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Alicia Weber demolishes Bullet Proof Ab Exercise Records!

By: Alicia Weber

My clients call the knee tuck the toughest ab exercise and there is good reason to call it that – it works balance and it is a total core training exercise PLUS go for endurance and one will find it tests leg strength (psoas major m., hip flexors, and quadriceps). Keep working at it and churn your way to more than 6 pack abs, but bullet proof abs!!

My clients keep improving their knee tucks as my one 60 year old female client set an all time best of 60 consecutive knee tucks the day after I demolished two knee tuck world records.

The knee tuck exercise is a competitive exercise category at RecordSetter World Records and I attempted to break 2 knee tuck world records in the same day. I began with the 5lbs Ankle Weighted Knee Tuck Record (with 5lbs Ankle Weights on both ankles). I had to go over 103 consecutive reps to break the current world record. I went thru several rounds to get into the rhythm as no pauses are allowed, so balance and control are very important. After 4 attempts, I finally broke the world record with 120 consecutive…One down and another to go!!

One and a half hours later, I returned to attempt to break the bodyweight only consecutive knee tuck record, which is 310 reps. I kept going, and going, and finally my foot touched the ground and the attempt had to end at 311 reps. Unsatisfied with only being 1 rep over the record, I regrouped and returned 2 hours later with a more focused frame of mind for an exercise that requires great concentration and control…the RESULT: 402 consecutive reps – demolishing the former record!!

Below are the back-to-back Knee Tuck RecordSetter Record Videos. The weighted Record first followed by the Bodyweight only. Keep watching – at the end there’s 2 minutes of Flexing!! Enjoy!!

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Alicia Weber’s Extreme Ab Challenge!

By:  Alicia Weber Click here to visit JD Productions.

Are you aware that in today’s world low back pain affects 70 – 80% of the population with at least one occurrence during their lifetime?  The back extensor involved with trunk muscle endurance will “make it or break it.”  These trunk muscles control posture and lumber spine forward bending.  Studies show significant decrease in back extensor endurance and a decrease in abdominal muscular endurance in patients with low back pain.

Therefore, patients with low back pain need to be very careful when selecting exercises and performing core training as they can have a loss of muscle control from trunk muscle fatigue, which is a cause of low back pain.
On the back side of things, exercising trunk muscle endurance and abdominal muscular endurance are important for preventing back pain.  An example of this would be doing supine double straight leg isometric holds at 20 degrees and even doing Leg Lifts.

On the front side of things, the prone double straight leg isometric raise test has been shown to be one of the most accurate tests in evaluating back health.  This test isolates the lumbar spine multifidus muscle, which is known to cause back pain (when it is weak).  This test can predict back pain by testing the endurance of the back extensor.


Alicia Weber, the Sit Up World Record Holder that is all about preventive health does an Extreme Ab Challenge….1500 Leg Lifts and 25 Minutes of Straight Leg Isometric Holds AND MORE (all consecutive)!!


Muscles for Leg Lifts!<

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