Weber Wins Beach Running 10k Championship for third time and Prepares for One-of-a-Kind Youth Running Camps in Lake County Florida

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Weber wins 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Championship
Weber wins 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Championship
Lake County Florida’s Alicia Weber crossed the line first for women and 7th overall in a field of 800 runners at the USA 10k Beach Running Championships on May 10, 2015, in Cocoa Beach, Florida. She is the first runner to win the championship three times. She relished the win as she prepares for her one-of-a-kind youth running camps to be held in Clermont this summer – she has the only top-notch youth running camps in Lake County Florida.

“All levels of youth runners will get top-notch training experiences with gait analysis, preventative injury techniques, stretching/flexibility, sports specific exercises, and nutrition. This camp is beyond just running and it develops an athlete for the long-haul in sports with a winning attitude,” said Alicia Weber, an elite athlete of 23 years with 102 career victories and a slew of world records.

“Alicia is not only a great runner, but also a great motivational trainer for youth to adults to seniors. I encourage parents to have their children attend one of Alicia’s upcoming running camps for the positive motivational physical and mental training Alicia gives. I can attest to this as I have been training under her for three years and compete in Senior Games and I will be 85 this year,” exclaimed Cherie Oney, Top Nationally-ranked sprinter for her age category.

Alicia Weber and Rickie Alcime - 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Champions
Alicia Weber and Rickie Alcime – 2015 USA 10K Beach Running Champions
Orlando’s Rickie Alcime won the 10k overall in a new course record time of 36:47.3. He comes to Clermont to train on the hills and he’s looking forward to participating in Sommer Sports Cool Summer Mornings 5k Series this summer.
“Anybody can run. I look out here and it’s Mother’s Day and many kids are out there running with their moms,” said Alcime.

According to race director, Mitch Varnes, participants were 77% female with 1,272 entrants total in the half-marathon and 10k combined from 23 states and four countries.

Alcime got into running 7 years ago with the dream to run a marathon. He completed five marathons and this was his first beach run. His enthusiasm for running has carried him to Fit2Run at the Florida Mall where he is a shoe salesman.

“Everybody has their own goals and that is what I like about running. There are different levels and types of running to choose from like beach running, track running, road running, and trail running. So you can do it for all reasons,” mentioned Alcime.

In beach running, runners run on a slant the whole time in wet or mushy sand, so it has an emphasis on hips and Achilles. The foot has longer ground contact time for each step.

“Two weeks ago was my birthday and my whole family came out to run on the track with me. That meant a lot and now I have them hooked on running,” added Alcime, also a running motivator.

Many studies have shown running elevates mood, improves sleep quality and concentration, builds bone density, defeats age-related mental decline, increases memory, boosts organizational skills and overall brain function, and enhances lung capacity and overall health. Taking up running just for the health benefits alone is a step in the right direction.

“’You Can Do It’ is the motto of the positive message for the physical and mental accomplishments you learn from Alicia Weber,” remarked Oney.

Learn More about Alicia Weber’s Youth Running Camps here.

Read more about race the USA Beach Running Championships here.

Contact Alicia for running camps at


2015 Summer Running Camps at CrossTrain Clermont

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Attention Running and Fitness Enthusiasts:

When it comes to running shoes, one size won’t fit all. It takes a shoe store with a wide selection and experts to decide which shoe is the best fit. When the right shoe is found, it’s like a diamond in the rough and a keeper.

Now, it’s about producing results to go with the winning running shoe. They last 400-500 miles before needing replaced. Effective training can extend the life of a running shoe and put the right spring in one’s stride to go for the long-haul in athletics.

Alicia Weber would know as she has worked under Olympic coaches as well as self-coached herself for 23 years where she has garnered world titles, national titles, All Americans, and course records in track, cross country, road and off-terrain running. Additionally, she has a health science background with degrees and specializations. She teaches her students to get in tune with their own body and get out their best performance.

Alicia has put her unique running formula together to produce one week running camps called, “Become the Best You Can Be” geared for ages 12-18. She was given the special opportunity to host these beneficial Camps at CrossTrain Clermont this summer.


Last year, all campers improved running efficiency by 5-11% in just one week. Campers were tested on day 1 and re-tested on the last day to rate the improvement. Although, most runners take the camp, team sport athletes also take the camp to improve. Let’s see what the athletes are saying about the camp:

“I’m ready for cross country. My favorite part of the camp was learning how to run and the proper arm swing. I dropped 3 minutes off my 5k from the new training this summer.” – Ashley Chase

“I feel confident now that I will have a great sport season. I enjoyed everything. The camp was a lot of fun. There were a lot of technical things to learn and I absorbed it very well.” – Emily Woodhouse


“Alicia is a natural at anything athletic. She can learn anything quickly and can become an expert in minimal effort! Running is her first sport, competing since childhood, and with the time she has spent training, finding the best combo that works, she is the best out there when it comes to training for speed, endurance, and strength.” – Adam Gardner

Injuries and improper training techniques cause the end to sport careers. It’s rare to find an athlete to be a top contender as a youth and continue into the 20’s, 30’s, and beyond. It’s easier to learn the correct formula for running success now by Alicia Weber, than to get hampered with an injury and call it quits. Learn a champion’s techniques and swiftly steer in the winning direction.

Summer Camps Cost $150/week & go 8am-10am Mon, Tues, Weds, & Friday.
Session A: June 8-12, Session B: June 22-26, Session C: July 13-17

Contact Alicia for more info at


Making Fitness Progress

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Progress is progress no matter how big or small. Alicia Weber is all about setting goals and progressing. We will get to take a look at some of Alicia’s select Recordsetter World Records and review the progress she has made so far. The records may cover any of the following 5 areas of physical fitness: 1. Flexibility, 2. Balance/coordination/stability, 3. Cardio strength/endurance, 4. Muscular strength/endurance, and 5. core strength/endurance.

1. The 400 Rep Aerobic Capacity Wellness Challenge was developed by Alicia after studying and testing athletes to determine which aerobic-strength exercises were the most challenging, but also showed to improve one’s fitness the fastest. Out of the 580 world records, Alicia has set so far (as of 3/19/15) this record has held her highest heart rate the longest. This record covers all the five areas of physical fitness.

Progressions for the 400 Rep Aerobic Capacity Wellness Challenge

2. One Arm Hindu Basketball Pushups for consecutive reps is a very challenging record category, which requires one arm strength, balance, stability, and coordination. It took Alicia nearly 22 minutes to do the 111 consecutive slow reps, which was also a test in muscular endurance. Alicia re-set this record for the third time, but made a gigantic leap of progress from holding the record at 30 reps and jumping to 111 reps!!

Progressions for the One Arm Hindu Basketball Pushups

3. 100M Plyometric Alligator Pushup record for fastest time was ranked Alicia’s #1 Most intense record she set in the year 2012 (where she set 188 fitness records that year). One year later, Alicia re-set the record dropping more than 3 minutes off her time and she did not consider this record nearly as challenging the second time around as she did when she first set it – that is progress! This record tests cardio and muscular strength/endurance.

100m Plyometric Alligator Pushups Progressions

4. The 500m Dash Indoor row is an all out test in muscular and cardio strength. Alicia has competed in the Indoor Rowing World Qualifying Event for 4 years earning two silver medals and one bronze thus far. You can watch as she keeps getting faster and faster although progress is in smaller increments as in seconds and points of a second. Her fastest thus far was in 2014 where she did 1:46.3 (which was the 18th fastest time in the world in 2014 for lightweight women).

500m Indoor Row Progressions

5. The One Leg 500m Dash Indoor Row is similar to the standard 500m dash event except more challenging. This event tests cardio and muscular strength as well as balance/stability/coordination, and flexibility. There is much more conditioning required in the area of balance/stability and flexibility to execute a fast time in such a rare event. Alicia made incredible progress when she dropped 3 seconds in just 2 days to set and re-set the record! You can see the difference in the level of difficulty when comparing it to the above standard 500m indoor row. Her best so far is 2:06.8

One Leg 500m Indoor Row Progressions


Bring in the Holidays and New Year with a Cackle with Alicia Weber

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

LAS VEGAS, NV—-Alicia “World Record” Weber launches her new wellness comedy show series, which was produced and filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2014. She wishes everyone a happy, healthy, hip-hop holiday season. Enjoy a good cackle with friends and family! Kick back and laugh with Alicia and “The Clan” in a wellness comedy series known as “New Year New You” where Alicia is the producer/director and leading talent in the shows. Get entertained, educated, and inspired with Alicia Weber’s own genre of improv comedy known as “Fitness Character Comedy.”

Every January only 8% of the population will commit to a year-round wellness program. Many lose motivation and a reason to continue toward health by the end of every January. This wellness comedy show, “New Year New You” is meant to rev people up for the long haul of year-round wellness.

Get ready to kick back and start cackling! According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing can improve your immune system, relieve pain, stimulate organs, increase endorphins, and relieve stress.

A Cackle A Day Keeps the Doctor Away! Now, Introducing the Weber Way to Wellness Comedy Show 3 Part Series “New Year New You.”

PART 1 of the wellness comedy show is with renown running coach, Johnny Deltoid. World Record Weber will also perform extreme strength feats in this show.

Wellness Comedy Show with Coach Johnny Deltoid (Part 1)

PART 2 of the wellness comedy show is with sedentary Madalina Seg. Find out what her new job is going to be and if she is able to get motivated to exercise. This show is full of surprises and many interesting people appear in the show.

Wellness Comedy Show with Madalina Seg (Part 2)

PART 3 of the wellness comedy show is with the newest member of Alicia and “The Clan,” Audrey Athletica. A former dancer, she is now breaking into musical comedy theater in a one-of-a-kind Broadway Play. See how her new career is changing her and what she can do to stay healthy.

Wellness Comedy Show with Audrey Athletica (Part 3)

Thank you for watching! These shows were brought to you by Clermont Waterfront Bikes and Boards, Clermont CrossTrain, and Dr. K!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy new year!


Varsity Archers Set Obstacle Relay World Record

By: Weber Way To Wellness Reporter

Three young ladies took on the challenge of training in a varsity dual archery-fitness advanced program and landed a world’s first ever obstacle archery relay record on November 11.

Danielle Siracusano, 13, Alexis Taylor, 16, and Morgan Hassell, 16, opted for archery and archercise (archery and exercise) for their fall archery program.

Alicia Weber created “archercise” and holds 17 official Record Setter World Records in various archercise events. Alicia Weber is the World’s Most Prolific Record Setter in Physical Fitness with over 500 records set since 2008.

The girls trained in a progressive six week program, which focused on cooperative learning, mental and physical conditioning, and advanced archery skills. All the archers had the opportunity to see how far they could grow in the program. They could strive for a level five varsity archery status. Siracusano, Taylor, Hassell, and Nick Linkiewicz were the only four archers to achieve level 5 status.

Determined Hassell picked up a bow and arrow for the first time and jumped from level one to the highest scorer in level 5 in a competition on November 8. She anchored the first ever obstacle archery relay and finished in 10 minutes flat. Their official record is published at Record Setter World Records.

The dynamic Taylor took her gun-shooting background and fast footwork from track and became an instant success in archery and archercise. She had the fastest leg in the relay with her time of 3:16.

Focused Siracusano has shown great leadership qualities ever since she blossomed as the number one female archer in a five day advancement camp this past summer. She led the relay and established the top archery score with her 36 points. The girls garnered a total of 84 points in archery, which are converted to 84 seconds taken off the final time bringing the final time to 8:36.

All the girls began the relay with a 200 yard dash. Then, without wasting anytime they whipped out 15 consecutive pushups. Immediately after that they each performed a different 10 yard multi-dimensional aerobic exercise. Finally, they grabbed a bow without any sighting devices. They had to shoot a quick descending ladder of distances from 50 yards to 10 yards (2 arrows per target).

“I want to do this again and work on improving my time,” said the motivated Hassell.

Emily Woodhouse, a spectator watching in amazement, commented, “It was fun to watch. As a runner, this sounds like so much fun. I hope to join the program this spring.”

“It was very interesting. A lot of young people will want to do this event,” said Meredith Johnson.

For more information in joining the varsity archery program and Central Florida archery contact

End of Report

Excited Archers Excell in an Advanced Archery Program with Alicia Weber

BY: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Picking up a bow and arrow for the first time and accurately shooting time and time again at long distance targets (without any sighting devices) is a reality for archers training under Alicia Weber.

From age 5-16, archers are excelling in their own ability levels. The past three weeks, varsity archers have been developing at an advanced pace to prepare for a challenging barebow archery competition. The archers need to be able to be focused and follow-through with proper form and bow-handling habits to have successful shots.

The young, determined archers keep rising to the challenges with fervor and zest.
A look at the recent Archery Champions from November 5 and October 29.

On November 5, the Purple Cookie Monsters (seen on the left of the picture) won a team contest against the Fiery Beasts. They shot various distances for speed and accuracy. The final score was 78-71.

On October 29, Nick Linkewicz, (seen on the right of the picture) captured the individual title in the “20yd-25yd Recurve-Compound Shoot” Contest. He won for most bullseyes.

The archers enthusiasm in training carries over into excelling in advanced archery skills.

“There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” – Norman Vincent Peale


Abdominal Strength Challenges

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

World Record Weber has been busy setting and re-setting abdominal exercises at Recordsetter. Below is a look at some tough ab exercises for overall strength and endurance training.

Back on October 7, 2014, Weber re-set the “concrete one arm planked world record” with a new time just under 10 minutes. This exercise not only tests core strength, but one arm muscle stabilizers. It is good to train one side and then repeat on the other side.

Next, on October 12, 2014, Weber re-set the “strict form spiderman cadence test” record with her new mark of 11 minutes. The goal of this test is to complete ten repetitions of a 6 count exercise each minute until failure. It is a new and improved type of alternative pushup cadence test, which tests flexibility and small and large muscle groups.

Finally, on October 20, 2014, Weber tested her latest ab exercise “sprinter’s situp” as she went for the first ever world record at Recordsetter. It is a consecutive ab exercise similar to a knee tuck as it tests balance and ab strength. Each rep of the exercise must be performed in 3 seconds or less. Legs and arms are not allowed to touch ground. Low back must touch ground and come up perpendicular at apex as opposite bent arm goes toward opposite bent knee.


Alicia Weber Archers Compete in Archery Contest

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Eight advanced archers from middle school to high school were excited for a challenge with newly learned archery skills. Just three weeks ago, some youth picked up a bow and arrow for the very first time. Others did archery before and were excited about the contest.

With three weeks of compound archery training and only one week of recurve bow training, the youth were psyched up for their first contest of many…”Weber Compound Recurve 15yd Contest.”

The Top three finishers in the alternative 15yd archery contest.

The goal was set to try and beat Alicia Weber’s recent high score of 36x for compound bow and 31 for recurve bow (67x total) or earn the highest score of the day among peers. They would shoot a total of 8 arrows at a 15yd target.

It was clear after round one that veteran archer and the overall female champion from summer 2014 advancement program, Danielle, was in the lead with her score of 32 for compound bow.

A cross country runner turned archer, Morgan, tied with a gun shooter turned archer, Parker, in the recurve competition. Morgan and Parker faced off for a tie breaker round only to tie again in the recurve competition. Morgan also tied Danielle’s compound bow score bringing a three-way face off round 3 to determine the winner.

The younger kids still learning the archery basics were inspired to watch the older kids face off in this contest testing barebow archery skills with two kinds of bows.

The competition heated up with round 3. The final overall score of the 8 arrows would determine the overall winner of the contest. The three archers were not fazed by the pressure and intensity of the round. They were focused and showed great follow-through and sportsmanship.

Danielle took 1st place with 30pts. Parker was in 2nd place with 27 pts. Morgan finished in 3rd place with 14pts.


Alicia Weber’s Tribute to Jack LaLanne on his 100th Birthday

By: Alicia Weber
Photos are copyrighted © Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber in September 2014 after setting 500 world records.
I have been setting physical fitness world records since 2008. Sports historians have referred to me as the Modern Day Jack LaLanne as a woman. This September 26, 2014, would be Jack LaLanne’s 100th birthday if he were alive.
He died in 2011 and will be remembered as “The Godfather of Fitness” after revolutionizing the health and fitness field. Just in time for his 100th birthday, I have now reached setting 500 world records, capturing 100 sport victories, and I completed what LaLanne considered to be his hardest strength feat of his career.

On August 13, I completed 1,000 pushups and 1,000 chin-ups in just over two hours as a tribute to LaLanne, one of my personal heroes. It was his hardest feat because his skin peeled off his hands.

I prepared for two years and I had no issues. In 107 days I set 100 exercise records up to one hour in duration, which is the world record.

LaLanne and I had different upbringings, but our careers run parallel. We were nonconformists who set our own standards. We were going to achieve our goals despite obstacles.

I grew up in Southwestern, PA, in a family of healthcare professionals where exercise and proper eating were instilled regularly, while LaLanne grew up weak and sickly from a junk food diet. His life changed at 15 when he heard a health lecture from pioneer Paul Bragg where he was “born again.”

I blossomed in middle school, while LaLanne blossomed in high school. I captured a dozen physical fitness records during middle school. I was off the charts in physical fitness and I competed with the boys for titles. These dozen middle school victories with my 88 overall career athletic wins covering 17 sports is where I get my 100 total victories to date.

“We have been friends since fifth grade,” said Karly Sammel, my classmate and long-time friend. “My first wow moment of Alicia was when I saw her do the flexed bar hang for a couple minutes in gym class. No one could do that. Then, people were making excuses so they would not need to compete against her.”

We had to go to stations and complete exercises in gym class. The boys would not let me on the pull-up bar so I pushed one off and did 35 consecutive pull-ups.
“I heard guys saying over and over ‘Oh my God’. The gym teachers’ eyes were popping out of their heads. The boy’s gym teacher grabbed her muscle and became more shocked,” continued Sammel.

It was like a dream. Nearly 100 students and faculty gathered to watch me compete against the boys in different events.

“Alicia surprised everybody. We watched her showdown the boys in a 600 yard dash. I just remember her blowing everybody away at everything,” recalled Sammel.

Everybody was talking about my athletics and my public speaking too. LaLanne developed into a motivational force and was a top public speaker and personality.

“Alicia demonstrated skills and competencies in writing and public speaking well beyond her chronological age. She presented an 8th grade career speech on marine biology that has been the most original, well-organized, and informative presentation I have encountered,” mentioned 8th grade English teacher, Karen Bucy.

By high school, LaLanne became a star football player and wrestler. He hid his bagged lunch of veggies and nuts, so no one would make fun of him.

I self-coached myself in track, triathlon, and cross country to a total of eight medals at National Championships.

“We were on swim team together our senior year. We had a losing streak and had a meeting to figure out what to do,” recalled Sammel. “Alicia just jumped up and started giving a motivational talk.”

The girl’s team began winning and kept winning. Five girls took top places at the State Championships.

“I think people needed her to inspire them to do their best,” expressed Sammel.
LaLanne went to college in San Francisco and earned a Chiropractic degree. He opened the nation’s first health and fitness club in Oakland, CA, in 1936, where he put fitness on the map.

I went to Duquesne University, then transferred to Florida. I earned a degree in Telecommunication, then pursued Biology, a doctorate in physical therapy, and became a licensed massage therapist. I held the first ever world record physical fitness day in Clermont on April 28, 2012.

I have guided seven athletes to world records in fitness and archery and all of us combined have set more than 400 records in Clermont giving the area international acclaim.

LaLanne set many “firsts.” Most notably, he had the first and longest running exercise show called “The Jack LaLanne Show.” He was the first person to perform strength and endurance feats. He was the first trainer to have both genders and all ages working with weights.

“Alicia breaks barriers,” mentioned Sammel.

I was the first woman to set and hold many strict form military exercises. Currently, I compete against men for titles at Recordsetter. I am the only woman inducted into the Official Pushup Hall of Fame. In May, all the branches of the US Military sought me out to provide guidance in preparing women to pass their pull-up test.

We inspire fitness in a fun way. LaLanne would sing, dance, and perform tricks with his dog. I perform fitness comedy. I have reached one million views on my 145 YouTube videos with this genre.

“The world needs more of Alicia to inspire them,” added Sammel.


Alicia Weber Takes Podium Finish in Top SUP Race

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber almost missed the Sup N’ Go paddle board race held in Melbourne Sept 7. She had faulty directions, but made it to the race site just in time before the start buzzer went off! She rented a 30 inch wide wing Bic board and did not expect to medal.

“I am just working on improving. This was my first SUP race of the season and I knew it was really competitive,” mentioned Weber.

She did take a few a wrong turns, which cost her about 4 minutes of extra time. It was a flat water race, but with a lot of turns and different directions.

Kristin Apotsos takes first and Alicia Weber takes 3rd place in Series 4 of the Sup N' Go 4 mile paddle board race in 2014.
Weber finished the 4 miles in 1:02:27.6 and earned a podium finish. “They called my name to go on the podium to get my medal and I was stunned. I did not think I heard right. I was so happy to see that I got a podium finish. It was my first podium finish at a major race, since beginning paddle board in 2009.”

Since this was a Series event, Alicia earned 8pts, which put her fifth overall in the Final Series Standings. Kristin Apotsos won the event and Series with 30pts.

Apotsos is the # 1 SUP paddle board racer. She wins overall out of men and women in many races. She won this race in 46:45.9

“I was really ecstatic to race this top competition,” exclaimed Weber.

Weber was selected to be in a video to promote Bic paddle boards for 2015. She may end up in some Bic promotional materials with other racers showing off the new 2015 SUP race boards.