Alicia Weber Trainee Ab Curl Up Progressions

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The Ab Curl Up is a famous test among trainees of Alicia Weber. The exercise tests abdominal strength and endurance and unlike the sit-up and other ab exercises, it is safe on the back. Even those with different conditions can normally perform the exercise well. Weber has set up many physical fitness challenges throughout the years and this has always ranked as the # 1 favorite.

Weber exclaimed, “Once my trainees hear about this ‘client record’ they all want it! The first woman who set it in 2007 had many challengers, but no one broke it until Dennis K. came along and then trainees started re-setting it left and right.”

There has been a story with each person who set this record. Each person had different motivations in wanting to break this record.

Here is the ‘client record’ for the Ab Curl Up Progression in the 1 – minute test for most correct reps:

2014 Bonnie Jean 106 reps
(This was her retirement record after working 32 years!)

2013 Lisa 105 reps
(She set this after only 6-weeks of fitness training!)

2012 Ron the Retiree 85 reps

2012 Bonnie Jean 83 Reps
(She set the World Record for women over age 60 in the most consecutive knee tucks this year!)

2011 Ron the Retiree 80 reps

2011 Bonnie Jean 79 reps

2011 Ron the Retiree 77 reps

2011 Bonnie Jean 73 reps

2011 Ron the Retiree 71 reps
(Retired Cop still pushing his limits!)

2011 Dennis K. 69 reps
(Alicia’s first trainee to break this record in 4 years! Record set in front of a crowd at The 13 Week Fitness Makeover!)

2007 Retired Female Cop 68 reps
(She is the only person male or female to complete Alicia’s hardest 5-areas of fitness challenge test and she had highest score!)

The ab curl up keeps the lower back on the ground at all times with the arms and hands held straight out. 2 pieces of tape are set on the ground. One where arms and hands are stretched out. Then, a second piece of tape is placed where the maximum reach is achieved, while keeping arms straight and low back on the ground.

Form for Ab Curl Test

Start and Finish Position for Ab Curl Up Test

Must reach 2nd piece of tape and return to start position for a rep.


Foundation Academy Runner Turns Tough Time into Triumphant Time!

By: Weber Way To Wellness Reporter

WINTER GARDEN, FL—Thirteen year old Ashley of Foundation Academy made a lot of positive strides in the 2013-2014 Cross Country/Track Season. She was part of the track team, which made school history with the greatest participation in the Championship meets to date.

Ashley is a determined 13 yr old runner who knows that tough times never last, but tough people do!

Determined and passionate about running, she kept positive even though certain days she would have constant and severe leg pain. She would wear a knee brace most of the time. She sought help from doctors, but her problem was not getting resolved.

She never gave up. Quitting was not an option.

Ashley began a new training program this summer under the tutelage of Alicia Weber and she has dropped three minutes off her 5k road race time. More importantly, she is running pain-free.

Ashley said, “Even doing an 800m in track I was in a lot of pain. My best was 3:12. Now, I am running 3 miles at a time and I am totally pain-free.”

Ashley is very excited about the upcoming cross country season at Foundation Academy. She has been training throughout the summer with a number of races under her belt and new confidence.

On July 4, 2014, Ashley, competed in Track Shack’s Watermelon 5k where she dropped three minutes and ran the 5k in 29:38.

Ashley exclaimed, “I feel really good. My pain is totally gone.”

Ashley will be attending the “Become the Best You Can Be” Running Camp with Alicia Weber at Foundation Academy July 28-30. She is overjoyed to know she can really focus on becoming the best she can be.

Ashley has advice for others going through pain who may feel like giving up in their sport.

Ashley said, “Don’t give up. If you give up, then you would never know what you could do. You need to keep seeking help to resolve the issue and you will get better and back into the game.”

Ashley exemplifies determination, positive attitude, and staying power, which are qualities of true champions!


Health Benefits of Archery and Central Florida Archery

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

WINTER GARDEN, FL—- Ten year old Hannah picked up a bow and arrow for the first time and began archery under the tutelage of Alicia Weber. Like many youth, it’s the thrill of feeling like Robin Hood and the excitement of hitting the bullseye that draws them to archery. All ability and fitness levels can take a shot and find success even people with serious disabilities find great success.

Most sports are driven by adrenaline, high energy, sweat, and peak performance. Archery is a more settled sport where calmness, focus, controlled-energy, and stillness are keys to success as the goal is repeatedly hitting the bullseye. It offers a new refreshing spin to sport.

After Hannah’s first session, she exclaimed, “This is really exciting.”

She attentively listened to ways to improve and followed through. The result was achieving a high score for a 10 and under archer in just 3 sessions.

Hannah Competes at 10m and 15m for highest score. She achieves 131 pts out of a possible 300.

Like all sports, archery builds self-confidence, social skills, teamwork, and physical development. However, people unfamiliar with archery underestimate the health benefits.

Archery can develop upper-body strength, flexibility, balance/posture, core strength, hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and mental focus.

The upper-body strength is increased depending on the draw strength of the bow and the amount of time spent shooting. Serious archery competitors may have 40lbs resistance bows or more. Recreational archers may only use 10-20lbs resistance. Most upper-body muscles are involved in the shot process including the shoulder, chest, and the back. The arm must activate muscle stabilizers to hold the bow up and out till the arrow hits the target.

Flexibility is increased in the fingers, hands, and the arm to hold the bow and pull the string over and over again.

Learning the proper stance in archery and repeating it to perfection is an art. The archery stance varies if one is using a compound or recurve bow, but it is necessary for accuracy and precision. Archery can certainly help one’s posture and finding one’s center of balance. The slightest moves or wrong weight shifts will throw an arrow off the target.

Core Strength
The core muscles help balance the body shot after shot. The obliques and tight torso are key to a successful shot process.

Hand-Eye Coordination
Hand-Eye coordination is an essential skill for mastery in archery. This skill is developed through a lot of regular practice.

Cardiovascular Fitness
A recreational archer practicing at 7-10 yds may not notice these benefits as much as a competitive archer who may shoot anywhere from 40yds to 70 meters. The walking distance after shooting arrows and then collecting them adds up. In competitive archery, an archer may walk 5 miles in a competition. The competitions may last 3-4 hours or longer. Archery is a unique type of endurance especially adding in the factor that you are out in the heat for hours and trying to stay focused on top shots.

Mental Focus
Mental focus is imperative to success. This is the one element that makes archery really stand out from other sports. Archery is a mind exercise where distractions need to be eliminated to be successful. A keen eye, clear concentration, and mental stability are keys to top shots, shot after shot. Of course, calculating in your mind and keeping tabs on scores requires clear thinking as well.

Archery is a great sport to make a top student-athlete. The mental training from archery can be carried over into the classroom.

Are you in Central Florida and interested in archery? Are you looking for private lessons or would you like to join a club? If so, you came to the right place. You can get private training, attend camps, and join a club. Contact Alicia at for more info.


Foundation Academy Archer Achieves Top Scores in Archery

By: Weber Way To Wellness Reporter

WINTER GARDEN, FL—- A Foundation Academy student-archer has enjoyed a tremendously successful summer of archery, while making friends and finding her new talents in the process.

Danielle had a brother who practiced archery and she decided to give it a try in a summer archery advancement program held at Foundation Academy.

Danielle exclaimed, “I grew to love archery and found out I am pretty good.”

The goal of the archery advancement 5-day camp was to identify archery talent, hone skills, and challenge the archers in possibility thinking through mental and physical games.

Danielle commented, “It was pretty fun. The distance that we shot in the camp and the skills achieved in just 5 days were really impressive.”

Danielle was the overall female winner of the 21 Arrow Extreme Archery Competition on June 20, 2014, where she discovered archery was her niche. She continues to develop in the Foundation Academy Archery program.

Danielle ended her 5-day camp with many new friends and an overall victory for females in the “Extreme 21 Arrow Competition” where she scored the highest points.

Danielle added, “It’s really exciting to find out I won. I am a natural at archery. Just having fun is a big accomplishment too.”

The Foundation Academy archery program is year-round with many unique opportunities to compete, develop fitness, learn archery, and make new friends. The archery club is open to the public from kindergarten age through grade 12.

Danielle celebrated her 13th birthday a few days early with a top archery score of 212xx out of 300 possible points.

All ability levels can excel at archery and give it a try. Archery is a physical and mental sport. Joining the archery club can teach patience, teamwork, social skills, and build self-esteem.

All the archery equipment is provided in the archery club.

Contact Alicia Weber for more info on the archery club and program at


Amazon Monster Muscle Woman Summer 2014 Feats of Strength

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Look out it is a bird, a plane. No, it is the Amazon Monster Muscle Woman soaring to new heights in strength and endurance. From galloping on thick sand to a mind-blowing 3 minute leading victory to performing 1,000 consecutive chest-touching-floor pushups in under 47 minutes -- this muscle woman has had a busy summer with physical fitness challenges. Below are some featured fitness endeavors this monster muscle woman has been attacking this summer.

On July, 4, 2014, the Monster Muscle Woman celebrated Independence Day by completing 1,000 consecutive chest-touching-floor pushups for a fastest time. She talks about the proper form for the feat in the first 1:20. Then, she goes non-stop for just under 47 minutes for 1,000 reps.

Muscle Woman’s 1,000 Consecutive Chest-Touching-Floor Pushups

As if shooting for 1,000 consecutive pushups was not enough on the July 4 weekend….The Muscle Monster attacked a new mark in the 30 minute flexed hang knee to elbow raise on July 3. Going 101 reps over the current world record set more than one year ago. In this exercise, a 90 degree flexed hang (palm away grip) must be maintained as legs starting in dead hang come up to where the bent knees touch the bent elbows and then go back to dead hanging legs for a rep to count.

Muscle Woman’s 30 minutes of 90 degree Elbow to Knee Raises

On June 21, 2014, the Monster Muscle Woman went flying off the starting line and into a gallop up and down thick sand on hills measuring a couple hundred meters in length. This was a race on an old beaten clay trail in Florida out in the middle of nowhere in the hottest part of the day @ 1:30 pm. She finished first place overall out of the men and women in a time of 20:36. She was three minutes ahead of 2nd place in this challenging 5k. This was the Muscle Woman’s 88th Career Victory on the first day of summer 2014! The top 5 finishers overall got an award glass.

Top 5 Overall Finishers In Order For 5k Death March 2014

After the Muscle Woman completed her first ever 900 Round archery competition earning the silver medal, she cranked out 193 consecutive beach knuckle pushups on June 6, 2014. This feat became a new Recordsetter world record and she was featured on Recordsetter’s twitter and facebook. In addition, adding archery as a sport she competes in, makes it her 17th sport.

Muscle Woman’s Beach Consecutive Knuckle Pushups

CLICK HERE for Exclusive Strength Feat Shows!

Orlando Florida Archery Coach breaks World Records

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

ORLANDO, Florida —Alicia Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records in 2013. In just three hours, Alicia has broken almost half of the records she set a year ago. Weber re-set 4 archery fitness world records in two hours on May 1. Then, she came back on May 6 and re-set 4 more, but in just one hour.

Alicia Weber is an Orlando Florida archery, running, and fitness coach. She works with all ages and ability levels.

Weber said, “I enjoy challenges and creativity. Juggling different disciplines and excelling in world records is exciting.”

In these records, she has to complete a running distance or an exercise followed by an archery bullseye for fastest time or highest score for most reps of an exercise and archery points within three minutes. She may shoot archery as far as 40yds without any sighting devices in these records.

Weber’s archery, running, and fitness clients remarked, “Alicia’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious and motivating.”

Alicia Weber is available for private training in archery, fitness, and running in Central Florida and she can be reached at

Watch Alicia Weber Re-set the 8 Records In Three Hours

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.


Alicia Weber Takes 87th Victory and Guides Beginners in Archery and Fitness

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Alicia Weber knows how to get results. She holds the most world records in strength, speed, endurance, and archery and she is an elite athlete in 16 sports. Weber just captured her 87th career victory at the NTC Ultimate Series Cross Country Championship as she guided first time cross country runners.

Trainees described Alicia’s archery fitness training as “so much fun, but yet getting so many overall fitness results.”

Alicia Weber trained a mother and son in competitive archery and fitness focusing on running endurance.

She teaches the same techniques, which make her a champion.

Weber exclaimed, “I train with all my clients…run beside them, exercise with them, all while motivating them to be their best.”

Weber knocked off nearly a minute off her 4k time to win overall for women and take 7th overall in 15:57. Her trainees finished together in sub-29 for their first ever 4k cross country.

They exclaimed, “This is addicting. We love it. We look forward to more training and racing.”

Mother with Son, and Alicia Weber after finishing the NTC Ultimate Series 4k Cross Country Race on April 30, 2014. Alicia coaches running, archery, and 15 other sports.

ALICIA WEBER is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.

Alicia Weber is a running and archery coach at Foundation Academy and offers camps and clinics. Contact Alicia for archery, running, and fitness training at

Join Foundation Academy Summer Camps and Year Round Archery Program

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The GOOD NEWS is that you DON’T have to attend Foundation Academy to join the year round archery program and/or summer camps. This archery program is open to anyone from grade 1 through 12. In fact, the summer camp accepts athletes in kindergarten as well.

Archery Training at Foundation Academy is about shooting to become the best you can be in archery and in life. The students have the opportunity to train under the tutelage of Champions. Alicia Weber and Robert Arnold are USA Archery certified coaches and archery competitors.

Arnold has worked with Florida Baptist Convention for over 20 years as an archery instructor and Program Director. Additionally, he has won major archery competitions and guided athletes in indoor and outdoor target archery. He has been competing in archery since age 5.

Weber is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.

Contact David Baginski to join the archery program at Foundation Academy at 407-877-2744.

Join the Foundation Academy Archery Club & GET ENERGIZED in the excitement!

Robert Arnold and Alicia Weber are certified USA Archery coaches who coach athletes in intuitive archery with use of the recurve and compound bows. They are all about building strong competitors and advancing archers without using any sighting devices.

Weber exclaimed, “We are proud to be part of this one-of-a-kind program in Central Florida where kids get the opportunity to train and compete in archery.”

The Foundation Academy archers shot 30 arrows for score. They competed at 10 and 15 meters.
Nick Linkiewicz took first place for grades 7-8. Linkiewicz commented, “The program was very well-organized, with excellent friendly coaches, and an overall great time.”

Preston Pankalla took first place for grades 3-6. Pankalla won for the first time and exclaimed, “Cool. This is great. I am more confident now.”

Sean Pankalla added, “Since Preston started archery, I have seen an improvement in his focus and his desire to do well in competition and this spills over into his personal life. As a parent that makes me proud. This program is fantastic.”

Carolyn Pankalla mentioned, “Archery gives my son a chance to win. We are all created equal, but archery teaches us how to win.”

Ben Shuler picked up a bow and arrow for the first time in this 6-week program and he met his goals.

His mother stated, “I love archery for the fact that you have a specific target where you aim. It’s a wonderful metaphor for life because if we aren’t focusing on our God-given resources specifically, then we wander and become aimless. With the Lord guiding us, we will achieve the specific purposes that he has for us in our life.”

Arnold exclaimed, “I have been to a hundred tournaments and this has to be the most enthusiastic one.”

The parents stated, “We love the structure of the program and the hope that we see for future advancements is really exciting.”
We are looking forward to the advancement programs and preparing archers for competition. Contact 352-874-4363 for info.

Central Florida Running, Archery, & Sports Camps with Champion Athlete Alicia Weber

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Are you looking to get an edge in your athletics, compete in Central Florida, and train under the tutelage of a record setting elite athlete?

If you answered YES, then you have come to the RIGHT place to get a winning way in your sport.

Alicia Weber has been coaching and training people in all skill levels for over sixteen years. She is a Level 2 USA Archery Certified Coach and a degreed fitness trainer. In addition to her credentials and work, she is the world’s most prolific record holder in strength and stamina with over 400 world records set since 2008 and over 85 career victories in her 16 sports.

Alicia Weber offers sports specific training, swimming lessons, triathlon/running coaching, archery coaching, archery fitness competitions, aquatic therapy rehab, paddle board fitness classes, and one-on-one fitness training.

Alicia is a running and archery coach at Foundation Academy in Winter Garden, FL, where she holds summer sports camps. Contact Alicia for more info on the upcoming training camps at

Weber is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.

Alicia Weber Two Time Beach Running World Champion

Gator Runner, Alicia Weber, Winning 2001 SEC Indoor 5K at Championship

Alicia Weber Winning 3,000 meter National Title at Age 16

Former Pro Triathlete, Alicia Weber, Teaches Swimming Lessons

Alicia Weber Sets Record for Most Sports Competed in One Year (10)



Become a Champion with Alicia Weber in Archery in Central Florida and Foundation Academy

By: Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

Contact Alicia at for competitive archery opportunities in Central Florida.

Alicia Weber, World’s Most Prolific Strength and Endurance World Record Holder (with over 400 WRs) and experienced fitness trainer is now offering archery! Alicia Weber offers private archery coaching, obstacle archery conditioning, and competitive archery opportunities in Central Florida and at Foundation Academy. Alicia Weber is a Level 2 USA Archery Instructor and Recordsetter “Archercise” World Record Holder.

A group of athletes Alicia trained in “archercise” commented, “Fitness was never so much fun!”

Alicia guided Tyler Horn to the first-ever Obstacle Archery World Record at Recordsetter and he went on to excel in high school varsity team sports as a freshman. He played varsity in golf, soccer, and tennis his freshman year.

Tyler Horn on his way to an Obstacle Archery World Record!

“Obstacle archery conditioning worked on my overall fitness, which carried over into all my sports,” he mentioned.

Alicia’s obstacle archery and “archercise” have been popular with youth and adults alike looking to increase physical fitness and mix in hand-eye coordination, accuracy, and precision.

Alicia was one of the coaches who worked with Foundation Academy’s Nick Linkiewicz who won overall in the first ever archery tournament at Foundation Academy. He competed in 10 meters and 15 meters for highest score.

Foundation Academy offers year round archery. It is the first program of its kind in Central Florida and Alicia Weber guides many athletes in archery there. Any athlete in grades 6-12 can join. You DON’T need to be a student at Foundation Academy to join. Alicia Weber and Robert Arnold are the archery coaches at Foundation Academy and look forward to working with you.

Alicia has established challenging physical fitness archery world records at 40yd targets and holds over 15 “archercise” world records.

Join Alicia Weber for Archery and Get on Target for A Winning Way TODAY!!

Contact Alicia for more info at

Weber is recognized as the “World’s Most Prolific Female Recordsetter” and she was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List. Weber has set over 20 archery fitness world records at Recordsetter and she guided archery athletes to world records too.


Alicia Weber in the News!!

USA Military Times News

Weber Teaches Military Females to Pass Their Pull-Up Physical Fitness Test 4/1/14

Alicia Weber Featured in Lake-Sumter Style Magazine

Alicia Weber was one of 10 selected to be in the Most Extraordinary People of Lake County, October 2013 Issue of Lake-Sumter Style Magazine. Weber is the 7th person down in Extraordinary People List.

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