Most Decorated Beach Runner, Alicia Weber, Holds Barrier Breaker Youth Running Camps

By Weber Way To Wellness Reporter Photos copyrighted to © Alicia Weber

Weber enjoys Cocoa Beach as she soaks up her second place in her fifth championship on May 1, 2016
Weber enjoys Cocoa Beach as she soaks up her second place in her fifth championship on May 1, 2016
Alicia Weber keeps adding more to the record books as she cemented herself as the most decorated beach runner after becoming the second place female (16th overall out of 1,000 competitors) in the May 1, 2016, USA 10K Beach Running Championships in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Over the the course of five years (competing 5 times), Weber set the 10k course record twice (and won the championship in 2011, 2012, 2015, took third in 2013, and now second in 2016). The Championship draws runners all over the state of Florida, other US states, and countries including Europe and Brazil.

2016 brought the most competitors and most challenging conditions. Beach Running was also a female dominated sport where 80 percent of the competitors were women. The race started in 15 knot ESE winds where runners battled their way to the turn-around-point. It was also high tide, so the sand was softer and humidity was 72 percent with sun blazing in the 80s. Weber dominated the race as she came thru the first mile in 6:42 and led the first 5,200 meters. Then, she was overtaken by former Division 1 Belmont Bruin Hall of Fame and Stand Out distance runner, Keely Corlew. Weber held her second position for the remaining miles and finished as the second place overall woman. First-Time beach runner, Corlew, won the 2016 championship.

“This was great competition and another awesome race,” exclaimed Weber.

Both Weber and Corlew are former stand out division 1 distance runners.
Both Weber and Corlew are former stand out division 1 distance runners.
Weber’s “Barrier Breaker” theme for her youth running camps is about inspiring youth through brain training and increasing speed and endurance thru running with fun and games. Weber is a highly regarded motivational speaker where she guided youth to dream big and set goals and go after them at previous USA Triathlon camps where she had record attendance (68 kids). She then elevated the collegiate scene at UF track and triathlon programs (where in 2002 she helped motivate the UF women’s Indoor Track Team to a third in the Nation at NCAA AND 1st in SEC thru pre-meet talks. She served as an entertainer at Triathlon National Championships in 2002, 2005, and 2006).

Weber shows 5 Fingers for her 5 yrs competing (3 wins, 1 third, & 1 second place finish).
After the race, Weber shows 5 Fingers for her 5 yrs competing (3 wins, 1 third, & 1 second place finish).
Weber is enthused to bring her “barrier breaker training techniques” in combination with fun and games to achieve faster times and then let runners test themselves in a free race she will also offer. Contact Alicia to enroll in her Barrier Breaker Running Camp today at


Ready Aim Grow Championship Budding with Success

By Alicia Weber Photos Copyright ©Alicia Weber

The April Ready Aim Grow Championship planted a seed of positivity in the hearts and minds of youth. The results were stupendous strength gains, high archery scores, a bundle of flowers, and succulents for the male and female champions. The archer athletes were given the command, “Focus, Form, and Follow Through” and that is exactly what they did from demonstrating proper form in strict slow pushups to hitting bullseyes at targets 15 – 20 meters away. All these athletes had to qualify for this competition and their opportunity to compete is a testament to their dedication and development in archery fitness.

We had a wonderful, warm, sunny day for our event (with three age group competitions) as many youngsters made warm memories that will last a long time.

10 and Under

DJ of X shots winning her first championship! She had the highest score for girls and boys with 71 pts out of 107.
DJ of X shots winning her first championship! She had the highest score for girls and boys with 71 pts out of 107.
“The competition was fun and beyond exciting! I felt accomplished and proud of my results. I remained positive throughout. What a great time!” – DJ of the X Shots, First Place Girl, First Overall, and First Place Team Member

“My experience was fun and I met new friends. It is educational and I don’t want to ever leave.”
– Lilly of the X Shots, Second Place Girl, Second Overall, and First Place Team Member

“The competition was amazing. It was a challenge. It was fun and I tried my best on my first archery competition.” – Nico of the X Shots, Fourth Place Boy, First Place Team Member

Izzy of the Diamond Gorrilas at her 2nd championship. Third place girl and only archer to get an "X" with her score of 52x.
Izzy of the Diamond Gorrilas at her 2nd championship and third place girl and only archer to get an “X” with her score of 52x.
“Archery is awesome. It helps your muscles and it is really fun because you get to team up with your friends. Archery is when you get to do things that you normally don’t do.” – Izzy of the Diamond Gorrilas, Third Place Girl, Fourth Overall, and Third Place Team Member

“I like archery because you can be creative. You can shoot at targets and earn points. The best part is you can team up with a friend.” – Henry of the Diamond Gorrilas, Third Place Team Member

“It was fun for me. I learn that it is not all about winning. It’s about having fun. Thank you for letting me compete in this this event and see you next time.” – Anecya of the Shadow Arrows, Fourth Place Team Member

Ready Aim Grow Spring 2016 Championship Competitors
Ready Aim Grow Spring 2016 Championship Competitors

11 Thru 13

Sona of the NS Archers was the female champion and. NS Archers with Sona  and Nicole won team championship.
Sona of the NS Archers was the female champion and. NS Archers with Sona and Nicole won team championship.
“My experience was amazing. It mentally helped me and made me feel like I could do anything. We also did pushups and exercises that helped me physically. I loved the teacher, Ms. Alicia. She helped us “rock and roll” and made us absolutely prepared as she had faith in all of us. I loved this experience.” – Sona of the NS Archers, First Place Girl, First Place Team Member

“My experience was good. I was nervous, but I got a good score. It was good to be a championship for the first time.” – Nicole of the NS Archers, Third Place Girl, First Place Team Member

“Today at the spring competition, everyone had fun. During the exercise round, I didn’t think I would get all 6 points, but I did and I was so proud of myself. I have to thank Ms. Alicia for the opportunity to compete in our city.” – Aisha of the Purple Pandas, Second Place Girl, Official Event Scorer

“My experience at this archery competition was that I was nervous at first, but once I started shooting, it all went away. I did better than I ever done before.” – Jenna of the Purple Pandas, Third Place Team Member

“I felt nervous at first, but not now. PS I like doing the pushups. Oh, and I like archery.” – Jessica, Third Place Team Member, Rising Star Archer

“I have really enjoyed archery and learning it with Ms. Alicia.” – Donovan of the Hawkeyes, First Place Boy

The age 11 thru 13 Teams  at Awards Ceremony.
The age 11 thru 13 Teams at Awards Ceremony.

13 and 1/2 Thru Age 16

Indaya, 2 time champ, (66x) and Matteo, youngest competitor,  (70x) are Champions in the most advanced competition where they compete at 20 meters.
Indaya, 2 time champ, (66x) and Matteo, youngest competitor, (70x) are Champions in the most advanced competition where they compete at 20 meters.
“My experience today was breathtaking. I never realized how much better I got since I practiced. I had a terrific time today and I will remember this forever. Since I have a Bible verse to go with it Collosians 3:23-24 and Jeremich 29:11 without forgetting John 3:16. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoesover believed in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16,” – Indaya of the Camo Hunters, First Place Female and Second Overall

“This was one of the best experiences of my life. I got to spend time with a friend. I can meet new people and improve in a sport. I think archery is something I will always want to do.” – Logan of Blue Thunder, Second Place Male, Third Place Team Member, Rising Star Archer

Congratulations to ALL competitors!!

Cheers to the 2016 Spring Championship!

The field of elite male archery fitness competitors.
The field of elite male archery fitness competitors.


Count Down to Ready Aim Grow Championship

By Alicia Weber

Youth Archer Athletes prepare for their spring championship by competing in a Bullseye Challenge Championship and Pushup-Archery Challenge Championship. These competitions test them individually and among their peers. All athletes performed beyond expectations and are now geared up for their spring championship where 12 teams will compete.

Thirty-three competitors competed in these challenges. The challenge championship videos are below. They highlight and introduce the male and female champions of the age groups and overall winners. Most of these competitors will be returning to compete in the upcoming spring championship.

Meet Spring 2016 Bullseye Challenge Champions and Hear What They Say About Archery

Spring 2016 Push-Up Archery Champions of Central Florida

Two male and female champion performers were selected for Honorable Mention based on their outstanding winning performances, improvements, and versatility or dominance in an event(s).

Honorable Mention goes to the following Champions:

(Left) DJ of the X Shots  was a Rising Star archer in fall 2015 and now, five months later, she is a Champion!
(Left) DJ of the X Shots was a Rising Star archer in fall 2015 and now, five months later, she is a Champion!
Sebastian, Team “The Rubies” 1. Only archer athlete to win both challenges for his age division. 2. Highest scorer out of all competitors in the Push-Up Archery Challenge (with score of 47pts).

Hunter 1. Archer won overall title for One Hour Bullseye Challenge with 15 Bullseyes. 2. He also tied and won the Pushup-Archery Challenge for his age group 13 1/2 and older (with 30 pts).

Aisha, Team “Fierce Fighters” 1. Overall Winning Female archer in One Hour Bullseye Challenge with 14 Bullseyes (and 2nd overall with Hunter only beating her by one bullseye).

DJ, Team “The X Shots” 1. Winning female 10 and under for Pushup-Archery Challenge with 34pts (17 slow consecutive pushups and 17 archery pts at 15 meters) 2. Only two boys scored higher than her in her age group as Nico won with 42 pts. 3. Highest scoring female among all age groups in the Pushup-Archery Competition.

Congratulations to all competitors and Champions and keep going STRONG!!

For more info on archery programs, Contact Alicia @


Middle School Athletes Complete Time Efficient, Effective Training for Track and Field And Get Results

By Alicia Weber
photos copyright©Alicia Weber

Coach Weber with her athletes Ahmad and Dannuta on 2/27/16.
Coach Weber with her athletes Ahmad and Dannuta.
Dannuta Hyacinth and Ahmad Alenezi are two outstanding, well-rounded track athletes who were the lone representatives for their middle school track team. They took on the challenge to learn how to be focused and prepare for jumping, running, and middle distance events through effective, fun training techniques. They gained personal bests in all their events, a top 10 finish in their best events at the 2016 middle school Central Florida Championship, and a boost in self-confidence with a new found thrill in running.

With short notice, a track team was formed where I was the coach. The program was only 5 weeks in length. They only had one week of practice before the first meet. They competed in a total (3) meets ending in a very competitive championship on March 17, 2016. There were an average 20 competitors in each race.

Ahmad and Dannuta became well rounded track athletes excelling in long jump and running events in 5 weeks.
Ahmad and Dannuta became well rounded track athletes excelling in long jump and running events in 5 weeks.
On March 17, the 6th grader, Dannuta, took 10th in the long jump with a new personal best of 11 feet and 10.5 inches. Additionally, Dannuta took 16th with a new PR in 100m (15.47), and 11th in the 200m with a new PR (33.30). The 8th grader, Ahmad, took 10th in the 800m in a new personal best time of 2:58.23. He earned personal bests in all his other events at the second meet with 14.92 in the 100m, 31.33 in the 200m, and 13ft and 4 inches in the long jump.

They both learned how they can have a remarkable rate of improvement through high quality, low quantity workouts. Dannuta trained under my tutelage for only 9 hours over the course of 5 weeks. She improved her long jump by 6.7 percent, she improved her 200m time by 3.5 percent, and she improved her 100m time by 1.22 percent.

Ahmad trained under my tutelage for only 5 hours over the course of 5 weeks. He improved his best event, the 800m, by 2.1 percent.

In track action from Central Florida Metro League Championships 2016!
In track action from Central Florida Metro League Championships 2016!
Greatness is measured in quality. These athletes are looking forward to more great things with their new sport of track and field.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs

Contact Alicia for Coaching and Personal Training at


World Record Weber Captures Double Gold in Indoor Rowing Championship

By Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber winning her first gold medal in the 500m in the morning of February 13th.  Then, she won her second gold gold medal in the the evening in the 2,000 meter.
Alicia Weber winning her first her gold medal in the 500m in the morning of February 13th. Then, she won her second gold gold medal in the the evening in the 2,000 meter.
Nearly 1,600 indoor rowers competed on the Concept 2 rowing machines at the 2016 33rd Annual Southern Sprints Indoor Rowing Championships/World Qualifier in Melbourne, Florida, on February 13. A rare breed of athletes are drawn to the sport for the thrills of intense speed and power.

There are two different weight classes, lightweight and heavyweight. The maximum weight for a lightweight male is 165 pounds. The max weight for lightweight females is 135 pounds.

I am a lightweight indoor rower. Heavyweight indoor rower from Central Florida, Jennifer Gillette, and I both won the college/open women 500 meter and 2,000 meter events for our weight class. We both performed the rare feat of becoming double gold medalists at these championships.

In the past five years, we have been the only two women in the world that have both been world ranked top 10 three times for our 500 meter race times.

At this championship, Gillette set the American record for the 19-29 age category for heavyweight women with her 500 meter time of 1:30.7. Both of us continue to get faster as we get older. I have competed in this championship for five years, and it has been my goal to win gold. I won many silver and bronze medals, but I was working toward the elusive gold.

Alicia Weber is  a sponsored athlete and professional coach in many sports for all ages and ability levels.
Alicia Weber is a sponsored athlete and professional coach in many sports for all ages and ability levels.

It is a dream come true to become a double gold medalist with new personal best times of 1:45.8 for 500 meters and 8:09.4 for 2,000 meters. I became an indoor rower to continue to increase my VO2max, as rowing is considered to be one of the best exercises to increase aerobic capacity.

Gillette is in fighter pilot school at Sheppard AFB, Texas. Only two percent of Air Force fighter pilots are women. Rowing has been excellent conditioning for her to prepare for the G-Forces of flying F 16s.

Dedicated ninth grade rower Robert Delgado-Mendez competed in the 500m to get in shape for rowing on the water. He has competed in Clermont’s Regattas and loves them.

“Rowing is fun with a completely different crowd of people. In individual sports and team sports like soccer and football, you can mess up and still be successful. However, rowing on the water in an 8 boat has to have everyone perfectly in sync or it all goes bad. My coach says you are only as fast as your slowest rower,” explained Delgado-Mendez.

Watch Alicia “World Record Weber” Win Double Gold

In the water, rowers with height and strength have an advantage. A lightweight rowing team might beat a heavyweight rowing team. A heavyweight team creates more drag in the water, which can slow them down. Strength will be necessary to overpower the drag and beat lightweights.

Indoor rowing on Concept 2 machines provides other challenges. A heavyweight rower will create more power from their weight and go faster. A short lightweight will need to produce power through their legs and arms to be able to beat a strong, tall lightweight who will have greater power through their long legs. In any event, indoor rowing provides excellent fitness benefits and strategic competitions.

Alicia can be reached for fitness training or coaching at


Florida’s Inaugural Bow-A-Thon Full of Stardom

By Weber Way To Wellness Reporter Photos copyrighted ©

Archer Athletes at the start of the Bow-A-Thon.
Archer Athletes at the start of the Bow-A-Thon.
WINTER GARDEN, FL— On the sunny, cool morning of Saturday, January 30th the determined and dedicated youth archer athletes gathered at the starting line for Florida’s Inaugural Bow-A-Thon in a large park. Five pioneers in this challenging event gave their best efforts in a tough 1 mile cross country run. After minimal recovery, they then shot 10 arrows in less than 4 minutes. They all used the same bows without any sighting devices. The Bow-A-Thon was a skills test as well as a physical test and they all performed well above the expectations the event director and coach, Alicia Weber, had in mind.

“I’m very excited and happy about all their performances and I feel this competition will boost their confidence for future championships,” exclaimed Weber.

The boys and girls cross country had back and forth action with surprise sprint finishes by Indaya and Yeriel who won the running part. They each earned 10 points.

“I felt I could relax on my archery, if needed to because of my run victory. However, I tried my hardest in archery anyways,” commented Yeriel.

“The competition was fun, challenging, and different and something we would try again,” agreed Yeriel and second place runner, Drew. Both boys called this their first ever archery competition.

With minimal rest, the top three finishers in the run (Yeriel, Drew, and Bryce) went to compete in the archery.

Bryce won the archery and the competition with his score of 87 points. This was his second archery fitness victory.

“It was difficult to adjust to archery after the run, but I enjoyed the challenge,” said Bryce with a big smile as he was handed the winner’s mug. BowathonBigPic

Recovery time was increased before the girls did their archery. Indaya enjoyed her surroundings at this new location with the many big trees and open fields. All competitors were given awards and the top male and female won a champion’s mug.

Indaya won the competition with a total of 92 points out of a possible 110 points. This was her third archery fitness victory. She has been training and competing the longest out of all these competitors. She holds the Girls Youth Record for the Archery Fitness League. Aisha was the second woman and the youngest competitor with her 61 points.

“The competition was pretty fun. The mile was challenging because of the change in terrain and the zig zagging course,” agreed Indaya and Aisha.

New archer athletes, Yeriel and Drew, took 2nd and 3rd place males with 70 and 63 points respectively.

This taxing competition was by Invitation Only as certain skill levels need to be met. The competitors proved to be great champions. Bring Out The Champion In You and enroll in innovative athletic programming with Alicia @


2015 A Year of Career Bests for Alicia Weber: Welcome 2016!!

By Alicia Weber

As an elite athlete and fitness professional, I achieved my greatest successes to date in 2015 and I look forward to 2016 and helping others exceed their goals!

2015 A Year of Career Bests

Professionally, my career highlight came when I worked with Olympic and World Champion sprinters on their quest to make the 2015 World Championships, Pan Am Games, and World Relays Track and Field Teams. The athletes I worked with on P360 Pro Track Team earned many medals at these championships. I was the team licensed massage therapist and stretching coach.

As a world record holder, I set the most strength and endurance world records ever in one year – 220!! My previous best was 205 records in 2012. I am the world’s most prolific physical fitness world record holder. I realized in December that I had the chance to exceed 205 records and I aimed for 210.

I opened the new category – 30 Minute consecutive Spiderman Pushups at Recordsetter where I completed 511 reps on December 29.

On Christmas, I broke two challenging one arm pushup records (one of which took 5 attempts before re-setting it).

On the last day of the year, I attempted to reclaim my 3 minute arms held out deep squat record (which an ultra athlete Frenchman currently holds), but I fell short. However, I kept going to open some new categories. At the strike of midnight, I was overjoyed when I saw the realization that I exceeded my goal and set 220 records in one year!!

As an athlete, I finally won my first SUP race of my career in my 7th race! I took over 20 minutes off my 3 mile time and finished in 35 minutes in the intracoastal waterways of Englewood, Florida. I won my 3rd Beach Running Championship title in May and I became the only male or female to win the championship three times. I competed in three sports in 2015 (beach running (off terrain running), SUP racing, and fitness challenge events).

An exciting surprise opportunity came along in 2015, which also makes a career highlight for me. I went on my first show on National TV where I was a prop and I competed in a physical fitness obstacle course which involved a lot of rope climbing. I competed and used arms only climbing for the entire competition and it was discussed in the show.

Welcoming 2016, I look forward to the kids, adults, and seniors joining my archery fitness league, athletic camps, and clinics. I look forward to working with my new students in learning to stand up paddle board. I am looking forward to covering a lot of unique stories on this website in 2016 and offering innovative advertising and marketing services to those interested.

Happy New Year and Committed to Your Success,

Alicia Weber

Meredith Yaun Golf: Clermont, Florida’s Premiere Pro Golf Coach

By: Alicia Weber

Golf with Meredtih Yaun and Become A Phenomenon!

Meredith Yaun is a PGA professional golf coach who has been coaching kids and adults in Clermont for 23 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the city of Clermont and she provides her students unique opportunities. She can be reached for lessons at 407-341-1793.

Meet Meredith Yaun, Clermont, Florida’s Premiere PGA Pro Golf Coach

She offers group lessons to all levels of golfers on Saturdays and she offers private lessons. She guides high school golfers to scholarships and she provides golf/fishing summer camps for kids. Her lessons are one hour and they are packed with education and motivation. She explains and demonstrates golf techniques. She creates games for students, but she also steps in and challenges students in golf skill development games.

“Good aim and good speed are key in golf,” said Yaun.

Marianne Jones, 8, has been training in golf for a year under Yaun. Currently, she is working on her putting. She hopes to one day compete. She practiced putting on an upgrade and downgrade to decide how best to aim and how to swing to create the best speed to get the ball in the hole.

“You have to think in golf. In soccer and other sports you just run around,” said Jones who has been playing soccer five years and plays for Florida Rush on the Lady Lions team.

Yaun encourages students of different sport backgrounds to take up golf. She is a strong advocate of well-rounded fitness and she prepares golfers for all conditions.

“In golf there is a lot of skill to master. You have to learn to aim. You have to think about hills, wind, rain, and how you will swing and hit the ball for the different conditions,” mentioned Jones who thinks highly of Yaun and is confident of Yaun’s teaching methods as Yaun is a very successful Lady Pro Golfer.

The local youth age 6-14 can train and then compete in the US kids Disney Tournament and try to make it to the World Championships in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Yaun trains young students, adults, and seniors alike at the Clerbrook Golf Club and other golf clubs in Clermont, Florida.

Yaun’s son, Jonathan, finished 32nd at the World Championship when he was thirteen and he took 12th place in the 2015 Florida 3A Golf State Championships as he aspires to one day be on the PGA Tour. Meredith Yaun was a Lady Pro golfer who competed for 10 years on the European Tour from 1983-1993. She was based in England 6-10 months out of the year. Her most memorable competition was when she played on a team with three amateurs in a Corporate Golf Day Tournament (3 amateurs and one lady pro comprised the teams).

Her teammates were the CEO of British Rail (a golfer who had one arm and golfed with it), CEO of Themes TV, and the CEO of London Evening Standard newspaper. They played 18 holes and her team won. She was inspired to see how well the man played with only one arm. This motivated her to be prepared for anything and be ready to train anyone including disabled golfers. Meredith Yaun went on to invent different golf strokes like the “one arm bandit” to help disabled golfers excell and give all golfers a challenge!

Senior golfers under Yaun’s tutelage have a second wind as they have all become highly motivated and competitive.

“I am amazed at how quickly Meredith can get me back to where I was before my hand surgery,” exclaimed Freddie at his second session with Meredith after a three month sabbatical from golf after his surgery.

“I play 2-5 times a week on golf courses in Clermont and Orlando and Clerbrook is the most challenging and exciting course. Come to Clerbrook to become a great golfer. I have had several golf lessons with other instructors and Meredith is by far the most understanding and best instructor I have ever had. The flexibility gains and health benefits from golf combined with the improvements made from Meredith’s help are very self-motivating and make me more competitive,” mentioned Steve, a dedicated and very competitive senior golfer.

Clerbrook offers group and private lessons with Meredith Yaun. The club is also open to the public and they offer a men’s league and women’s league for those who want to compete and make friends.

“I highly recommend anyone, male or female, to take golf from Meredith. She takes what you have naturally and enhances it and she is always positive. Your scores will improve,” agreed Clo Ann (who went from a 36 handicap to 26 handicap) and Shiela (who went from a 32 handicap down to a 20).


ATTENTION Clermont runners, triathletes, and endurance athletes – Golf is a great sport to learn to enhance flexibility and stretch tight muscles.

“I took my first-ever swings at golf under Meredith Yaun’s instruction and I saw success immediately. I could feel the increase in my flexibility and the mental components of golf. Research has shown that golf improves flexibility in endurance athletes and it is a suggested sports specific training activity for endurance athletes to keep them limber and agile as they get older,” said Alicia Weber who was very impressed with Meredith’s coaching methods. Weber could see where training under Meredith and achieving success could become addictive and create a lot of golfers in Clermont.

Strength and Endurance Athlete and World Record Holder, Alicia Weber, Takes Her First Swings at Golf Under Meredith Yaun!

Meredith Yaun is ready to take all ability levels to the next level in golf. If you are looking for a positive, successful, experienced, and caring golf coach – Meredith Yaun is the one. Call 407-341-1793 today!


Clermont, Florida’s Inaugural Tag Team Archery Competition A Thrilling Event for Youth

By: Weber Way To Wellness Reporter

The enthusiasm of the X-Shots drive to run and shoot archery combined with the idea their Coach, Alicia Weber, dreamed up became a reality in December for their last day of the fall archery fitness program. Weber competed in a 5k Beach Running race where she was chased by Zombies six times. She sprinted to keep them from tagging her and she was successful in escaping from them and winning the race (first place female) and the victory was her 106th overall career victory and the inspiration for her new game “Tag Team Archery.”

Inaugural Tag Team Archery

TagTeamArcheryCLERMONT, FL—Sundance Archery Range was packed with spectators and two teams Tall and Short (which included a tall male athlete, Yeriel, and two short females from the X-Shots) and Lego Arrows (2 males with one being Bryce the 2015 male varsity Ready Aim Go Archery Champion).

The teams competed on a rolling surface. They had 4 minutes to earn as many points as possible by running 100yds successfully without getting tagged by the other team and then racking up additional points by shooting 3 arrows at 25 yards for score. The competition proved to be adrenaline pumping, action-packed, intense, and challenging.

It gave the uber athletic and competitive X-shots the excitement and running they were craving. It also attracted two new archers to join their team. In fact, one new archer, Yeriel, made the final winning shots to help his team, Tall and Short, take the victory in the inaugural tag team archery. Yeriel and another new student, Jack, were given only one quick instruction on archery and they are already excelling in their new sport with flying colors.

Play-By-Play of the Inaugural Tag Team Archery Game

Round One After both teams played their first 4 minute rounds the Lego Arrows led with a score of 30-11. Bryce of the Lego Arrows had a great round of archery to extend the lead.

Round Two The determined new archer, Yeriel, from team Tall and Short was not going to focus on how far ahead the Lego Arrows were, but instead he focused on gaining ground with each arrow. He increased his team’s score to 32 points. Tall and Short now led 32-30.

Tag Team Archery WinRound Three The third and final round was reduced to 2 minutes. Each team had all their teammates run at the same time, while trying to escape from the opposite team closing in to tag like a huge octopus. The Lego Arrows came back and took the lead 35-32. However, team Tall and Short still had their final 2 minutes of game time, where all the final action took place. All three made it thru their run successfully, which put the score to a tie of 35-35. Since, Yeriel was first to complete the run, he was first to complete his final 3 shots of archery. The time showed 1 minute and 15 seconds remaining. Yeriel, with his adrenaline pumping as he felt the pressure, hit all three arrows on target and took home the win for his team with a final score of 54-35 just in the nick of time.

“We are thrilled. We want to do this again!” exclaimed all 5 competitors as they leaped in the air. Today was just a scrimmage, but an official match is in store for the future.


A Visit to Oahu, HI, with the Clan and Pearl Harbor Day 2015

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The Clan visited Oahu, HI, at the end of November and early December 2015 as they were greeted by several beautiful rainbows that residents see on a regular basis. The weather was in the 80s with sun and light occasional mists throughout all the days. World Record Weber was in heaven with all the athletics she pursued on the island as she had a wonderful time cackling with clan members Moose Turbo, Audrey Athletica, Dr. K, and others.

Here are Hilarious Highlights of The Clan’s Action-Packed Visit to Oahu, HI

On the last day, the Clan ended their memorable trip with a visit to Pearl Harbor and met one of the few remaining Pearl Harbor Survivors, Delton E. Walling, CSM, USN, USS Pennsylvania.

Weber Remembers Pearl Harbor Day on December 7, 2015

Seventy-four years ago US President Franklin Roosevelt declared that December 7, 1941, is a date that “will live in infamy.”

One of the few remaining Pearl Harbor survivors, Delton E. Walling, certainly agreed as every time he comes to the site of Pearl Harbor the same emotions overtake him. The 94 and a half year old Walling is on the few survivors as all of them are well into their 90s or older now. He attended the 74th Anniversary in Pearl Harbor.

These days Walling is a celebrity in Oahu, HI, where he is paraded around, visited daily by tourists, and celebrated at local schools as he tells the Pearl Harbor story and teaches perseverance in his remaining days, which are numbered.

“I have a one way ticket to Pearl Harbor. I’m dying of bone cancer and I will be buried with my crew at the USS Arizona,” stated the emotional and patriotic Walling.

Walling and remaining survivors feel strongly that the heavy losses of the attack 74 years ago must be instilled in the American’s consciousness that the world is a dangerous place where we need to be ready 24/7/365.

George Washington always said, “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”


December 7, 1941, the US was attacked by the Japanese for 110 minutes. Twenty one vessels including 8 frontline battleships sunk or were damaged, 170 planes were destroyed, over 2,400 soldiers died, and 1,200 were wounded. There were 60,000 survivors. There is uncertainty as to the exact number of survivors still alive today.

Walling had a calling to be in the Navy. At 19 years of age he hitchhiked 190 miles to Detroit to join the Navy. He had a stiff middle finger from boxing and he was declared 4F (not fit for service). So he cut his finger off, so he could be qualified to join the Navy.

He was in the communication force on the day of the attack at 180 feet in the air on a signal tower. He was in an observation deck surrounded by a steel rail and a six foot cabin in the middle as he recalled seeing the entire raid.

“I thought we were ready for anything, but we were not ready,” recalled Walling as he remembered seeing 182 planes fly overhead with the “rising sun” at 7:56am as bombs began dropping left and right.

A Japanese torpedo bomber sank USS Arizona early in the attack taking 1,177 lives out the 1,400 members of crew. This day pushed the US into four years of war. Walling served the entire war aboard a troop transport called USS Fayette APA43 as one of the youngest chiefs in the Navy.

Now, Walling gives speeches every day to kids in schools on Pearl Harbor. Walling hopes he did his part in helping to preserve freedom for the people of the United States.

The Pearl Harbor story is the same story year after year and serves as a reminder of the dedication, sacrifice, service, determination, and most importantly the perseverance of the US Military. It is their “never give up” attitude and iron will that won the war and gave us our freedoms we enjoy today.

“Time waits for no one. Make the most of each day. Fight for what you believe in,” said the dedicated survivor, Walling, who inspires many who visit Pearl Harbor.