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Alicia Weber, fitness expert with YourHealthUpdates.com – Shows How to Avoid Back Problems

Approximately 80% of adults are estimated to have some kind of back injury in their lifetime and 10 percent will suffer from a back re-injury, according to Premier back statistics.

The best way to prevent back pain is to become educated in the ways back injuries occur and form a preventative plan.  One of the top ways to avoid a back problem is to lift objects properly.  There are 7 different proper lifts that you can pick from to keep a healthy back and use your leg strength and not your back to pick things up the right way! Follow along with the video below that shows the 7 proper lifts as the lifting techniques are spelled out underneath.

Avoid Back Problems with the 7 Proper Lifts

  1.  Deep Squat Lift –  Do a full squat where hips are below knee level.  Arms and legs are parallel with an anterior pelvic tilt. Always keep object close for strong base of support – good for medium to heavy lower objects.  Grab object at the sides or under the bottom of the object.
  2. Traditional Lift – Get in standard squat position except feet are anteroposterior on each side of object.  Good for heavy, low objects – place object between legs  to maintain low center of gravity while wide base of support. 
  3. Power Lift –  Go into a half-squat for lifting taller and lighter objects where hips are above knee level.  Arms and legs are parallel – grab sides of the object, while maintaining a more vertical position with an anterior pelvic tilt.
  4. Straight Leg Lift – Knees can be slightly bent in this lift known for picking up grocery bags.  Grasp sides of the object and hold object close to the body.
  5. One-Leg Stance Lift – This lift is also known as the “golfer’s lift” and it is for very light objects weighing upto a couple pounds at most.  The body will go horizontal, while maintaining a straight back and always keep the front leg over the heel (making a 90 degree angle). The back leg can be straight or slightly bent. Again secure object close to body.
  6. Half-Kneeling  Lift – good for objects of various sizes and weights.  However, AVOID this type of lift if you have a knee problem! This is a useful lift for people of small stature with great balance. The goal of the lift is to secure objects close to the body before standing.
  7. Stoop Lift –  This is a great lift for an object  below waist level. This is the common lift for different types bags and/or items with handles (i.e. suitcase, purse, brief cases, pails, tool boxes, etc). Just partially flex hip and knees, while maintaining a straight slightly forward back.  Feet are shoulder width apart and slightly anteroposterior from each other.

I hope these tips help you “back up” and regroup and start rearing in the right direction in back health!  Remember:  Keep using your Legs and Rear Muscles when lifting and NOT your back!  For more info – Alicia Weber is a fitness expert with YourHealthUpdates.com