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Aerobic Capacity Wellness Awareness Weeks with Alicia Weber

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We are currently underway with the first weeks of 13 for the Fitness Makeover here in Central Florida where almost 30 participants are enrolled to improve their physical fitness. We begin with becoming aware of the importance of aerobic capacity wellness. There are two ways to assess aerobic capacity wellness: (1.) A direct assessment of the maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) and (2.) An indirect assessment with rigorous exercise measuring heart rate in response to a given workload. We are reviewing # 2 and over the next weeks, personal clients, fitness makeover participants, and I will be testing aerobic capacity wellness in very unconventional ways!

The conventional ways (and standard ways) to test aerobic capacity through indirect assessment are by any of the following: 1. Rockport Walk Test, 2. 1.5 mile run/walk test, 3. 12-minute run test, 4. Treadmill Tests, 5. Bicycle Tests, and 6. Queens College Step Test. Now, we WON’T be doing any of these tests in our review.

We will NOT be “testing”, but rather trying unconventional exercises that are highly aerobic and evaluating their effectiveness based on the results of improving strength, aerobic capacity, and speeding up metabolism, and stimulating fat loss. The exercises that give the best overall results will be announced at a later date…So Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, GET ENERGIZED as Alicia Weber puts her aerobic capacity wellness to the test in a high intensity aerobic dance with strength moves!

Do you have a favorite aerobic exercise? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below.

Thanks and Keep Huffing and Puffing,

Alicia Weber

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Fitness Advice & Exercise Tips with Alicia Weber

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Due to my successes and suggestions from fans, I decided to start another blog called “Alicia Weber’s Recommendations”. It reviews fitness and health products and the blog is dedicated to answering questions and giving advice in the area of fitness, health, and wellness. I have created the category on this site called Alicia’s Recommendations, so that AliciaWeber.com readers can stay in the loop as well from this site. I have attached links from the other site on this page.  Enjoy!!

Postings from “Alicia Weber’s Recommendations”…

New Year Fitness Advice

Weber Sisters Reveal Fitness and Exercise Tips (Part 2)

“Very compatible, yet very different”

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter
**The images contained in this article exclusively found at AliciaWeber.com are copyrighted © Alicia Weber & Kim Weber.
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The Weber Way to Wellness Reporter interviews the Weber Sisters – two sisters 2 years apart that are both fitness gurus.  Kim Weber is a fitness executive for high-end fitness studios with an Exercise Science B.S. and a Global MBA   Alicia Weber is a Fitness Expert and Fitness/Nutrition/Solutions Consultant with Biology and Communication degrees.  In Part 1, we learn about humble beginnings in Fitness and their winning workouts!  Click here for Part 1 or continue reading Part 2 as they reveal Exercise Tips and How to Stick to Exercise!

Kim Weber is a California Girl - a Land Animal that can show you how to put a groove in every move as she specializes in pilates & yoga!!
Alicia Weber is a Florida Girl - a Land/Water Animal like a Lungfish! She can get you to "Huff, Puff, & Triumph" with your lung or aqualung as she specializes in aquatic therapy & physical fitness testing/training!!
  1. 1. Q.  What do you admire most about your sister?

Alicia answers, “I am baffled by how my sister handles high levels of stress and dramas in fitness management and turns businesses around in a way no one else can do!  When the average manager only lasts 6-months at a time, she lasts years and loves it, while making a big difference.  She amazes me!”

Kim answers, “I admire her un-wavering confidence.  She’s always believed in herself no matter what.  She’s never been one to give in to peer pressure or pressures of society.  No matter what’s trendy or not, she’s always happy being her.  Because of that confidence she’s always made wise decisions.”





2. Q.  What advice would you give someone just starting out in exercise to stick to it?

Alicia Weber is excited over physical fitness!

Alicia answers,

“Don’t think of exercise, but “excitementcise” –  You want to think about activities that excite you and throw in a little movin’ & groovin’!  It’s easy for me, since I get my kicks from strenuous activities, but some people don’t like to move.  Nothing beats the benefits of movement though! If you like to sing, try to Dance off the Inches: Hip Hop Party
style with your song.  If you like to watch tv, try simple Healing Yoga Moves at every commercial.  If you like boating – try a Hobie Mirage Sport Kayak and enjoy fun and speed as you paddle and pedal effortlessly!  Remember, if you don’t MOVE, you will loose your groove!  *If you want to learn more, I have fun and unique personal training programs available in Central Florida. ”



Kim Weber is excited over physical fitness!

Kim answers,

“I agree that people need to find something they enjoy.  With exercise there are really no rules. You don’t have to join a gym to exercise.  If you enjoy walking your dogs, then make that your exercise.  If you prefer exercise to be your ‘alone time’ then that’s ok too.  Or, get a group of friends together to exercise together. Take the stairs, park at the back of the mall parking lot, etc.  It all adds up and doesn’t have to be regimented.”








Weber Sisters Reveal Fitness and Exercise Tips (Part 1)

“Very compatible, yet very different”

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter
**The images contained in this article exclusively found at AliciaWeber.com are copyrighted © Alicia Weber & Kim Weber.
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The Weber Way to Wellness Reporter interviews the Weber Sisters – two sisters 2 years apart that are both fitness gurus.  Kim Weber is a fitness executive for high-end fitness studios with an Exercise Science B.S. and a Global MBA   Alicia Weber is a Fitness Expert and Fitness/Nutrition/Solutions Consultant with Biology and Communication degrees.

1.        Q.  How long have you both been in the fitness industry and why do you love working out?

Kim Weber has years of training & an advanced education in Yoga & Pilates.
Alicia Weber represented the U.S. in Perth, Austalia, in 2000 for triathlon.

Alicia answers, “We both started as a lifeguard.  When I took my first lifeguard job at 17, people began asking me for swimming and exercise tips.  I was a self-coached world-class triathlete and National Champion runner.  People would look at me and want my help and it stemmed from there and I branched out into fitness training and a variety of facets in health and wellness.  Constantly expanding my physical fitness is extremely exciting for me!!”

Kim answers, “I’ve been in the fitness industry for over ten years.  After being a lifeguard as a teenager, I went on to become a group fitness instructor.  I taught all kinds of classes and got into personal training as well.  After years of training experience, I moved over to the management side where I started managing a Pilate’s studio in Las Vegas, NV.  I fell in love with fitness management and went on to get my MBA to continue with these aspirations.  I love working out because it makes people, especially women, feel good about themselves.  Our self esteem is largely based on how we look and feel.  When we get results we feel energized and accomplished.  This feeling fuels people to change their life and change their world.”

2.        Q.  Exercise was always part of your lives.  What are your favorite types of workouts?

Kim and her lovable pooches out on a walk!
Alicia holding the world record book that she is in between her feet.

Alicia answers, “I love anything that is very challenging (both muscularly and aerobically) in the area of strength, speed, and endurance.  In 2010, I set a record 24 world records in this area of fitness.”

 Kim answers, “I love dance based orthopedic exercises like Pilates and Yoga.  I also love to run and hike outdoors, especially with my dogs.”


Cooling down after a long night of cackling and a sweaty morning workout!
3.  Q.  What is your most memorable moment together in exercise?
Alicia answers, “We were on a family trip in the Badlands and as soon as we arrived in the evening, I jumped out of the car and took off running.  Thank goodness my sister followed after me because she saved my life!!  I accidently began to take off on a 200+ ft high cliff and she grabbed my legs and pulled me back before I fell. I then learned why they are called the Badlands!  My energy levels were out of control (too many endorphins from distance running) as a teenager, but I am under control now.”

Kim answers, “For me it’s probably when we were both on the high school swim team.  I didn’t enjoy it, especially the thought of jumping into a cold pool at 6 am in the dark, freezing Pennsylvania winter weather.  Alicia loved it though.  She used to
give me her flippers when we had to swim laps to help me be less miserable!  At that point I knew I must be more of a land animal!”
Kicking back after a night on the town in Las Vegas, NV!!

Continue with Part 2 revealing Tips for Exercise here….

Clermont Florida’s Inaugural “Fat Flush Fitness Rush” a Success!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.
Images below are copyrighted.  ©  AliciaWeber.com


She took 2 inches off her waist, lost 6lbs, & gained a lifestyle change in just 14 days!

Jenni was the lone participant in the Inaugural 14 Day Fat Flush Fitness Rush where she took 2 inches off her waist and lost 6 lbs!!  She calls this 2-week program a life changer! 

Congratulations Jenni!!


Now, let’s talk to Jenni about her 14-day journey with “Fat Flush Fitness Rush”.

Q.  Knowing that you have done Weight Watchers and other fat loss programs before, how does “Fat Flush Fitness Rush” compare? 

Jenni answers,  “It doesn’t!  Fat Flush Fitness Rush is in a league all of its own!  It’s the hardest I worked in 2-weeks straight. I was capable of doing everything, but it is twice the intensity given that workouts are on the beach!  I get twice more out of the program though!”

Q.  Would you recommend this program? 

Jenni answers, “Yes, absolutely – you have to already be living an active lifestyle though or you are kidding yourself. If you are already active, you will get that much more confidence!  If you aren’t already living an active lifestyle, you are setting yourself up for failure.  If you can’t hang with the BIG DOGS, stay on the porch!” 

Jenni adds, “If you aren’t bringing your “A Game” don’t try!  Fat Flush Fitness Rush is NOT for the weak-minded.”




Q.  You were the lone participant for this inaugural program.  What was your motivation to do it?

Jenni answers,  “I trust Alicia with my workouts and nutrition plans and I know I will get success and lifestyle change with Alicia and I am ready to go!!”

Q.  What are some changes you made and do you think you will continue to improve after the 2-week period? 

Jenni answers,
“For the 1st time in 20 years I went 2-weeks without Diet Soda.  I replaced my candy and sweets with fruit and yogurt and I am satisfying my sweet tooth that way!  I used to snack after dinner and that bad habit went out the window!  This 2-week program has improved my sleep patterns and my body wants to be on a schedule (no staying up late) and it carries over to increased endurance in my workouts.  I couldn’t manage 1 suicide run on Day 1.  By Day 13, I did 5 suicide runs in a row and with each one my times got faster!  I absolutely want to continue this healthy lifestyle and my taste buds and muscles want me to continue too!!”

Q.  Have you been able to adopt some new healthy habits? 

Jenni answers, ” I call this Fat Flush Fitness Rush a “2-week Lifestyle Changer”.  In 2-weeks time I got the tools I needed to continue with a new healthy lifestyle.  There’s NO BAND AID SLAPPING – There’s NO QUICK FIX! ”







Jenni’s final words, “Fat Flush Fitness Rush is about real positive long-lasting change!”  Keep Your “A Game” ON follow Alicia on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/awinningwayFollow Alicia on Facebook

Physical Fitness Testing Makes a Difference

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

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Images and Videos Below are Copyrighted.  ©  AliciaWeber.com

Just hitting the gym 3 times a week makes a person feel better, but the people that do that PLUS get tested in physical fitness get SO MUCH MORE out of fitness and LIFE!!

A top finisher in Alicia’s “2010 Toughest Fitness Challenge” said that the physical fitness testing is where she learned her strengths and weaknesses.  Going to the gym regularly, she never knew where she stood head to toe.  Now, she knows where she stands and is better because of her fitness challenge!

Alicia “World Record” Weber says, ”All walks of life can benefit from a fitness challenge no matter if you are behind the desk working all day or in the military.  However, if you are in the military or police, I feel you should do a fitness challenge yearly to stay on top of your game.”

Clyde works at the computer by day, but is there for his workouts at night.  He won 2 fitness challenges with Alicia so far.  He knows he will stretch himself and it is fun to see how far you can go under Alicia’s tutelage.

Alicia says, “Although people may hear ‘physical fitness testing’ and feel their stomachs churn and want to avoid the topic, my ‘tests’ are not regimented and mundane.  They can actually be pretty fun.”

Clyde just competed and won a “Lungfish Challenge” which consisted of an aquatic long jump, water intervals, and others.  Once one challenge is done, he is ready for another! 

Alicia gives Clyde a Pop Quiz for Spiderman Pushups and challenges him to 24 reps (his current best is 14 reps)!  He is preparing for Alicia’s January 2011 Fitness Challenge!

Clyde comments on his physical fitness excitement, “I love the adrenaline rush, goal setting, and competition. It is an individual competition to test myself and I trust Alicia to sculpt my body and be able to do things I can’t imagine doing.  Alicia is an ‘exercise artist’ with each exercise and workout preparing one for a bigger goal and achievement.”

A retired S.W.A.T police sniper believes yearly physical fitness testing is a MUST.  He trains under Alicia and recently won a competitive shooting competition. He has been challenged in a 3-min Aerobic Step Test and ab endurance challenges and he hopes to take part in Alicia’s next fitness challenge.  He believes being retired is about traveling and being able to climb the Great Wall of China or a mountain in France, if you wish.  You don’t want to come into retirement over-worked, bedridden, and unable to enjoy life because you left your physical fitness to the dogs! 

The retired S.W.AT police sniper says, “When you are out of shape as a police officer you are not only letting yourself down, but your partner.  Physical fitness has been shown to improve shooting, fighting, and the ability to handle stress.  Alicia’s workouts and fitness challenges are about all-around physical fitness and well being. She tailors the workouts to individual’s needs from beginner to advanced.”

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Alicia Weber’s Health and Fitness Workout Plans, Log Book, and Nutrition Advice = Winning Physical Fitness!

By:  Weber Way to Wellness Reporter Click here to visit JD Productions.

CLERMONT, FLORIDA-October, 6, 2010, marks the 5th day of the Inaugural 14 Day Fat Flush Fitness Rush where Jenni shows success can happen!  Jenni lost 6 lbs by her fifth day and she is on a record-setting weight loss roll!!

Here she takes a break from her effective and exciting beach workouts to star in a commercial for Alicia Weber’s new physical fitness book, “Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness.”

Jenni has this book and keeps re-reading it.  This is a book she keeps reviewing as she logs her eating habits and workout results. Jenni finds solutions to her health questions in this book.  For instance, when she was sore she learned the right stretch to rid her pain.    The book is full of advice and motivation from Alicia Weber where she shares personal experiences from her athletic wins and she reveals health information to make you the best you can be! 

Jenni exclaims,”Alicia Weber is the epitome of creative fitness and ‘Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness’ proves why.”

Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness is for anybody looking to stay fit!

Watch the Preview of Your Winning Way to Physical Fitness Below:


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