Records Shattered and Families Amused by Unique Clermont Event

By Alicia Weber

CLERMONT, FL—-This week was highly exciting for me both personally and professionally. First, I pulled off an enormous endurance feat I have been eyeing since first grade…(and seriously training 8 1/2 years to finally be able to do…). I became the first person to complete 1,070 strict pull-ups in one hour, which brings my physical fitness world record count to 835 this week (btw 2 WR books). Four days after this feat, I was holding my own unique event for others in my Bullseye Scavenger Hunt Series # 2 held in conjunction with Farmer’s Market.

There is always some nervousness with the anticipation of these events. I was blown away by the confidence and power exuded in my newest archer, Addie (who is 6 with only one lesson under her belt), when she powerfully shot out a few high scoring arrows in just the “warm up”. I knew a record was on the way…

Watch Addie Shatter Record

The youths understand that they may get nervous the first time they compete and their score may be lower than in practice. However, they know that practice ultimately leads to performance. In the 10 arrow 10 yard shoot for 4 minutes, I saw my seasoned archers do what they have done in practice and my newest archer did set a new record!

BullseyeScavengerHuntnumber2Addie, 6, set the record for the “Highest scorer in a 10 yard 10 arrow competition for 4 minutes from a youth age 6 or under with just one archery lesson” with her score of 9 points.

Ramsey of the Rising Underdogs won the boys archery competition with his score of 55 points (10 points away from the boys youth record). This was his first archery victory.

Nicole of the NS Archers won her first archery competition as well with her score of 74 points (12 points away from the girls youth record). Aisha of the Purple Pandas was following close behind with 72 points and she is currently the female leader in the Series Championship.

Onward, the archers went to Clermont Farmer’s Market for photographic scavenger hunt. It’s a great, fun opportunity to get locals acquainted with farmer’s market and all the vendors. The families work together to hunt down items. However, they not only look for interesting things or people, but they have to try to take the best pictures and complete the scavenger hunt in 20 minutes or less. The Photo Contest Winners are below. I look for close up, sharp, well-taken shots with good lighting and interesting angles.



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Pre-Father’s Day Tag Team Archery Championship A Big Hit

CLERMONT, FL—-Youth athletes celebrated Father’s Day in an outstanding way. Five athletes (ages 6-14) became pioneers and champions in the second-ever Tag Team Archery Championship. Families watched their kids take on the challenge of trying a new sport all while rooting and roaring from the sidelines!

Coach Alicia Weber is calling the shots and teaching first-time players the new game!
Coach Alicia Weber is calling the shots and teaching first-time players the new game!
Fifty-two kids were invited to compete based on their ability and background in playing hockey, soccer, and/or competitive running. Five of these 52 were the brave ones who accepted the challenge.

The coed competition brought kids together who never met before. The kids were placed on teams and encouraged to make new friends as they worked on team spirit and good sportsmanship. The kids were challenged in learning a new sport very quickly, staying positive, becoming aware of their surroundings, learning to react fast, and developing new skills in archery.

Action-Packed Tag Team Archery Championship

The sport involves sprinting and fast footwork over 100 yds. Runners are trying to escape from getting tagged as they travel from a Point A to Point B. The successful runners score goals and earn extra points by then shooting barebow category archery (the hardest type of archery) all while still huffing and puffing from all the running. This is a highly aerobic and action-packed team game. Team N & I won with 52 points. Team C & A took second with 27 points.

Both teams received journals to encourage summer creative writing.
Both teams received journals to encourage summer creative writing.
They were given 4 minutes of playing in each period with two periods. Their advice was to run, run, run and be fearless to rack up the most possible points. Both teams demonstrated their best efforts and courageous plays and the high scores show it.

“Doing your best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” – Oprah Winfrey

Today was a wonderful day where families came together and new friendships were made as all players won journals. They were able to capture these moments in their journals as they all became pioneers and champions in this new sport.


New Sport Takes Off with First-Ever Championship

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

The American Eagles won the the first-ever Championship with 26 points.
The American Eagles won the the first-ever Championship with 26 points.
Memorial Day 2016 will be a weekend youth athletes will remember as their day to soar in the red, white, and blue and be the first to compete in a championship in a new sport! Six athletes came dressed in their red, white, and blue and gave it all they had in a highly aerobic game, which also required skill.

Two teams took to the fields in a chase game of 3 vs 3 in a large zoned rectangular field upto 100 yards in length. They had to go through the rounds as either the runners or taggers (defenders). Runners tried to successfully get from Point A to B without getting tagged. Each successful runner earned a point. Then, the runner could huff, puff, and triumph more by taking one lucky shot of an arrow at a 20 yard target. They could try to earn more team points with an accurate shot. It is non-stop action and each team is given the same amount of playing time to achieve maximum points.

The USA X-Shots took 2nd place team with 11 points.
The USA X-Shots took 2nd place team with 11 points.

Besides stamina, fast reaction time, fitness, and skill, the other keys to success in this game are courage, bravery, and teamwork.

The final score was American Eagles 26 – USA X-Shots 11.

The Official, Inaugural Stars & Stripes "Tag Team" Archery Championship under the tutelage of Coach Alicia Weber with athletes from American Eagles and USA X-Shots.
The Official, Inaugural Stars & Stripes “Tag Team” Archery Championship under the tutelage of Coach Alicia Weber with athletes from American Eagles and USA X-Shots.

See how the teams reacted to being in the first-ever Championship!

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Kids Travel to Clermont for One-of-a-Kind Competition

By Weber Way to Wellness Reporter

CLERMONT, FL—-Many youths traveled one hour or more to take part in the first Bullseye Scavenger Hunt of 2016. In fact, it was the request of Izzy, a competitor of the Diamond Gorilla Archers, who asked for the return of this competition as she enthusiastically woke up early and made the long trek to Clermont to compete. She competed in this event in 2015 and calls it her favorite.

This will be the only one she is able to make this summer and she made the most of it. She is all about having fun. She hoped that she could win all while having fun and she did just that! Izzy always shows tremendous sportsmanship as she stood by her teammates as they took a win and she took a second or third place. She has been training for 2 years and this was her day to finally win BIG. Her day started at the Sundance Archery Range where she took a first overall victory out of boys and girls with her archery score of 55 points.

First and Second place males and females at Let's Tie 1 On a vendor sponsor for awards.

The first place boy was Zeke with 35 points. He is on the team “The Rising Underdogs” where he and his three teammates plan to change their name once they begin winning. Zeke is on his way to getting a team name changed. Zeke just made the first big win for his team! His brother, Nate, tied for 4th place boy overall. Zeke inspired his brother and other young boys into archery with his determined “never give up” attitude. The Rising Underdogs went into the second part of the competition involving a fun photographic scavenger hunt/photo contest and took top honors for their photos (see below).

First Place Male and Female with their awards!
First Place Male and Female with their awards!

The archer-scavenger hunters can compete in this series throughout the summer and earn points for a chance to become the overall male and female series champion and receive special awards! The top male and female archers receive awards in each competition and then there are specials prizes for all. Everyone thanks the vendors and Downtown Clermont Farmer’s Market.

See what goodies are at the Downtown Clermont Farmer’s Market below in the winning photos.

Downtown Clermont Farmer's Market

Henry placed 3rd for boys and took a top photo honor. Frank a new archer snatched a surprising second place for the boys. Cody, a top competitor in archery fitness was on the winning team for Stars & Stripes Championship and he tied for 4th place in this competition. Aisha was the 2nd place female archer and she took two top photo honors.

Downtown Clermont Farmer's Market

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Most Decorated Beach Runner, Alicia Weber, Holds Barrier Breaker Youth Running Camps

By Weber Way To Wellness Reporter Photos copyrighted to © Alicia Weber

Weber enjoys Cocoa Beach as she soaks up her second place in her fifth championship on May 1, 2016
Weber enjoys Cocoa Beach as she soaks up her second place in her fifth championship on May 1, 2016
Alicia Weber keeps adding more to the record books as she cemented herself as the most decorated beach runner after becoming the second place female (16th overall out of 1,000 competitors) in the May 1, 2016, USA 10K Beach Running Championships in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Over the the course of five years (competing 5 times), Weber set the 10k course record twice (and won the championship in 2011, 2012, 2015, took third in 2013, and now second in 2016). The Championship draws runners all over the state of Florida, other US states, and countries including Europe and Brazil.

2016 brought the most competitors and most challenging conditions. Beach Running was also a female dominated sport where 80 percent of the competitors were women. The race started in 15 knot ESE winds where runners battled their way to the turn-around-point. It was also high tide, so the sand was softer and humidity was 72 percent with sun blazing in the 80s. Weber dominated the race as she came thru the first mile in 6:42 and led the first 5,200 meters. Then, she was overtaken by former Division 1 Belmont Bruin Hall of Fame and Stand Out distance runner, Keely Corlew. Weber held her second position for the remaining miles and finished as the second place overall woman. First-Time beach runner, Corlew, won the 2016 championship.

“This was great competition and another awesome race,” exclaimed Weber.

Both Weber and Corlew are former stand out division 1 distance runners.
Both Weber and Corlew are former stand out division 1 distance runners.
Weber’s “Barrier Breaker” theme for her youth running camps is about inspiring youth through brain training and increasing speed and endurance thru running with fun and games. Weber is a highly regarded motivational speaker where she guided youth to dream big and set goals and go after them at previous USA Triathlon camps where she had record attendance (68 kids). She then elevated the collegiate scene at UF track and triathlon programs (where in 2002 she helped motivate the UF women’s Indoor Track Team to a third in the Nation at NCAA AND 1st in SEC thru pre-meet talks. She served as an entertainer at Triathlon National Championships in 2002, 2005, and 2006).

Weber shows 5 Fingers for her 5 yrs competing (3 wins, 1 third, & 1 second place finish).
After the race, Weber shows 5 Fingers for her 5 yrs competing (3 wins, 1 third, & 1 second place finish).
Weber is enthused to bring her “barrier breaker training techniques” in combination with fun and games to achieve faster times and then let runners test themselves in a free race she will also offer. Contact Alicia to enroll in her Barrier Breaker Running Camp today at


Ready Aim Grow Championship Budding with Success

By Alicia Weber Photos Copyright ©Alicia Weber

The April Ready Aim Grow Championship planted a seed of positivity in the hearts and minds of youth. The results were stupendous strength gains, high archery scores, a bundle of flowers, and succulents for the male and female champions. The archer athletes were given the command, “Focus, Form, and Follow Through” and that is exactly what they did from demonstrating proper form in strict slow pushups to hitting bullseyes at targets 15 – 20 meters away. All these athletes had to qualify for this competition and their opportunity to compete is a testament to their dedication and development in archery fitness.

We had a wonderful, warm, sunny day for our event (with three age group competitions) as many youngsters made warm memories that will last a long time.

10 and Under

DJ of X shots winning her first championship! She had the highest score for girls and boys with 71 pts out of 107.
DJ of X shots winning her first championship! She had the highest score for girls and boys with 71 pts out of 107.
“The competition was fun and beyond exciting! I felt accomplished and proud of my results. I remained positive throughout. What a great time!” – DJ of the X Shots, First Place Girl, First Overall, and First Place Team Member

“My experience was fun and I met new friends. It is educational and I don’t want to ever leave.”
– Lilly of the X Shots, Second Place Girl, Second Overall, and First Place Team Member

“The competition was amazing. It was a challenge. It was fun and I tried my best on my first archery competition.” – Nico of the X Shots, Fourth Place Boy, First Place Team Member

Izzy of the Diamond Gorrilas at her 2nd championship. Third place girl and only archer to get an "X" with her score of 52x.
Izzy of the Diamond Gorrilas at her 2nd championship and third place girl and only archer to get an “X” with her score of 52x.
“Archery is awesome. It helps your muscles and it is really fun because you get to team up with your friends. Archery is when you get to do things that you normally don’t do.” – Izzy of the Diamond Gorrilas, Third Place Girl, Fourth Overall, and Third Place Team Member

“I like archery because you can be creative. You can shoot at targets and earn points. The best part is you can team up with a friend.” – Henry of the Diamond Gorrilas, Third Place Team Member

“It was fun for me. I learn that it is not all about winning. It’s about having fun. Thank you for letting me compete in this this event and see you next time.” – Anecya of the Shadow Arrows, Fourth Place Team Member

Ready Aim Grow Spring 2016 Championship Competitors
Ready Aim Grow Spring 2016 Championship Competitors

11 Thru 13

Sona of the NS Archers was the female champion and. NS Archers with Sona  and Nicole won team championship.
Sona of the NS Archers was the female champion and. NS Archers with Sona and Nicole won team championship.
“My experience was amazing. It mentally helped me and made me feel like I could do anything. We also did pushups and exercises that helped me physically. I loved the teacher, Ms. Alicia. She helped us “rock and roll” and made us absolutely prepared as she had faith in all of us. I loved this experience.” – Sona of the NS Archers, First Place Girl, First Place Team Member

“My experience was good. I was nervous, but I got a good score. It was good to be a championship for the first time.” – Nicole of the NS Archers, Third Place Girl, First Place Team Member

“Today at the spring competition, everyone had fun. During the exercise round, I didn’t think I would get all 6 points, but I did and I was so proud of myself. I have to thank Ms. Alicia for the opportunity to compete in our city.” – Aisha of the Purple Pandas, Second Place Girl, Official Event Scorer

“My experience at this archery competition was that I was nervous at first, but once I started shooting, it all went away. I did better than I ever done before.” – Jenna of the Purple Pandas, Third Place Team Member

“I felt nervous at first, but not now. PS I like doing the pushups. Oh, and I like archery.” – Jessica, Third Place Team Member, Rising Star Archer

“I have really enjoyed archery and learning it with Ms. Alicia.” – Donovan of the Hawkeyes, First Place Boy

The age 11 thru 13 Teams  at Awards Ceremony.
The age 11 thru 13 Teams at Awards Ceremony.

13 and 1/2 Thru Age 16

Indaya, 2 time champ, (66x) and Matteo, youngest competitor,  (70x) are Champions in the most advanced competition where they compete at 20 meters.
Indaya, 2 time champ, (66x) and Matteo, youngest competitor, (70x) are Champions in the most advanced competition where they compete at 20 meters.
“My experience today was breathtaking. I never realized how much better I got since I practiced. I had a terrific time today and I will remember this forever. Since I have a Bible verse to go with it Collosians 3:23-24 and Jeremich 29:11 without forgetting John 3:16. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoesover believed in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16,” – Indaya of the Camo Hunters, First Place Female and Second Overall

“This was one of the best experiences of my life. I got to spend time with a friend. I can meet new people and improve in a sport. I think archery is something I will always want to do.” – Logan of Blue Thunder, Second Place Male, Third Place Team Member, Rising Star Archer

Congratulations to ALL competitors!!

Cheers to the 2016 Spring Championship!

The field of elite male archery fitness competitors.
The field of elite male archery fitness competitors.


Count Down to Ready Aim Grow Championship

By Alicia Weber

Youth Archer Athletes prepare for their spring championship by competing in a Bullseye Challenge Championship and Pushup-Archery Challenge Championship. These competitions test them individually and among their peers. All athletes performed beyond expectations and are now geared up for their spring championship where 12 teams will compete.

Thirty-three competitors competed in these challenges. The challenge championship videos are below. They highlight and introduce the male and female champions of the age groups and overall winners. Most of these competitors will be returning to compete in the upcoming spring championship.

Meet Spring 2016 Bullseye Challenge Champions and Hear What They Say About Archery

Spring 2016 Push-Up Archery Champions of Central Florida

Two male and female champion performers were selected for Honorable Mention based on their outstanding winning performances, improvements, and versatility or dominance in an event(s).

Honorable Mention goes to the following Champions:

(Left) DJ of the X Shots  was a Rising Star archer in fall 2015 and now, five months later, she is a Champion!
(Left) DJ of the X Shots was a Rising Star archer in fall 2015 and now, five months later, she is a Champion!
Sebastian, Team “The Rubies” 1. Only archer athlete to win both challenges for his age division. 2. Highest scorer out of all competitors in the Push-Up Archery Challenge (with score of 47pts).

Hunter 1. Archer won overall title for One Hour Bullseye Challenge with 15 Bullseyes. 2. He also tied and won the Pushup-Archery Challenge for his age group 13 1/2 and older (with 30 pts).

Aisha, Team “Fierce Fighters” 1. Overall Winning Female archer in One Hour Bullseye Challenge with 14 Bullseyes (and 2nd overall with Hunter only beating her by one bullseye).

DJ, Team “The X Shots” 1. Winning female 10 and under for Pushup-Archery Challenge with 34pts (17 slow consecutive pushups and 17 archery pts at 15 meters) 2. Only two boys scored higher than her in her age group as Nico won with 42 pts. 3. Highest scoring female among all age groups in the Pushup-Archery Competition.

Congratulations to all competitors and Champions and keep going STRONG!!

For more info on archery programs, Contact Alicia @


Middle School Athletes Complete Time Efficient, Effective Training for Track and Field And Get Results

By Alicia Weber
photos copyright©Alicia Weber

Coach Weber with her athletes Ahmad and Dannuta on 2/27/16.
Coach Weber with her athletes Ahmad and Dannuta.
Dannuta Hyacinth and Ahmad Alenezi are two outstanding, well-rounded track athletes who were the lone representatives for their middle school track team. They took on the challenge to learn how to be focused and prepare for jumping, running, and middle distance events through effective, fun training techniques. They gained personal bests in all their events, a top 10 finish in their best events at the 2016 middle school Central Florida Championship, and a boost in self-confidence with a new found thrill in running.

With short notice, a track team was formed where I was the coach. The program was only 5 weeks in length. They only had one week of practice before the first meet. They competed in a total (3) meets ending in a very competitive championship on March 17, 2016. There were an average 20 competitors in each race.

Ahmad and Dannuta became well rounded track athletes excelling in long jump and running events in 5 weeks.
Ahmad and Dannuta became well rounded track athletes excelling in long jump and running events in 5 weeks.
On March 17, the 6th grader, Dannuta, took 10th in the long jump with a new personal best of 11 feet and 10.5 inches. Additionally, Dannuta took 16th with a new PR in 100m (15.47), and 11th in the 200m with a new PR (33.30). The 8th grader, Ahmad, took 10th in the 800m in a new personal best time of 2:58.23. He earned personal bests in all his other events at the second meet with 14.92 in the 100m, 31.33 in the 200m, and 13ft and 4 inches in the long jump.

They both learned how they can have a remarkable rate of improvement through high quality, low quantity workouts. Dannuta trained under my tutelage for only 9 hours over the course of 5 weeks. She improved her long jump by 6.7 percent, she improved her 200m time by 3.5 percent, and she improved her 100m time by 1.22 percent.

Ahmad trained under my tutelage for only 5 hours over the course of 5 weeks. He improved his best event, the 800m, by 2.1 percent.

In track action from Central Florida Metro League Championships 2016!
In track action from Central Florida Metro League Championships 2016!
Greatness is measured in quality. These athletes are looking forward to more great things with their new sport of track and field.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs

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Clermont Youth Athletes Compete in Unordinary Opportunity for Extraordinary Results in the Indoor Rowing Sprint World Championships

HEADLINE NEWS: CLERMONT, FL—-First Ever Indoor Rowing World Sprint Championships has TEAM AWINNINGWAY from Clermont, FLorida, largest US Team represented in the these first-ever world championships!!!

By: Alicia Weber

The first ever World Indoor Rowing Sprint Championship was held March 11-13 where 3,226 adults and 726 kids competed worldwide. The goal of the championship was to attract new athletes into the sport and compete on a Concept 2 machine from anywhere. As a Clermont event director, I made the goal of recruiting the most youth (age 12 and under) into this competition where I provided free training and a free race. I’m happy to say that I had the largest US team of indoor rowers (age 12 and under) representing the USA in this world championship.

Team Awinningway

I also competed and placed 26th in the world among lightweight women with my new best time of 3:50.3 for the 1,000 meter. My youth team came into this event with zero experience and my mission was to follow their success and see how they felt to do so something out of the ordinary. They learned how to row on a Concept 2 Machine and then competed in the 1,000 meter event all in the same day.
Hannah Bibby, 8, never competed in a sport before and she was our 2nd fastest girl on our Awinningway Team, our youngest competitor, and she placed 59th in the world for girls (12 and under) with her time of 6:42.3.

“This is phenomenal for me. When Alicia asked me if I wanted to learn to row and compete, I said yes because I want to take advantage of every opportunity. It feels good to exercise on an indoor rower,” mentioned Bibby who can now call a world championship her first-ever sport competition.

All the kids learned proper breathing and proper form for indoor rowing and they all exceeded their expectations and mine in their performances.

“This is awesome. I have more confidence and I like testing myself physically and this is a good physical test,” said the excited Nico Kurihara-Taylor after completing his row. He placed 82nd in the world for boys (12 and under) in a time of 6:27.4.
The kids watched each other race and cheered for one another. They are looking forward to their next event now.

“I feel like I am on top of the world,” said the uber-competitive DJ Belanoff who expected to do 10 minutes, but finished in 7:30.7 for girls (12 and under).

Aisha Hak, 11, was the fastest youth girl on our team with her time of 6:16.7, which placed her 53rd in world for youth girls (12 and under).

“It takes a lot of energy and strength. I am surprised I did as well as I did. It’s my first day to do it and I know I will only be getting better,” commented Hak after her race.

Andrew Powell, 13, was the only athlete on our youth team who had experience in an aerobic sport. He is also a cross country runner. He was able to get faster and finish his first-ever 1,000 meter in 4:45.7. He competed against nearly 400 boys upto age 18.

“I felt fatigue in the last 300 meters, but I pushed myself to finish strong because I am really motivated to do this event and try something new,” said Powell who was thankful for the opportunity to compete in this world championship.

“This event has been a great opportunity to keep kids active and off electronics. We appreciate having this opportunity for our kids,” added two parents of the athletes.

Official 2016 Results here

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Give A Day Foundation Has A Track Record For Success and Making A Difference in Clermont, Florida

Eight Give a Day Foundation Volunteers Receive Distinguished Awards for their Volunteer Service

By Alicia Weber

On Friday, February 26th, 2016, Give A Day Foundation held their Annual Presidential Volunteer Service Awards Ceremony where eight volunteers were recognized with distinct awards including a medallion, certificate, and congratulatory letters from the President of US, President of Points of Light, and the CEO of the Corporation for National Community Service.

GADF 2016 Volunteer Award Winners!

Give A Day Foundation has accumulated 12,000 hours of community service with a total of 360 volunteers, since its inception in Clermont five years ago.

“We are about making a difference in Clermont. Volunteering is not only helping the community, but yourself. It’s very calming and brings out smiles,” said Otis Taylor, President and CEO of Give A Day Foundation (GADF).

The minimum age to be a volunteer is five and it goes all the way up. Volunteers deliver a powerful message and inspire others to take action. GADF Volunteers have produced results that have positively impacted Clermont. The President’s awards are based on a 12-month period and there are different levels of gold, silver, and bronze recognition based on the amount of hours and age of the volunteer.

Ivy Minor, the youngest GADF volunteer at 11 years old, received a silver medal for her 90 hours of volunteer work. She was very thankful and honored to wear her silver medal. She shows the community that you are never too young to make a difference.

Shelby Rosenwinkel earned the bronze medal with her 101 hours, while Dustin Smith earned the silver medal with his 368 hours. Minor, Rosenwinkel, and Smith are commonly seen at the Downtown Clermont Farmer’s Market where they put smiles on peoples’ faces with their generous assistance they provide vendors and customers.

Otis Taylor received the gold medal with his 1,056 hours, while his wife, Sandra, received the bronze medal with her 123 hours.

“I thank Mr. Otis for starting GADF. It’s very good to look upto Mr. Otis as a mentor because of how much he volunteers and he shows us that we can do it too as a teenager. We see him working in conditions that are not optimal. It builds our character to volunteer and it makes us responsible for our actions,” mentioned bronze medal volunteer, Christopher Cooper-Bain who traveled a long distance to volunteer and put in 51 hours.

Ashanti Mattox received the silver medal for her 80 hours, while Richard Carroll received the silver medal with 286 hours.

“Volunteering teaches kids that you can do something out of the goodness of your heart. The older people volunteering really show children that it’s not all about getting paid,” said Carroll and his wife agreed.

“Volunteering is great for youth to learn organizational skills, communication skills, and management. The other side of the coin to volunteering is getting work experience, which can be great to put on a resume,” added Larry Rosenwinkel.

“I have written recommendations and received phone calls from potential employers for the volunteers,” added Taylor.

GADF has a track record of impacting Clermont to positive change especially when they asked Lake County to give them their worst roadway, Blackstill Lake Road, and GADF has turned it around into an attractive area where half a million dollar homes and developments are now moving in.

Nearly 40 volunteers clean roadways like Blackstill Lake Road monthly and Center Lake. When GADF first started cleaning Blackstill Lake Rd, there were 15-20 bags of trash along a 2 mile stretch and mainly beer bottles. Now, that the roadway has become attractive, drivers are happy and they give volunteers thumbs up as they drive by during clean up and people are motivated to keep their road clean.

Another major impact GADF makes is in the nursing homes where they do monthly visits for seniors in memory care where they are in locked wards. They do bowling, games, and bring out a lot of fun, which changes the seniors whole outlook on life. They volunteer at Superior Residences and Clermont Rehab Center. They have performed heartfelt volunteering at Meals on Wheels and during their End of Year Food Drive where families get a holiday dinner and kids receive shirts, pants, and sometimes shoes.

“Volunteering is about giving back and helping one another and this is what we should be doing,” said Carroll.

GADF volunteers are active in downtown Clermont events where they are the first to arrive and the last to leave to ensure the community is helped with event set-up and tear down.

“It was my passion to get something going, but a train without a caboose is just an engine. All the components get it moving and make it special. All the volunteers have made this community special,” declared Taylor.

Otis Tayor and his Give A Day Foundation Celebrate Five Years with a Phenomenal Track Record of Making A Difference in Clermont, Florida.