia in # 1 Position for Most Popular World Record on March 1, 2012.

Watch below – Alicia broke the men’s world record that was 56 consecutive as she raised the new world record to 105!!

Also on Feb 28, 2012, Alicia broke the world record the Most Consecutive Flying Superman Pushups when she did 31.  The former record was 27. See her set Flying Superman Pushup World Record

Then, on Feb 27th, Alicia broke the Most Knee Tuck World Record by 101 reps!!  Alicia is the new world record holder with 138 consecutive reps of Knee Tucks – no pauses allowed.  This exercise tests balance, coordination, posture, and strength in abs, back, and quads.

Watch Alicia set Knee Tuck World Record with 138 reps

Finally, on Feb 26th, Alicia re-set one world record and set another early Leap Day record!  First, she re-set the one-armed hindu pushup on basketball world record with now 30 consecutive reps!  Her previous record of 13 was just 16 days ago!  So she had a big jump in improvement in a short time period.

Watch Alicia’s 30 Consecutive One-Armed Hindu Pushups on Basketball  for New World Record

Last but not “leaps,” for Leap Day 2012, Alicia had to set a special record to commemorate Leap Year. She went ALL Out and set a new world record for Most Leaping Mountain Climbers in 5 Minutes! Alicia says the leaping mountain climbers are the first things she thinks of for leap year.  Her goal was to do this highly aerobic and plyometric exercise and complete 366 reps in 5 minutes (for the # of days this year), but she exceeded her goal with 369 reps!

Watch Alicia set world record with 369 Leaping Mountain Climbers in 5 Minutes!

Alicia performs exclusive strength feat shows at VideoTeasing.com/alicia.htm

Superwoman Soars to New Heights in Feats of Strength!

NOW Playing at www.videoTeasing.com/alicia.htm

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.


Do you want to Watch World Record Weber Keep Going?

7 World Records…3 in 1 hour…strength, speed, and endurance…Plus, Close Up Bicep Flexing between World Records!!

World Record Weber is the REAL DEAL and you can see with your own eyes her entire spring 2011 collection of world records she set in the full Length show lasting 45 minutes.  Her world records have been verified by the Book of Alternative Records

Superwoman Soars to New Heights is about World Record Weber becoming the “Goddess of Gravity” and shattering a Pull Up endurance world record, 3 rope climbing records, 1 Rare Strength Feat, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Click Here for FULL SHOW  “Superwoman Soars to New Heights”

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Alicia Weber reaches 50 World Records on June 18, 2011

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, FL–June 18, 2011, Alicia Weber receives exciting news from the officials at The Book of Alternative Records (the world’s 2nd largest record book).  She officially set 6 more world records from April -May 2011, which brings her world record count to 50 world records!

Alicia Weber Celebrates Reaching 50 World Records in this Bicep Flexing in a Dress Video!


Here are her 6 new world records set April – May 2011:

Rope Climbing —On April 1, 2011, Alicia recorded the fastest climb ever by a female up a 15ft rope (starting from a sitting position, using hands only for climbing). Then, on April 9, 2011, Alicia Weber set 3 world records within 1 hour (2:30-3:30pm) in Clermont, Florida, a city known for health and wellness.  All rope climbs were completed using hands only for climbing.  Legs just dangle.  She recorded the greatest height climbed on a 5 meter rope in 1 minute when she climbed 15 meters.  Following this world record, she recorded the fastest climb up a 5 meter rope and she climbed the fastest up a 20ft rope.

1 Leg Hopping—On April 10, 2011, Weber recorded the fastest time in the alternative track event called 1 leg hopping, 100 meter dash, where she hopped on one foot (the same foot for the full 100m) in a record time of 23.7 seconds.

Pushups on 3 Medicine Balls—On May 7, 2011, Weber re-set her world record that she first set a year ago.  She completed 38 pushups in 1 minute, while balancing on 3 medicine balls (diameter:  22cm).

I ask Alicia Weber how it feels to reach 50 world records in strength, speed, and endurance, and she says, “It is an exciting benchmark to meet.  I am very happy! I keep going though.”


Muscle Woman’s Monster Isometric Exercise Outta the Abysmal Sea!!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

Click for Alicia's Youtube ChannelThe Norwegian word kraken means “giant squid” and “sea monster”.  Imagine a sea monster weighing a ton, having tentacles 30 feet long, swallowing enough food in 1 GULP to last a year – This describes Architeuthis a type of giant squid!  Legend or not – in reality there really does live a giant sea squid that can go into deadly battle with a sperm whale and WIN!!

Below is a “Monster Isometric Challenge” where Alicia Weber not only pushes herself in a tough monster of an isometric for a duration of 30 minutes, but she recites a poem called “The Kraken” at a grueling 29 minutes in!  Alicia performs a monster of a challenge that requires both mental and physical toughness!

Alicia’s Monster Isometric Challenge

Now it’s your turn to try an isometric and recite a poem…

Central Florida Martial Arts Conditioning and Fitness Training with Alicia Weber

By: Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

Are you looking for a martial arts conditioning instructor in Central Florida? If so, you are at the Right Place. Or are you looking for some martial arts conditioning tips? If so, you are in luck.

Alicia Weber Fitness Trainer and Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist shows cool conditioning moves.


No matter if you are a fencer, kickboxer, kata competitor, wrestler, boxer, or any other type of martial arts competitor – one thing is shared by all and that is SPARRING!! At some point in the training phase, sparring and sparring drills will come into play to keep one’s game on PAR.

Any fighter knows aerobics and strength are key, but other components need to be developed as well. Today we will briefly touch up on the 4 Key Components of Martial Arts Conditioning. It is really important to work all 4 components in each serious martial arts conditioning session. Those components should be followed in this order:
1.) Speed/Quickness/Reactive Ability – the most sensitive with fatigue accumulation and that’s why it should be first.
2.) Strength – after the former, the muscles are triggered for strength moves
3.) Endurance – at this time the workout becomes challenging and it trains the muscles to endure, which will be imperative for fights
4.) Flexibility – best improved when the body is warm (static stretching can tend to temporarily weaken muscles due to reduced overlap in muscle sarcomere – even more reason to end with flexibility)

So have you been covering the 4 components in your training sessions?

Do you need some martial arts conditioning in Central Florida? If so, you can contact Alicia at Awinningway@gmail.com and put “fitness” in subject line.

Alicia Weber is a Fitness Trainer and Entertainer. One of her acts is that of an Elvis Impersonator where she does NEW MOVES! And guess what, they are sparring moves!! See the “New Elvis with the New Moves” below


Alicia Weber Wishes Holiday Cheer & Says Goodbye to 2010 with Extreme Endurance Strength Feat!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

November 2, 2010–Alicia Weber’s tricep muscles were excited and drooling over a final challenge!  She decided to test herself at the toughest type of 2-arm and 2-leg pushups for endurance – 30 -minutes of Tricep Pushups.  She already holds world records in a variety of regular 2-arm pushups and one-arm pushups categories.  However, tricep pushups are not a record cateogry, and she is just doing these tricep pushups for fun in the vieo below!  In 2010, Alicia ends her year with a record 24 world records in strength, speed, and endurance verified by the Book of Alternative Records and featured in World Record Holder’s Republic the registry for Human Achievement World Record Holders.

Tricep Pushup Hand Pushup
Tricep Pushup Hand Position

The tricep pushups for endurance isolate the 3 tricep muscles (medial head, lateral head, and long head of the tricep m.).  Maxing out and going for 30-minutes is VERY challenging on the triceps AND the ABS as they stabilize the core and keep a straight body position.  Rules:  Tricep Pushups must be performed on a hard surface, arms start in full extension, and end bent with chest touching floor as hands are held in a triangle position (as shown here).  Legs stay straight with no lifting of the hips.  Rest breaks are allowed.

Watch Alicia “World Record” Weber do 556 tricep pushups in 30-minutes.  Enjoy!