Become a Champion with Alicia Weber in Archery in Central Florida and Foundation Academy

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Contact Alicia at for competitive archery opportunities in Central Florida.

Alicia Weber, World’s Most Prolific Strength and Endurance World Record Holder (with over 400 WRs) and experienced fitness trainer is now offering archery! Alicia Weber offers private archery coaching, obstacle archery conditioning, and competitive archery opportunities in Central Florida and at Foundation Academy. Alicia Weber is a Level 2 USA Archery Instructor and Recordsetter “Archercise” World Record Holder.

A group of athletes Alicia trained in “archercise” commented, “Fitness was never so much fun!”

Alicia guided Tyler Horn to the first-ever Obstacle Archery World Record at Recordsetter and he went on to excel in high school varsity team sports as a freshman. He played varsity in golf, soccer, and tennis his freshman year.

Tyler Horn on his way to an Obstacle Archery World Record!

“Obstacle archery conditioning worked on my overall fitness, which carried over into all my sports,” he mentioned.

Alicia’s obstacle archery and “archercise” have been popular with youth and adults alike looking to increase physical fitness and mix in hand-eye coordination, accuracy, and precision.

Alicia was one of the coaches who worked with Foundation Academy’s Nick Linkiewicz who won overall in the first ever archery tournament at Foundation Academy. He competed in 10 meters and 15 meters for highest score.

Foundation Academy offers year round archery. It is the first program of its kind in Central Florida and Alicia Weber guides many athletes in archery there. Any athlete in grades 6-12 can join. You DON’T need to be a student at Foundation Academy to join. Alicia Weber and Robert Arnold are the archery coaches at Foundation Academy and look forward to working with you.

Alicia has established challenging physical fitness archery world records at 40yd targets and holds over 15 “archercise” world records.

Join Alicia Weber for Archery and Get on Target for A Winning Way TODAY!!

Contact Alicia for more info at


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Join Foundation Academy Spring Archery Team

By: Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber Shooting at 40yds enroute to an Obstacle Archery World Record at Recordsetter.

ANYONE at ANY school in grades 6-12 can join Foundation Academy’s Archery Team in Winter Garden, Florida. Enrollment is going on, but act fast to join the Spring Team. The team will meet from February 5 -- March 15. There will be two sessions a week. The program will involve competitive archery training and competition. All the equipment is provided.

Are you looking for a sport where ALL athletic ability levels can join, excel, and have fun?

Foundation Academy Archery is calling you!

Contact Athletic Director, David Baginski at 407-877-2744 to join the Spring Archery Team at Foundation Academy.

The coaching staff will includes Robert Arnold, and Alicia Weber. All coaches are USA Archery certified and insured. Safety is first and foremost. Archery is a very safe sport and fun sport when the instructors are trained and certified by USA Archery, the Olympic Governing Body for the USA Archery Olympic Team.

A Glimpse of the Archery Excitement!

Shoot for the Stars and Become a Star Archer at Foundation Academy!

Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Be GREAT!

Contact Alicia at for more info.

Win A FREE Entry Into a 2014 Spartan Race here!

By: Alicia Weber

Setting new year resolutions in fitness is very important and motivating. By the fifth day of the new year, I already set my third Recordsetter world record for 2014. Everybody big or small should have goals whether it be beginning an exercise program or taking on elite challenges. After all, only you can take charge of your health.

I Challenge my readers to personally email me at or leave a comment below mentioning their fitness goal for 2014 and you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE entry into a 2014 Spartan Race.

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BE CHALLENGED IN 2014. Spartan Race has 4 racing levels for ability levels…Entry Level, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite 99.9% can enter into the “Death Race”

Give me your fitness goal at and you may win the FREE entry into a 2014 Spartan Race.

DON’T WAIT TO COMMIT TO FITNESS. First Up, Special Ops Spartan Race this February 15th at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida!

Voted # 1 Obstacle Race by Outside Magazine. Spartan Race has been leading the way in Obstacle Racing since 2005….Join the Bandwagon this Year! Do you have a fitness goal? Email to to enter drawing to win Spartan Race Entry.

2013 Year in Review: Fun Facts for World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber first set the 5 minute strict consecutive bar dip record on her third attempt on February 21, 2008. Now, she reached setting 400 world records on December 18, 2013. Weber never dreamed she would keep setting and re-setting physical fitness records. She continues to define strength and endurance as she competes for overall records out of men and women at RecordSetter. Her biggest fans said she is “Ultimate Woman Power.” Weber has astonishing fun facts for 2013.

Record Highlights
Weber set 130 world records in 2013 at Recordsetter. She opened a new category of records involving exercise and archery termed “archercise.” Weber is only the third person to set archery related records at Recordsetter.

Weber expanded her record categories to paddle board exercise records, paddle board speed records, and “archercise” records in 2013.

She ended 2013 in 6th place in world for records set (first for women). On the All Time Record Leaderboard, Weber is 5th most prolific in world (first for women).

Athletic Highlights
She has competed in 16 sports on an elite level from 1992 to present with 85 career victories. She is a two time world champion in the 10k Beach Running World Championships. She is the only athlete, male or female, to win the world championship and re-set the record two years in a row (2011 and 2012). In 2013, determined Weber came back after a 24 day lay off from a foot injury to capture third place in USA Beach Running 10k Championship in Cocoa Beach.

Weber took 13th in the elite SUP race at the 2013 Gulf Coast Championships in a new personal best time.

Weber took three wins and three runner-up finishes in the 2013 NTC Ultimate Series Cross Country Championships.

Weber competed in 4 sports in 2013. The most she has ever done in one year has been 10 sports (current world record).

Entertainment Highlights
Weber is a very active video producer and talent of many personalities. As of December 31, 2013, Weber has had 1,114,863 views on her 314 youtube videos. She thanks all her 1,300+ subscribers and followers for being BIG fans!!

Out of all her videos, (mainly exercise and fitness comedy videos) her most popular is one as her character. Ms. Catalina Calisthenics takes # 1 spot in an armwrestle with a man for being the most popular of her 314 youtube videos.

Weber continues to perform Exclusive bicep flexing and strength feat shows at VideoTeasing.


Comprehensive Cutting-Edge Weber Way to Wellness Program

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The best way to get healthy and stay healthy is by taking charge of your health. Now, a new and improved wellness program is available in Central Florida. Weber takes her education, over 15 years of work experience, and her athletics and formulates an affordable program. In addition, she takes her 16 sports she has competed on the elite level and over 350 strength and endurance world records and she designed a specialty sports program for all ages and ability levels. Discounted personal training, massage therapy and over 20 specialty programs are available at 15 percent off the regular price.There is no membership fee and no contract!!

Take Charge of YOUR Health. Enroll today.

This comprehensive wellness program includes specialty programs in sports nutrition, multi-sport coaching, private swim lessons, paddle board, archery, and MORE!!

Alicia, an elite SUP Racer set her first paddle board speed world record on November 24, 2013. She offers paddle board fitness training (with board rentals available) at Clermont Waterfront Park in Lake Minneola.

Watch her set her first paddle board speed record on the 1k course on Lake Minneola, Florida.

Contact Alicia for questions and enrollment in the Weber Way to Wellness Program at

Archery and Exercise Go Hand In Hand in Clermont Florida

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber, World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter, expanded her sporting interests in 2013. She added archery to her list of 16 sports and she developed a new record category.

She trained her first trainee for four months to set the first ever Obstacle Archery World Record in July of 2013.

Then, Weber trained for her own Archery Obstacle records where most records are set at 40 yards distance for archery with standard targets. The record begins with a strict form exercise for fastest time or an exercise to be performed for most reps in a time frame. Immediately after the exercise, the archery takes place with the 3 best arrows out of five possible shots counting for score. The exercise and archery score are combined together for a final score.

Weber is the third athlete to set an archery record at Recordsetter and only the second athlete to set an Obstacle Archery record at Recordsetter. Doug Mcmanaman was the first to bring archery to Recordsetter with his backward archery with a crossbow, which landed him in Top 10 list of Popular Records for 2012.

Alicia Weber set her first ever Obstacle Archery World Record on October 17, 2013 in Montverde, Florida.

Alicia’s Sets World Record in 100ft Rope Climb 40 Yd Archery Obstacle for Lowest Score.

Alicia sets her second world record on October 22, 2013 in 50ft Rope Climb 40 Yd Archery Obstacle for Lowest Score.

Alicia sets her third world record on October 22, 2013 for Highest Score in Strict Pull Ups 40 Yd Archery Obstacle.

For archery lessons and/or archery exercise training in the Clermont Area Contact Alicia at

Alicia Weber Reaches 350th Strength and Endurance World Record on October 1, 2013

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

CLERMONT, FL—Weber continues to put physical fitness on the map in Lake County with her world records, wins, champion trainees, and she is now a sports news reporter for a top media source.

Alicia Weber reached her 350th world record in endurance fashion as she re-set the consecutive knee tuck world record for the eighth time! The record category began in 2011 by a male athlete. Males and females compete for overall records at Recordsetter where Alicia took over the record title in 2012 and is the current world record holder with her 668 consecutive knee tucks set on October 1, 2013.

Weber’s Knee Tuck World Record was selected as Top 5 World Records of the Week at Recordsetter and she was featured in the Recordsetter Newsletter.

Weber is all about overall physical fitness and recently re-set for the sixth time the consecutive perfect pull up world record (54). Weber set 4 maximum strength world records in under 50 minutes back on September 5, 2013 in this event order: 1. Most consecutive inverted rows (63) 2. Most consecutive chin up grip inverted rows (56) 3. Most consecutive double bar flexed hang knee tucks (139) 4. Most Stretch Out Pushups in one minute (44)

Weber is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List.

Weber Wedding Countdown Reality Show Mini Series

By: Weber Wellness Reporter

LAS VEGAS, NV, Aug 9-11, 2013—-It was a Wild Weber Wedding Weekend full of excitement at The Wynn, the “wynning” place for Las Vegas Weddings!! Las Vegas to many is the top place in the world to get married and Weber Wedding Countdown Reality Show Mini Series showcases the excitement of a Las Vegas Wedding in Weber-Style Fashion!

Now, OFFICIALLY RELEASED…”Weber Wedding Countdown” The 7 Episode Reality Show Mini Series you won’t want to miss. Weber Wedding Countdown -- Gripping drama, Calamitous Cackling! This series will leave you saying…OMG. Stay Tuned the cackles start below!

EPISODE 1: Weber Wedding Countdown (World Record Weber Readies for Wedding)

EPISODE 2: Weber Wedding Countdown (Bride and Groom Enter Boudoir)

EPISODE 3: Weber Wedding Countdown (LV Live with Celebrities and Upgrades)

EPISODE 4: Weber Wedding Countdown (Primping Before Wedding)

EPISODE 5: Weber Wedding!! Watch the Wedding followed by World Record Weber Flexing!!

EPISODE 6: Weber Wedding Countdown (WRW’s New Fan and Wedding Dances)

EPISODE 7: Weber Wedding Countdown (Kimberly’s Cinderella Fantasy Turned Reality)

Thanks for watching the “Weber Wedding Countdown” Reality Show Mini Series…for more comedy mini series and fitness comedy visit Book your Las Vegas Wedding at the Wynn Hotel here!

Action-Packed Moments of 2013 Celebrity Softball Game in Clermont, Florida!

By: Alicia Weber
New Beginnings Celebrity Softball Game was an action-packed, creative way to get community together for fundraising and fun. This is the 2nd consecutive year for the event with 36 softball players. I was excited to be part of this community event inspired by Dr. Dot Richardson and created by Sandy Farnsworth, Linda Smith, and Steve Smith of New Beginnings.
I played softball through 5th grade and I always wanted to give pitching a try, but the coaches never gave me a chance to pitch. I finally got my chance! I pitched the first inning as I represented Booty Busters Outdoor Fitness for the Rippers. Clermont business people and local celebrities alike had a fun-filled, inspiring night playing under a beautiful sky on the NTC softball field.

I went flying in the air and sliding to bases. In my competitive efforts, I accidently busted my booty with dirt and a big strawberry. I guess it complemented my Booty Busters theme.

Alicia Weber, Instructor of Booty Busters Outdoor Fitness busted booty in the softball game!

Kimberly Whitehead, pro wrestler and part of the Swamp Brothers, had her unique style to the game. Whitehead cartwheeled into home plate as she racked up points for the Rippers. The entertaining Whitehead said, “I am here because of my mother. She helps organize a lot of events and she volunteers me for these things, which is fine because I love them!”

Rick “The Reptile Guy” DeRidder and Robbie Keszey the Swamp Brother on the Crusher Team sported their wild style as they pulled a lizard out of left field! The Swamp Brothers are hoping to bring a zoo to Clermont.

Rick the Reptile Guy said, “Softball Rocks! I never played before, but this softball was so fun!”

Megan Clementi, Miss Florida USA 2010, showed everyone how to be graceful and fierce as she slugged the ball and gave everyone a run for their money. She was very happy to be part of the fundraising efforts and she tries to do as many as she can. Clementi said,”I heard about the event through Gary Tolley. He tells everybody about everything. He is phenomenal at getting people to support events and support organizations that make a difference. He has brought me out to 2 events – this is my second one and both have been celebrity related with good people that want to make a difference in community.”

As the innings progressed both teams became more confident as their reaction time and skill level increased and players churned out home runs like clockwork! It was easy to lose track of the score as one home runner after another came rolling into home plate and players were greeted by Aurelio Parra Jr. “Coach Junior” holding a big snake around his neck!
Hall of Fame Bowlers, TV and Radio Personalities, Celebrity Athletes, local doctors, business people, and community leaders produced an action-packed, entertaining softball game that resulted in community building and fundraising. The final score was 19 for the Crushers and 17 for the Rippers.

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to play in the Celebrity Softball game and I look forward to it next year! It was definitely the most entertaining and action-packed softball game I ever played in! Watch the Action-Packed Moments of 2013 Celebrity Softball Game Here:


Athletes Compete in Obstacle Archery in Clermont, Florida

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

April 28, 2013 -- May 19, 2013 MONTVERDE, FL — Noah Christopher became the Celebrity of the Inaugural Obstacle Archery Competition and the brave athlete that entered NEW territory in Clermont, Florida, on April 28, 2013. He considered himself not really into athletics, but really into archery!! He learned very quickly that he was a star at both fitness AND archery in the Obstacle Archery competition!

Noah Becomes the Obstacle Archery Celebrity on April 28, 2013!!!!

We can describe Obstacle Archery like playing a video game where World Record Weber chases the competitors to motivate them to a new fitness level. Weber chases competitors, while videoing them as they take on 5 -7 fitness challenges within a timed Fitness Obstacle. The fastest time wins the first portion of this adrenaline pumping, thrilling competition! The competitors then get a recovery period. The next challenging part of the competition is taking on target archery in a creative fashion. The target archery is full of surprises and tests an archer’s proficiency, speed, and performance. Overall, Obstacle Archery is full of surprises every week. Noah says his favorite part of the competition is getting his banana after the competition! Fruit and refreshments are served in this fun competition that is meant to build physical fitness, coordination, accuracy, and mental fitness.

To date, there have been 4 Obstacle Archery Competitions this 2013 and Noah Christopher is a 2 X Champion and Tyler Horn is also a 2 X Champion! Tyler comes from an athletic background and his soccer team recently won the Lake County Championships. Tyler comes to Obstacle Archery to improve his physical fitness and archery skills. Obstacle Archery is great way to take part in sport conditioning. Sports teams can improve overall athletic skills when participating in Obstacle Archery!!

Watch Tyler Horn, 2 X Champion, Compete in Obstacle Archery and Hear His Interview!!

Contact Alicia Weber at or 352-874-4363 to register or learn more about the Obstacle Archery Competitions in Clermont, Florida.