Alicia’s Extreme World Record Challenges

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Clermont, FL–August 7-13, 2011  Alicia Weber raises her bar again in physical fitness!  Almost 1 year ago, she celebrated World Record Weber Week where she spent a week setting a variety of physical fitness world records in between training her own personal fitness clients! Alicia is a self-coached world record holder in over 30 categories of exercise events. This year’s World Record Weber Week is full of extreme challenges!

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On August 7th, Alicia set a total of 4 World Records in both 1 minute and 3 minute Chinups/Pullups events ALL within just 18 minutes!

On August 13th, Alicia did 1 hour of CONSECUTIVE pushups and Mtn. Climbers to become the first woman to set a 1 hour pushup world record.  Alicia combined the exercises and made herself hold a plank the whole time to make the record attempt much more challenging.  Alicia completed 1,020 pushups (and 826 mtn. climbers!) in 1 hour to set a new world record.

In this Year’s World Record Weber week, Alicia set 5 world records.

Pullups/Chinups World Records See:

Pushup World Records See:

ON A SIDE NOTE:  Alicia set a 1 mile (1609 meter) jump rope running world record in a time of 6:33 on the track in Clermont, Florida, on June 26, 2011 See:

I ask Alicia on her thoughts after this year’s week of records.  Alicia says, “I was thinking about my fans and how much they should love the new flexing videos I made after doing these world records.  I will have my new world record videos full of flexing and a Special Triple Apple Crush for Time from a One Arm Flexed Hang available at
See the Apple Crush Preview Below: “


These new world records, puts Alicia’s world record count upto 56!


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