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Alicia Weber, Representing USA, with 8 World Class Appearances, 3 Titles, and Guiding Youth to Top of World Too!

By: Weber Way to Wellness Images are copyrighted © Alicia Weber

Below is Alicia Weber’s list of high profile competitions containing World Championships and North American Championships. She has competed in 6 sports in the highest level of elite competition and she has won three titles. A complete listing of All her 17 sports and competitions including national and regional championships, is here: Alicia Weber All Around Athlete here. Also, Alicia’s Team of youth athletes is highlighted with their world championship results, records, and success in multiple sports.


Beach Running

Weber is the most decorated 10K Beach Championship Runner winning two World Championships and then placing in the top three at multiple National Championships.
10/21/12 2012 Beach Running 10K World Championships Cocoa Beach, FL 43:53 Re-set course record World Champion
11/19/11 2011 Beach Running 10K World Championships Cocoa Beach, FL 44:35 Set course record World Champion

Team Awinningway Global Running Day Record Results
Alicia is huge fan of cross country running for the overall fitness gains, challenge of rolling terrain, and soft surface. Alicia placed second in the nation in the 1996 USATF Cross Country 5k Championship. She was a letter-winning varsity cross country runner for University of Florida and set top times in the 6k where she helped her team tie for third place at the 2000 NCAA South Regionals Championship (then doing a tie breaker UF was given 4th and just missed out on going to NCAA Nationals). These days, Alicia focuses on creating RecordSetter World Record events for Cross Country running. Her Team Awinningway set their first world record for Global Running Day in One Mile run in 2016 where 6 year old Cody Warner set the youth record running a mile for the first time in 7:18. Then, In 2017 A new record is being created with 29 participants running indoors and outdoors for Global Running Day.
Alicia has set world records in cross country pushup events. She ran 2 mile cross country followed by 200 consecutive pushups in a world record time of 18:41. She set another world record in one mile cross country followed by 100 consecutive pushups in a time of 7:55 One of her favorite cross country world records is when she completed 300 strict form thick bar pull-ups followed by running one mile cross country in 23:50.

Weber is a sponsored athlete and professional coach in many sports for all ages and ability levels. She got sponsored in indoor rowing after winning gold in two events at 2016 World Qualifier in Melbourne, Florida. She now competes in World Championships

3/12/17 2017 World Indoor Rowing Sprint 1k Championships held worldwide (418 Lightweight Women) 3:49.5 26th in World
3/13/16 2016 World Indoor Rowing Sprint 1k Championships held worldwide (345 Lightweight Women) 3:50.3 26th in World


Top Youth Team in United States represented in two world championships in a row!

Indoor Rowing with Alicia’s Team Awinningway of Youth Rowers

3/12/17 2017 World Indoor Rowing Sprint 1k Championships held worldwide Team Awinningway of Youth Rowers (Largest Youth Team in US AND 6th Largest in World) 11 Kids

3/12/17 Alicia Weber’s 11yr year old athlete, Jadyn Graybill, become first American and 39th in World out of 119 youth girls in world championship

3/13/16 2016 World Indoor Rowing Sprint 1k Championships held worldwide Team Awinningway of Youth Rowers (Largest Youth Team in US!!) 6 kids

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Xterra Mountain Running (considered toughest half-marathon in world)

Weber dreamed of doing the world’s toughest half-marathon in Hawaii and she made it a reality in 2009.

12/6/09 Xterra Half-Marathon Running World Championship (considered world’s toughest half-marathon with 1700 ft of climbing over several climate zones ranging 65-90 degrees) Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, Hawaii 2:14:15 40th in World

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Olympic Distance Triathlon

Alicia qualified for her first world championship when she was nineteen. She competed in Perth, Australia when she was twenty. She then turned pro in triathlon at age 24 and was pro for 3 years focusing on non-draft events. However, her best place was 9th in nation in an ITU Draft-Legal National Sprint Championship in 2008 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

4/30/00 2000 ITU World Triathlon Championships for Junior Women Perth, Australia 1500m swim, 25 mile bike, 10k Run (accidently ran an extra 5k, so she did a 15k run) 30th in World


North American Championship Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

The Top 5 Finishers in the 2015 Bic One Design North American Championship. On the left, Weber took 4th.place. Competitors traveled as far as Hawaii to compete.

9/13/15 Bic One Design North American SUP 400m Dash Championship Melbourne, FL 4th place

Alicia’s TEAM AWINNINGWAY YOUTH TEAM competed in the World’s First SUP-Archery competition in the spring of 2016.

World’s First SUP-Archery event held in Clermont,Florida with Team AWINNINGWAY!
Weber is posing in St. Petersburg Beach aftter becoming the 2004 North American Fitness Champion.

NORTH AMERICAN NOVA Fitness Championships

6/26/04 NOVA North American Fitness Championship (7 one minute exercise events in 13 minutes for most reps) St. Petersburg, FL set 5 North American Records (1st place out of men and women totaling 30) North American Fitness Champion

This MAJOR Win inspired Alicia to begin setting physical fitness world records. Beginning in 2012, she accrued so many records that she was recognized as the World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter. Alicia is also the fitness trainer who has trained the most athletes to world records.

Huff, Puff, and Triumph and Rise to the Top Under the Tutelage of Alicia Weber, contact for training info at Awinningway@gmail.com

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.


Coach Alicia Weber Gives 5 Tips on How To Make A Varsity Team

By: Alicia Weber

All coaches look for similar characteristics in athletes across all sports in choosing who makes the varsity team. Individual sports like track and field and swimming as well as team sports like basketball and soccer look for specific qualities, but two characteristics that standout the most in the eyes of coaches are work ethics and confidence. You can make a varsity team in elementary, middle, or high school or college and today we will learn how to do so.

Coach Alicia Weber of the Coed Archery Fitness League of Central Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada!
Coach Alicia Weber of the Coed Archery Fitness League of Central Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada!
Every competitive athlete should strive to make the varsity team for the opportunity to compete with the best and reach your highest potential.

The fact is not every athlete who tries out for the team will make the varsity team right away. Only so many athletes can make the first string team, but every player is capable of becoming a star with the right attitude.

Tip 1: Practice regularly and talk to your coach on ways you can improve. Top players advise younger players to play on club teams on their off season to develop competitive instincts.

Once a very self-confident, sophomore from Laney High School, Michael Jordan, failed to make the varsity basketball team. Instead, he ignited a fierce competitive fire and took on the challenge to get better as he became a star on the junior varsity team. The following year, he grew to six feet and three inches. He made the varsity team as he averaged 27 points a game and established himself as a top player and major college prospect. He went on to become one of the greatest basketball players.

Tip 2: Be confident and show your skills and be able to play well under pressure and with an audience.

It is imperative to control anxieties. Varsity athletes need to be ready and attentive at all times and let it be known that you want to be there. Smiling and being overly zealous is a plus as coaches will get to learn of your strong desires to want to play on a varsity team.

Tip 3: Stay focused, listen, and consistently do what you do best.

Coaches look for players with certain abilities and they want those players to stick with those abilities. They want the athletes to focus on their strengths and keep getting them stronger. They want athletes who can follow directions and are willing to become the best they can be. If an athlete can’t follow directions, a coach is not going to want the athlete on a varsity team.

Tip 4: Show the coach you have passion for the sport and that you want to be part of a team.

Coaches look for athletes who can be great team players and leaders. The number one quality a coach loves is a great work ethic. A coach would prefer a dedicated athlete with great work ethics over a naturally talented athlete with no work ethics.

Orlando’s Downy Christian High School has a girls’ varsity basketball team where a 10 year old, Jaden Newman, is the star. She is known to have a tremendous work ethic, which is built from within. She is short and fast. According to Maxpreps, she averaged 30.5 points a game this past season. She gives NBA players a run for their money as she hopes to one day become the first woman to play for the NBA.

Newman is an example of a passionate and very focused athlete.

Different ages and genders can make a varsity team if they prove they can perform. Most coaches want athletes to take risks and try a sport that they may never have competed in before. They believe that as long as you can perform and excel, then you can play varsity.

Erin DiMeglio became the first female to play quarterback on a varsity football team in a Florida high school. She showed up for the tryout confident about her skills and ready to perform with the males. She proved herself and the rest is history.

Tip 5: Be respectful to the coach, teammates, and others, demonstrate good communication, and be presentable in proper attire.

On high-level play, such as division 1 NCAA athletics, it becomes mandatory that a coach becomes in tune with the varsity athletes as the way the coach communicates influences the psychology of the athletic performance. Both the athlete and coach have to make a committed effort to communicate positively and clearly for an athlete’s ultimate success.


Weber Sisters Reveal Fitness and Exercise Tips (Part 2)

“Very compatible, yet very different”

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter
**The images contained in this article exclusively found at AliciaWeber.com are copyrighted © Alicia Weber & Kim Weber.
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The Weber Way to Wellness Reporter interviews the Weber Sisters – two sisters 2 years apart that are both fitness gurus.  Kim Weber is a fitness executive for high-end fitness studios with an Exercise Science B.S. and a Global MBA   Alicia Weber is a Fitness Expert and Fitness/Nutrition/Solutions Consultant with Biology and Communication degrees.  In Part 1, we learn about humble beginnings in Fitness and their winning workouts!  Click here for Part 1 or continue reading Part 2 as they reveal Exercise Tips and How to Stick to Exercise!

Kim Weber is a California Girl - a Land Animal that can show you how to put a groove in every move as she specializes in pilates & yoga!!
Alicia Weber is a Florida Girl - a Land/Water Animal like a Lungfish! She can get you to "Huff, Puff, & Triumph" with your lung or aqualung as she specializes in aquatic therapy & physical fitness testing/training!!
  1. 1. Q.  What do you admire most about your sister?

Alicia answers, “I am baffled by how my sister handles high levels of stress and dramas in fitness management and turns businesses around in a way no one else can do!  When the average manager only lasts 6-months at a time, she lasts years and loves it, while making a big difference.  She amazes me!”

Kim answers, “I admire her un-wavering confidence.  She’s always believed in herself no matter what.  She’s never been one to give in to peer pressure or pressures of society.  No matter what’s trendy or not, she’s always happy being her.  Because of that confidence she’s always made wise decisions.”





2. Q.  What advice would you give someone just starting out in exercise to stick to it?

Alicia Weber is excited over physical fitness!

Alicia answers,

“Don’t think of exercise, but “excitementcise” –  You want to think about activities that excite you and throw in a little movin’ & groovin’!  It’s easy for me, since I get my kicks from strenuous activities, but some people don’t like to move.  Nothing beats the benefits of movement though! If you like to sing, try to Dance off the Inches: Hip Hop Party
style with your song.  If you like to watch tv, try simple Healing Yoga Moves at every commercial.  If you like boating – try a Hobie Mirage Sport Kayak and enjoy fun and speed as you paddle and pedal effortlessly!  Remember, if you don’t MOVE, you will loose your groove!  *If you want to learn more, I have fun and unique personal training programs available in Central Florida. ”



Kim Weber is excited over physical fitness!

Kim answers,

“I agree that people need to find something they enjoy.  With exercise there are really no rules. You don’t have to join a gym to exercise.  If you enjoy walking your dogs, then make that your exercise.  If you prefer exercise to be your ‘alone time’ then that’s ok too.  Or, get a group of friends together to exercise together. Take the stairs, park at the back of the mall parking lot, etc.  It all adds up and doesn’t have to be regimented.”








Weber Sisters Reveal Fitness and Exercise Tips (Part 1)

“Very compatible, yet very different”

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter
**The images contained in this article exclusively found at AliciaWeber.com are copyrighted © Alicia Weber & Kim Weber.
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The Weber Way to Wellness Reporter interviews the Weber Sisters – two sisters 2 years apart that are both fitness gurus.  Kim Weber is a fitness executive for high-end fitness studios with an Exercise Science B.S. and a Global MBA   Alicia Weber is a Fitness Expert and Fitness/Nutrition/Solutions Consultant with Biology and Communication degrees.

1.        Q.  How long have you both been in the fitness industry and why do you love working out?

Kim Weber has years of training & an advanced education in Yoga & Pilates.
Alicia Weber represented the U.S. in Perth, Austalia, in 2000 for triathlon.

Alicia answers, “We both started as a lifeguard.  When I took my first lifeguard job at 17, people began asking me for swimming and exercise tips.  I was a self-coached world-class triathlete and National Champion runner.  People would look at me and want my help and it stemmed from there and I branched out into fitness training and a variety of facets in health and wellness.  Constantly expanding my physical fitness is extremely exciting for me!!”

Kim answers, “I’ve been in the fitness industry for over ten years.  After being a lifeguard as a teenager, I went on to become a group fitness instructor.  I taught all kinds of classes and got into personal training as well.  After years of training experience, I moved over to the management side where I started managing a Pilate’s studio in Las Vegas, NV.  I fell in love with fitness management and went on to get my MBA to continue with these aspirations.  I love working out because it makes people, especially women, feel good about themselves.  Our self esteem is largely based on how we look and feel.  When we get results we feel energized and accomplished.  This feeling fuels people to change their life and change their world.”

2.        Q.  Exercise was always part of your lives.  What are your favorite types of workouts?

Kim and her lovable pooches out on a walk!
Alicia holding the world record book that she is in between her feet.

Alicia answers, “I love anything that is very challenging (both muscularly and aerobically) in the area of strength, speed, and endurance.  In 2010, I set a record 24 world records in this area of fitness.”

 Kim answers, “I love dance based orthopedic exercises like Pilates and Yoga.  I also love to run and hike outdoors, especially with my dogs.”


Cooling down after a long night of cackling and a sweaty morning workout!
3.  Q.  What is your most memorable moment together in exercise?
Alicia answers, “We were on a family trip in the Badlands and as soon as we arrived in the evening, I jumped out of the car and took off running.  Thank goodness my sister followed after me because she saved my life!!  I accidently began to take off on a 200+ ft high cliff and she grabbed my legs and pulled me back before I fell. I then learned why they are called the Badlands!  My energy levels were out of control (too many endorphins from distance running) as a teenager, but I am under control now.”

Kim answers, “For me it’s probably when we were both on the high school swim team.  I didn’t enjoy it, especially the thought of jumping into a cold pool at 6 am in the dark, freezing Pennsylvania winter weather.  Alicia loved it though.  She used to
give me her flippers when we had to swim laps to help me be less miserable!  At that point I knew I must be more of a land animal!”
Kicking back after a night on the town in Las Vegas, NV!!

Continue with Part 2 revealing Tips for Exercise here….

Alicia Weber – All-Around Athlete and Orlando, Fl, and Lake County Florida Fitness Trainer

By:  Alicia Weber
Pictures contained in the article are copyrighted to AliciaWeber.com

I take my years of experience in my many sports and I have devised a sport specific training program for athletes in their respective sports. My sports specific training program has helped athletes prevent injuries, win championships, win college sport scholarships, and get athletes to their goals and beyond as some testify on Clermont, Florida, Winning Way to Wellness. To date, the sports I have helped athletes excel at include football, track and field, swimming, marathon running, cycling, triathlon, open water swimming, short-course pool swimming, hockey, soccer, and others.

Christian Monsanto, Elite Triathlete and Runner

One athlete has taken my expertise a step further.  He sought me out for sport specific training and diet advice for the best antioxidants and nutrients as I am also a certified Sport Nutrition Consultant.

Christian says this about my guidance in sport specific training and sport nutrition consulting, “Alicia has elevated my level of health and race results by her expertise in sports training and nutrition.”

Do you want to prevent injuries and elevate your success in sports?

Attention Athletes ages 4 -100 living in Orlando, Fl, or Lake County Florida, you can enter Alicia’s Sport Specific Training program and get nutrition guidance that can give you an edge in any sport and improve overall health. Rates are reasonable and locations vary. Call today for a free consultation at 352-874-4363 or email Alicia at Awinningway@gmail.com

Alicia Weber’s 2009-2010 Sports Highlights

In addition to the sports highlights below, I am a strength and endurance world record holder with a variety of physical fitness world records.

January 31, 2010 Southern Sprints Indoor Rowing World Championships
Alicia Weber- Silver Medalist 500m, Indoor Rowing Southern Championships

In my newest sport, I competed in my first major indoor rowing competition and captured the silver medal in the 500m sprint. The Southern Sprints Indoor Rowing Championships serves as a World Qualifier for the C.R.A.S.H. B Sprints Indoor Rowing World Championship held every year in Boston.

December 6, 2009 Xterra World Half-Marathon Championships Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, HI

During a week in Oahu, HI, which included an invitation to train with the U.S. Marines, I competed in what is to be considered the “World’s Toughest Half-Marathon”. There are many factors, which make the event so tough including 1. Elevation – 2,900ft mountain climb 2. Competitors aren’t allowed to see or practice on the course till the morning of the event! 3. Temperature and Terrain Changes – The temperature at the start of the race was 65 degrees, but by the first mile on the black lava rock it escalated to nearly 90 degrees. By mile 11, runners held onto a rope to run down a slippery, muddy, narrow path. I can surely say with my many years of running on the elite circuit that this truly was the world’s toughest half-marathon! I became very dehydrated, but still finished as 40th Woman in the World. A total of 393 runners were in this world championship run.

Alicia as her popular Strength Character “Aussie Amanda” training with the U.S. Marines in Oahu, HI

November 8, 2009 First Annual SUP Poker Run Siesta Key Beach, Florida

Alicia Weber - 1st time on Stand Up Paddle Board

In an event that is about winning a game of poker as SUP paddlers chased to each boat grabbing a card, I was the 2nd fastest female finisher. However, I didn’t win the poker game. It was my first time on a stand up paddle board and my first SUP race. SUP is the fastest growing sport in Florida!


June 13 -14, 2009  Sprint Kayak and Open Swimming Championships


Alicia Weber - Gold Medalist 500m, 2009 Florida State Games

I did back-to-back Championships in 2 different sports that use the same muscle groups and I had great success! On June 13th I took the gold medal in the 500m K-1 sprint kayak race at the Florida State Games and then I captured the silver medal in the 200m K-1 sprint kayak race. The following day, I finished 14th overall out of the men and women in the Master’s Swimming 1-mile Open Water Championships in Ft. Myers, Florida.

*Alicia Weber is a featured World Record Holder in Strength and Endurance for the top fitness blog www.Speedendurance.com